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How well do they work? For example, if I buy a fig tree and put two fruit fly lures around the tree to trap the male fruit fly, will this protect my whole crop from being stung? Or do Sweft think I will need to to use 2mm netting as well to stop fruit fly as well as Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba.

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About the Author Debbie3 Ipswich 25th June 2: From my understanding the fruit fly traps are purely a means of detecting wether you have fly around or not. The bait is a sex attractant to the male fly. You monitor the fly numbers by the amount of dead wnats fly near the trap.

It is up to you to do the controlling. You may have to keep the little guys off your fruit by netting or spraying. About the Author Gympie wivrs June 9: View All 's Edible Fruit Trees. We have been trialling the organic fruit fly product eco-naturalure here at the nursery Woman seeking casual sex Balsam Grove great success. It is an attractant and insecticide all in one.

There is no need to spray it onto the Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba themselves meaning that your fruits will not have any sprays on them and they will be free of grubs. We spray the Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba of the leaves on certain trees around the orchard once a week throughout the year. We enjoyed a bumper crop of feijoas last year which we felt was a good indication that the spray is working.

Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba

About Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba Toowomoba Kath Cawongle 26th June 9: Feijoas may not be a good test. Professor of fruit fly biology at sydney university is rather dismissive of these lately developed sprays. If you are in an isolated qives my experience is thAt male lures are sufficient for figs but not for the highly attractive fruits mentioned.

Place Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba lures in an encircling pattern at say 20metres from fig in order to intercept males entering from periphery. About the Author Bsilver sydney 30th July I have used 'Wild May' fruit fly bait to attract the males flies. The trap caught lots but my fruit was still infested.

I had read that the male traps don't have much effect in Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba suburban area where fertilized female fruit flies can still find their Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba to your trees from neighboring properties. Those traps caught a few house flies but not much else. Hand sown from the cheapest lace curtain fabric from a Spotlight store. I am not sure how many seasons the net will handle before deteriorating so much that it is unusable.

I used it on my guava tree and it was an odd experience having bucket loads of fruit that was fruit fly free.

It could sxe be accidentally left on the tree until it was overripe and nothing ate it. Incidentally I have aex small fig tree and it hasn't had a problem with fruit flies at all. A little wary that Wild May does not list its ingredients. Faint whiff of snake oil. About the Author Bsilver sydney 31st July 4: I use wild may to monitor how active fruit flies are in my Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba.

If I am catching 30 male flies in a Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba then I know that there are a lot of fruit flies in my orchard that will damage my precious fruits. Last year I protected my nectarines with exclusion bags from Green Harvest www.

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Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba Amazingly the birds did not eat any of the bagged fruits until they had eaten all the unbagged fruits first. I am not Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba how good their memories Sweeg and whether or not they will realize that the best fruits are Swedt the bags this year. Pictures - Click to enlarge Picture: The makers claim that wabts insecticide fipronil has a delayed action so that females that mate with contaminated males get killed a lot of the time.

About the Author Bsilver Toowoomba 9th August 8: I recently read and ancient gasrden magazine where an old fellarecons that by putting bganana skins in the ground under fruit trees it will stop fruit fly strike, if im correct ,females lay their eggs in the ground and hatch out to meet the males so aybe something in this old wives tale, any one else heard of this.

I've done some work Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba Wild May, Naturalure, exclusion bags, other baits and traps. They all work but in different ways. Wild May, Rock me to the pussy, cuelure in Dakpots, etc attract only the males. In low fruit fly population areas e.

No males then no females. But this won't work in coastal regions with high fruit fly populations that move around a lot. Traps with vegemite, yeast etc are O.

Adding preservative to the mixture tends to reduce the trap's efficacy. Exclusion bags and netting enclosures are great - time consuming, yes. As long as desperate birds koels and rainbow lorikeets seem to be the worst don't force there way in!

Splash baits like Naturalure are good too. It's approved for organic control and is used all over the World now.

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However you must keep the applications up - like once a week and after rain - as it attracts flies into small orchards from Toowoomna fair distance. About the Author Andy2 Gosford 17th August 2: Scott, your 'mossie net' will last longer if you erect a frame made of 2" black polypipe, so the branches don't snag.

Just take the net Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba when you have finished picking, and it should last quite a while. Two lengths in a sort of cross shape at the top may have to tie with wire should do the trick. Sorry I can't do a drawing - hope this is clear. I have a Qld fruit fly colony and some people are more attractive to fruit flies than others.

I've put it down to the Toowolmba of ammonia Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba give off! Although some perfumes are attractive - particularly those that are based on raspberry ketone. About the Author Gosford 27th November Andy, you don't have Q. Suggest some urgent reading About the Author ben silver Sydney 28th November 9: Ben The photo shows part of my Qld fruit fly colony.

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I use it to study new traps and trap additives. Can you give us a picture of your spotlight fruit fly enclosure? Andy I would enjoy if you would explain the picture of your fruit fly experiments and how you are using it. Some more pictures would be great as well if they are easily accessible. About the Author Correy Woolloongabba 28th November Correy The previous picture shows some aluminium and mesh cages that house Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba 20, Queensland fruit flies in each.

In the picture I have pears sitting on top of the cages to be infested with female fruit fly eggs. I Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba take the newly infested fruit off the cages and then treat them. The results are used to develop new quarantine treatments for exports to other countries and States.

We are working on cold and heat treatments at the moment. I'm also looking at fruit fly trapping methods. Lonely wives want nsa Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands Ontario there are many, many more types around.

About the Author Gosford 28th November Very Cool it looks like you have a lot of fun with your 20, fruit fly friends. If you wanted to share some of your more interesting results as you go I am sure many of us who aren't friends with our fruit flies would be interested. What results can you divulge?

About the Author sydney 29th November Sweet Thanks Julie, that is a good idea about the simple frame. They worked very well but they got a tear or 2 from the thicker branch ends that Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba out to the extreme of the dripline as a result of pruning. But I will be covering the Guava in a month and I have pruned it smaller so a frame should be an advantage there. I also pruned it anticipating the net so that the tree will have a chance to grow some smaller, soft wies shoots at the end of the pruned branches by the time the net goes on.

Thus I am hoping this will stop Single want real sex Twin Falls hard branch ends rubbing on the net. Another thing to consider is during the time the trees are growing fruit they grow a considerable amount of new foliage and in the case Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba Swet Nectarine and Peach this was about 40cm in every direction.

This extra growth had the advantage of holding the net off the fruit so it was less attractive to all the things that wanted Sweett nibble. I will strongly consider a polypipe frame. One net made from curtain lace had been used last season on the guava and it is Sweet wives wants sex Toowoomba signs of weakening due to exposure.

The were small enough to get through it.

Below is a picture of one of the 2 nets my girlfriend made. This one is from heavily discounted curtain lace bought at Spotlight. The other is from mosquito netting. They are basically cut and sewn into a cube with the bottom missing.