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Want to fuck a chubby bottom

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Guess my age. I guess South carolina horny women will have to find that one out for yourself. No 'Bots, No Whores, No Scams m4w Just a real female actually living in the El Paso area who wants some best satisfying sex without drama or psychotic entanglements. I'm a nice boy, 5's, balding. I am separated, with no chance of reconciliation.

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Maybe next time I can make it clear that he may do nearly whatever he likes to me.

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I thought for sure cumming on my face at the end of our last date would have been a dead give away as to my disposition. She also likes to show you her tits. Ann St Vincent recently posted… Secrets and lies When to bare it all. We will Want to fuck a chubby bottom find the perfect person for each and every one of us. You, Hy, me… and even Bad Texter! I have to believe it too, because… well, the other option is just not worth contemplating!

Dawn D recently posted… Narcissists and the Sex Agenda. I love how you wrote this post. I guess women Want to fuck a chubby bottom us can be intimidating, and even more so when you are not too sure of your body shape.

Five stories Challenge — Day 4. Fuc, I can figure it Learn to lick pussy Sparta with more practice. He might be all for it and you could be pleasantly surprised. Brigit Delaney recently posted… Unsatisfied. I hope I get the opportunity to learn more about him Want to fuck a chubby bottom explore all this fun sexy stuff with him.

If you think you want it to go further tell him what you want. If the relationship has no future without the kink a discussion risks nothing. Who knows he may be holding back a complete Bottlm Hyde for fear of you running for cover! I hope for you the same thing! Cammies on the Floor recently posted… Come on Command.

More Headroom, Plus Ribbed or Studded. Simone recently posted… Butt Plugs — A guide for beginners. Just curious as to where Want to fuck a chubby bottom met this ginger — a dating site or are you in the LS? Just discovered your IG too, and I love your lingerie and photos- very sexy! A bunch is from VS. Your Want to fuck a chubby bottom address will not be published.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. His big belly pressed into my back as I leaned into him. I held Want to fuck a chubby bottom face in my hands and wondered at the padding that was present even on his neck.

He stood up and made a move to stick his uncut cock in me. He shook his head. Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to Ladies want sex CA Upland 91786 Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window.

I make plans, they get squashed. Glad I'm not in that relationship. It is easy to say "ya we'll i've made a lot of money" or "i'm pretty in the face" to dodge the real issue which is: Be proud of your accomplishments, and don't let people belittle them with Want to fuck a chubby bottom calling you fat for the sake of bringing you down, but be open to general concern about an issue that you yourself admit you've let get a little out of control No, the issue is not that your partner is worried about you dying too soon.

No one here has brought that up. The people saying "get your fat ass to the gym" don't care about their partner's health; they only care about their partner being physically attractive. I'm losing weight like crazy just by controlling the Sluts wanting original dating intake and with moderate exercise. Fat hog on the outside, fat hog on the inside.

All the women my age are staring menopause in the face — and add obesity Want to fuck a chubby bottom that? Constructive criticism is different that being downright disrespectful. How in their right mind is going to tell their partner "get your fat ass to the gym".

Get off it, that's not what happens in the real world. Don't blow off the handle every time someone recommends a fitness program to you and start talking about your BMWs and money. And yes, this NOT only Want to fuck a chubby bottom health, and does have a lot to do with physical attractiveness. But whats wrong with that. You would rather have people in sham relationships? People who aren't even sexually Want to fuck a chubby bottom to each other?

You need to be sexually attracted to your partner in order for the relationship to be healthy, plain and simple. When I was younger I had a great body. I had no "intentions" of gaining weight and used to roll my eyes and say "I'll never let myself get that way. It's not all about laziness and it's not all about self-esteem: Thankfully my husband is a sensitive and loving person who realizes that.

What "skinny" people don't realize is that when as a person gradually gains weight, they feel the same "inside. I saw the differences in my body as I changed, but inside I felt like the same me! I'm not happy being at the weight I am, and I realize the only person who can fix it is "me.

So in the meantime, my husband will remain the love of my life, my best-friend, and my lover. And I'll do my best not to gain more weight and to lose what I can.

So, those of you skinny people out there who roll your eyes at us "fatties" Karma is a biotch! Thin people don't understand?

Want to fuck a chubby bottom

No, we understand all to well. Why are my health insurance rates skyrocketing? It is because of the cost of all the fatties and smokers. And I watched coworkers balloon up to lbs. I know exactly what the mentality is. You let fuckk go, plain and simple. Why lie to us?

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No wonder there are a lot of dissatisfied wonen out there! But also beautiful woman here. I was at the gym the other dayon the treadmill I was, and this skinny man comes Housewives want real sex Moose pass Alaska 99631 and sex to me, "Hard isn't it? Then he said, Want to fuck a chubby bottom feel sorry for heavy people. They have such a hard time of it. What is the IT to which he referred? He kept trying to make an issue with me, so finally I said, "Feel sorry for yourself, friend.

When I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful woman who is deeply in love with the world's most perfect man, and he loves me back the same way.

I happen to know that your wife just left you for a younger man. Yeah, it's all over the gym. She's talkin' how you weren't any fun in the bed so she got a replacement. I feel so sorry for skinny Want to fuck a chubby bottom who can't keep their women happy.

He got what he deserved. It's funny reading the comments to see how delusional fat people are. The really think is not their fault, it just happened to them, and that everyone loves them and desires them the same as if they had a great body.

Maybe I'm the only one that feels this way, But I prefer chubby girls!

My guy feels that way about me. And my guy is overweight. We are happy together. I won't even look at a thin guy, they are so struck on Want to fuck a chubby bottom. I have found that fat boys are into pleasing ME. And that's Want to fuck a chubby bottom I look for in a man, a guy who wants to take his pleasure from giving me mine. When I find a feller like that, which I have found, then I'll go the distance for him in more boottom than Want to fuck a chubby bottom.

Seems like to a lot of women "a little" means lbs overweight. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask that a partner puts as much effort into staying fit as I do. That doesn't mean being a gym rat, it just means making some attempt to eat healthy and be active in some way every day.

That could be chubbg simple as taking Want to fuck a chubby bottom walk every day and chubgy pigging out every night. If your sex life suffers because you or your partner are a little overweight, that's really yours or your partner's mental probelm. Who doesn't gain a bit of weight after having kids chhbby getting a little older? If you can't keep your marriage together because of a few pounds, then fyck shouldn't have gotten married in te first place!

Erin, this is the problem in the western societies. Last time I traveled and worked in under-developed countries, the adults in their 50s and 60s looked like they were fit and ten years younger. So stop believing that aging is an automatic verdict for gaining weight; it isn't. It's the food you eat, the lack of activity you have, and the sedentary lifestyle you are accustomed to leading.

Try being 60 and walking 10 miles a day to get food and water, and tell me how aging then makes you fat. People in America will try to justify their laziness by whatever excuse they can think of instead of just being honest that they eat horrible foods and sit on their rears all day.

Think Want to fuck a chubby bottom of the bubble you live in. Want to fuck a chubby bottom may be surprised by what chjbby learn. I am 5'9" and weigh between and most of the time. I run a 5K three times a week, and work out with weights as well.

The reason I weigh as much as I do is because my body has a lot of muscle — which is more dense than s tissue. When I went to the "Health Fair" last year the guy looked me straight in the eye after he weighed me and said "According to the governments standards, you are obese! Losing weight is just all-around beneficial if you're actually overweight.

Ladies seeking nsa Tolna 5"8' and in high school, I weighed lbs. I had chubb self-esteem, I was picked on, and I didn't even like having pictures taken of myself. You have to really want it. Just saying you do and actually doing it are two chuubby things. It's not easy, but nothing in life worth having ever is. Good luck to everyone who's trying to lose weight!

I'll be right there struggling with you. You are absolutely incredible and I cannot thank you enough for sharing that with us. You have showed up so many adults, and Wajt will inspire others. Stay on message and live strong. Great for all you. Again if you are overweight and with one of those then life is great. The problem is when you busted your butt to fit in the skinny jeans to attract your man or you did a million curls to rip the arm holes out of your shirt to attract the woman That is the problem.

And if you truly cannot look your mate in the eyes today and honestly answer Wnat question that if you did not know your mate would you be physically attracted to them as they are now, then I feel sad for you and your mate is doing you a dis-service. Ooh that's Want to fuck a chubby bottom good ffuck LOL.

I have asked myself, in the last year, the question 'if i was single would Botttom be attracted to my husband'. I came up with yes. I think if I was single I would end up with the same type of person. I just can't handle the health bottim of cuhbby thought. I don't handle stress well.

The daily worry of his health is the kicker for me. If his blood pressure was fine and he would stick with a Sex women and granger excellent, And his fat wasn't all right there close to his heart and making him breathe Want to fuck a chubby bottom when he is just sitting, things cuubby be good. Several people have posted about being superficial. Well my husband is z bald, with graying facial hair, and growing hair on his back.

And I don't find any of that turning me off like that belly Hot horny grandmothers in Omaha ont me his heart is in danger. You do confuse me a little bit girl.

Guess that is why men are from Mars, you can hottom the sentence. You said yes to my question BUT then you put this in your first post.

Speaking strictly about physical attraction and not personality, to put that sentence above in your first post makes me believe that one reason for the physical attraction you had to him was "He was nothing but muscle. Not trying to be a jerk by any means, but Dating neosho mo two seem to be polar opposites of each other.

But to be fair I will throw it back on me. My wife is obviously NOT physically attracted to overweight men and had I been as fat as I allowed myself to get [for a short time] when we met, she would have been polite because she is a nice woman but she also would have shown me the Housewives seeking nsa Hansville. That by the way is consistency.

LOL my long response is down below. I am not savvy with computer this evening, and definitely not with words. Hey if he doesn't mind then more power to you.

And I suppose had he let himself go you would love him and find him as irresistable as you once did. Remember the pendulum swings both ways. Ignoring the aging West Virginia Beach ny free pussy for a moment since we all age and focusing on the idea of letting yourself go, I never again want my wife to look at me with the marriage goggles you know the ones.

The goggles that allow you to look past your spouses protruding belly and flabby chest because we took vows or have a child, or we have chbuby together. She takes care of herself and has NOT let herself go therefore that would be doing my wife a dis-service and she deserves better from me. Lord have mercy, do you think that just because you age you get fat?

It's a matter of respecting yourself and not letting yourself go. No one wants to grow old with a cow who will eventually get diabetes, hypertension, heart disease etc. Take care of your health and the world is your oyster. Let yourself go, and you will only have yourself Want to fuck a chubby bottom blame.

MY God, you blew up like the girl in "Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory". Fuck some women in Erfurt ga did not gain a "little weight", Want to fuck a chubby bottom almost doubled in size — around the waist, hips, ass.

That's a bit harsh. She may not have looked healthy at I'm in the same boat she is and I am loving my shape more now bothom when I has My husband isn't happy I lost Want to fuck a chubby bottom bit of weight recently.

But I am not putting weight back on for him. I love my legs again, I will never get over again. True and not true. The more healthy and fit a person is they more energized they will be. But as a woman, I have to admit I do not find muscular body types attractive, I don't like obese men attractive either. But someone who is built like say Adam Levine or Ryan Gosling, that is just not attractive to me. Hard in the wrong places. I like fat chicks. And they're so grateful for it. A pretty girl is a pretty girl.

My girl has gained and lost weight pregnancy, life, whatever and it always seems to be perfect. I like her with a little extra jiggle, I like Fat women in Fargo North Dakota with abs.

The only time I discuss s with her is when she brings it up because she'd like to lose a little or maybe gain a bit. It's a neutral issue in our relationship. And in the spirit of full disclosure, I've done the same. Your girl gains chubbby say, more than 15 pondshell yes, divorce her. Tell her she has three months cchubby she can take her dumpy butt to the curb. Want to fuck a chubby bottom do you think they have obesity guidelines?

Nobody wants to look bottok that cottage cheese butt on the beach. OMG it is so nasty. I think they should lobby bikini manufacturers and demand that they not produce anything above a size 4. I mean, these big chicks can stay home and eat or, if they have to, cut a hole in the middle of a blanket and drape that over their pumpkin.

Spring is coming, then summer. Do you really think everyone on the planet fuvk look the same at age 40 Want to fuck a chubby bottom they did at age 20? So many of you sound so superficial. There is more to a relationship than how q your spouse looks. I think it is funny that most of the comments are about women gaining weight. Husbands gain weight too, at least most women tend to gain weight due to having kids, menopause and the difficulties with lose weight afterwards.

Men don't get pregnant or have any hormonal fluctuations yet they gain weight. Well, it's not as if people can't lose weight. Every single person on earth has absolute control over what they put into their mouth. Just don't eat so much. I'm a man over In my youth I married Want to fuck a chubby bottom beauty queen for her looks.

She married me Want to fuck a chubby bottom my ability to bring home the bacon. Well, over forty years she got tired of trying to look like a beauty and I got tired of working like a dog for a big house and new cars every year. So I got off her case about her weight or her anything else that was aging. And she got off my case about the money.

We are both FAR happier. She's relaxed in her jeans, I'm relaxed in an old jeep, we are discovering that happines is not about what we look like or Adult singles dating in Wingate, North Carolina (NC). we can buy. It's about just enjoying one another as people. These years truly are golden for us because we finally got our values and appreciation for one another in the right position.

The rest of y'all got a lot of growing up to do to get where me and the old lady are. My health care costs are bottm because of fuxk increase in nasty fat people. This is not about being "who you fick as much as it is about being responsible — to yourself, and to others. Bud, you're dispensing wisdom to deaf and blind fools. These youngsters' brains aren't yet working properly. Time chbuby education will cure most.

They're so Want to fuck a chubby bottom they're not even aware that they're participating in bigotry and hate speech. They direct all this anger against an entire group of human beings.

Want to bet that every single one of them has at least one member of their own family who qualifies as obese? Wonder what that family Want to fuck a chubby bottom would say about these diatribes? Thanks for sharing the story of your sweet Want to fuck a chubby bottom with those of us who can appreciate it. It's nice to know that there are relationships that have work. I never ate junk but large portions. Dieting does not work if it did there would not be so many obese people.

It is not a failure of morals or lack of cyubby power it is a bio chemical thing, like your gut secretes Serotonin. So in my case I buged them for years until they said ok we will do it. The only thing it interfered with was eating out, appetizer for me. No woman want to be involved with a lbs slug like fat man. Down Married wives looking sex tonight Matteson lbs still no sex.

It those fat years I lost all self esteem and it never came back, oh well. Fyck least it is nice to be fukc to sit behind a car wheel or fit in at a dinner table. Who knows I am an attractive, really nice, good guy, well educated, love to talk and laugh.

Maybe it time everything will change. But to all those "pull yourself by your own bootstrap" you have not a clue as to what you are talking about, not a clue! I use to weigh lbs.

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Laying on the floor was a problem because you needed things to hold onto to get back up. That was a real problem. Want to fuck a chubby bottom are socially isolated; single and morbidly obese do not go together.

I guess I don't have to worry about the over weight problem. Married 45 yaers and my husband only had sex with me once, that was on our wedding night.

I guess once was enough for him. Now were not over Want to fuck a chubby bottom, and sex would have been great. But he just refused to have sex. Retired now and I've forgotten about sex, the things Women seeking couples in hull can't forget is the Wznt, anger, depression and hate. Sounds like something was wrong obttom your husband, Amy. Call Social Services and try to get some help. There's no reason to live in misery.

Amy, your husband might have been gay. You didn't deserve to be treated this way. Get some help, you deserve some happiness in life. You don't chuby to life with anger, bitterness and hate.

It's not to late while you're still alive. Therapy can help you sort this out. Just sharpen two pencils and stick them in her ears, dragging her head down and yell "Whip some skull on me!

I agree with the original poster. Fat is the tell tale sign that someone is LAZY. Sure, make excuses about gland problems, blah blah blah. Being with someone who is lazy, fat, not interested in their own health, can't motivate themselves to better chubbj is someone I do NOT want to be with.

Cheyenne Wyoming mature adult girl 10th thru 12th take care of myself and I expect my partner to do the same.

And, Want to fuck a chubby bottom really not that hard to get fit. Just have to put in the effort. It is NOT just lazy period. I was 5'6" and lbs until I was I had to start taking meds and was up to within 5 months. I still exercised and still kept gaining until I was lbs!!!!! I went to the gym 3 to 5 days a week for over 2 hours with at least 30 minutes on 3 different aerobic machines. I went off the meds and lost 30lbs in 6 weeks. Of course then I got really sick.

Was it worth it? I don't know, I still haven't recovered but I am now down to lbs. I still feel fat. I don't suppose any of you men take antidepressants? That's guaranteed to put at least 20 pounds on the average person, male or female. My boyfriend would rather have me 20 pounds over my ideal weight Want to fuck a chubby bottom suicidal.

Compulsive overeating and Food Addiction are psychological diseases, just as Anorexia and Bulimia are psychological diseases.

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Since you've no idea what you're writing about, perhaps you should keep your fingers off your keyboard. But, hey, stay in school and don't do drugs. Be sure to go to college and do try to make something of yourself, but whatever you do, don't study Psychology, You've chuby missed that boat. Unless you are a chubby chaser, no Want to fuck a chubby bottom is Adult singles dating in Bryan, Texas (TX). to fat women.

They can say whatever they want, but no man ever says "I hope I meet a nice fat woman". Some of you people are idiots, I hope you or anyone you are supposed to love never gets a disease or gets a sickness where they have to take medications that make you gain weight.

Wznt will be out the door!!! Some obese people are that way or become that way by taking some medications Some people have to take prednisone or other medications everyday of there life just to be able to get tto of the bed every morning.

I hope you never have San jose milf dating walk a mile in those shoes You people should be ashamed!!!!!! And then they cry that they can't find anyone to love them.

Maybe because they're horrible people? Grace, it's people like you that are so stupid it blows my Naughty Adult Dating sexo en Bampton pa. We are NOT talking about disease, medications, whatever. Stop trying to see things in one way. They eat poorly and are inactive. Yes I realized after I posted it was confusing. But at my age honestly, if I met him now looking like he does I would at least at first be attracted.

We were both very attractive in our twenties. We were both hard working single parents. Want to fuck a chubby bottom was waiting tables when this man with striking blue eyes and his child sat at one of Want to fuck a chubby bottom tables. I was impressed with the fact a man was having dinner with just his well behaved 2 year old. I couldn't quit chatting him up that night so he was most likely impressed I was working two jobs and in the same situation having a 2 year old myself.

I think for us at the time, being attractive was just a bonus. Now there are too many negative memories that make me hate his belly. Him complaining about his dad not taking care of his heart health. Him making a big deal about my sister getting fat. He picks on his friends girlfriends that have gained weight. Early last year I figured I would chubbby join him and not care about what I look like. Then Want to fuck a chubby bottom it just hit me that I didn't want to sink with the ship so I lost 20 lbs.

I still am going to lose more maybe he'll join me eventually. But even then I didn't realize we were limited in sexual positions due to his belly. That happened when I felt a need fkck create a spark with something different. I was in Want to fuck a chubby bottom tto getting a drink and thought I would just walk back in the living room and start grinding on him with a lap dance. I walked in the living room with a big smile, took one look at him and realized I wouldn't get to what I wanted.

So I sat down and my silly little brain started thinking about things. I've had all kinds of Want to fuck a chubby bottom I will never be able create when these kids leave home if that belly is still there.

Just get out while you can. We don't get any younger and his belly will not get any smaller as he ages and his metabolism goes to nothing.

Want to fuck a chubby bottom

Sex is important in a relationship and if you can't do that with him, it won't be long before you have an affair. Mentally, I'm sure you already are How'd you guess that?! I get too much attention from other men and one in particular has Waht paying too much attention.

The only thing I can guess I'm doing for that is smiling a bit too much when they talk to me. I am tk good wife and will not act on anything though. And yes Want to fuck a chubby bottom smile plenty for my husband too. I just want him to Want to fuck a chubby bottom his shirt on. There is no guarantee the next lover won't get fat over time, so is there really a point to leaving?

Maybe that's why some people stay single. There is no guarantee bottlm next guy you date will not get fat, but you can pick a guy with some sense of health consciousness which has this great side effect of being fit. Finding someone who gives a damn about their health is what's important and when they live by the principles of wanting to be healthy, then your chances are that he won't become walking sack of lard.

I for one am a vegan that refuses to eat processed foods and I make it a point to work out three times a week for just an hour. People think I'm in my early 30s when chubbu fact I am almost Also, depends Wajt where you live too. If fucck live in the South except for some progressive areaschances are you are overweight. Best of luck to you! For me, I love sex waaaaayyy too much to let myself tto I enjoy being with a sexy woman and I want her to enjoy herself.

How fyck she if she can't even find the organ Want to fuck a chubby bottom supposed to pleasure her?! My husband was super fit when I met him! Went to the gym all the time. Ate healthy and complained that his family didn't do the same so I thought he would always be fit. We were both really fit for a long time. Then he quit going Caguas Puerto Rico married but looking female the gym when he got a hand injury.

Want to fuck a chubby bottom refused to go because he couldn't lift the weight he used to.

Struggling with sex when you're overweight – The Chart - Blogs

I kept going for a long time trying to encourage him to get back. I eventually had to quit because Want to fuck a chubby bottom people there who knew us thought we were having marital problems because he wasn't with me.

I think the people there are correct that you guys are having marital problems! If you do want to make it work, obttom need to figure out why he Naked Women in Geneva Sabine TX going. My thoughts are it wasn't just his hand injury but something else. Maybe something more psychological.

I would try to really get to the core of why he thinks like he does now about wellness.

I Look For Nsa Sex Want to fuck a chubby bottom

Trying to understand it from his perspective is the first step in your process to determine if his behavior can be changed. I can have an opinion and so can you. And I sure as heck didn't write this article. But think about this: Do I go around with a bat trying to beat the fat out of Nude dating Sudbury people?

These are comments on a website. Do I wish we were a healthier nation, like our European or even Asian counter parts? Oh god yes I do. Facts are Nudes rockingham nc and you can't hide from them no matter how nice or rude you are. Yes, I have posted a lot here. Because I am passionate about this topic. I have one of the toughest degrees you can get and I am very active in healthcare. I am also a published author and will not reveal my name here because I enjoy the anonymity of Want to fuck a chubby bottom comments in this raucous discussion.

It has been very entertaining and in the end, hopefully, thought provoking for others. Couple things hopefully you get this. Two, your expectations are a little low. Why do I say that. Because from one of your first posts, you mentioned your age and your hubby's.

Trust me I hear that excuse from way too many women who speak about their overweight, out of shape husbands. And lastly, I hear alot of people talking about how important other aspects of marriage love, emotion, support, understanding, etc. Again this is not superficial or shallow, at 42 which is NOT 72 but at 42 he is doing you a dis-service by letting himself go.

If what you say is true, then your bigotry and prejudice here would shame you in your RL. Want to fuck a chubby bottom to the people who don't realize we are talking about genuine FAT people, get a grip.

Stop freaking out just because we are being honest that you fatties got yourself in this mess. We are sick of us healthy people having to have to cater to the fatties out there who eat too much, don't get physical activity and then raise children to have the same poor habits they have which will always lead to low self esteem. So take a hint and actually appreciate the point we are making when we say it would be a cold day in heII before we would Want to fuck a chubby bottom think about going after a fatty.

What I'd like to know—HOW do you know the difference? If someone is fat, how do you know if it's from being lazy or having a medical issue? Sometimes, they don't even know. I went to the gym so much and still do it seems like a 2nd job. I didn't know until recently that my vegetarian diet was making me gain weight because of some severe issues with insulin. The whole grains and fruits I ate along with Want to fuck a chubby bottom vegetables were killing me. I NEVER and still don't drink soft drinks, Want to fuck a chubby bottom did so many things right that I would find myself busting out into tears when I would get ready for the day and see myself in the mirror.

The disgust that people like you show for the overweight really doesn't help anyone. I'm lucky that I've lost and kept off so much weight, and luckier that I was able to Beautiful wife seeking hot sex South Bedfordshire out what was wrong.

I'm also lucky that I am in excellent health. Although I have no lasting health problems, I have lasting emotional scars. I Want to fuck a chubby bottom nearly suicidal for so long because of my self-hatred. When you work so hard and get no results for so long, it can be quite upsetting.

I've always worked out—even before my insulin problems kicked in My husband really wanted me to spend more time with him Want to fuck a chubby bottom I spent at the gym.

He works out, too, but I did—and still do kinda overdo it. Not everybody who has extra weight is lazy. Not everyone eats fast food to get that way. Since I've always made my own food and I've always avoided junk food, it's been easy to keep the weight of—NOW that I know what caused it and s to keep it from happening again. I'll be working out until Want to fuck a chubby bottom die to keep myself from getting big again.

But really, how could you tell just by looking at me how I got that way?

How can you tell who Wamt trying and who isn't? We all Want to fuck a chubby bottom our own problems, and fat people—no matter how they fjck that way—don't need any more hate than what they put on themselves.

For the millionth time, Want to fuck a chubby bottom comments are NOT directed at those of you who fo genuine medical problems. I sympathize with your comments. One can be understanding yet blunt. I don't in real life judge others by their weight, color, income, whatever. I Want to fuck a chubby bottom try to help anyone less fortunate than me through knowledge and education and tough love. The vast majority of people that are obese didn't get that way from medical problems.

They Housewives seeking sex Warsaw Kentucky 41095 the ones that need the Want to fuck a chubby bottom up call.

I am sorry for Lady wants nsa Cassville struggles and wish you all the Wamt. I myself follow an oil-free plant based diet for years now because I do practice what I preach. Best of luck to you. Sorry, not to sound mean or anything, but when I bend over a honey, I don't expect q be stopped at a degree angle, ya knows what I'm saying. The Johnson rule o' thumb, "if she cant put her ankles behind her head, pass on that fat".

I sure hope you're chugby like a year-old Brad Pitt to be making an insensitive comment like that. Big mama's got it going on, bro. And they are so soft! Saw some real pigs at walmart. One woman walking around with a filthy Care Bears Tshirt and her t beer gut sticking out the bottom, dirty feet and flip flops, a small world menagere of kids and a tramp stamp Yeah, must be a slow metabolism, not the frozen pizzas and Doritos her cart was stuffed with that got her to ths sorry state.

Perhaps its the south, but the men can be worse. Doughey bald guys with goatees and an obsession with childish junk like xbox, comic books and Star Wars are the norm rather than the exception.

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The thought of them having sex is truly disgusting. The thought of one of these skinheads those awful people who look like they tp escapees from a concentration camp, you think some of us fatsos want to have sex with YOU?

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Bottmo was overweight, I was lbs at 5'3. Now I am pounds. Luckily I lost it in my Want to fuck a chubby bottom, so I had no health effects yet, and I have no fucm skin now.

You CAN lose weight. It did take awhile, so don't judge. You can't snap your fingers and get skinny. It takes time to start eating better and working out before you see real results.

Now that I'm thin again, sometimes guys will comment on my "great" body and it's a turn off I'm married anyway, but men Still need Roswell New Mexico pigs haha. Idk, guys who are obsessed with bodies just seem like skeevy slobs.

My uncle is 5'7, Want to fuck a chubby bottom, runs 5 miles every day.

And he had a heart attack recently! With sex stuff, honestly, it's no different now than when I was fat. The only time it was different was when I was pregnant which is part of the reason I got fat in the first place! I'm just confused why there's so much HATE for overweight people.

I'll freely admit, I could eat less and exercise more, but why do you hate me? I definitely don't blame skinny people or society for my weight and I don't try to convince anyone that being overweight is a great choice.

But, I'm a very kind and good person- it's fine that you look at me and don't think I'm attractive or even that I'm gross, but why be so cruel? I'm sure I'll get some smart Women want sex Cobalt replies about how now that I'm sad I'll probably go stuff my fat face, but for anyone who has a shred of human decency, I'm just asking you to think a little bit about how what you're saying can hurt someone you don't even know.

What is the point of that? These comments are not intended to be personal, just generalizations I'm sure. I have a lot of fat jolly friends and they are wonderful. And I try to get them to eat better and exercise without being Want to fuck a chubby bottom. That said, I would NEVER date a fat person, nor do I find fat attractive because it's not about the appearance but about the message it Hot woman want sex tonight Dubbo New South Wales sends: And before the myopic masses start yelling at me about genetics, drug side effects, metabolism, remember this is NOT the reason why there is an obesity epidemic in this country.

It's because of the horrible inactive life style people in America live. And one only has to look at other countries around the world to appreciate that being fat is a choice, not an inevitable consequence of aging. Now the rest of you can sit and rationalize Want to fuck a chubby bottom you want why its ok to be fat while the rest of the world just pities Want to fuck a chubby bottom.

Maintaining a healthy weight is a simple equation — burn off what you consume, and consume decent food to build muscles, bones, etc.

I am so fed up with fat people whining that "it isn't their fault", and that they should be a specially protected class under the law. So the next time you're Want to fuck a chubby bottom for a bag of chips, or that extra large sundae, or that third burger Don't whine about addiction, or time, or whatever lame excuse it is you use to not take care of yourself.

I don't care about your whiny self-esteem issues get over it, it's just another excuse. At least shows like Biggest Loser show that extremely obese people can trim down.

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Kind of voids the endless list of excuses. You worked hard to get fact. Don't expect sympathy or congratulations for it. The obese are the last target Housewives want casual sex AZ Glendale 85305 hatred and bigotry for idjits and losers to work out their issues upon.

They're simply a convenient whipping boy to divert attention from the real problems. It's amazing how prejudice people are against overweight and obese people. Very sad to see all the assumptions made and such anger. There is no easy way to tell a fat person they are fat and send a clear message that being fat is not Want to fuck a chubby bottom on so many levels.

Yes, the fat person knows they are fat, and they simply do nothing about it. So then they should not get upset when we point out that they will eventually have a obesity related health consequence that will add more costs to our Want to fuck a chubby bottom strained healthcare system.

Do you politely tell a smoker to stop smoking? You can but that won't help.