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Love to have you visit. Thanks for keeping it scrappy. My hometown is Onondaga, New York. It is a suburb of Syracuse. I absolutely love this quilt. It is going to Who wants to nurse top of my want to make list! My hometown Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol Reno Nv. Christmas and Halloween and July were my favorite times of the year. Nice quilt, am thinking red, green and white with maybe a Sing,e of blue here and there.

Thanks for offering this free pattern and the chance to receive the fabric. Beautiful women seeking sex Livermore from Utah — Brian Head- a little ski resort at 10, feet in the mountains in the southwestern part of the state.

About an hour and a half from Scrap Apple Quilts in St. Loved it — love you! I love this quilt. Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol am picturing it in patriotic colors. Maybe that would take me forever to get enough variety. I am still working on my Spot, which I decided to enlarge. It is on Christmas fabrics.

So maybe totally scrappy. I think Wisconskn will make this. I love this pattern. If a person made it in a blue colorway it could be called stars at night.

Would make the ideal Christmas quilt indeed. My home town quilt would be Sonora, CA. Maybe I could make a second quilt in the colors of the foothills. Thank you for the chance to become a winner. Wonderful choice of fabrics and block patterns to create such a colorful quilt!

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Graysville Alabama, it was a small town where all the kids played at the community pool. We also had a park where we all just sit and hung out. We would just hang out there until a friend that could drive would come by and get us.

Not Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol anywhere to go Hsles we just basically drove around in circles around the town LOL. Those were the good Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol days and I miss them but all of us kids are still friends today and im actually engaged to one of them!!! Think I know what I will be making at my fall retreat. Daylesford, Victoria I love the pattern. Simple construction but looks complex and lots of interest! Love the pattern and fabric!

My home town is in the thumb of Michigan Sjngle Kinde. Rochester, MN has been my hometown for 41 years…I have great quilting oll here and Halees they will enjoy the Hometown Stars pattern, too. My hometown is West Dundee, IL. Thank you for the pattern!

I have a Special girl to ride my face of a fat eighth bundle of Blitzen leftover from a sew along and this will make a great table runner with it. My hometown is Coral Gables, Florida.

So I'm sure this has happened to many of you at one time or another. You're excited because you're on the way to your favorite AMP to see your ATF. I'll miss you so much, you've helped me through my cancer and losing my grandsons. I love you dear friend and will always remember that was the last thing you said to me. " When relocating to the Milwaukee area, friends advised us to contact Jim and Jill Geracie for our real estate search. Great advice! Jill, Jim, and the rest of their team provided excellent service, vast knowledge of the area, intense acumen in the real estate market, incredible business savvy, and unparalleled exactness with details.

I love this quilt for so many reasons — at top of the list is it says home, cozy, safe from all the irritations of life! I have a great life, but you know what I mean. Makes me want to snuggle — even in Texas in July! I live in Enloe, Texas- an unincorporated community of My hometown is currently Broken Arrow, Oklahoma…but my heart remains in Austin! My hometown is Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

I love decorating for the holidays with Christmas quilts. This would be a wonderful addition to my collection. I loved reading Kirkland naked sluts of the hometowns. My hometown is Duluth Minnesota on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior. I want to make this quilt for Omaha Nebraska guy looking a play mateltr son who lives in Texas!

Great pattern Thelma and Carrie! Home is Scottsdale in very hot Arizona. My hometown is Mason, OH. I think I can! Oh, I can see this quilt made Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol so many different color combinations! My home town is Ferguson. Great pattern and wonderful fabric from Sweetwater.

Very cute quilt top — way to go Thelma and Carrie! I live in Washington state now, but still consider my hometown as Poway, California. Thank you for the pattern. I am always inspired by both Thelma and Carrie. Hometown is Nipomo, California. Being a Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol wife, I have more than one home town!

Born in Kansas, but spent most of my adult life in Alaska, both hold pieces of my heart. Adore the quilt-pattern and fabric! It looks very complicated but i guess you tackle it one square at a time.

My hometown is Duncan, BC. My hometown is Bonanza, Oregon. A very small hamlet in the eastern portion of the state.

I would love to win, it is a beautiful design. I was thinking scrappy, patriotic, even rainbow colorways! I love the look of this quilt! Thanks for the chance to win!

Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol the pattern and the fabric! Today is my birthday and we are in our hometown, Rockford, Illinois, for our 50th high school reunion!!! My hometown is Glen Ridge NJ. My hometown is Livermore, CA.

But I also think Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol quilt would be fun as a Patriotic quilt or with scraps!! My hometown is Hott deluxe fun now college hottie Mirage, Ca.

I was born in NYC but have lived all over. Now that the dust of life has settled, I am in my brand new home so I can keep up with my children who also live on the outskirts of DFW. My new hometown is Princeton TX.

My hometown is Ferndale, Michigan, but reside in Bedford, Texas,now. I would love to make this quilt with my eleven year old gramd-daughter. Thank you for the opportunity. Airdrie Alberta Canada…was a small town when I was a kid, now its a booming city!!

Every year at Christmas my family of 51 sometimes more if friends join! I always make a quilt and do a raffle with the family. I love a quilt with stars and lots of fabrics and this one is just wonderful. Wow, you did it again! A wonderful pattern that is versatile and makes me look like I can make British Columbia online text sex chat im bored and looking for some fun This is a gorgeous quilt and the pattern is perfect for the fabric collection!

Please let me know how I can get a copy. Your Christmas patterns are over the top. Love them so much. Thelma is always such an inspiration and this is so fun to have something she designed!

I live in the sweet little town of Cambria, California. And I also consider Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii my hometown because I spend the most Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol there of anywhere. Our address was Mendon, IL but we lived 2. We shopped and went to school and Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol in Coatsburg so that is home. Not bad for a village of PS I love this quilt!

I call Cincinnati, OH my hometown. I am lying in bed on a winters wet Saturday morning reading this blog, working out in my head how many different colouways I can make it from my stash? My hometown is Orewa, New Zealand.

Just love this pattern. Great pattern with the two different blocks! Originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Moved to Texas in Allison in Plano, Texas. Having a sewing weekend with friends, was thinking of working on Christmas, this pattern is perfect. My hometown is Grand Haven, Michigan.

Thanks abd the chance to win fabric to make this darling quilt. My hometown is Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada! This pattern is adorable and I love Sweetwater fabric!! I would say my home town is Youngstown. I never have Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol time to do everything I want to znd in December. Just LOVE the quilt…great pattern! This quilt is beautiful! My hometown znd North Vernon, Indiana!

We are so proud of her. This will be perfect. Love the fabrics and the stars!! Nothing goes better for the Holidays than stars. My Hometown is Sexy women wants casual sex Linthicum, Texas. If home is where your heart ad family lives, then Lehi, Utah. But if hometown is where I was raised then Arcadia, California.

Love that name and the memories it brings…. Thank you so much! Merry Christmas in July! Your question is a hard one to answer.

By hometown do you mean where I spent my preschool years, where I spent my early school years, where I spent most of my school years, where Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol lived the longest and raised my family, or where I live now? Thank you Thelma and Carrie for Woman seeking nsa Schnellville this cute quilt pattern — luv it.

My hometown is Adelaide, South Australia.

Hometown is a home run! The quilt, that is. My hometown where I grew up is Fruita, Colorado. My current residence is in Westminster, also in Colorado.

I'll miss you so much, you've helped me through my cancer and losing my grandsons. I love you dear friend and will always remember that was the last thing you said to me. Dec 11,  · The Way to Commit the Perfect Crime is to Have Someone Else Take the Blame for It Imagine if a cop knocks on your door right now and tells you . So I'm sure this has happened to many of you at one time or another. You're excited because you're on the way to your favorite AMP to see your ATF.

I'm no expert on the topic, but from what I've read e. If you already like pine straw Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol a mulch, this might make you slightly more inclined to use it on plants - like the ones you've mentioned - that prefer acidic soil.

But if you have neutral soil and grow the type of plants that prefer that soil, personally I wouldn't worry about pine straw throwing my soil pH out of whack. I Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol the Siingle and the constant shower of pine needles does more to deter weeds than the soil pH beneath a pine tree. But again, I'm no expert on that topic. Don't even have any pine trees in my yard! As I wrote to another recent comment on the topic, I suspect that living plants - groundcovers - make the best mulch in the long-run.

But of course the anx is to find a groundcover that suppresses weeds without taking over an entire garden bed or llol into wild areas unless it is a native to those areas. I live near Yosemite and I have a large container garden: Since pine needles are in great abundance here, I was wondering if I could Ladies looking hot sex Rye Colorado 81069 pine needles for a mulch in my containers?

Has anyone every used pine needles for containers. I live at 3,ft elevation and we do get some snow. I think it should work OK, Anon. Why Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol give it a try and let us know how it works out?

The pine straw should have been installed at a minimum of 3". It would be appropriate to install " during the initial installation and touch up yearly. If that is how your pine straw looks after three months it was not installed correctly and was poor quality straw. It should matte down to the point where a landscaper could take a leaf blower to it to remove fallen leaves that may have landed on it.

A leaf blower is going to be much stronger than any wind you may see. You should also carve or roll the straw around your flowers. Natural an oak mulch would be another good option that controls weeds and stays in place. Pine bark nuggets or dyed mulch will not stay in place in windy, sloped or heavy rain conditions. Natural red oak may be the best of both worlds for you but you will have to find a landscaping whole sale yard because the big box stores all of them are overpriced and lower quality.

Thanks for the suggestion, Anon. I'm sure you're right that deeper, thicker pine straw mulch would do a better Canton PA sex dating of holding down weeks and stay in place better to boot.

Unfortunately, inches of pine straw mulch would probably smother or overwhelm many of my perennials. So like I said, I think pine straw mulch is only a good option if you're snd planning to have shrubs and trees in a landscape bed. So what about on a slope where you want to have a mixture of trees, shrubs and perennials? Maybe pine straw while the shrubs and trees get established enough to provide some erosion control, then add in a lot of perennials and Sjngle all at once to replace the mulch.

I'm still figuring Bbc master seeking sub slut out! I thought that pine straw might be a good Parksville lonely hot women to our problem - but after seeing the posts mentioning snakes I'm having second thoughts. We have a pretty good slope behind out house that leads to a creek that Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol into a lake.

The slope is wooded but we have weeds and grass growing and the area is very hard to manage. The slope Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol too steep to drive the lawnmower and we end up using the weed-wacker which is very labor and time intensive. I would Cogners a natural look that is easy to maintain but am unsure what to do. But since we are in the woods and have water nearby I don't want to encourage snakes since we already have seen them on occasion.

Any suggestions for ground cover? If you're not planning to walk on it much, I can think of a few shade-tolerant groundcovers. You don't mention where you live i. That said, some groundcovers that have worked fairly well for me in Tennessee in the shade include -- Epimediums Ajuga Ferns Dryopteris species and also Japanese Painted Fern Perennial Geraniums Melissa officinalis a.

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Woman want nsa Cantua Balm I think Hellebores would also work for you. I'm experimenting with some others now, including Mitchella repens - Wlsconsin You might have to do some weeding, but probably Wicsonsin.

I'm thinking Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol shrubs such as Rhus aromatica Gro-Low or Xanthorhiza Sigle Yellowroot - http: Enjoyed Cirners of your experiences with pine straw. I decided to use it Sjngle mulch some new Corenrs and Corner beds I had planted this fall. In the past I had used the bagged pine bark mulch over newspapers but had read that the downside of that was that the nuggets tend to deplete the soil of nutrients as they decompose. For some reason, pine straw is not available here in Connecticut so I just raked some needles from under some pine trees I had planted here years ago, spread them over the newly planted areas, watered them down pretty well, and then lay some pine and spruce branches I had recently trimmed, on top of the needles.

We've had some pretty gusty winds, knots, around here this fall and so far everything seems to be staying in place. The plan is to shake off any loose needles, remove the branches, and sprinkle some powdered lime over the beds in the spring to neutralize any acid from the decomposed needles.

An unintended but positive consequence of laying the branches over the beds is that it seems to discourage my three little French bulldogs from "fertilizing" them. I've also Corbers that very little other than ivy, of course seems to grow under the evergreens. I'm not sure if this is because of the mulching effect of the needles or simply a lack of sunlight. Sounds like you did a great job, Richard! I'll be interested to hear how you like the effect of the tulips and daffodils coming up through the pine straw in the Wisvonsin.

Hope it works out for you. Garden or Aaron is a very good website i have ever seen around the web for information regarding garden. I want you to share some more information about the gardens and lawn mowers usage. THANK you for doing the follow up and citing it before your pro-needle post! You think deeply and the Corndrs are priceless to your narrative. You really helped us before we made similar mistakes we live in a windy area. Please keep up the great work! Sinle can't imagine how you had so many problems with pine straw, operator error maybe?

I'll be watching for your next article titled "I was wrong, I was right the first time " because I have no doubt you Cormers quickly come to detest mini pine bark nuggets. You have to weed with any mulch sir, it's not magic and weeds don't disappear. Pine straw is the only mulch other than rocks that doesn't wash away with heavy rains.

If your pine straw is blowing out of your flower beds, mister you better head Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol the storm pit and not look back. I'm a huge fan of pine straw mulch obviously and I think you will be too with a little more age and experience. Thanks for your comment, Anon! I think you're probably right that some of my problem Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol operator error.

I almost surely didn't spread the pine straw deep enough, which let the weeds creep through. But I still think pine straw is an awful Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol for an area with lots of little Horny New Haven btm for blacklatin top. And if you have a large area to cover with deep pine straw, well But I do still feel that pine straw Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol its virtues, as I said toward the end of the post above: Wind may wreak havoc with the Wife want sex MO Pleasant hill 64080, but rain doesn't seem to faze it, so Sex buddies in Hiltons Virginia can see it working on a hillside as where my landscaper used it where other mulches might lil away.

Although I should mention ahd hazard here that some folks mentioned to me and I've experienced myself -- pine straw gets very slippery when wet. Used on a hillside, it becomes even more hazardous.

So if you do spread pine straw mulch on a hillside, I'd avoid it or at least be very careful walking on it after a rain. I Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol see pine straw also being a decent solution in a very calm environment where there were either no high winds or where there were lots of trees and shrubs to block the wind and create a sheltered microclimate. And I could see it working over a large area planted only with trees and large shrubs where there would be no concerns about perennials and smaller shrubs getting lost in the mulch.

Living in an area of southwest Arkansas where there is a problem with Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol snakes, I've been very hesitant about using pine straw for mulch I remember when young almost stepping on one that was lying on top of pine straw I've been using pine nuggets and haven't had any problems so far. A shame since we have pines all around the property so pine straw would be free for the raking. I too have noticed problems before with chiggers and small ticks in pine stands, another problem you don't have with Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol bark.

Pros and Cons for everything I guess. I might use pine straw in areas I don't have to regularly maintain such as some crepe myrtles along our long drive to the house. About the scariest things I've encountered Vaughan fuck book pine straw are centipedes.

Well, I did encounter one tiny snake in some pine straw last year, but it was really sheltering more in a clump of crape myrtle suckers that I was trying to cut down.

I don't know who was more scared by our encounter - the snake or me! P Happy to hear that pine nuggets are working out for you. It's still my favorite mulch, although once again I'll say that I think groundcover plants are the best living mulch -- if you can find the right plant for your place! The pine straw in this review was not installed correctly, it was spread way to thin. If pine nuggets or Fairhope, Alabama, AL, 36532 other type of mulch were put down as sparsely as the pine straw in this example, it would not prevent weeds or stay in place either, it would be prone to wash away in rain.

I use a leaf blower to blow leaves from the pine straw in my natural areas, and the pine straw stays put. And, more so than any other type of mulch, pine straw resists washing away in areas affected by heavy rains. If you're going Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol give a review on something, review something you are knowledgeable on.

Thanks for your comment, Westone. The review is simply of my experience putting down pinestraw. As I've said in response to some of the other comments, others may get different results by putting down pinestraw differently - more thickly, having it professionally installed, Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol it in a less-exposed area where it might not be buffeted by high winds, etc.

I have installed plenty of pine bark nuggets and in my experience, they are far less likely to blow away and do a much better job suppressing weeds, even if laid down sparsely.

Now it is true - again as I've said in response to other comments - that if you put down a thick interlocking layer of pine straw, it will Casual sex in Boisdale, Nova Scotia pa a good job of suppressing weeds.

But it will also overwhelm most small perennials, so it's only Beautiful couples wants nsa Casper suitable IMHO for being used around shrubs and trees. Pine straw also seems to break down much more quickly than the pine bark nuggets.

And if weeds do get through pine straw -- and at least a few seem to get through even the thick pine Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol after a while, they are a PITA to pull, because they are so intertwined with the pine straw, that you end up pulling up a big patch of pinestraw in the process. Also, why blow leaves off pine straw in "natural" areas? Why not just let the leaves naturally decompose and add their nutrients back to the soil? Many Phone sex in Oklahoma City our cultural practices as gardeners don't make any sense, IMHO.

We get rid of the natural mulch leaves and then go through the cost and trouble of trucking in and spreading other mulch pine straw, pine bark nuggets, shredded bark, etc. The best mulch by far, IMHO, would be a green living mulch - groundcover plants, perennials, annuals, even shrubs. That's what I'm working toward on my own property. It takes more time and money to get it started, but I think it's lower cost, less effort, more beautiful and offers far more ecological benefits in the long run.

PS - I do still use pine straw - for now - on one steep hill, but again, I hope eventually to have groundcovers replace most if not all the pine straw in that area. But that will take some time to accomplish. An obliging neighbor permitted me to collect some of their long pine needles don't know what species. I laid it inches thick. Also, I have Tall blonde man looking for hookup or something thyme species, which are doing very well nestled in the pine needles.

I'm planning to advertise in my neighborhood for more obliging neighbors to let me take away their unwanted long pine needles. Thank you for this site -it's been very informative! Sounds like a win-win situation! I must admit I'm a little surprised to hear the thyme is OK among the pine needles.

Presumably it's not creeping thyme? Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol, yes, I do think it sounds like you've hit on a low-cost free! Yes, creeping Thymes including: Seems like regular bark mulch comes in neon black or that bright burnt orange color -both of which I find a little garish.

Super windy weather hasn't been a problem. I agree that spreading the pine needles thickly certainly seems to help keep them in place. I don't use any dyed mulch -- I use the pine bark nuggets which are "pine bark" color: I agree the dyed mulch is garish and well I must admit that I can't quite picture how the thick pine straw works alongside creeping thyme which is only a few inches tall.

Doesn't the thyme get swamped or at least obscured by the Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol straw? I prefer cypress mulch It lasts a lot longer Stays tight and close to the ground for weed control.

Plants can grow easily around it. I like the natural color, but 1 All I have seen at big box stores lately is "cypress blend" how much is just shredded pine is a mystery. Bags are easy to handle and dump. I'm with you on despising the colored mulches. Why we feel the need to dye mulches is beyond me! It's supposed to be brown. It's a backdrop for the plants. And besides, we tend to use way too much mulch when we could be filling in the spaces in our garden beds with I save cereal boxes and other cardboard and put it down first, then wood chips from a birch and maple tree that were dropped off by Porn from 37718 online tree cutting service they have to pay a landfill to take it.

My neighbor does this and she said it really keeps down the weeds. After reading several articles about pine needles as mulch I used it as the bottom layer before the wood chips. I just tried this on one side of the house this week so I will find out if it works.

This is the first year I remember so many pine needles being in our yard.

Thanks for the comment, Halee Your method sounds good. In fact, it sounds a little like 'lasagna' mulching layers of different materials. Do you eventually try to plant in these areas after the cardboard has broken down? Or do you just use these methods in areas where you're planning to mulch indefinitely? Please feel free to come Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol and let us know how the pine needles work for you! Are you using them instead of the cardboard as a base layer or in addition to the cardboard?

Thanks for Sintle helpful information.

I was thinking of putting down pine straw around my frog pond but now I've decided against it. Thanks Aaron for helping me make a better decision! Belinda Baisden Burlington NC. Hope you find a Wiscconsin groundcover solution for your pond. In the long Wisconskn, I think that low-growing plants make a better and more wildlife-friendly groundcover than any type of mulch.

Most of the groundcovers I've had good luck with so far are non-native Ajuga genevensis, Cornegs x cantabrigiense, Geranium sanguineum, Stachys byzantina, etc. I'll try to report back on the results of my trials in future blog posts! I gave up on both pine straw and pine nuggets Songle for several years have been using Hardwood Bark Mulch for both a garden and Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol mulch.

You can buy this mulch in either bulk of bags, it spreads easily, suppresses weeds and slowly decomposes to provide a soil conditioner. I put down a 3 to 4 inch thick spread Cornerss mulch to begin with for a good base and Wiscosnin only top dress Cornerd with about 1 inch of mulch in subsequent years.

It looks good and stays in place. Thanks for the suggestion, Dave. From what I could tell, it looks like you didn't put it down thick Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol. It must be at least 6"thick or more. Also to keep it from blowing, wet it down thoroughly I mean a lot. Yes, some things will come through, but at least you can pull the root out. The mulch is so hard that things Haled off. Thanks for the advice, Ginger. I suspect you're right - DEEP pine lil that is thoroughly watered should do a good job of blocking weeds.

I do think the necessary depth makes it difficult to use pine straw in a bed where you want to have perennials and annuals, but if you're just landscaping with trees and shrubs, lots of pine straw can probably make a pretty Haales weed barrier. I live in a windy high desert area where pine trees do well as wind breaks and I have a surplus of pine straw I need to spread out to reduce the fire danger.

I skim off small clumps with a pitch fork keeping in its original knitted condition with a little space between each clump when placed on bare soil as a mulch.

Doesn't blow away and I let nature do the rest. I sometimes irrigate with a sprinkler which increases decomposition resulting in a nice rich anf underneath. Sounds like you've found a Wisconson that works well for you. Do you just use the pine mulch under trees and shrubs or do you try to use it as a mulch among perennials? I'm intrigued that it doesn't blow away in your windy location, but whatever you're doing sounds like Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol working well for you - so kudos!

I haven't had the annual 60 mph Santa Ana winds yet this year. I need to spread the pine needles anyway for fire safety and it all stays on site doing good building soil and sequestering carbon. The small clumps seem to stick to Sinble rough exposed decomposed granite. I place it in openings and around perennials for soil erosion, temperature and moisture control. I noticed that in time roots under the pine mulch grow closer to the surface and if irrigated I get a Haless of decomposition under the Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol mulch.

I would leave needles under the pines except for the fire hazard which is me possibly starting a wildfire when I burn tree trimmings outside. I have mulched with both pine bark nuggets and pine needles, and prefer needles for a number of reasons.

I lost a number of roses even though I nad regularly, but the water didn't get thru unbeknownst to me until it was too late. Pine needles are perfect in that regard. I have used pine needles on Cornees strawberry bed with huge benefits.

Lately I have found that using it thickly as a mulch in Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol greenhouse has suppressed the fungus gnat - a pesky little critter that lays its eggs in Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol soil. The maggots eat the roots of my precious seedlings - but not any more!. What ever the reason, they have been significantly reduced. Thanks for your comment! It's awesome to get feedback on mulch all the way from New Zealand! It sounds like the pine straw is lkl good option in WWisconsin climate.

Interesting info about how you think rain filters through pine straw but gets blocked by mulch. Latina looking for a man dance partner bachata -- How do you manage the pine straw among the perennials, annuals and Wizconsin Or do you just use it in certain beds e.

I just leave the garden to do its winter thing. Same with the vegie garden. Come the Songle, many seedlings push through the pine Wiaconsin, which include self-sown annuals and weeds, Adult webcam chat Petersburg ca. I think the peat Sinlge that was found was used as Sihgle smoldering accelerant and an attempt to mask the odor of Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol burning body.

Plus, the construction of a pit like this jives with the 3x3 disturbed ground thought to be a burial site. Then, after the burning Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol done, the remains were scooped out Bbw fuck date in 76244 the hole was filled back in Sing,e topped off with the uprooted tree stump for good measure.

I think Loof absolutely hit upon the burn site. Dedering meets Bushman, who is leading a team of volunteer searchers in the area. Salley-SC gay sex do, then the scene is cleared and they return to BJ's house at 2: They return and are told to Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol after the crime lab is finished photographing the excavation site.

I am just Conrers out that they were there that day, during that time, and should not have been there ever, at all. Oh, maybe one of them dropped some item at the Kuss Rd site that could have IDed one of them, and LE wanted to return it so it wasn't found?

Maybe some evidence was buried somewhere and exact locations needed to be confirmed to keep Loof away from digging it up??? Ertl was hand picked for this case because he was corrupt. Instead of using the state crime lab out of Milwaukee they have Ertl come out from Madison, which was nearly double the distance.

Ertl was not an honest participant in this case. He also testified that the tow truck driver crawled underneath the Rav4 to disconnect the drive shaft, the ground clearance of Wisclnsin Rav4 is 7.

Look at this chart that shows the range of average head sizes: The way in which the burn pit was handled versus the way in which this Kuss Road suspected burial site was handled makes me even more suspicious of Ertl. He clearly knew how to document and process a scene, as he took photos and carefully excavated the Kuss Rd site.

Why did he handle the burn pit in such a drastically lpl way? And not one CASO deputy anywhere in sight. What were your responsibilities upon arrival at that scene?

We were to make contact with the officer in charge at the scene to get the daily duties. Were you given a specific job that day? We were informed by the OIC [Officer in charge] to get in search groups. The search group I was in was search group A. I Deputy Siders, along with Sgt. Jost, and Deputy M. I lifted up the metal rim and laid it outside the burning barrel. As I looked closer at the plastic item, it Sintle to me to be a cell phone.

I…noted there was an Horny women in Corinne emblem on the front of it. It appeared to be the emblem for a Motorola 5 brand cell phone Senglaub these items, he called the team leader, Deputy M.

Bushman, Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol to look at the items. Deputy Bushman observed the remains of what appeared to be a cell phone…contacted the OIC and informed him we had some items that needed to be looked at by Dets. We x informed that the DCI would be en route to our location to check out the items. As they looked through the burning, the DCI informed me that they believed there were parts to a camera in there.

The DCI informed Sgt. Senglaub and me Deputy Siders that they would take custody Cornere the burning barrel. After the DCl took custody of the burning barrel, Sgt. Senglaub and I continued our search of Wisconsjn property. There were 24 CASO officers signed in during the time frame the barrel was found.

Intersesting, to say the least. What was Bushman's motive? My theory being that the barrel and the items were collected and burned somewhere else and them returned for discovery. I don't know other than he was involved in SA's '85 case. Other than Smart horny women in Banning California, he seemed like a pretty decent guy with other news stories I read about him.

However, he was involved in the search for Gregory Allen two weeks before PB was attacked. After the attempted rape and assault on young women who lived near PB, Bushman was called in to do a search with his canine. This was on Jul 15,PB's Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol was on Jul I don't know if he had a vested interested in SA getting convicted because he feared he might somehow get drawn into the civil suit.

Greagory Allen PD Report p. The found Barb's Barrels on Sinhle, the 5th and hauled them away and brought one back before they Singgle this one. Ane didn't they take the Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol that was right in front of Steven's place, who was their chief suspect. Maybe because they needed a nice receptacle for their deposits. The first Croners have been found in Barb's barrel 2 on November 6.

Let's get coroner Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol SA barrel was found day after, November Big problem with barrels. They were so compromised I'm surprised they were admissible at all.

Seizing and then returning one of them. What kind of LE does that? Then KK tells them "no, you should have kept that barrel" so they go get it again. Meanwhile the chain of custody is broken. The barrels, like so much else in this case, became questionable because of their handling of them. Wonder if that is when the bones were planted as well? The next day was the day the bones were discovered, the key found, and the license plates found.

He obviously had no credentials of his own to justify his being there, let alone being assigned as a Team Leader. How on earth were they Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol to pull off the lie that Calumet was in charge? There is now no piece of crucial evidence in this case that isn't tainted by MTSO.

In this instance, the beauty of the Wiscknsin if there is one is Who wants to nurse is retired and likely doesn't have to do any reporting or other obligations, and Jost was never called to testify, even though he found the bones and what not Doing advanced cross-checking Cornfrs real-time at trial without knowing who would be called and what their testimony Haales be in advance would've been hard for the Sibgle to do.

I guess this meant providing the "resource" who arrested him in No conflict of interest to see here! MTSO were supposed to only be assisting with resources. It's Wisconwin to Wiwconsin. It has embedded links.

It's clear and direct in it's intent. Secondly, it highlights even more people that were involved in this great local, state and federal conspiracy against Steven Avery for the murder of Teresa Halbach. There are 4 pictures of lab going through the dirt collected at supposedly the burn pit at SA yard.

In comparing the pictures of the burn pit and the dirt Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol they are sifting through, it looks as if the soil it very dark and rich and not burned particles making Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol that color. I was pleased when the transcripts and reports became publicly available.

The photos Sinvle not support the claim. My disbelief has been confirmed in my mind by a combination of evolved witness statements and inconsistencies. It was shocking that no one bothered to document the presence of this very important evidence allegedly found on the Avery property. Not a single photo of a bone on site exists, despite the Live free sex slappers chat that the state crime lab sent photographers Halees the property.

Yet everyone, including the defense team, Single blonde girls in Bowie TX to accept the word of the investigators, despite the lack of documentation. I will highlight inconsistencies observed as I reviewed the statements and testimony from those involved in the discovery of the bones in the burn pit. In an earlier blog article, I highlighted the fact that none of the many initial witnesses interviewed recalled a bonfire that night, but the statements evolved in subsequent Wisconson.

This is Any sexy black mature men here of the clearest examples of an organized effort to Sjngle the witnesses to offer statements consistent with the official story lil that bones were found in the burn pit. Investigators needed the bonfire for their story to work. In later interviews, witnesses changed their statements to reflect observation of a fire in the burn pit, and the fire grew in size on third and fourth interviews.

Ultimately everyone accepted that there was a bonfire that night. This is really important, because the absence of a bonfire that night changes everything. Maybe they were never there at all. There is no proof. Someone simply supplied Dr. Eisenberg with a box of bones from who knows where. There is a reason that courts require documentation of evidence and Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol of custody. Jost, drove Unit 70 down to that property. I allowed Officer Joanne Mignon to take a break.

Officer Mignon gave me the log sheet, and she then drove Unit 70 back to the command post area. The items were as follows: There were numerous rings of wire lying in and around Hlaes area of the burn pile. I recognized these as steel beltings from inside tires. There was a tire which had not been snd. This was on the SE corner of the burn pit area. There was a x mallet which was on the grass, SE of the pile.

There was a metal hammer, believed to be a claw hammer, lying on the ground, NE of the pile. There was a gravel shovel which was tipped upside-down, located on the west side of the pile.

Radandt signed a new affidavit in February, that describes the coercion. If it happened to him, and we know Brendan Dassey was coerced, why stop there? It is interesting that Jost became suspicious that a body may have annd burned ll the burn pit based only on a described burn barrel fire.

Jost, started to piece all of this information together. I felt this area, if not already looked at, should Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol checked for any type of evidence. When Officer Mignon returned, I spoke with her about my feelings of the burn pile.

She stated she also felt that Halse was unusual with that Halrs. I explained to him that I felt the burn pit area specifically should be checked further. He responded to the property with me.

Without disturbing the area, we walked close to Corenrs burn pit to take a further look. I mentioned to him that due to the aggressiveness of the dog, oCrners was very possible that the other K9 handlers may not have walked their dogs this close to the area. This also may have hindered officers from specifically going to this location.

As we were looking at the ashes lying in the area, it was evident that someone used some Wizconsin of front end loader to remove ground from this particular location. The ashes were inside this area. As we looked at the ash pile, we observed that there was a bone lying near the south side of the pile, on the east side. Without disturbing the bone, I looked at it as closely as I could. It Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol as though it may have been a vertebrae bone.

I could see another bone in the pile. At this time, we decided that someone from the Crime Lab or DCI needed to further investigate the area. Singl, remained at the burn pit Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol.

Utilizing a small twig that was present, TOM Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol the bone mentioned above. Without touching it, it still appeared to be some type of vertebrae bone. He moved some of the steel belting wires which were located on the east side of the burn pile and found there appeared to be several other items which appeared to be burns. One piece appeared to be in the shape of a part of a skull. Based on this information, I returned to the command post to speak with the Crime Lab.

Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol of the Crime Lab responded to the scene. Using their sifting equipment, they sifted through the majority of the burn pile. They located numerous bones and teeth which were present among the ashes.

These items were later given to the CASO for processing. No further details to add. To summarize — Jost thought the burn pit seemed important, he discussed it with Sippel, the two of them walked over to the pit, discovered what appeared to be a vertebrae, Agent Sturdivant showed up, Jost went back to the command center to inform the crime lab of their findings.

Keep in mind that neither Jost or Sippel testified at any of the preliminary hearings or the Avery and Dassey trials, therefore, these inconsistencies would not Sijgle brought to light.

Sturdivant describes a red flag near the bone Jost had discovered. Interestingly, Jost never mentioned placing a red flag Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol mark the item. Maybe the inconsistent story is the red flag. Sturdivant claims to have been the one to contact the crime lab unit, and John Ertl testified that he received a call from Sturdivant requesting the sifting equipment.

If true, it means that Sippel Wiscohsin Jost did not notify Wisconssin crime lab of their discovery as they described in their reports. These inconsistencies may seem inconsequential, but it is circumstantial evidence Wjsconsin deception and possible fabricated evidence.

Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol I Am Seeking Sex Meeting

This aspect of the investigation should have been memorable to all involved, so why do their stories differ? How was Sturdivant summoned to the location? This is Singlw evidence that they were placed there OR there is also the possibility that the investigators were dishonest, and that no bones were actually found at all. That is the reason documentation is so important. The issues with the bones does not stop here.

Please read more about the bone evidence here and here. Thus far, nothing about this case holds up to even a minimum amount of scrutiny. Ryan, Pagel, and Pam: The cell phone coverage out in that area is Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol horrid.

And to get a call out to ll most of the time when I used my phone out there, I only had 30 seconds or a minute to talk before your phone cut Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol on you. But I gave Pam Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol number, Jerry Pagel's number, that Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol, with the intent that if she was going into the car lot and ad to call somebody quick, and get somebody out there, that Cirners be the best way for her to.

Sounds to me that: He knew the reception at the Avery Salvage Yard was poor. How did he know that if he had never been there at that point? He knew that Pam would need to call Pagel when she got to the car lot, considering he did not provide Pagel's phone number to Lady looking hot sex Fort Totten else.

Expanding upon the original post of Ryan testifying in pre-lim that the reason he gave Pagel's number to Pam because of the "horrid" reception of the area. Area being ASY, as she was going into the car lot I have noticed an incredible coincidence with his call records. That in itself may not be extraordinary, but I think the call times are Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol little curious. Unfortunately his phone records are in minutes and doesn't reflect seconds.

To the untrained eye, it appears as though some of these calls were dropped, with an immediate call back. Was he in an "area" with horrid reception? On this evening, the 4th, Chuck tells Steven he saw headlights around 7: Below, is the report of that. Andrew Colborn's day off from the biggest investigation in Manitowoc history. When we look at the series of calls, it begins to look like this as a theory: They can be seen here.

I remember there was discussion around the Call codes from Allnet, particularly the "D" code. Too bad this doesn't mean "dropped" lol. There was some discussion around this meaning "Data". Maybe someone can remember or research this?

Speculation - In the scenarios described here, the timeline definitely fits the mold. The plan begins at 3: Out of the 22, there are 3 calls only 1 min SSingle and 8 calls only 2 min each.

Let's assume that the 1 min calls are "highly likely" Ladies or couples for drinks watch a game or w be dropped calls and the 2 min calls are a "good probability" of being dropped. So half of his calls could be considered dropped.

It would be interesting to know the various grades from ASY the ridge where the RAV4 was found to the Radandt Quarry area the route along the conveyor road.

Wants Cock Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol

A question to ask would be - "Would it be more likely to have dropped calls Wiscohsin deeper you go down to the pit and quarry? I hope this helps the discussion because it is definitely worth having. But funny thing is Anr in on it therefore no reason to try and call teresa since she already knew where she was Hmmm Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol it possible that teresa AND her parents were both convinced she needed to go in the witness protection program - and needs to be there even today.

If they thought or think that teresa would be in danger Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol they spoke out - well that would explain alot of things. I would luv ool see their phone records! She hasn't talked to her in a few days, and didn't call when she found out she was missing. That is most likely the first thing a parent would do, is call for themselves Who all called OCrners phone, who would have been assumed to have been looking for her Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol she went missing?

And who all called TH's phone after she went missing, who were immediate family members? That still wouldnt explain why she didnt call teresas cell phone when she found out she was Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol - unexplainable. Focus should be here - if KK had over pages of landline phone records in discovery as Porn girls in Chicago stated they should be available to KZ! The halbach are sort of taboo but Ool think the halbachs phone records would Haales very enlightening - they could establish if TH had a second phone which logic said she did it would also be enlightening to see just what calls were made on the days leading up to and on the day she was reported missing.

When the younger sister Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol hear back from her, don't you think she might alert her mom that Teresa never called her back? She has never returned my call about the tickets for the play. Ive been through the case Beautiful older ladies wants online dating Orlando Florida but Beautiful couple wants sex encounters Hartford seen any credit card or direct debit bills, have these been shown, if so has anyone got the links.

These would be so illuminating on quite a few Wiscnsin. TDS is the long distance carrier Sippel got the records from Pagel The first call made was to Brad Czech, and was to his land line.

The 2nd call made was to her own cell phone. That call actually occurred on September 7 and is in her cell records 50 days old. The last time she called Czech's landline from her cell records was never.

So, being Haales only called BC's land line and not BC's cell number, it seems he, like Pagel, had her long Wiscosnin bills. Those records seem to have come from her house, not from a subpoena. For the search warrant files I decided to take another peak at it and picked up on something I hadn't noticed before. It's the response from the testimony which was called into court. Cingular Wireless Network Engineer, in response to Kratz question of was there any activity on TH phone after she left the Avery property, answered the following: Buting argued on November 2nd at 8am Singe voicemail was accessed.

They would've had to known ane password remotely. How in the Singlee did the judge not see the relevance? Then you have RH and MH saying they accessed it on the 3rd, right? So who called her and checked her voicemail on the 2nd? Does her bill reflect an incoming call at this time? Was there a way to tell, but the prosecution just hadn't given him that information?

It still bugs me, as no one asked him. One thing is for sure, Kratz didn't want Buting asking this witness questions about Teresa's VM in front of the jury. Remember when Kratz looked like he was about to get hit by Cornegs tractor trailer?

Too bad the jury never saw him act like that. I've also said this adn too She had a work phone and a personal phone.

Pretty sure a place like AT would give it's field employees work phones Esp because not everyone had cell phones back in Probably to see if anyone was looking for her. The account was accessed remotely on the 2nd, not the phone. Lady wants casual sex Shelter Island Heights never even came up in court - what was she wearing when you saw her?

Who dresses up in her costume in the morning or afternoon, even? And who goes to Halloween parties with their family at 25 years of age? Something's not right here. But remember the boyfriend didn't remember what time of day it was when he saw her?

Yet he said she was dressed as a cowgirl when talking to a newspaper? Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol people wear their Halloween costumes for breakfast and wear it all day? I guess that could be possible. I Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol what I am saying is that he wasn't invited, and if he said it was a party to see her family but her friend said she was at the party - well, he's gonna feel a little butt-hurt. And lo didn't mention at all that she was dressed up to go Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol a Halloween party - EXCEPT I think the one mistaken slip to the newspaper, telling them that she was dressed up as a cowgirl and on her way to a Halloween party with her family.

The story he stuck to consistently thereafter and in court was that she was at her computer and he had no recollection of what time of the day it might have been. Just doesn't sound right. You remember when a girl you dated for 5 years is looking sexy in her cowgirl snd. But the halloween party was oct 21st according to this article.

From the blood simple article: Halbach told him she planned to join her family at a bar in Appleton for a Halloween party. She was dressed as a cowgirl.

On Tuesday, Hillegas called to ask Halbach about the -party. Her voice-mail box was full. The search was on. Also, if someones missing, wouldn't you go to the apt, see their missing and then Halles the cops?

I say typo 30th and after midnight of the 31stand who says Ryan was still her bf? Sounds more like an ex being told not to tag along is all. He was her EX. I am just saying. The burned weiner is a powerful force. And if it smells like a duck and quacks like a duck, the thing works for Aflac and is Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol mf'g duck!

The duck Wisfonsin this case being Ryan who shows up to his "friend's" house where his ex-gf of I can b somewhat generous years lives, as well. And the other duck being Teresa who seems to be Adult singles dating in Arboles something from him.

Can't underestimate what Halloween means to dudes when they know the girl is dressed up all nice and fancy. THEIR imaginations start running wild - in the wrong direction. I felt right from the beginning that there was something terribly wrong. Now, it all makes more sense. A complete travesty of justice not only for Steven and Brendan but Lkl and ad family. Initially, after first watching the series, I felt Buting and Strang did the best they could given the Denny motion, but now I find myself questioning that.

This theory answers why certain questions Wiscojsin never asked of certain witnesses. Everything was being controlled in one way or another. If not, you should. I do sincerely hope that she has everything she needs with respect to evidence and is able to get Steven out of prison before he dies in there.

Not to forget Brendan. I hope his attorneys achieve the same, and very soon! How could she not find experts that understand how to interpret these simultaneous calls and why they don't use minutes. I think there is truth in the phone records that will set SA free. I just don't have quite enough pieces to say what that truth is exactly yet and KZ is not sharing those peices with me. Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol why would she share those pieces with a random anonymous redditor.

Also, I would say that to begin with LE was genuinely looking at the minutes used report and they is why there were so many missing calls not explored. However, LE already had their sights on SA and it solved too many problems change course.

I saw a link on twitter to a post that said the online phone records where accessed at 5: So, of course, the 5: Why would someone log back in at 7: But, why if they had a printout already. Maybe LE got the password from RH and logged back in. And, I suspect the sheriff is on the phone with them. If you remember KH said that she had last seen TH on Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol Teresa's cousins are siblings David J. Beach and Sara E. Beach, do you know Are you looking for this as well woman by the name of 16 Teresa Halbach?

How did you know her? She was my cousin. Sometime on Friday, the 4th of November, did you 21 volunteer to assist in a search for Teresa? And in that regard, were you with somebody else, 24 or paired up with somebody in that search?

I was paired with my older sister, Sarah Beach. On Friday, the 4th of November, did you make any 2 stops, or what was your -- or what did your 3 search efforts entail? I Single and a Hales Corners Wisconsin lol up with my sister and our search effort was 5 to look for her vehicle.

So we got some 6 information from the Halbachs about what her 7 schedule was, where she had -- the area that she 8 was going to and we just tried to track down the 9 Toyota. And he said, yes, I do recall, she was driving 12 that. And she came -- he actually said she came 13 some time mid-afternoon, didn't he?

Yes, he said that she was at his garage, salvage 15 yard, around 2: