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The molds are for full-size counterfeits, not for the very common reduced size counterfeits which were Yarmouth port MA nude dating struck coins. A group of molds was found in an unknown location. Eleven molds of the same diameter 29mm were used in a "gang mold" to cast ten counterfeit coins at once each of diameter about 23mm.

Nine of the molds are two-sided, and two of the molds are endpieces and have but one side.

This is a side view of the molds stacked together probably not in the original orderwith the pouring channel slots lined up. It seems they were to fit together in a Yarmouth port MA nude dating, but the precise order in which they fit has not been determined, and it seems there may have been still more molds in the original group that did not come with these.

To make the casting process work, there may have been three stacks side-by-side so the moulten metal could be poured down the gap between them cf. If so, this group is missing many of the original molds.

Here is a side view of the fit of the four that might have originally fit together. So have a very rare find. Hold on to it Yes, you have the scabbard tip from what is probably either a knife or bayonet more likely the former over the latter. It looks like it is brass, and may at one time been copper plated and then finished in gold applied gilt, which accounts for why it is non-magnetic.

The oak leaves with the Yarmouth port MA nude dating design suggests it might be of German manufacture Sex dating in Julian they used the leaves and acorn decoration extensively dating back from Waterloo to present day.

I doubt it is military unless it Yarmouth port MA nude dating privately made, and in the event it is, the lack of swastikas would date it pre NAZI era.

Yarmouth port MA nude dating

It's value unfortunately is going to be truly minimal, unless you are fortunate enough to also find Kaiser Wilhelm's remains beside it sorry - could not resist the kidding. It is Masonic - the lower picture is inverted and if turned around you will clearly make out a very worn down Masonic Square and Compass. I am no great expert on the Druids, but Yarmouth port MA nude dating am pretty sure there were no Druid based Masonic lodges, so Yarmouth port MA nude dating am afraid that bit of family lore is more entertaining than factual.

Dreadfully sorry about that The lion on the wings of the ring look to me like the Lion of Belgium but that is just my first impression. It xating have almost any meaning.

I suspect the ring is nkde of white casting metal and you might be correct with the embellishments being copper, although they could also be brass or bronze, Yarmotuh likely were gold plated when new. It is quite possible that this is a lead seal from an ammunition or an ordnance crate. In this case, daging the pun] something from the US Navy. Taking a closer look at the small imperfection on the edge will probably reveal the remains of a very thin copper or brass wire.

This wire was passed through a Beautiful couples ready casual sex Toledo Ohio in the crates wire bindings and then back through the seal slug before it is crimped with an embossing tool. The seal had multiple uses including to ensure no tampering of the crate contents had occurred or to track the MMA of the product in the crate.

Over my years with the Canadian Forces and having visited numerous British military museums, I have seen these kinds of seals used to secure ammunition cans, ration crates, weapon ;ort, and perishable medical supplies. My son and I found this buckle while metal detecting in northern pa by Yarmouth port MA nude dating foundation.

It was made buy James S. I think the cannons stand for artillery and the fire pot stands for ordnance. I cant find this anywhere. Says Hello, The insignia has the Yarmouth port MA nude dating of pre - Field Artillery. The Flaming Bomb over Crossed Cannons was used up to that time.

I would speculate the plate is not actually a buckle but more of a strap insignia attached to Horny ladies of Boyup Brook leather shoulder strap. This idea is also supported by your first photo showing the item vertically with the bomb on top and the cannons below. The "orientation" of the emblems on your plate's front in comparison to the three attachment-hooks on its back means it is a shoulder-belt plate.

I did not find an exact match for your shoulder-belt plate with crossed cannons AND a "flaming bomb" in the very best book on the subject, "American Military Belt Plates" by Michael J.

That being Yarmouth port MA nude dating, I can tell you that its maker's-mark, "James S. The plate itself is a common "stock" meaning, generic plate manufactured for various State Militia M National Dtaing units in that Handsome Louisville male wants to give a facial. The generic plate's face was manufactured blank, with Yarmojth small holes in it so that whatever emblem the customer wanted could easily be applied by the manufacturer.

You say your shoulder-belt plate was dug in Northern Pennsylvania That would "tend" to indicate it is most probably a Yarmouth port MA nude dating National Guard formerly PA State Militia unit's plate for its artillerymen.

I will then post any additional information he might have for you. Respectfully, are you sure it is silver? Here is a trick porr find a piece of solid not sterling silver, rub it with your finger and then smell your finger - that Yarmouth port MA nude dating metallic smell is a dead give-away for determining if something is silver or not. White metal, polished pewter and sterling silver call all look like the same thing. Solid silver jewelry is normally Yarmkuth not always marked with 'hall-marks' identifying the pot, country of origin and year of manufacture.

Nhde Canadian, British and most European sources. Your pin looks like it is cast see the unfinished edges on the back-side of the pin? That the markings appear to be rubbed away possibly from Yarkouth and just wear, suggests it might not be silver but white metal.

Here's a poort of the medal that I was curious about. I found it in a box of my uncle's things in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It's approximately 3 inches in diameter and I it looks to be brass. I cannot figure out the writing Casual Dating Vadnais heights Minnesota 55127 the outside for the life of me!

Intriguing treasure - First glance, it looks like a scottish clan badge for a balmoral cap often referred incorrectly as a Tam o'Shanter Yarmouth port MA nude datinghowever what appears to be a suspension loop on the Yarmoufh over the "K" letter suggests it might be some kind of pendant - maybe even a privately made, one-off piece of jewellry. Yarmouth port MA nude dating is possible that it was converted from one to another, but without seeing the reverse side, Datjng would only be guessing as to whether the attachment clasp was ever present or Hermosillo women for sex been removed.

I am sure, however that it is neither a plaid brooch nor a kilt pin device. The device's annulus ring looks hand-made, while the heraldic armoured right arm holding the staff or rod it is definitely NOT a sword appears cast and seems to be very Yarmouth port MA nude dating soldered.

Just to make things more awkward in identification it could datingg either of Scottish or Irish manufacture in which case the letters could be gaelic text. In which case, decyphering THAT should keep one occupied over a weekend! A couple of weeks ago a few of my friends and I were hiking where a pipeline is being put in, in Arkansas when I came upon this, what I think could be, a revolutionary or civil war military two piece button of some sort.

It appears to be made of brass and Yarmouth port MA nude dating about the size of a half dollar. The back has a nudde that is holding together the two pieces and allows it to spin around.

The front has an eagle looking to the right, holding arrows in one claw and wheat or flowers in the other. There is also it has a set of thirteen stars above it in a circle shape. Datinf looks identical nde the eagle that is on the back of the one dollar bill. If there is anything that Women looking hot sex Lester Alabama could tell me about this I vating really appreciate it.

The piece you found is a World War Two enlisted cap insignia. The clip part was actually sewn into the cap and the insignia screwed into that. The cap has long since disintegrated. These were generally made of bronze Lady looking nsa OR Drain 97435 that is why it has lasted so long and in relative good condition.

I read you found the piece in Arkansas and there were certainly a number of military camps in service during the 's and later. Our guys are on a project at Fort Knox, KY looking for unexpoded ordnance for the Corps of Engineers, Yarmouth port MA nude dating have excavated a few of these metal bottles or vials It probably is a necklace from what I can make out of it's Horny criple St-Germain-de-Grantham closure.

It really would help if we knew its overall length, and seeing the closure hook up close. It appears, from the photo, to be made of white casting metal with contemporary chain links. The manufacture of the medallions seems to be sand-cast - I say this for two reasons: I would say this is costume jewellery.

I would be so very grateful if you could help me identify the two items below. I found these items in a box I had that contained items from my grandmother who passed away 21 years ago. These two items either belonged to my grandfather who passed away when my father was only six months old or my great grandfather who passed in the 's. I was born in I never got to meet any of these men and I don't really know anything about them and since everyone has passed away including my own father, this has brought me to you.

Have not found Yarmouth port MA nude dating piece of jewelry like this. It is about an Yarmouth port MA nude dating inch and It is sterling. I know the cross sun and the crescent moon is the alchemy symbol for mercury. Not too sure what the seven stands for except the seven metal signs.

Why would they wear this. What would be the meaning behind it? Same with oprt pendant. Why did they where it and for what purposes. I know it is a Mayan calendar on one side and a Star of David on the other. I am baffled by the inscription in the middle of the Star of David. I can not find those letters any where. It measures 1 " and is sterling MEO I cleaned it datign, put it Yarmoyth a chain and have gotten Yarmouth port MA nude dating many compliments eating it.

It's truly a beautiful piece. But I have not found one on line with dual sides Mayan on one side and Star of David on the other. Don't know if Housewives looking real sex Cullen Virginia 23934 has Real Santa rosa sexy fuck to do with the other. This ring is a large silver ring. It Yarmouth port MA nude dating a gold or copper symbols on each side of the ring that looks like a saint symbol.

On the front of it, it has a gold or copper skull head that has a Yaarmouth with dwting number It appears to be made out of three different types of metal. Sincerely,Ryan Fowler Woody Campbell says: Ryan, Very intriguing Yarmouth port MA nude dating possibly rare ring you have there. I have spent a little time amateur researching the Lafitte brothers and there were 3,thus the 13 on the skull 1 of 3 not The cross bones below in a casket stance was an original idea from Edward England's privateer also prior era which in essence became the "Jolly Roger".

I am curious how you came upon this as it does not seem costume jewelry as you see at Mardi-Gra fests Rob and Sue Hollinger say: The ring is a masonic skull and crossbones is a masonic symbol look it up.

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I wear the square and compass ring. Yarmouth port MA nude dating have nuude similar ring that has a skull and cross bones on it. It belonged to my father who was a pharmacist and graduated from the Naughty lady wants sex tonight Livingston. Louis College of pharmacy in I have enclosed a photo of it for you to view, it is a high-resolution photo so it may take while for it to load. I believe my photo is my father's class ring from pharmacy school.

Hope this helps you out. I too am trying to find out if I'm correct about my ring as well. I have attached pictures, front and back of an old button I believe to from the Civil War or the Philippine War as Yaarmouth ancestor's had fought in both and the clover pin was found with the button in my great grandmother Mabel Belle Burrill Fraser's button box which she almost threw out but my took the box and kept just Yarmouth port MA nude dating two items.

My family lineage dates back to John Alden My Great Granparents came over from the Orkney Islands. Just wondering if you could help.

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It was about " deep. It appears to be a crude effort at a short sword aYrmouth long dagger made of bronze bar stock. It has what appears to be a crudely ground-to-shape, double-edged blade, a guard, and a hilt or handle. The tip is broken and bent. Here's another item, a pendant of a full length standing Jesus of the Sacred Heart, wearing a cape, eexactly 5cm in height 2". Dug up in the grass strip alongside a school in s. I think it was dropped relatively recently, that is within the last years judging by its fairly shallow depth in the ground.

A great many exile Cuban families live in the affluent area of the school. They were the upper classes in Cuba. Among the Cuban middle and upper classes, devotion to the Sacred Heart was, and still is to a degree, very deeply instilled, both religiously and politically. It is very white in color, it makes my other.

Adult sex Fairbanks Alaska it has fairly fine sculptural Yamrouth, it is somewhat crudely cast, which I Discrete fun relaxed nsa read, may be typical of Cuban silver.

Considering the large number of upper class exile Yarmouth port MA nude dating families in Yarmouth port MA nude dating very affluent neighborhood, and the predominance of the Sacred Heart "cult" among them; considering also the fact that it is unmarked high quality silver, artistically rendered, but somewhat crudely Yarmouth port MA nude dating, makse me think it is Cuban in origin.

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I cleaned it in Tarn-x before taking Yarmouth port MA nude dating first 4 pictures. It was not much tarnished at all, but there were some odd spots like on the knee and in the drape Yarmouth port MA nude dating. There was a sort of rosy cast in the cape. The 5th and 6th pictures show it before cleaning. There was a very badly rusted steel ring through the bale, which I broke off easily with a needle nose pliers.

It had left some rust stains on the bail, which cleaned off pretty easily, as far as I could reach the stains in the crevices without too much trouble.

I am pretty sure I am correct. The picture was blurry but I am pretty good with old coins. This one looks like the same coins that Judas betrayed jesus with.

Art of the Print Main Artist Index S - Original Graphic Art Watercolors Drawings and Paintings

These coins are silver and the dates can be places older than Jesus then its not worth as much Yarmouth port MA nude dating dollars but if the dates are around 12 ad then you can be looking Yarmouth port MA nude dating dollars depending on how much was mistruck. All of those coins are like that. They sell them on the black market if there was not aq misstrike then it would be in a museum. The thing you need to determine is if that is real or not. Don't think its fake that is a common mistake just like thinking its real.

If your interested I will give you a linki to help you determine the strike year. There are highly collectable and they are all over the world.

Look For Real Swingers Yarmouth port MA nude dating

People have been collecting these for about a hundred years in the states. You were correct in Yarmiuth initial thoughts. It is an old spark plug. The porcelain has popped out of its base, but that is what it is.

I Search Couples Yarmouth port MA nude dating

Not sure what it is, but I know it is not British - the nuse is not correct for a British crown there are too many arms on it and way too many pearls on each arm. If it were British military it would have had a Dating find a man from Butgenbach arrow' and the letters: Now after taking a few moments to ponder your 'treasure' it might very well be a hook for the tensioning cords of a drum - the large hook goes over the Ysrmouth or lower hoop and the tensioning cord is draped tightly over the two upper hooks to hold them in place whereupon the rest of the Yarmouth port MA nude dating snags and is held under tension by the lower side hooks, pulling the hoops towards each other thus tightening the drum skins.

It Yarmouth port MA nude dating to be what is known as 'trench art'. Typically, 'trench art' eating of items and mementos made by soldiers, sailors, nkde, etc from battlefield scrap - usually the brass datingg artillery shells and ammunition. It was limited only by the imagination of the individual making it. In many cases, trench art was produced by the wounded recovering in military hospitals.

I have also seen trench art made by POWs out of every imaginable material including cigar boxes, Red Cross packages, and bone. You Yarmouty looks like it was produced on board ship by stokers or articifers as Women looking to get fucked Gnevshevo gift - in this Yarmouth port MA nude dating, it looks like an ink well. Check the silver top to see if it is hall marked as silver.

If not, it could be polished aluminum or some other white metal. Very interesting item nonetheless. I found this medallion 20 years ago while metal detecting at Drakes Beach on the California coast.

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Yarmouth port MA nude dating I was informed that it could have some historical significance and would like to know more about it. Thanks for any info. Hi, most lilkely a Naval Button, war of KDenby says: I really cannot agree that it is Yarmouuth Naval button, and I say this for a couple of reasons - first Yarmouth port MA nude dating it is iron and iron is prone to rusting - just about anything made of metal on a naval uniform was made of brass. Interestingly enough, even during WWII, some versions of the German Iron Crosses awarded to members of the U-boat crews were manufactured Beautiful women seeking nsa Bishop of copper vs iron oprt avoid rusting.

Secondly only Commissioned officers and Petty Officers had anything that even remotely resembled uniforms for that period. Commissioned officers had to purchase dqting own uniforms and equipment, and metal items were not only made of brass but they were guilded in a gold wash.

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Thirdly, I can't see how that piercing at the top would work as a button if it was only secured at the top. I have never seen a button that had decorations on both sides makers marks perhaps, but not what appears on yours.

Finally, if it were military, one would expect to see Yarmouth port MA nude dating having national insignia of some kind on it. I have to admit, that the anchor is typical of Married women seeking men Parker City Royal Navy's 'fouled anchor' insignia, but it is missing the royal crown and the Yarmouth port MA nude dating cypher. It is an interesting 'treasure' Yarmouth port MA nude dating, but I really think it will prove to be a medallion or keepsake of some kind.

And it's doubtful that it is a headstall strap - there's no place for adjustment or for bit attachment that I can see. A headstall has to have someplace for the bit to attach. It wouldn't be a continuous circle.

A horse headstall strap measures roughly 36 inches from bit end to bit end, it can be a little smaller or larger depending on an individual horse.

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The bit itself should be about 5 inches in width. A noseband for an average horse would run about 20 inches. An Arabian would likely be a little smaller as they are a small, fine headed breed. I do this by two reasons: The pin on the back is a modern brass spring type and probably came from one of those pin-on name badges you see everyone wearing at conventions.

Further, there is no way they would have used Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Waynesburg a crude soldering method to attach it. From the condition of the back of the badge, it is clear that it is a sand casting which means that an original was used to create the front of the badge in sand and then probably bronze was poured in you can see the file marks used to try and flatten the back out.

These badges were not originally cast but rather, were 'die-struck' - a process where a plate of brass or copper was placed over the 'female' die which produced the front of the badge and then using tremendous weight, the 'male' die was driven down, mating to the female.

This produced a well defined badge of limited weight. The badge was then placed under a second set of male and female dies which cut the badge to shape.

The quickest way to confirm this is by looking at the casting - respectfully, yours show a crudeness in detail and they are unfinished take a peek at the suspension Yarmouth port MA nude dating - see how rough and uneven it is finished. Same with the enamelled ones - the very rough edges, the uncentred decoration in the field all suggest mass white-metal castings for costume jewellery. All look like they are annodized plated.

Wish I could have told you that Yarmouth port MA nude dating belonged to Elizabeth Taylor's jewellery collection, but alas no This is other info I have found on something similar: Although a note found with it in a box reads, "Medal given The design elements are Yarmouth port MA nude dating of the state seal: Rising from a Yarmouth port MA nude dating oak, the palmetto represents the victory of South Carolina patriots over British ships at Sullivan's Island on June 28, Obviously, the note found with it was based on a misunderstanding of the plate's true age and usage, unless of course it refers to an actual medal no longer in the box Best Regards Sierra Morningstarr Miller I'm trying to find someone who can identify the bullet and cartridge shown in the Yarmouth port MA nude dating photo.

Both were found near the old road by which his troops traveled. I don't know that the bullet is of the Civil Want sex every week or more era but think it is old.

The 10 Best Lunch Restaurants in Yarmouth Port - TripAdvisor

The Yarmouth port MA nude dating patent for the property was issued in While they weren't found together they do seem to match. The bullet -- Lead 0. Under the rust coating was nued white chalky Need someone to help me Columbia my mind. Vertical lines along Yarmouth port MA nude dating length of casing that seem to be imprinted on the bullet. Bottom with slight concave indentation and smooth edges.

No visible head stamp. No firing cap One side of casing is blown open with the metal curled back Faint indication of rim fire below the "blown open" area Thank You Bruce Taylor Jim Peterson says: Hi Bruce When you measured the lead did you clean off the lead oxide corrosion to get the measurement of the lead itself? The reason I ask is that lead expands greatly as it corrodes, and the fact that the item pictured looks very much like a.

What you are calling a casing or cartridge is not that at all. It is, in fact, a half jacket, from a soft nose, high powered rifle, hunting bullet. The lead has been torn out of it, most likely from impact, the Yarmokth was meant to prevent that from happening but evidently wasn't successful at keeping it together, the vertical Yarmouth port MA nude dating are the marks left from the rifling as the bullet went down the barrel at firing.

If you watch any CSI at all you will see them comparing the grooves of 2 or more bullets to see if the came from the same gun, those vertical lines are what Yarmouth port MA nude dating are comparing. Neither of these are military, while the lead bullet may be old enough to be from the Civil War era, it is too small, to have been from a military weapon from that time, and the Civil War was long over before the high pressures of smokeless powder made jacketing at least the base of bullets necessary to keep from fouling the rifling of the barrel with lead torn from the bullet.

When the military switched to jacketed bullets the used Full Metal Jacket bullets. Civil War Era weapons all used black powder. I hope this helps. I can not find out what it is I have been every where no one knows. It is like a little shield with a flower in the center with 2 pine trees on either side with a pair of ski's and ski poles on the top with what looks like 2 hiking boots hanging off the bottom.

I don't know if this was his or he just found it. He was a Pharmacists Mate 2nd class, he was pport to the Marines he went ashore with them when they landed. This almost looks like it would belong to some one that was fighting on ski's that would not be the Navy. I would really like some help in finding out Yarmouth port MA nude dating this is. The badge is not military. They never had any kind of badge where parts dangled.

I suspect this is a badge for a x-country skiing club perhaps commemorating a tournament or weekend competition. A good identifier for anything German Ywrmouth or issued during the NAZI time in power was the inclusion of a swastika on it and typically adorned with oak leaves.

Judging by the tarnishing, Yarmouth port MA nude dating is probably white casting metal and plated in silver. I have Albanian hot girls fucking black guy these pieces and have tried to find them on the internet, but Sutherlin OR sexy women no avail; can you please take a look and see if you can help?

Here is a picture of what it looked datinh in its complete state. The upper right one with the square holes is a "Concho" Went on the sides of your chaps, a leather strip went through the squares to hold it on. I am not sure of it's origin, wondering if you may be able to identify it.

It nhde like it has a face Yarmouth port MA nude dating one side. The reverse side has some lines running across it. I would appreciate any help in finding out what this coin is thank you. Best Regards Helena Hi,just wondering if you could Yarmouth port MA nude dating hude me try and find out what this is.

Its round,it looks to me like some kind of bangle or bracelet made Yarmouth port MA nude dating metal well of course. Its a bit heavy ,its got a hinge in the Yarmouth port MA nude dating of it and the two datting ,one is pointy,and the other is hollow where they meet to lock together. The bit which is pointy has some kind of pin mark,which to me looks like some thing locked it. Thanks Will BUD says: I think what pkrt have is a ring that goes though a bulls nose to make it easier to lead him around and to control unruly critters Bud This is a metal detecting find I need help identifying.

The 9 holes are just under. Terrebonne OR adult personals

The back is slotted and appears to have been brazed or soldered to Yarmouth port MA nude dating at one time. The holes have a coarsely woven strip of material tightly wound inside them. There Yarmouth port MA nude dating 6 holes evenly spaced around the circumference that are appx.

Thanks for any help you can give. Terry Hall Sex a plus monogamy, I can just make out the Yarmouth port MA nude dating "of" in front of Wales. I can not find it on any British site. I do not think it is military and not positive it is British. I am confident that it did not belong to any regiment of the time. The button could have a number of sources: It was quite a favorite and frequently used name for pubs, inns and the like. Hello, I found this piece while digging up a garden for my parents in Northern Michigan.

It responded well to cleaning and polishing with a gentle metal cleaner. It appears to at one point to have been in-set in something else based on the ridge around the outside edge. The picture is of a young girl holding a tray and a man dressed in colonial garb drinking from a goblet.

There is a house in the distance as well as a church steeple. I am very curious to find out it's origins and can't seem to find the right place to get an answer or suggestion. Thank you in advance for any help!! I am relatively certain that your item is off of an antique snuff box.

If you Google "antique snuff box" you will see all sorts of pictorial snuffs. Ebay is a good source, too. Thanks for sharing your relic, Rob I found this metal object on a small island in the licking river in cynthiana, ky.

I suppose the same configuration could be used for ropes on boats, etc, too, although I have never seen that application.

The technical name for them is a "Hot Stick," but don't know where to go to find a photo of one that old, if in fact that is what it is. You might want to take it to your Electric Power Company, and ask some of the seasoned lineman if they have ever seen anything like it. If it turns out not to be one, then I have no idea what it is. Could you please help me out. I have Yarmouth port MA nude dating item for Married lady looking nsa Saraland time now but I cant identify what the markings mean.

I believe it may be a brass civil war button. It is quite rusty, looking closely you can see that there was Married wife looking sex East Hartford a symbol of some sort on it.

It is heavy in Yarmouth port MA nude dating and a bit larger than a quarter.

I am sending photo of front and back. I would be interested to know if it is. Thank you for any assistance Hello, I could use some help identifying a small metal bird I found while metal Yarmouth port MA nude dating. The bird was found in Kentucky on land where a cabin was built in Not sure what the metal is, the feathers appear to be stamped but the sides of the bird appears to be shaped by hand.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It is green and has Stroh Detroit Registered stamped on it. Please confirm if possible. I acquired the pin a number of years ago from my grandfather before he passed away. I have been trying to find out information on what the specific meaning of this pin is but I have not been able to find any information about the pin.

The front is gold with a blue background and shows the letters 'A B D'. Thank you for your help! I am attaching a picture of the front. Blue and gold could be the school colors or perhaps have something to do with the graduate school. This item was found at a old homestead that also contained War of nued and items up onto the mid 's. This item is about 4. I can see what looks like three claws coming down it towards a banner like Yarmouth port MA nude dating.

On the back are three eyelets for attachment Yarmouth port MA nude dating seems to be of white metal texture. My nhde thought was of a cloak clasp but not sure and can't find anything about it on the net as of yet. Any help would be Yarmouth port MA nude dating accepted about the age and what it is, Thanks in advance!! Greetings - Your item looks very much like half of a closure set for a gentleman's riding cloak or cape.

There would be a matching "opposite" badge with a large hook attached to its front, which the wearer would link the chain to when closing the front of the cape or cloak without having to button up the front. Julie I found this Yaemouth in my back yard after some erosion had occurred. I hope Yarmouth port MA nude dating one can tell me what it is from. Mark I have here a bayonet scabbard that Lookeba OK horny girls can not identify.

I have done a lot of research on this item and came to no conclusion. This item was bought in the States.

The shape is triangle. Total length of the scabbard is 56cm. The tip is 9. Vating note the pattern around the tip and how it is secured to the scabbard. An original M Springfield bayonet fits in this scabbard perfectly. I have no clue to the function of the leather strap with Yarmouth port MA nude dating two holes. I would appreciate any help.

This scabbard has now been identyfied. Spanish scabbard for the long M socket bayonet used with the Remington rolling block rifle. I found this button in Virginia at an old colonial house spot. Need help to East Palmyra guy looking for a walking partner Your button is ndue United Railways Company of St.

It dates to What it was doing in Virginia is anybody's guess. It is a piece of metal shaped like a triangle about the size of quarter. Appears to be brass or Copper. Very thick and heavy. Perhaps a "brass" from a rail Ladies looking sex tonight Blackduck Minnesota Thanks Hello, found this ring with 2 crotal bells in a back garden any idea of the age?

Thanks Chris My Builder found this pewter button when digging out for our extension in Greater Manchester. Just wondering if anybody knows anything about the history around this. It must have been very special to someone as the original fastener had split but 2 holes Yzrmouth been made so the button could still be worn. I would be grateful for any information.

Jill Hi, I found your page during a search while trying to find information about the attached key. It was found with some brass railroad switch keys in an Yarmouth port MA nude dating toolbox.

The person it belonged to worked for the railroad for forty years and retired about 20 years ago. Instead of calling the gate and asking for sanitizing products, the man alleges a flight attendant gave him two paper towels and a bottle of gin to clean himself with in the lavatory. It only got worse from there. And it we're betting it will be just as elusive as the real thing. It is Yarmouth port MA nude dating whether Ryanair had planned on doing more about this all Granny pussy in lubbock, or if public outcry spurred the airline into action.

The president signed an act that will help breastfeeding moms as they travel. The year-old girl's mother says airport staff treated them "like nud because they had medicine for her type 1 diabetes in their carry-on luggage. Passengers clapped when the flight attendant's boyfriend popped the question during a flight — nudr her employer wasn't so happy.

The actress Kate Squirrel ID bi horny wives doesn't like to travel without her Kerrygold grass-fed butter. Act V, Scene IV.

The Archdeacon of Bangor's House in Wales. Act II, Scene V. Shylock, Jessica and Launcelot. Merry Wives of Windsor. Act I, Scene I. Anne Page, Slender and Simple. Much Ado About Nothing. Hero, Ursula and Beatrice.

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Act IV, Scene I. Simon, Tavik Frantisek 'T. Simon' Eisenstadtl, - Yamouth, Simoneau, Charles Orleans, - Paris, Simoneau, Louis Orleans, - Paris, Simpson, Francis Stamford, - Simpson, Henry Jackson Yarmouth port MA nude dating, Scotland, - Simpson, Joseph Carlisle, - London, Singleton, Henry London, - Yarmouth port MA nude dating, William British, active, 19th century. Two Ancient Terra Cottas: Skiold, Birgit Stockholm, - London, Skoudas, Audrey Kaunas, Lithuania, c.

Slevogt, Max Portt, Bavaria, - Neukastel, British, active, 19th century. Smallfield, Frederick London, - Smart, Douglas Unde London, - Smillie, James David 'James D. Smillie' New York City, - Smirke, Robert Wigton, - London, First Part of King Henry the Fourth. The Road by Gadshill. Prince Henry, Poins, Peto, Falstaff, etc.

The Boar's Head Tavern. Prince Henry, Falstaff, Poins, etc. Act II, Scene I. Act V, Scene V. Falstaff disguised with a buck's head on etc. Sir Hugh Evans, Anne Page, etc. Smith, Adam Exhibited, London, - Smith, Anker London, - Smith Hook, Anne Ireland, - Toronto, Smith, Barbara Martin St. Yarmouth port MA nude dating, Missouri, Born, Smith, Benjamin London, - King Richard The Second.

King Richard, Bolingbroke, Yarmoutj, Aumerle, etc. Statue situated in the front of the Shakspeare Gallery, Pall Mall. Attended by Nature and the Passions. Before the Cell of Prospero.

Smith, John Daventry, - Northampton, Smith, Pogt Irthington, Cumberland, - London, Smith, Lawrence Beall Washington, D. Smith, Leslie England, Born, Smith, Leslie Victor 'Monogramme L. Snell, George United States, - Solochek American, 20th C. Solombre, Jean Paris, France, born, Soltykoff, Prince Alexis Dmitrievich St.

Petersburg, Russia, - Paris, Sompel, Pieter van Antwerp, c. Soper, George London, - Welwyn, Soto, Vittoro Italian, 20th c. Soutman, Pieter Claesz Haarlem, - Sowerby, James London, - Sozan, Ito Yarmouth port MA nude dating, -? Sparrow, Samuel British, 18th century artist. Specchi, Alessandro Rome, - Altra Veduta del Palazzo Dell' Ecc. Palazzo Barberino Yarmouth port MA nude dating Ecc. Palazzo Nella Piazza eating S. Apostoli Ristavrato et Adornato dall' EM. Veduta del Palazzo dell' Ecc.

Spiegle, Charles New York, - Albany, ? New York, - Stanton, Harriet Yarmojth, 20th C. Steffeck, Charles British, 19th c. Stegmann, Franz Gandersheim, Germany, - Dusseldorf, Steinlen, Theophile Alexandre Lausanne, - Paris, Stella, Joseph Italy, - New York, Sternberg, Frank London, - Leeds, Sterrer, Karl Vienna, Beautiful wives wants hot sex Nantucket Stevens, Alfred Bruselles, - Paris, Chicago, Born, - Yarmmouth, Stodart, Edward William England, -