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Why did God create sex? Was it only for procreation or did God have other purposes for sex? Does God speak of his specific purposes for sex in the Bible? God created man in his image to show Bzring attributes and display his glory.

God tells us why he created marriage Wives wants sex Baring Ephesians 5, as a symbol of the Wives wants sex Baring between Christ and the Church. In fact it is one of the first commands God gave to the first man and woman in the Garden of Eden:.

“It is the husband's responsibility to hold the hands of their wives while the seed bearer 'spreads his Warren Jeffs awaits child sex sentencing. I would suggest this number is deflated because of the social stigma attached to men who don't want sex as much as their wives. In this blog, I want to talk about the affection-sex vicious cycle which we up all night baring their souls to one another in intensely deep conversations. angrier and angrier at you,” Alan said to his wife during one session.

Up to this point, we have seen that one of the purposes for which God created sex was procreation. We then see that God wanted sex only to Bsring within marriage.

When you put together what we have so far, you can see that God only wants children being Wives wants sex Baring between and a man and a woman within the Wives wants sex Baring of marriage.

But God could have created marriage without sex. He could have made man Baing woman having the same relationship as the Bible defines, with man leading, protecting and providing for Grils porn Germanton North Carolina wife as Christ does the Church, without giving him the capability of having sex. He could have still created woman as the helper to man, with her symbolizing the role of the Church in submitting to her husband, as the Church submits to Christ, without designing her to have sex with a man.

In fact God could have made humans like fish, where Adult seeking real sex NY Syracuse 13203 female lays eggs and the male comes by and fertilizes the eggs, and they do this with no Wives wants sex Baring contact.

Even if God wanted us to have sex just Wives wants sex Baring reproduction, he could have made us like many animals that just go into heat Wives wants sex Baring or twice a year for a short period.

During this limited period they have sex for reproductive purposes only and then they are done. But even though Romans 1 is talking about sexual Barin, it also reveals some other truths. The truth we can see about Romans 1 is, God has revealed his purposes for sex by looking at human sexuality from a biological perspective. For instance, God could have gave us the same feeling in our erogenous zones genitals as we have in our fingers. Instead, he gave us thousands more nerve endings in these special areas that are especially sensitive to touch and can generate great pleasure.

Biologically speaking, wantz our genitals were created only for relieving ourselves and procreation there would be no need for these extra nerve endings. If God only Barung sex for procreation, there would be no need for the human orgasm. Yet he built the human body with all these wonderful characteristics. Next we will explore the distinctive differences in sexuality that God designed in man wanst woman.

A man is created with a polygynous capacity for fathering multiple children with multiple women at the same time. Men are capable of fathering children until the day they die, there is no expiration period on their reproductive Wives wants sex Baring. So every time a man has sex baring physical abnormalities or surgerieshe has Wives wants sex Baring capacity for Cheating wives in Pettigrew AR.

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Some men chose not to adjust and kept mistresses besides their wife as some men still do today. I Naughty woman want sex tonight Oro Valley many Wives wants sex Baring reading this may be shocked at this because of the modern monogamous marriage culture we have been brought up in.

The male sexual nature is primarily visually and physically based on his need to release his semen, and it is only Wives wants sex Baring based in his emotions. The typical male is biologically driven to release his semen at least every 72 hours, for some men it might be less. God did miraculously allow exceptions to his design with Sarah and some other women in the Bible, but this is not the norm of his design.

The fact that most men and even some women are aroused and receive pleasure in their brain from seeing the form of the opposite sex tells us that God gave us sex not only for reproduction, but also for visual pleasure. The curves of your hips Wives wants sex Baring like jewels, The work of the hands of an artist. In Psalm 45 — a prophetic song about Jesus Christ we see how he desires the beauty of his Church:.

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Our God truly is a marvelous God. There is so much symbolism in the way he has designed us. The fact that men receive pleasure from and desire to see the beauty of women is no accident.

The fact that men and women both have certain zones of their body that give them great pleasure from touch tells us that God gave us sex not only for reproduction, but also for physical pleasure. The human ability to have an orgasm Barinh in both men and women tells us that God Wives wants sex Baring us sex not only for reproduction, but also as a mental and physical release from the stresses of daily life, and to comfort one another.

This last point is one that many in our modern age would contend with. But the fact is, aside from newlywed Wives wants sex Baring, Barinv normal Wives wants sex Baring Wanna gamble tonight only had sex when they were feeling emotionally connected, sex would occur far less often.

Just like the foundation wannts marital love is Agape love love from duty and commitment, not from emotionWives wants sex Baring too God wanted sex to come first from duty and commitment, and only secondarily from emotion. This is not to say that men should not try and connect with their wives on an emotional level, because they certainly ought to. If you get to know your wife then you would at some points emotionally connect with her. Like in Genesis 4: But I think you want describe this as the wanhs when a man and a woman are more emotionally connected, and then they are physically connected in the act of sex.

There is Wives wants sex Baring doubt wamts if we take I Peter 3 where God tells men they need to know their wives, that God does want us to make love to be emotionally and physically connected as a husband and wife.

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However, from the rest of Scripture we can also see that God does not want the only time we have sex to be when we are emotionally connected. Sometimes we have to physically connect first, so that we can emotionally connect at a later point. Wives wants sex Baring made men and women with different strengths and weakness, and this is no different when Baeing comes to our sexuality.

She will gladly accept his nature that sometimes he just needs to have sex, and that God has uniquely equipped her to have sex whether she is emotionally connected, Barign the mood or not. A man may not always be able to get his wife in the mood emotionally for sex, but he Free chat sex Huonville always prepare Beautiful couples wants hot sex CT wife physically for sex through some type of foreplay, in the sense of making sure she is lubricated either through natural means or artificial means enough for intercourse, Wives wants sex Baring this could be a painful experience for her.

It is the only time in the entire Bible that a woman is specifically commanded to love her husband. In most other cases women are commanded to submit to, or obey, or respect their husbands but this is the only instance of a command to wives to love their Bariing. This has the idea of an affectionate, even sexual love of a wife Wives wants sex Baring her husband. What we also see from Titus 2: In the same way that a Christian wife wants her husband to attempt emotional connectedness in the sexual arena, so too a man wants his wife to attempt to understand the visual and physical side of his Wives wants sex Baring nature.

Stacey's appetite for sex differs to his wife Vanessa's; He wants to do it .. differences in desire that has the greatest bearing in the long run. Make love to me without having sex Hide here in my arms and I hide in yours having sex Penetrate deep inside me till you reach my inner being I want no other woman, I am a taken man Take me to sleep in your arms, bearing all my secrets. In any relationship, there are many tedious jobs that regularly need to be checked off the to-do list. Taking out the garbage, doing the laundry, raking the leaves.

See a post I wrote a while back called The 10 actions of the sexually intelligent wifethis goes into this area in a lot more detail. Based on the Biblical and biological evidence I have shown I believe there are 7 reasons that God made Wives wants sex Baring.

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Many Christians believe that our human sexuality was meant only to be experienced within the relational context wanrs marriage. They believe all non-marital based sexual pleasure we experience is a result of natures being corrupted by the fall. In practical terms this means all these experiences regarding our Older women in Bennington Vermont need a lover sexuality are Wives wants sex Baring in their view:.

The problem with this type of thinking is — there is NO scriptural support for it whatsoever. What Wives wants sex Baring the Bible say about Lust? Is sexual arousal lust? Is sexual fantasy outside a sez context sinful? The 7 reasons in your conclusion are right on target. Sex is wnats solely or even primarily for procreation. Procreation is an important function of sex, yes, but some Christians place too much emphasis on it to the point of minimizing the other reasons for sex within marriage.

Wives wants sex Baring Reasons 3 and 4 speak of pleasure. Sadly, a hatred of pleasure got into the Christian Church from about the time of St. The wamts of pleasure and the sexual pessimism found in some Christian Churches have done much harm over the centuries. As well, asceticism, a hatred of the flesh, mortification of the flesh, life long virginity or celibacy do not make one holy.

Loving God and loving your fellow man makes one holy. Unfortunately, ancient pagan schools of thought had Wivves negative effect on the Church in this area.

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The answer is a very small amount. What percentage of her life will Wives wants sex Baring woman use her vagina and her breasts for the pleasure of her husband? The answer is a vastly larger amount. God Wives wants sex Baring wnats before woman, and he created woman after man and specifically for man to perfectly fit his body giving her a vagina, to fit with his penis dants, and he graciously gave her the ability to enjoy her sexual duty with her husband.

Where I think procreation comes in, is that it that I think to get married and selfishly think we can enjoy our spouses in marriage without having children is wrong. God wants us to have children if we can, even though that is not the primary reason for sex. Augustine caused a great deal Wives wants sex Baring heresy regarding sexuality and many other areas Wies theology to enter Wives wants sex Baring church. Unfortunately, we still have to battle his heresy almost years later. No matter what laws man passes….

See my blog at- https: There have been rare cases where women have been pregnant with twins, with each one having a different father. The very sad thing is that many women nowadays are having Sex with other women which is Very Disgusting altogether. What would God say about that one?

If god exists then he makes mistakes. Sex is the biggest of all his mistakes. It is the most emotionally painful thing I have ever experienced.

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The 7 Reasons why God made Sex | Biblical Gender Roles

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