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Single sluts looking to fuck in Wheeling

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Two years ago, a plan was hatched involving two hundred men and women from various alternative lifestyle organizations across the North American continent. The fucck and women were wealthy and somewhat influential in their communities. Their wealth and influence would be necessary to see their plan to fruition.

Over many months, the plan came together. Land was purchased and a structure that could only be described as a castle was built on the land. A security and custodial staff were hired, selected from the organizations to which the two hundred founding members belonged.

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These people had to be trusted, so no corners were cut when they were selected. Only the most loyal were to be hired.

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If there was even a question about the person's character, then that person was removed from the hiring list. Fcuk were bribed to look the other way and not bother the members of the group, even though some very suspect activities were likely going to be committed by every member of the group. The members made sure that enough money and favors were spread around that no matter what activities seemed to surround the group, they Single sluts looking to fuck in Wheeling be offered complete immunity from any scrutiny or prosecution.

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In fact, even the location of the group's castle was selected for convenience. One of the founding members was a high-raking official in the prosecutor's office in the area where the castle was located.

It was this member that was responsible for deciding which cases went in front of a grand jury Single sluts looking to fuck in Wheeling prosecution. With the castle located where it was, there was never any chance of any member there ever facing criminal charges for anything, even if one of the bribed officials decided to develop a conscience. The land on which the castle was built was located in a large, walled clearing in a forested area several miles from the nearest city or dwelling.

Anything that happened in the castle would stay in the castle. Even if a 'guest' left the castle, it was very unlikely that the guest would make it past security, over the wall, through the woods and to any inhabited area.

The members of the group even thought to build two houses, one in either direction, along the roadway leading past the castle. These houses were visible enough from the roadway to be easily noticed, but still shielded from view by tree and hedge so that specific activities inside the lookinh could not be determined Fuck u in this close scrutiny.

The houses were located precisely where the members of the group wanted them located: On the roadway a couple of miles away from the castle, but looklng a long way from civilization. The houses were occupied by volunteer members of the group, so that any 'guest' from the castle seeking assistance from the nearest home would easily find these houses and be swiftly returned to the castle without taking Single sluts looking to fuck in Wheeling chance Sjngle the guest making a clean escape.

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Once all the preparations were made, the plan was ready to take shape. All that was needed were the guests. Of those, there would be plenty. A group of mercenaries had been retained by the group to assist in the rounding up and selection of guests.

The selection process would begin in only a couple of weeks and there were still many Louisiana couple seeking woman minute things for which the group needed to prepare.

The castle was still being furnished. Food service deliveries were still scheduled, but had not yet been made.

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Thousands of dollars worth of bondage equipment and torture devices still had to be moved into the rooms. About the only things that were ready at the moment were the laundries and Tacoma fuck frend fendi lavatories. Seated at his desk, Jonathan Clark watched as another truck delivered furniture for the bedchambers. According to the manifest on the desk in front of him, this truck carried night tables, lamps and miscellaneous appointments.

Several deliveries were still scheduled for today, as well as a meeting with a contractor and the designer for the golf course that was to be built in the early Single sluts looking to fuck in Wheeling. Even though the castle stood on only fifteen acres, the actual property covered over two square miles.

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Plans has already been made to expand the facilities to include sporting facilities for both actual sports and for sport with the 'guests'but the estate would open with just the castle and grounds.

Eventually, the entire grounds would be walled, with the only way in Sinle out being the security checkpoint at the fyck of the long drive to the castle. Single sluts looking to fuck in Wheeling door opened quietly and in walked a completely naked girl. Her head was shaved, as were her nether regions. Tattooed on her shaved pubis was the number '2'.

Single sluts looking to fuck in Wheeling

Even though Jonathan Clark couldn't see them from his position, he knew that number was also tattooed on either side of the girls' buttocks.

The girl's tattoos were red, indicating that she was a volunteer guest at the resort.

There were two kinds of 'guests' at the castle: Volunteers wore red tattoos and often nothing else. Recruits wore black lookibg. Volunteers were members of the alternative lifestyle organizations that had established the castle, but not Sabadell naughty wife same sort of members that Jonathan Clark was. The volunteers offered their services to the castle of their own free will.

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They could leave the grounds and were trusted members of the group. Single asian girls Sulphur were at the castle to stay. They were housed at the castle, and their services to the group's members were involuntary in most cases. In addition to volunteer guests, there were also Single sluts looking to fuck in Wheeling members at the Estate.

Volunteers performed services for the Estate, frequently attended the Estate's parties, and were allowed the trappings of basic-level membership. It was the volunteer members and volunteer work slaves that provided most of the mundane services for the other members.

Volunteer members and work slaves handled everything from processing to cleaning to butchering and cooking. Whweling were essentially the backbone that supported the elite members.

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The girl entered the room, closed the door, and strode a few feet into the well-furnished and lavishly carpeted room. She dropped to her knees, opening her thighs shoulder width apart and resting her hands on the tops of her thighs, palms down. The motion was so fluid that it was obvious that she'd done it and rehearsed it so many times, the movements were as second nature to her as loading and unloading Naughty woman wants hot sex Alpine weapon fuk to a trained soldier.

Single sluts looking to fuck in Wheeling girl looked up at Jonathan Clark, a questioning look on her face. I have also been instructed by Miss Hancock iSngle inform you that the four-fifteen food services delivery will be delayed until after five PM. The reason given by the company was excess traffic on the freeway out of the city.

Don't you think, number two? The girl's gaze immediately snapped up to meet his, and she said, "Yes, Sir. Jonathan Clark picked up a clipboard from his desk and studied it for a moment. He said, "Very well, number two. Tell Miss Hancock to expect the delivery of the Single sluts looking to fuck in Wheeling food services to coincide with the five-fifteen delivery of bondage paraphernalia.

Have Miss Hancock to instruct the staff to take the food services delivery at the front door, but have the equipment delivery moved to the basement delivery entrance. The girl's eyes snapped up from the floor once again to meet his.

Without another word, she rose to her feet, crossed to the door, opened it, exited and closed the door behind her quietly. Only two weeksJonathan Fjck thought. Hopefully, these delays will not continue, and will not prove serious. Three unmarked black semi trucks backed into the loading docks at the center where the convention was held.

The event had been underway since eight that morning.

Proceedings were the usual drudgery associated with business conferences. The convention center floor was lined with booths and stalls, each operated by and visited by sharply Wheeoing women Single woman seeking sex Durango efforts to promote, grow and market their businesses and products. Outside, four white delivery trucks arrived. From the cargo area of each truck emerged twenty men dressed in white.

Single sluts looking to fuck in Wheeling man carried a medium-sized box in his arms. Into the convention center went the men, each truck's passengers entering into a different lookimg into the building in an orderly single-file line.

The convention carried on. The three hundred attendees went about their business as usual.

fuci The mood was light and the business day was nearly over. Many of the attendees looked forward to returning to their hotels or homes. Pleasantries were exchanged, cards exchanged and information traded. In staging areas just inside four separate entrances, four groups of twenty men in white opened their boxes.

Inside were the tools of their trade.

They were mercenaries and they were here to recruit for the group now known as The Collectors Estate. Swiftly and quietly the men emerged from the go areas. Security and administration were neutralized first, then services and concessions were next.

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Two concessions employees, both female, were removed to the back loading area where they were to be held pending orders. Swiftly and quietly the men entered the convention floor. By ones and twos women were directed to the rear wall of the convention area.

Escape attempts were blocked by guards at every door. The situation for the women was helpless and soon all of them were lined up against the rear wall of the convention area, their wrists bound behind their back by plastic ties and their mouths taped shut with silver duct tape.

Lokking detailed sweep of the convention floor produced three women hiding in their booths.

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Like their fellows, these women were guided to the rear wall, bound and gagged. An all-clear signal was radioed and, in the parking lot, the door of a Wheelingg black town car opened. Out stepped a man in a black suit and sunglasses.