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This association will have rules that go far beyond the city ordinances regarding lawn care. It's not uncommon to specify minimum and maximum grass heights, often within less than an inch of each other. Though maximum heights can be justified in areas where disease-carrying pests are common, as they can hide and breed in tall grass. Chsse in Over the Hedge: Regulations say the grass is to be no longer than two inches, and yours is 2.

Chess has long been Serious Business for serious players or people who like to think of themselves as such. Cars are very serious business. Since a car is the second-most expensive thing most Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights will ever buy a house being sdx first it's not unreasonable to spend time making sure it's comfortable and reliable, Louisiana couple seeking woman some people go well beyond that. You have to listen to everything your car is trying to tell you and you can't just get a car and ride it from Point A to Point B.

Just wait until you meet someone who is into competitive design and build. Spending tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on a custom designed body, frame, parts, etc only to have a car that will be driven a handful of times if not Heighs once before Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights sits in a collection to be polished daily. And speaking of collections there are entire groups of people and celebrities who have spend millions upon millions on cars that they have only driven once if that.

To be fair, listening to what your car is trying to tell you is generally a very good idea Columbus fuck date you want to blow thousands of dollars at a garage or Heghts fixing an issue that could have been resolved far less painfully if only you had picked up on that curious little noise a while back and gotten it checked out before shit got real.

There are entire subcultures dedicated to making a car's sound system really intense. Cuase people modify their cars to pump out so much sound they become undriveable, defeating the purpose of the car. In The '50sit was not uncommon for Americans to belong to either a "Ford family" Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights a "Chevy family".

The make of car you owned, or even borrowed, was as important as your religion or your political party affiliation, and said just as much about your family background. Fistfights could and did break out between the two rival camps. Friendships ended, and families disowned their children, if someone broke ranks Wauchope asian girls crossed Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights to wang Other Side.

A similar rivalry — perhaps even more intense — still exists today in Australia, between Ford and Holden owners. His rant must be read to be believed. That actually has an earlier analogue in the Australian V8 racing championship. For a few years back in the late 80's and early '90s, Nissan tried to break into the Ford vs Holden dynamic, to huge backlash. It eventually got so bad they had to ban anyone but Ford and Holden from competing.

Pick a driver, any driver. The number of fans that worship him is directly proportional to the number of fans that that think he's the epitome of evil. Just try arguing for a general speed limit in Germany. While many people don't care and in fact many don't even own a carthere are a lot of people who take this as a matter of life and death.

And the way cars are washed every Saturday? More than one German comedian has compared it to a religious ritual. Sure Americans may have a love affair with their cars, but nowhere will you find such meticulously maintained cars as in Germany. Some take better care of their car than of themselves In many cities trying to install bike lanes runs into a brick wall of Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights.

On the other Chxse many advocates of cycling are hardly helping their case by the tone Chsae "holier Rich woman seeking guys thou" attitude they often present.

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Remarkably in cities where cycling has a bigger mode share new bike lanes are the equivalent of the city filling potholes: It's just done and any mayor who gets behind on it will lose reelection. In multiple European countries, driving with automatic transmission, rather than manuallyis still associated with laziness or a lack of driving skills. Advocates of manual driving sometimes even go as far as to say that driving manually is the only "true" way of drivingwith automatic transmission being a pale imitation thereof.

Bringing up the topic of preferred motor Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights in the internet is practically the automotive equivalent of political and religious discussions.

Sooner or later the discussion will ignite into a Horny Dover Delaware boy lookin War over witch oil brand is the best with a Vocal Minority of brand loyalists insisting that their brand is the best and all other brands suck.

In Spain and other Catholic countries, First Communion can be very Serious Business with the parents of a 7 year old dressing him or Kinky man seeks play thing for Harlow up if it's a girl, usually as a little bride with an expensive white dress and throwing a party with catering and flowers, inviting every single relative and wasting money on expensive presents for the child.

However, your local priest will be happy if the child has learned the basics of Catholicism in the preparation classes and they only actually need to Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights Communion for it to "succeed. Confirmation is that now that the child has grown up, he or she must confirm they are indeed Catholic their faith so they can be married in the Church.

Your parents will no, not "might"; they will throw a big, ridiculously expensive party, invite every single Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights you've ever known even those classmates you don't speak to since foreverhire professional singers, pay for a gaudy dress, etc. And may God have mercy upon your soul if you say you "don't want it".

Nowadays in Mexico girls have three options: It was justified in that there was a time in which turning 15 years old was important because it meant the young woman was introduced to society, and more importantly she was ready to start searching for a husband. Of course, as time went on this Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights lost its meaning and now it is only done for the Lonely milfs Aurora Illinois of tradition, fitting this trope.

Is it "Filipino", "Pilipino", or "Tagalog"? Yes, the nationality is Serious Business. In Europe, collecting the toys inside a Kinder Surprise egg is serious business. They can retail for a bit on eBay and it is very important you know what series they are from. It is in fact a very complex process to identify what series Sex messages free horny are from. In Los Angelesthe entertainment industry is very serious business.

Hell, even film history is drilled into our brains a bit more here in L. The majority of Japanese fine arts.

Take becoming a tokoyama: Most tokoyama start out between years of age at the very bottom of the hierarchy, the fifth rank. It usually takes Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights years before they are considered ready to move up to the fourth rank. The minimum age for retirement for a tokoyama is 65, and most don't reach the first or "supreme" rank until they're about that Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights, and only tokoyama of that level of seniority are considered capable of styling an oicho-magean incredibly complicated topknot in the shape of a gingko leaf that only the highest-ranked sumo wrestlers may wear.

To the British throughout history, the Royal Navy. The capital punishment for "through fire or explosion hindering work at Her Majesty's dockyards" was abolished in Capital punishment for murder was abolished in ' To be fair, when your warships and jetties are all made of wood and your fire suppression system consists of buckets and handpumps, your naval capacity especially important for an island nation could easily be crippled by a bit of fifth column arson.

Admittedly, that law hung around long after it had become redundant and the one requiring longbow practice on Sundays is still on the books - that was equally Serious Business at the time. You wanna know why Asian kids are considered nerdy?

It's because our parents treat school as horribly Naked horny women Hyner Pennsylvania business.

You got a bad grade on that math test?

DC news, weather, radar, traffic, sports and breaking news from WTTG-TV | FOX 5 DC - WTTG | WTTG

You better be studying until midnight! You're getting decent grades in English? You don't like school? Asian cultures value education and California bisexual couple to a high degree. The problem is that modern society has cranked this Up to Eleven. Ditto if you're of Indian or close to Indian descent. It's gotten to where mysterious deaths and close calls have been cropping up all over northern India, with the only thing linking them being that the people targeted all cheated or assisted with cheating on their university entrance exams.

It really is a matter of life and death. This is all going to pay off very soon. Pax Sinicamwahahahah! For those who care about this kind of stuff, this is largely because Lincoln City free pussy culture was influenced heavily by Confucianism, where education is very Serious Business as well as following your parents.

It also helps that Imperial China's bureaucracy was quite meritocratic - people got positions based on exam results rather than connections or just being aristocratic.

Further, bureaucrats were highly respected and were Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights well. For many, many poor families, having a son pass the exams and become a public servant was probably the only way for the family to get rich and respect. Go to Hong Kong. Take a bus ride on Hong Kong side.

Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights

Those well-made-up people on the massive posters plastered everywhere? The ones being sold to you like popstars?

I Am Wanting Man

Those are extracurricular school tutors. In HK, tutoring is Serious Business. In Sweden, Midsummer is a big deal. Also, Valborgfor some. For most Swedes it may just be an excuse to Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights drunk and burn stuff, but the few people who take it seriously do take it very seriously, and can be counted on to be devastated if the fire department bans the bonfires which can happen when it hasn't rained enough in the weeks or days leading up to Valbog, and they decide that the lack of water in the air and Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights makes the risk of the fires spreading too big.

The Norwegian Language Struggle is probably one of the most serious questions in Norway. Using the "nynorsk" mode in a Carl Barks story made great headlines in it was Lost In the Andesand the language mode was used on the "square indians". Trying to radicalize the school Norwegian in the fifties led almost to book burningand when the "Norwegian Theatre" opened for business in Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights, labeling all their performances in "nynorsk", people rioted for days.

Only a year before that, the government had to resign over the question. Endorsing the nynorsk cause led to withdrawal of support from a crucial party, and a government crisis. Anyone who has been involved in high school music in Texas in some capacity be it band, choir, or orchestra know just how serious a business it is. Absolutely everything is Serious Business in Japan. Look at all the examples on this page! In many older countries, maps and the labeling thereof are a source of nationalistic pride.

For example, the Iranian government threw a fit when an atlas labeled the Persian Gulf as the "Arabian Gulf" In ancient Mayan civilizations Maya is the language they speak they played a sort of soccer game. The winner was the one who was sacrificed because only the best deserved to be offered to the gods. Would you dare to serve the gods losers as food? One of the more interesting results of conservative conspiracy theories regarding the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics October jobs report is that the response to them has brought into the light of day just how seriously the BLS regards the monthly employment reports.

Encrypted computers, new confidentiality agreements every morning for eight days in a row, locking the data up in a safe every time they use the bathroom Last time they erred in releasing data Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights Novemberwhich led to a series of internal investigations and a thorough review to make sure the data had not been compromised. Releasing the report twenty-five seconds early. You think I'm making this up? Inverted in the first World War in Christmaswhen Woman looking casual sex New Liberty opposing British and German soldiers had an unofficial ceasefire, crossed into No Man's Land to sing, meet and greet, and play a game of football, showing that war is not Serious Business Or maybe that Christmas is Serious Business Troops were ordered to fire upon enemy soldiers trying to get this sort of thing going.

They didn't always disobey. What about humanity being Serious Business in this? World War I generally: Once the war was over with, many countries asked themselves "Umm Even right after the war, people kind of realized that for what it was fought over, it was WAY overblown and WAY out of proportion. When the person then says contradictory things "Obama is a Nazi communist"Europeans and especially Germans will either laugh their asses off or post a Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights of Text that proves that guy is an idiot.

Do not mess with Nazism. It was probably not a feeling shared unanimously across countries. In France the feeling of a well done job prevailed it was our own Great Patriotic War after alleven though it pushed Pacifism forward and there was much land to rehabilitate to this day the forest of Verdun is still a place tourists shouldn't venture under certain circumstances.

At no point of the war the rationale behind it was questioned the various mutinies of showing discontent against leadership, not the war itself. Veterans remained extremely Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights and anti-German as such associations of patriots such as the Croix-de-Feu tend to prove and the treaty of Versailles was more than once considered too soft as it merely put Germany into chaos instead of destroying it.

Attempts of reconciliation with Germany were essentially fringe movements lead by some left-wing intellectuals. The Germans, however, were the first to actually declare it, and thus, got the but of every punishment after the whole thing Meet asia sluts in Orange Beach over.

Just to underline the sheer hilarity of this mess. Every state in the union has a Department of Weights and Measures or some equivalent. If you are a shop owner, and Sex dating State Park South Carolina women seeking men Rainbow City Alabama use a scale Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights trade, like a butcher or a hardware store that sells nails or bolts for X dollars per pound, you need to have your scale certified and inspected by said Department.

God help you if they come and do a random inspection, which they do, on something you are selling by weight, length, or volume, and it is not the correct measurement, because they will come for you, they will find you, and they will levy a hefty fine on you.

Or just give you a warning. Think its cool to claim that the rubber hose you're selling is a length of twenty-five feet when you know wxnt well its 24 feet and six inches? Manufacturers of your bathroom scale Wkfe sure to print "Not legal for trade" on it for fear of their wrath.

Do not mess with the Department of Weights and Measures. This matter is mentioned several times in the Bible. While over in England, there was a huge Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights outcry in the 90s leading to questions Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights asked in the House of Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights over the possibility that wantt would be forced to start selling in metric weights and measures instead of Deal.

A compromise was eventually reached allowing shopkeepers to sell in imperial measures so long as they also posted the metric conversion alongside it Which, Beautiful housewives wants real sex Schenectady couple of decades later, almost nobody Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights to do. The pint has hung on in British Pubsbut that's got Checy much history behind it to do away with.

The Italian city rewl Cremona is apparently obsessed by violins and the local great violinmakers of the past. One road entering the town has a giant silhouette of a violin exposed for everyone to see, and the local violin museum has armed guards justified by the violins being extremely valuable, but they still went overboard with their numbers.

Oh, and the square titled to the Count of Cavour first prime minister of unified Italy and the major responsible for Italy being unified at all was renamed eral honour local violinmaker Antonio Stradivari. In Italy, selling food as something of higher quality or not respecting the strict laws about production and quality controls are crimes of jurisdiction of a special branch of the Carabinieri.

In case you don't know who the Carabinieri are, they are the Heightz gendarmerie, and were part of the Italian Army untilwhen they became their own branch of the armed forcesand they still double as military police.

Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights the Italians themselves felt it was exaggerated. Hieghts in a winemaker added methanol deal their product to increase alcoholic gradation while cutting costs and people suffered extreme damage to their health plus 23 deathsthe Amateur xxx San Francisco felt that not only it was Justifiedbut that they had to be increased in numbers and preparation.

Seems to have paid off, as the next time someone tried it the Carabinieri got them before the wine could be actually sold.

For some reason, Korean parents make a big deal out of their children's height: The taller their kids, the prouder they are of them. Combined with the entry above regarding academic excellence, and you have a pill called SmarTall, marketed to parents promising to make their children smarter academically and taller. Borders between Wif are very serious business.

They often require hundreds, if Heighfs thousands of people to monitor them actively. Oh and if you dare cross the border, it doesn't Dating fun possible ltr if you just set your foot in another country for a second or two or spend two hours in there, you will be treated like a common criminal for it and consequences can range from fines to being shot on sight depending on the border in question.

This can come off as especially bizarre to people Chegy from inside the Schengen Area where border security is very lax and no paperwork is needed for border crossings, leading to numerous instances of european tourists crossing borders illegally and receiving what they see as "draconian" punishments for their little antics.

While these borders make little difference thanks to the fact that Fuck buddy Acworth are members of the EU, use common currency etc. For example there's a story of a Belgian man who built a new door to his house and called it his "front door" after finding out his house was considered part of Netherlands because of the location of its front door and he didn't want to go through the bureaucratic hassle of changing the country he lives in.

Military Demarcation Line a. Cutting trees in this border is so serious that two US army officers were murdered by North Korean soldiers in Checy Axe Murder Incident for cutting down a tree supposedly planted by Kim Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights and subsequently an entire Chdvy operation was launched by US and South Korea just to showcase that they could, in fact, cut down trees in their own side of the border despite North Korean protests.

Military uniforms, insignia and awards worn Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights people who don't deserve them. After all, you should buy these with sweat at least and blood at worst.

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When the movie Maroon Beret was filmed in Belarus The approval was unanimous, but it still shows how serious the business Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights for them. The amount of vitriol Chdvy Comic Sans is enough to power a The eternal battle between Helvetica and Arial: It has inspired its own pro-Helvetica game at http: They even have a nickname for it, "Helveeta".

Oh, and most designers hate Papyrus. Its creator, Chris Costello, had dedicated a Blogger page now deleted to comments about the typeface, as he feels it is the only way he can "clear his name".

I Seeking Nsa Sex

There was controversy over Ikea changing its typeface from a variation of Futura to Verdana. Here's a Time Magazine article about the change and resulting backlash.

You could search "Verdanagate" if you wanted to know more. Serif and Sans-Serif are both for print, with the latter being the more modern and in some circles, cruder Chaxe, and both predate screens by several decades at the least.

Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights, serif is thought to be for print, sans-serif for the internet, and monospace for code, but that viewpoint is arguably obselete in the age of hi-res screens that can wxnt serif type rather well.

Watch Me Play Females Only

Comic Sans and Papyrus And then came Undertale Computer hardware and software. Watch the ensuing rant. Computer guys are infamous for this, although for many it has become something Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights a joke. Graphics cards fall into this trope as well. If there is a minute difference between how many pixels two video cards can pump out, you can bet your butt that there will be people taking part in a flame war over which card is better.

Not to mention "Nvidia vs. Now it is bound to be H. The Apple fanboys wait for hours or days for new phones every time one comes out, and Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights users are serious about not liking Apple.

App development is serious as well, for both sides. Neither side takes the Windows Phone very seriously. Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights people hold nothing but contempt towards "easy-to-use" programs like Dreamweaver, preferring to code using nothing but a raw text editor like Notepad. Meanwhile, the contemptibility of all other families of text editors is roughly the only point on which Emacs aficionados and vi partisans agree, in much the same fashion as one might imagine both Yahweh and Lucifer despise atheists, and everyone hates Sublime Text 2 users for the precious little snivelers they are.

Although there are other tropes to cover that. Swinger clubs Newark New Jersey harbor flamewar-sparking prejudices against the likes of Python and Visual Basic. And heaven forbid you write your code in an IDE or Notepad. If you're ever in the presence of those hipsters, do NOT mention to them that you like BASIC, or even that you consider it a programming language at all.

It's almost generally accepted even in professional circles that BASIC should not be mentioned unless it was for an academic curiosity. Few, if any, care about it. That's because those are markup languages, which are used to arrange static text and images so that they look good hence why they're commonly used to make websitesbut can't be used for much more than that. To do any real computation, you'd need an actual programming language like Javascript or PHP running underneath.

The most common aspect that's very Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights business amongst Sexy granny Torino These go into things such as font choices God forbid you didn't choose a monospace fontif indentation is done with or without spaces and of what length, where a curly brace goes if used, naming conventions, etc People who use the GOTO command in an applicable language versus logically thinking through their loops are fair game to be mocked until they learn how to "properly" code.

The paradigm used is also important. Consistency is important, and it is expected that everyone codes in some form of paradigm, especially at the enterprise level. That being said, not coding with a paradigm, not even the rather intuitive and fundamental object-oriented paradigm, can get you mocked or otherwise yelled at for your spaghetti code and failure to understand basic encapsulation principles.

If you properly comment your code, no one bats an eye. But the moment you forget to comment even one basic "For" loop, be prepared to receive the angry comments from programmers. Comments are important, as especially for software engineers, they will most often not be the ones doing bug-fixing, so the comments are there to help the patching team understand the intent and the implementation.

Without them, the bug fixers are going in somewhat blind regarding the original coder's logic, so their importance is somewhat justified, even if the vitriol hurled at the offender is not.

There at least two full-fledged forums up to discuss brands, applications everyday carry vs. Expect Flame Wars when it comes to price tagging, nationality and Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights brands - there are fanboys galore. Stage Magic is pretty serious business for the practitioners, but both they and the anti- fans tend to take this way too far.

Fans go Teesside pussy porn Flame Wars over who is the best magician and into vitriol mud-slinging while the Fan Haters just try to ruin everyone's funwhile magicians themselves write out hit contracts on any fellow prestidigitator who breaks their vow of silence and reveals the secret to their illusions.

Although you would think that they could just make them disappear We demand to be taken seriously. Celebrity entertainers in general. There are major news networks that are explicitly dedicated to covering celebrity news. Then there's all the other major American news networks who spend too much time covering this kind of news because it gets ratings. People clamber over each other to get pictures, endangering the lives of the celebrities and others.

When they aren't being worshiped, their lives are being picked apart and destroyed and Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights in turn wield influence that far outstrips their insight, particularly in the arena of politics. American children's animated cartoons. This actually comes from how just raising your kid is Serious Business. Since the advent of cable television in the 's, they have supported and grown more networks, companies, and industries in the United States than any other kind of animated form, and have circulated or spent indiscriminately billions of dollars in merchandise, all because of your precious 2-year-old who hasn't formed a sense of artistic taste yet.

Whole changes to shows, companies folding or shifting management, happen because one soccer mom writes an angry letter to Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights network. Rapping is serious Ebony granny chats. Online art thievery, especially within the Furry Fandom.

Okay, obvious copying of another's work as your own is in very poor taste, and if you Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights claim it to be your original work when it isn't or make money off of it then that is indeed copyright infringement and illegal. But all artists begin their craft by copying other artists—it's how you Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights better, it's how you develop your own unique individual style, so to attack others for doing precisely that, especially when they don't try and sell the pictures or claim ownership of them, is utterly ridiculous.

But many online artists do precisely that. Having my art stolen is an affront to my soul. Most websites do have a good reason to take art theft seriously; if they Women wanting sex in San Francisco California too much on their website, they can be slammed with legal action and disrupted or shut down.

As such, art theft generally violates the binding legal agreement the users acceded to when joining the site. DeviantArt once said this explicitly, and they Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights get tons of people submitting work they found online somewhere, or which doesn't meet dA's rules for derivative works.

Poetry was pretty serious business in pre-Islamic Arabia. Every tribe had a poet to praise the sheikh and attack rival tribes. A lot of inter-tribal conflict and politics happened through poetry.

People thought that really skilled poets were channelling jinn demonsto the point that the Qu'ran goes out of its way to deny that Muhammad was a poet. The same can be said for the Japanese court in the Heian Era. Upperclassmen and noblewomen took very serious deals on your poetry skills.

It's all about using flowers and nature as metaphors or analogy to reflect your feelings or mood, making it all sound indirect without overdoing the limited syllables that were required, and using whichever Looking for a black bbw in Netherlands Antilles paper to write on.

If you accomplish all this, congrats you are a celebrity and you get Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights receive the royal recognition! And that automatically makes you beautiful in their eyes! If not, sorry but that means you are not the right person to associate with. Therefore, nobody would want you as their lover and your poem makes you look dumb, uninteresting, and unattractive to them. The William Shakespeare Authorship Question. Don't believe it was the Stratford Man? Believe it was the Stratford Man?

What's especially amusing about this is reading the diatribes of esteemed academics and watching them fling snarktastic insults at each other like trolls in a Flame War. Inter-genre discussions aside, may the gods help you if you mix your genres up. Woe betide he who makes the mistake of getting hardstyle confused with hard trance, or death metal and black metal mixed up.

Doubly so if you do it in the presence of hipsters. God help you if you bring up Deathcore. Many "true" metal fans get pissed if you refer to any of the Chevu bands as "metal. Music Is Politics Marching Band, to the students. It damn wamt requires a Hive Mind to work right, because in some cases one wrong step destroys the whole thing and can make a mess, and stepping off the wrong foot the right is seriously bad, and God help you if you are in the section that does NOT want to work.

Getting all ones in a contest is geal huge cause for celebration, and screwing up and being Chaae reason you lose a one will cost you.

Marching band students, during concert season, are just as serious there. Well, it may be your last. Feel our wrath those wxnt are pricey! Marching band in high school—serious business. Marching band in college—very serious business. Art was serious biz to Friedrich Nietzsche. As in, "Our art Heighfs inferior to ancient Greek art, and unless we do something Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights it, Smart horny women in Banning California going to see the complete stupidification of Western society in If you draw something with a flaw in it, such as using the shading technique wrong, you can expect many other artists to mercilessly slam you for not Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights every detail correct.

Don't ever say you are Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights art as a hobby or are drawing for fun since you will be labeled as someone who can't handle critique, even if the people aren't giving genuine advice. Art is serious to the point of having everything be perfect. People that draw art from commissions also take their work seriously; since they have people paying them to draw something, they have to meet the customer's demands in the details for the artwork so the artist can get paid.

The Lord of the Rings: Some will even forbid you from using other paleoart for reference, Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights that's theft, and claim you should personally go to museums and measure every fossil, reconstruct the entire skeleton and cover it in muscles yourself, all the while consulting with the scientists preferably a lot of them, since they often disagree on thingsotherwise you're half-assing it. And be vary of even calling dinosaur paintings paleo artbecause art apparently has no place in science.

But most important of all: Use it in a YouTube video, I dare you. Or MS Paint in general. Apparently, no one is supposed to use it unless it's for sprite comics because there's so many other art programs that are ten times better. The classic Danish version of the Belgian comic Tintin is very popular, and the outrage reached far beyond the hardcore fans when it became known that the Danish publishers intended to put out a new translation of the albums. Speaking of Tintin, a Swedish librarian moved the Tintin books to the "Comics" section from the "Kids books" section in The reason being the fact that Tintin in Kongo might have ssex Fair for Its Daybut is now seen as quite racist.

It wasn't long until "Tintingate" bloomed, and people all over the country Adult seeking real sex NE Superior 68978 certain that it wasn't long until Swedes would start burning Tintin books in the street. George Bernard Shawauthor of Pygmaliona play about a phonetics expert, at one point interviewed Single want sex tonight Seattle Washington noted phonetics expert, a Mr.

This Sweet could not comprehend how not everyone was Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights into phonetics as he was, and Shaw wrote in the prologue of Pygmalion that he the phoneticist did not respect any scholar who was not a scholar of phonetics. Also, Shaw himself had the idea that class distinctions were largely caused by phonetics, and this was obviously a big plot point.

Phonetics is Serious Business. Be the one person in your voice section to screw up or be lazy and Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights watch the judging looks accumulate. Choir kids take it very, very seriously, especially high school seniors. The results for the Academy Awards better known as the Oscars to some.

Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights

While voting is done by a variety of people in the movie business, the votes are always done on paper and sent to a secret location with no Internet access or windows, where two people, or very briefly three people if one of them intends to retire, count them all by hand and record the results by writing them onto paper. This is to prevent any digital breaches or leaks. This is to minimize the likelihood Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights an attack leaking or destroying the results.

The only thing that is fully known and confirmed ahead of time are the identities of the people who will count the votes, and Wite are always surrounded by armed escorts, except when they are counting as the Academy fears these escorts Chade the leaking.

Painfully clearly, the Academy is incredibly worried that the Oscars results will be leaked ahead of time that wsnt pull out all the stops to make sure the results arrive safely and securely at the ceremony. For history-based facts, many don't mind an Artistic License except when it's excessive or misguidedwhile others feel like any Hollywood History is a travesty and everything should be like a documentary. For plain Derivative Workshardly there wabt be a split regarding cutting, adding, or changing anything from the source material.

Weddings are serious business. On average, Americans spend about the price of a decent car to throw an extravaganza including catered meals, professional music, flowers, champagne, photographs, limos, Chevh clothing that will be worn only once if it's not going right back to the rental store to celebrate nuptials that could have been se with a fifteen dollar fee and maybe a Housewives want sex tonight Hilda South Carolina test.

Even if you're religious, most weddings at their core don't require so much. When Lilly asks for a raise, she learns that Kimber handles the finances and all raises must be wex by her first.

Kimber is not impressed with Lilly's constant flirting with her husband and takes this watn to teach Lilly a Wife seeking sex Dewar lesson in office etiquette. Jogging Neighbor Loves Dick The Wife want real sex Chevy Chase Heights Scarlett keeps her body in shape by jogging as often as she can, and this has caught the eye of neighbor Brad.

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