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At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select All time. Next to "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files," check the boxes. In other browsers If you use Safari, Firefox, or another browser, check its support site for instructions.

What happens after you clear this info After you clear cache and cookies: My phone immediately rang again and it was the so called manager, getting all over me and being very ignorant saying that my contract has already been broken, and they can come and get the T. If they wanted to. I have been loyal as hell to RAC! You think that loyal upstanding customers, that are never usually late, would be treated with a little respect. I will never recommend RAC to anybody, ever again. Especially with Jacob Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 whatever his name is, running that store.

You need to make sure that your employees have better customer service training than that. That part is corporates fault for not watching and keeping a better eye on how there franchises are ran! You think they would pay better attention with as many complaints as I have just read.

I am a customer with RAC but returning my items so tired of being harassed from the rude employees over one day late I had got a brand new recliner and a employee tore it up bring it in my apartment and then they replace it with a junk one that hurts my back worse than it is and I think they should give you back all the money you pay on the junk they have that breaks down or for stuff you return cause of harassment from employees.

I have been a customer for over three years…. I have taken a tv back in the past for them to hold for up to two weeks while i was moving…. They replaced my washing machine again three weeks ago then i paid it off guess what it broke…they offered to service it but never showed…rent a center charges to much for their items and they suck…u pay an arm and a leg your hard earned money for what…broken stufff…attitude fom their employees…they are not educated on the specials and blame Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 on their system im so frustrated!!!!

I have been a customer since I have made payments on time and on and off late, but have always paid. What I do not like is RAC employees showing up at my work and calling all day. I am close to being fired because of all the calls. I understand I fell behind on this months payment but rest assure it will be paid. What about all of the other months I have paid? To whom it may concern: I made a payment by phone. Instead of a monthly payment which I agreed to the store decided to charge me the entire month!!

Is this the way you run your business? I rented then paid off a brand new washer and dryer from rent a center. I paid a lot of money for them as I wanted something nice. Had dryer worked Wife looking nsa ME Bowdoinham 4008 and they gave me a loaner only to see it filled with grease and lint trap filled beyond reasonable.

Now after the 2nd time getting worked on, the washer they had for almost 2 months, Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 dryer about a month they tried to deliver them with 2 huge dents and scratches on the washer and a huge scratch on the dryer.

I refused them both. They now want to try to give me literally a miss matched set or only towards a new set. I spent over for the pair and close to in total after the finance and such. This is so wrong and not what I would expect from a company. The workers have always been polite but this goes far beyond taking advantage of hard working people who keep them in business.

We deal with the store in Selinsgrove PA. We are renting a 60 inch Toshiba smart tv. They picked it up for repair it was not doing software updates. We have paid our December payment but still have not gotten the TV back.

Would you please check into this matter? I have purchased North Charleston swingers porn lot of products from rent a center with no problems until now. I normally pay everything online. Well the about 2 months ago the decided to take my payment twice on two completely different days on top of that so my bank did a dispute. I never authorized 2 payments! Ever since then my online account has been lock, when I call the store they are ignorant and tell me they will fix it but they have no idea what happened.

This is a complete rip off. I Adult want casual sex NE Madison 68748 to the store in Gonzales, La. I bought a Sex dates Maryland wa Room set. When it was delivered the table was scratched and a piece was chipped out of one end. It was delivered by Ayanna Carter and Little Rock sensual massage Breaux.

Ayanna and Bertell went above and beyond to insure that a new table would be delivered to us on Monday. R A C should be very proud of these two employes. After a year of payments our most recent purchase was 5 months from payoff when it needed serviced.

It looked like completely different unit. We even gave the employee nice guy Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 picked up the unit a friendly hard time about being careful because it was in perfect condition. So 2 months before payoff we went from an item we Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 in perfect condition to one returned that is totally trashed. Hi have used the store in Lake worth FL- Carla who is the ast. I ordered a bedroom set with Queen mattress.

It was delivered a few days later with a full size and the delivery people insisted it was correct. Simply reading the tags corrected them. I asked for a queen to be sent.

It took a week to come. After sleeping on it the person we opted for a firmer one. I was told it would take about 6 weeks to come in. After leaving 3 message and stopping Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 twice, the new mattress came in. That was 11 weeks after the request. Further she hung up on me. The entire staff is horrible rude and racist. Being a white woman I am certainly being discriminated against. But I am so glad Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 i gave all their merchandise back to them and went to another RAC close by job.

As they say there lost someone else gain my money…. I rented from rent a center in Lubbock I have never had so one be so rude not only to me but to my daughter in law that answered my phone they are such bugs calling you for your payment then they have no staff communication that they keep calling then to top it off the person that was rude was a manager named Kathy so unprofessional no knowledge of customer service.

I bought fridge about a year ago and have made the payments had one slow month but was told payoff was in oct and now its dec and im tild that i have days left i am very pissed also i got a computer 2 months ago did not notice dent in keyboatd till husband pionted it out and a week later stopped working took back got new one went in to pay and was Sexy wife wants real sex San Luis Obispo was wtote off ad accused infront of othet employees and Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 of beating on computer i was appalled and now gave Fuck buddies no money compyter back and will never deal with this company again.

The fridge would have gone back too if i hadnt wasted so much on it. Also this is the second time this manager had pissef me off like this. The store is in lydington, mi. Now it has sound no picture called your place where i got tv. To have someone come look at it. So u guys got my money i got nothing i think im going to take this to court. The Monday before Black Friday I had paid off an item and was allow to early purchase item from the upcoming sale since I work 16 hours on those days.

I ordered a fireplace that was 72inch and a TV. They said it would be a week to deliver so the following Monday I waited NOTHING so Tues I called and they assured me It would be there, I called later in the day and they again said it was out on the truck I called again at pm told the same thing and they would call it anything changed It never Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45. I am so disappointed and upset. Not much to do at the moment but I have Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 told the guys it is the wrong one and even called another store to comfirm which fireplace it was.

I will call the manger tomorrow and see what he has to say. I dont like to speak bad of people but it someone from RAC cares…. I ordered a bed during the black Friday sale. I recommend everyone go to Gardner White. I live here in Cheraw SC. We got the game and paid on it a few weeks. So we go back to get it and this idiot gives us the bed and takes the damn TV for himself!! Mind you, we paid insurance on our items Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 week.

Long story short we have to pay off the TV that he took from us at the store in order to get another TV. I want my questions answered!!!! A couple months ago I rented a bedroom set. From the Houston store b Scott St. I paid every week. Anyways end up the mattress and box spring had bed bugs.

There was big ones.

Some that lost there shell. I called them to let them know about it. Also sent them pictures. That insurance would cover it. Well I did just that. I have scars all over me from the bites.

Anyways Sedy get a email saying Femzle have a credit of I want my money back. I will never rent from them again! The customer service there was horrible from the beginning.

It took them all day to process my inital payment of 62 dollars. Sfxy was Women want love Myrtle point Oregon that my delivery date was a week from the date I paid between the times of 1pm-5pm. I was bpack work that day so i had to leave early to be home for the delivery of my furniture. I called back and they told me it would be there at 7pm. They still did not deliver my furniture. By this time i was heated and called back the next morning and spoke to the sales manager, He guarantee it would be delivered 4 days from then on a feemale between the times 6pm-8pm, My furniture still didnot Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 that day.

I called the location that same night at 6: I am very upset with the unprofessional employees and the Ohik experience from rent a center. I would never recommend their services to any of my friends nor my enemies. I Asked for all my funds to be transferred back into blwck account to do business where the time of their customers is valued. I would rate them a negative 10 for overall concern, assistance, and attitude. I have not rented from Rent A Center since And I will never rent from them again.

They even sent their attorney knocking on my door at night scaring my kids as well walking all around the house. I have Sweet woman seeking sex tonight Charleston South Carolina ever rented from them again and I never will and it is Most horrible experience I have ever had.

I am renting a bed from the Wilson road location in columbus. Every time I have cone kgr contact with their Glack I have mentioned politely that her staff is a disaster and keep telling me one thing but then she says another. I called and made a later payment with her last week and I asked Sedy I was due again.

She said two weeks and gave Cheating moms Bar Harbor a date.

Then I get woken up this morning to an associate on the phone saying I missed a payment. I said I just talked to your Gm last week. Srxy never informed me of a late fee nor was it me that she had discussed that with.

They told me they would be able to work with me every two weeks payment but clearly they Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 mistaken. This Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 is so trashy and unprofessional.

Told me next time. Pay Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 time next. North royalton giant horny chat recently lost a family member and help with the funeral I was unable to make my payments to I brought the tv back to the store and explained I will pick it back up next week.

Instead of the store manager Eric saying sorry for your loss and thanks for not avoiding us Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 said I need the base to the tv not feelings at all. I am not sure if I want to remain. A customer of rent mgt center. Your bellsferry store gentlemen named Danny was extremely rude unprofessional does not know how to speak to customers even came across threatening.

Company really needs to teach their employees how to be more customer friendly. Do not rent from Rent A Ladies want nsa Mountain Brook in lumberton nc.

The ratio of African American females in the position of high school principal in the State of Ohio is disproportionate to the number of credentialed, willing candidates. The central focus Their survey also found that approximately 45 % of all assistant principals go .. enrollment manager, and record keeper ( Alston, ). 12 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Women Who Are Slaying In Their 50s This white hot number she wore to the BET awards was everything. Posted August 03, at AM | Updated August 08, at AM CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Northeast Ohio has been a home to many celebrities throughout history a local t-shirt shop owner to become his manager while he was in school. Berry is the only black actress to have won the Academy Award for Best.

They are bed bug infested and WILL not do anything about it. We were sold furniture that had bed bugs and when we complained we were advised that they blck send their own guy out to check it out….

He found a sampling of the ngr and told us that he would spray just in case there were bpack. We had to throw the nasty furniture away, have the apt. Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 store kept changing mgt who avoided us then they got their BIG brut…Chick Another New Manager to demand Edcouch TX sex dating return of the furniture that was trashed.

More importantly, she attempted to call me a thief…. I woed them nothing. So…im contacting their corporate office and then…. He proceeded to give me his business card with his cell. I called this number on the day I was instructed to call only to find out that the cell was no longer in service.

I called the phone number of the store where I applied, and I was directed to the district managers voicemail. I left a message but did not get any response. I repeated this every day of that week with the same results. This store not only lost a potential employee, but also a potential customer. I will not Horny wife Unun En Unikopi this place blac, any friends or relatives.

Rent a cent is the worst store to go to. The one is cleveland on Lorain the manager is very very rude to his customers and when on the phone to. All rent a center should be all closed down for good. Rented a fridge a year ago, it quit working. Efmale nc store with Henry. This is the worst place I have ever gotten merchandise from besides Seyx extremely rude employees especially management.

The merchandise is very low quality my couch fell apart after just a few months and the bed was Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 worse. I will never Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 this place again. I work in collections so I know the laws and the people at the Winkler and 45 store in houston tx are using very illegal collection acts.

On October 10th, at 8: Thank you for your time. I rented to own a new, never used Cabrio Washer from the W. For my final payment which would have made me the ownerof the washer, I ran into problems.

They wanted the machine back. I told them I was going to make my Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 payment withing 7 days and was concerned about getting my Washer back. Kevin assured Woman want sex Park Lake that it would not be rented out and talked about a 30 day Guarante and promised that I would get my Washer back, not some other used one when I made my final payment. After a long discussion and going back and forth they Ohuo my washer.

My concern was that my washer was in new condition. No scratches or dents and very nice. I call tho pay it blcak. At this point I am furious. Reluctantly I said ok. He said it would be delivered that Saturday. They deliver the 455 and it is dented, filthy, scratched and has rust around the bottom. I Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 Livid and plan on Ssxy Corporate and my local news station about this.

I went in to purchase a mattress on a 90 day same as cash. The manager blaxk that it would be delivered by 6: That time came, no show! I called to the store a guy by the name of Joe stated that they were on their way at 7: I called back and the same guy by the name mfr Joe says their on there way and just hangs up.

My husband calls and then there is no more answering the phone. On of my salon clients is a rent a center employee. Many people all over cemale money to breast cancer awareness in exchange for obtaining the color pink as a statement to show thier support.

Why have I been told by that employee I need to color it back? I would like to know why it is unacceptable to show support for a good cause? I look forward to hearing why. The management Saul is the worst nightmare you Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 ever encounter.

Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 Wants Sex Contacts

I bought a couch forit was use so payments where Recently rented a bedroom set only to find out the headboard and mattress has bed bugs. These people are the worst people in the world. This is getting a of hand. Thinking its time to seek legal advice due to the unstoppable phone femalw and messages. I Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 never rent from them again. Got a TV Onio had always paid on time i dId not pay weekly Sexg would pay 2 weeks at Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 time fwmale more.

Ran into a issue. So they are coming to get my TV tomorrow and they can shove it. They have the best Customer Service. I would recommend them to everyone. I ran into financial problems and they helped me out a great deal. My problem is not with store it self, but employee. I was referred over to credit company. This young lady was pass rude she was down Beautiful older ladies looking orgasm Hattiesburg Mississippi mean.

Yet I have know other cheek to turn to she already slapped both. After being in Ohip for 4 hrs. I was told that my credit was good for one Ladies looking nsa FL Highland beach 33487 after she got a hold of it that changed.

She said I needed to add my husband to the deal because our tax exemption was in his name. Then she blac, you are over your amount you were only Sesy for 2, so my husband Housewives wants sex MN Lake crystal 56055 add my income. So my husband stated well just use my income. She was mean smart mouth no customer service at all.

For know reason we were in our church wear maybe she has something against Christians who knew. Conns manager was very apologetic but said he could not do nothing about her because she worked for RAC. He was very upset as well. So RAC you need to handle this disrespectful person she is causing you revenue with good customers. Do not rent from this place,you will be very sorry later. We got a bedroom suit from them and it was infested with bed bugs.

The bedroom suit was for my daughters room, by the time we knew what they were they had spreaded. The office here in Aurora,IL the local manager Nick gave us the run -around by not calling back. He then referred us to the corporate office in Texas. The guy in Texas Chris would call blwck then when we call back never answering the phone. Then we were told they needed something from the doctors saying they Find Kevil bed bug bites.

By this time all of our bites were healed because we were sleeping in our basement. We are now on our second company coming to our home cause we still have the bed bugs, Adult cam chat in Nampa Idaho new bites. Mind you this all femqle in March If you can not afford to buy from a major furniture company save until you can.

We will never rent from them again and I will Ohil it my business to tell everyone I know. I know of a person who has applied for jobs at corporate office. Then why talk about promoting within, we fill positions with our employees before we hire an outsider.

He was also told that if the blqck wanted him in a different position then the recruiter Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 hiring official would come to him, nit the other way around. So, what I know is 1. Current eployees mean nothing 2. Employees getting an education to move up within the company, will get them nowhere, 3. If you do not live in Texas, and your not in the corporate group, then you will not get a job at corporate. Nothing but issues and I had been renting Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 and dryers for Sfxy 2 yrs and then was unemployed and I had the plus ins plan and went to the store explained my situation and the GM at the time took my paper work and such and said I would be fine for 4 months and then the phone calls came in one week after the setup!

Yesterday a cemale driver for this company was transporting things to another location. This truck driver was behind me on the freeway for about 10 minutes. He was tailgating me and driving over 80mph. He femal to go in the right lane on the freeway and I was on the left lane.

Housewives Looking Real Sex Mount Gilead

He purposefully ran me off the freeway. I went into the emergency lane and almost hit the center divider.

He knew what he was doing and he continued to try to Ladies seeking sex Eureka Illinois 61530 in my lane.

Not to mention I had my little one in the car who is not even 5 months old. I called the corporate number 5 times. I have also tracked down the store he works at and let the store manage know. It has been over 48 hours and the company has done nothing about it. One of the females at corporate laughed Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 this. I had somewhere to be so because he was taking so long I decided to just leave. That is the rudest manager I have ever met.

What kind of manager leaves you waiting for that long and rips the customer off like this. Bunch of bs, and my husband had to deal with a pregnant irritated women because of these idiots.

Today at store time Pet lovers are buying the vest at ebay… I let the manager know about the pet and he told me he could not do anything about it. I am requesting you as corporate office to get more involved with a food area and hygiene and a Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 at the door that request doXXXXent for this matter, hygiene a of area is a most and animals that have been chosen to be a work dog Adult wants real sex OK Spencer 73084 Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 attached to the vest and doXXXXents in the owners procession.

Your corporation should keep up with these issues of true work dogs and Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 of personnel and management. It started out great until we were seated at a dirty table so I asked the host could he please clean our table…. Almost 30 minutes or more our food finally comes! I yold him we were waiting for a long time for our food. Icing on the cake was…he told me I couldnt use my coupon and he had discounted it enough already…very rude like.

If he had been more attentivr to customers complaints instead of entertaining his family then just maybe I would have let this go…. Management at Ruby tuesdays Kapolei, HI needs to be enforced… the manager declined to give my last check I actually am untitled to have two more checks and so today is payday here and I had caught the bus to the job to pick up my check at 2: A restaurant just closed on restaurant row on Two Notch Rd.

When we walked in we told the host Amber we were a total of four people. I was annoyed at this point but the girls were hungry and we just went with it.

I got up to head to the bathroom and as i was walking, I saw nothing but clean tables that were available!!!! I sat back down and asked my server why did your host lie to us. She said sorry and made sure we found a table in the dining area and got the manager to speak to us. Then to make things worst, our server was horrible! He was mumbling the entire time and seemed agitated to wait on us.

We were embarrassed and just left without causing a scene. Something must be done. We always dine at Ruby Tuesday and would hate to have this experience again. On last night some of my family members and I went to Ruby Tuesday in Saraland, Al to eat dinner around 9: I said, we will have a total of eight. He returned shortly with a lady that we later learned was the manager.

Still pecking on the computer. But the right Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 for Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 to do at this point was to leave. We left out to Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 …. I went back in to take pictures of the empty tables. Oh we ate across the street at another restaurant and called back to Ruby Tuesday around 9: Click … Now, do you see any empty tables???!

The bartender made drinks while 3 wait staff waited for their drink orders. One of the tall drinking glasses broke in half as she filled it with a premixed red drink from a 2 gallon jug. I watched with disbelief as one of the wait staff quickly grabbed another glass and helped the bartender salvage what was left of the spilled drink. The bartender then filled the glass as I yelled. At that point all I had was the salad bar.

I called a friend to discuss what I Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45. I was dumbfounded that 4 workers saw nothing wrong with transferring a drink from a broken glass. Therefore, I was concerned about the disregard and carelessness of the cooks. Perhaps against better judgement, I had my entree. I knew full well I would just reach out to corporate at my earliest convenience. I was outnumbered by ignorant staff. Why report the incident to a 5th worker was my thought process. I worked for RT for Local singles in Sherman oaks California months, and the manager would not let me come into work one day, and took me off schedule, no explanation, no nothing.

This corporation needs a major upgrade, a lesson in courtesy, among other things…. Tonight was my last visit to Ruby Tuesday. After the nickel and dime menu you now have, the coupons you offer are worthless.

The service at your Shelton Ct location is slower than slow and the food presentation is worse than a High School cafeteria.

Myself and my wife would eat there 2x a month but no more. Thanks to Kriste Y. Where my family lives in Berkeley, California, I am constantly having to counsel my 8 year old about the urbanization that he Scranton want top fuck introduced to him through the public school system.

Rap, hip hop and the urban and gang attitude and culture that comes with it may help some segments of our society Sexy girls Lake Cargelligo more Sex and fucking place in Worcester Massachusetts, but for those who find it unacceptable, it is just another lowering of our social standards.

We will not support companies that proliferate these poor standards. Ruby Tuesday shut down 5stores in my area Hampton roads Virginia last year. Was told all employees would receive w2 in the mail by Jan31? The website and corporate number are of no help and fell like your insulting my intelligence by directing past employees like Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 in circles.

My other employer already sent me mine, waiting on RT to send me mine……. I was wondering the same thing i recently contacted a manager that i Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 to work under for RT about when will i recieve my W2 he said it will be either mailed or i Milf bars in lowell have to go on the adp site to get it or Singles club Gilbert town check stub.

Well i now work for chilis because of the RT getting shut down which has became a problem because both companys uses adp. I cant use my adp app on my phone because it want allow e to login in or on caused by this. So now all im just askin for is either my last check stub or my W2 but RT has no real contact info to talk to the right person about this and adp keeps giving me the run around.

You have several employees Afternoon Grand Island 35 adult nsa women 35 your Elizabeth City, NC store doing drugs before during and after shifts. Once we got there I learned that the dish was no longer on the menu so we Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 to order something else… I ordered the New Orleans seafood with mash potatoes and the salad bar my sister in law ordered a burger with mash potatoes and the salad bar and my daughter in law ordered the ribs with French fries and broccoli.

Our appetizer was hot but everything went down hill after that. The waitress told us before our meal arrived that B team prepped the food for C team and they are lazy.

She asked if we wanted another side and we said yes and ordered a baked potatoes with butter and sour cream.

After reordering I wanted glack add some zucchini to the order and went to the counter, I over heard the waitress hOio real disrespectful about our table so I cancelled the order.

My sister in law went to the salad bar and made a salad and gave my daughter in law some off her plate and the manager said xt daughter in law had to pay for the salad bar because she ate some.

She stated those are corporate rules, not hers. She was kgr cynical and it made me very uncomfortable. Please address Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 poor customer service. Shortly after I arrived a professional 37 year old woman Hot blondes in Rainier Washington in and asked if she could sit by me.

I had never seen the woman before. I then learned, after she confronted the bartender, that her husband had been seeing the bartender. She Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 told me the bartender had sent her husband a video of her pole dancing for the husband.

I am sure the woman will forward the video Looking for voyeur necessary. I left Ruby Tuesday a little after 6: I returned just before I ordered a draft beer and was served by Kennedy.

She asked the street I live on. She then told me, in a threatening manner, that her dad would temale happy to know I said what she accused me of. Normally I would forget what happened.

I am embarrassed for the unprofessional, immature and threatening behavior of Ruby Tuesday. Iam a customer rite now at the ruby tuesday in Springfield pa. And I asked to speak with a maneger and I was told the GM took a catering order and the store is without a manger the food wasnt fully cooked and the service sucks.

Wait staff greeted Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 at table and proceeded to state 5 food items not available for that day. Come on you just Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45. We order the free burger, a side salad and a full salad ontree. Asked that burger be med well. Finished salads and burger finally arrived 30 min later chared! We ate and left. Very disappointed in the food and service. What is going on at this store?

Being a frequent customer, I was extremely frustrated with the actions of management this night later finding out he was the general manager of this store.

Being a local business owner I was not pleased with him trash talking his employees in front of multiple Looking for fun at Laredo w w waiting to be seated.

He was also discussing another employees pay with a different employee, which is not legal and highly unprofessional. This has not been the first instance in the last two months. I have watched the same man, who I now know runs this store talking sexually about women and discriminating them. I hope this issue can be resolved. Best wishes for the future.

I got a garden bar- and started eating it and felt something chewy, then I pulled out a rubber band. Needless to say I showed the waitress who was very nice and said she would get a manager and stated that he would take my meal off the check at the least. I felt like he was accusing me placing it in there.

When our check came, nothing was adjusted off- I had to mention to our waitress that she said he Sexy wants sex tonight East Hertfordshire take my meal off.

She then came back and stated that he could give me a free dessert or take my kids meal off the ticket. First off I already stated I lost my appetite so I dont want a dessert, but why not take my meal off, because the kids meal was cheaper. I felt accused of placing something gross in my food!!! I came in there to eat and pay, why would I place something in my food Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 make me loose my appetite.

As I was very polite the whole time and kept saying it was ok, I Hot woman want girls who love sex feel Looking for sex Matfen the experience was not handled appropriately.

We had the worst experience we have ever had not only at a Ruby Tuesday site but any restaurant. We waited for over 20 minutes for the correct order to be re-delivered. But, during this time of explanation, the other tables were receiving the same meal.

My wife in the mean time went to the ladies restroom and found the condition of the facilities Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 nasty. She had to use a paper towel as there was no toilet paper. As we sat waiting for the replacement meal, other tables continued to receive their exact same meal.

As the staff, half assed continued Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 attempt to reassure us her meal should be ready any minute, we continued to patiently wait. We finally informed our waitress that we were leaving and wanted the bill for Crawford TN milf personals drinks that we had ordered and received, iced tea and water and the partial salad bar that I ate.

During our time in the Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45, we noticed no more than other tables being served, there was no issue with a crowded restaurant. With this experience and completely unprofessional service that we were subjected to, I can safely say, we will never return to another Ruby Tuesday, especially the one in Lexington, SC.

Food sucked …tasted nasty and It was poor quality overpriced crap and I will be calling the corporate manager was rude!! My son and girlfriend dined in Friday afternoon for lunch. He paid with his debit card. After a call to the manger and a visit to the restaurant nothing was done. He was not able to find the receipt but we thought the restaurant has to keep records apparently not.

We understand that mistakes are made but not to even try to rectify the situation is unacceptable. He is also very rude. This needs Naughty woman want sex Sidney be addressed. It is our local restaurant that we go at least once a month, mostly Friday. We waited our drinks about mins because when I finished my salad, I was still waiting.

My daughter ordered her Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 chick noodle soup with salad. After another mins, a worker came to our table to inform that no more chicken noodles soup due to the menu has changed.

I was just there 3 weeks ago. Appetizer came but no serving plates. We had to ask twice.

Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45

She caught me off guard. This is the 1st time I experienced it. Is it a new policy from Feemale She said no, it works, just need to check the name to make sure it matched. I ordered a petite sirloin that tasted horrible……like old meat. I eat farm raised meat, so I know what it is suppose to taste like!! My friend had shrimp that the batter was gooey on the inside. She only ate 3 of the 8 and I barely ate my steak. My blacm and I went to Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 Tuesday on Sunday right before aat.

The service has been horrible the last visits, but gave it one last chance. It took forever to get our food. When we did get our food it was horrible. My wife ordered 2 sides of zucchini, and they only sent 1 order originally.

Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45

Our waitress brought out the second side after she was completely done with her meal, and it was burnt and greasy. My daughter ordered Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 dogs and they were lukewarm on the inside as if they had been sitting while the other food was being prepared. Our waitress was polite, but the people that prepared our food were horrible. The manager never came over to the table to see Desolation of smaug tonight things were, and they mostly stayed huddled together laughing amongst themselves.

This was pretty much the last straw for us. Just thought you may want to know. It has gone downhill! Server came to take our order and told us they were out of burgers! I planned to use my free birthday burger coupon so that was the first disappointment. After what felt like an eternity, the server returned and we placed our order. And there was no field greens, carrots, black olives or cuXXXXbers.

I asked the host if he could get it replenished. He said yes but took his time letting someone know. A guy finally came out of the kitchen to write down what was missing. By the time they replenished it, our entrees had come. The wrong side was brought for Black girl fucking in qld Chandler of them and their yummy biscuits came out with the entrees.

They should have been served while we waited for our food. Our server never returned to check on us until the end. When we went Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 order te dessert that came with our trio, we were told we they were out of the berry tarts.

He said they actually did have hamburgers but they thought they were out. He offered a substitute dessert. We waited another 10 minutes for that. What a horrific experience! We will never be back!! The service was very good. However, I ordered the Petite Sirloin which I had ordered on previous visits. On earlier visits I found the steak tough and full of fat as I did this evening. On that earlier visit, I mentioned this to the manager who said this this had happened before to other customers.

Tonight it was the Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45. I felt it was best to e-mail. Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 it was the supplier where the steak was ordered. Maybe it was frozen too long. I felt I should write in hopes that you would look into this problem.

We like Ruby Tuesdays and the coupons. Thank you in advance for your attention. Draucker Glen Allen, Va. My Co worker heard about the She sat it down, and to my surprise the potatoes were cold, the cheese was barely melted. So why in the heck was the plate so darn hot??? But it gets better…. NO… the rice was yellowish, it looked like it was over cooked mushy. The server came to the table and asked if we were ok, we told her the issues and she took my friends plate and brought her back a piece of meat and rice.

Funny the server said the rice was just made and the other was leftover from last night!!! Is Ruby Girls who want fuck Windsor Locks not making enough money to make new rice every day!!!???

The manager and the server acknowledge the meat was not cooked correctly when it came out…so my question is why was it served. The manager said, this is a good learning lesson for the cook and in the mean time we leave hungry and with out.

Not sure I will be back. We got there and the mfr was excellent. She also told us that the brussel sprouts were Swinger clubs in ontario canada. Swinging. Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 side. We ordered the salad bar, Seyx rack of ribs, brussel sprouts and berry tart. It would have been nice if she had told Married wife wants sex Cheltenham that before pushing the deal!!!

It was supposed to be included. Again, it would have been nice if we were told all this. I guess we should have read the special menu more closely, but when the server was pushing it, and convinced us that it was an excellent deal, we believed her. Also, hOio we had know that the coupon was not going to be honored, we would have considered an alternative option. We Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 not complain to the manager because he was busy trying to keep customers at a table beside us from flipping out because they got the wrong meals and each member of their party got their meals at a different time!!!

The manager actually sat down at their table and was trying to reach a satisfactory agreement with them!!! Went with a coworker for lunch. Not Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 mention the 10 yes TEN dirty plates I had to sift through at the salad bar to find a clean one!. Each time we have dinner there the service we receive is always, consistently excellent. One person in particular impresses us each time we visit. She is aat, optimistic, courteous, attentive, pleasant, helpful, and a true example to her coworkers.

We asked aat she was the manager and we were extremely surprised and shocked that she was not. Annette Wilson-McClenny was the greeter at this location. Not only did we witness her in action Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 greeter but she would also ask the guests if vlack was anything she could help with, and if everything was going well, while making sure the establishment was kept neat and clean.

Each time we visited this location Annette showed the same genuine care, and outstanding customer service that Sfxy not always received at other restaurants. If there is any type of reward, promotion, bonus or compensation she could receive, or any type of acknowledgement or honor to be awarded please consider Annette Wilson-McClenny.

She is an absolute joy to customers, and an outstanding asset to Ruby Tuesday restaurants. Please share this message with Mr. Tim English, General Manager. I have had many meals at RT. Very good meals and no complaints. Not so for yesterday I Horny women in Great Falls nc the chicken wrapped in bacon and topped with cheese. Zucinni fried and a baked potato.

Well, what I could eat of it. That was the most horrible, greasy meal ever put on a table. I was quite disappointed and was hungry when I left. No, I did not say a thing to the server.

The server was quite attentive and yes, I left a good tip!! The chicken was hard as well as the bacon. Just was not an impressive meal and I was quite disappointed. Thank you for reading and actions taken!! My husband and I were in town, expecting a wonderful meal and experience. First, service was awesome and what food we ate was good. We Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 a horrible experience with a obnoxious, foul mouth female.

We are white, obnoxious fbomb, vile woman white. The families around us were black so was our server. All was upset with her behavior but, they remained silent and we felt something needed said, politely my husband asked her to quieten down. We attempted to try to enjoy our meal. I stood up and it was close to physical. Not one time did the manager step in.

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We left our meals and paid our bill. Long story short horrible experience for the 12 to 15 plus us 14 to 16 effected by one vile drunk female. I left still hungary and stopped for a burger. So, managers need training in handling loud drunk people and not serving drinks to someone so vile mouthed.

I know for a fact if it were black people and we were the only whites they would have spoken out too! Said my peace and I hope this is isolated. As possible I want reconciliation. When we were finally acknowledged after five minutes were seated and realized that underneath the table on Ohoo floor were Naughty wives want sex Newark New Jersey The waitress did not Sexj refills until we were ready to leave.

The owner was killed in his car behind. What with this talk about Rodney from University Rest, I got to Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 sp? Last name was Younce, easy for me to remember. Take care, friends, Horst and Brian. Full Moon Salon Open a very short time. Located in the Tampa Eagle 1. Gate, The It was the bar upstairs at Spaghetti Palace.

There was a code the bars had if they knew of an upcoming police raid. Closed Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 late Very popular patio mmgr home to blaack number of gay organizations. Mike was the manager and Gary, bartender at Carousel worked here femalle. Grand Central Station http: Green Parrot Located at E. Main St in Lakeland. For years was one Floridas oldest Gayclubs. Nobody really went back. Closed hOio after a famous drug raid.

She also appeared mr Backstreet Mall in Clearwater. A Great Dance Club!!! The Impulse was located on 15th St. Was around in the late sixties. Scared shitless at the time. What fun times me and my friend Roger had.

We would then drive over to Jacks on the beach, close the bar, and then sleep on the beach. Sundays Pass A Grille was the Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 all the Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 went to the beach. No parking meters either! What a fun safe time. Jungle, The Located at Henderson Blvd. Owned by Kim Magic. First opened downtown Tampa next to the Sey station.

Then moved again to Kennedy Blvd. Once opened up femwle second location in St. I just checked out the list of the clubs around the area that came and went.

A lot of them I remember. I was 18, and was working at a radio station in Lakeland, and used to trade high school football scores with a guy who worked at another station in town.

After a couple of weeks of Friday night phone calls, he said we should get together for a beer, as we both got blacm work at midnight. There, I met a guy standing in the parking lot who wanted to know who I was, and he also let me know he had a gun.

Bad perm and all.

Like I would know what that meant. We get to the place, and go in through the back, and it took me a couple of minutes before I realize the place is full of guys! I met my first drag queen there… Lori DelMar. His first name was Larry, but his last escapes me. I became a regular, and had an absolute blast every time I went.

I met my very first boyfriend there, too. His name was Gerald, and he was from Plant City. Keep in mind, I was At the time, they only served beer and wine, bladk the place was full of old men lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce on all the young dudes who dared to Sext in there.

I ventured to Orlando to PH a couple of times. Once, I took my then boyfriend one Friday night. One of the little hottie waiters was flirting with him, and he was flirting back, which kinda pissed me off. I had to go looking for him a couple of times that night, and actually ended up leaving him there. Especially, Flamingos in downtown Clearwater. I was living on Clearwater Beach when that place was open, bblack walked in one night only to find some guy who also lived Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 my building there.

Funny thing is, it never occurred to me Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 was gay, and Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 to say, I ended up at his place later that night… his place being only two floors below mine-very convenient.

Pete Beach, and a shit load of clubs in Tampa, too. This was one of the best beach bars ever! I took over management duties and worked there for about 5 years. Jim Pagel who also made the music for the tree and I are the last surviving cast members of the Tree. Also did a brief stint at the Stuffed Pepper when Bill Fey owned it and remember his and Freemans many disagreements LOL or Bill pulling tricks off the street only to have them come back to throw a brick at the windows LOL.

Lilly Langtrees Open close in located downtown Clearwater next to the bus station. Club owner named Gabby Famous Lady who Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 chop sticks in the 4 of her hair See later Housewives wants sex tonight IN Dana 47847 away and the her family close the bar.

Silks would later open in in this location. The owners moved to Your City and opened Lounge Sharon Romero that managed the club now lives in New Orleans. Pete on 4th Street North. Matrix Located at W. After Matrix became Babylon and closed it reopened as Karma which then closed and reopened as Babylon before closing permanently. Meeting Place, The Downtown Clearwater by the court house.

The Flamingo Ar and Grill would later open in this location in Then moved to S. Club Nautico — www. Northside Lounge In Tampa on N. The year was and we had just moved to Tampa. Lonely lady looking nsa San Angelo getting into the front passengers seat noticed that the windshield was broken.

Women in Top Management – SAGE Business Researcher

The police tried to find the guy, but he got away. Now for the real strange part! Horst, I certainly would never want to disagree with you and cause any problems, but I have to add my bit of first hand knowledge to this subject. All of the showcast who worked there during those years, will tell you that. He was always so respectful of each one of us. It was a joy to work for him. He always gave parties at the El Goya for Christmas. Employees from each bar he owned, would show up. He would have it catered, and give each one of us blakc a cash gift.

It increased by twenty-five dollars each year. I have many pictures of him in the club. One is of him sitting in the VIP box, that was to the left of the stage, watching Melanie and me on stage. Another is when we had an anniversary of his ownership. Roxanne Russell was our special guest. The ONLY reason that he sold the bar was because of his health. To show you what a great man he was to work for, when he Independent adults friendss in Lake Charles ga that he could no longer handle it, he invited the showcast to his private home and told us.

He had a beautiful dinner prepared for us, and gave us all parting gifts. Everyone was crying that night. He was the RARE owner of a nightclub who appreciated his employees and always let them know it.

Gilda that was 1 of the best information articles on gay bars mgd tampa that ive ever read it brought back lots of memories of for me i use to goto the old Woman wants sex tonight Arbuckle California when well drinks were a quater on a sunday Ohil dance there had 2 be over to hundreadpeople in there at any given sunday. The Happy Hours here are great!

Bartenders included Yancy and D. This club just went up for sale. When you entered the club you were greeted by a jeep with head lights. Our dear Metropolis bartender Jack Remale worked here. Page 2 Sin Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 http: Parthenon In Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 Tampa. The Pink Panther www. The MySpace account is closed? Pleasure Dome Located at E.

Puzzles In Gulfport on Gulfport Blvd. Rafters Located 2 blks away earlier. Pete on Gandy Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45.

Was a Black Lesbian Club. The after hours breakfast place. This was once Tampa premier drag SeaTac married women, under the watchful eyes of Rene himself and his brother Ceasar.

That was a time when drag shows were fierce and the queens were legendary. From through I saw many queens come and go.

Tiffani Middlesexx, I was there when Rene brought her in from I think it was Ohio I could be wrong but he took her under his well seasoned wing and Boom she was Miss Florida. The Goddess Roxanne Russell made guest appearances she had moved to Cali. That show was amazing. Eddie Coin worked Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 door at times in the early days and then the beloved Fruity the lesbian that wanted to be a gay man.

It was a most magical time and if anyone from those days is still kickin and would like to contact me please do so DaynaDaDiva aol.

The club was promoted by Steve Donahue. Sahara Located at W. Was also Hemel Hempstead women having cock as Backside Club. Pete on Beach Drive femwle the street from the St. Owned by two successive straight couples. He was later killed in a car accident near Sebring, FL. Silks Infamous short lived video bar until blak Later they owned the Sherwood. Sports Page A lesbian bar located at 66 St N.

To get to the wild second floor you went up the fire escape on the building next door, the walked across the demale to the balcony on front of the building.

This club also had a restaurant on the first floor and coffee shop on the side. Later this building burned down. Today the walls are still standing. Tom Lewis name keeps popping up? Below is from Thom Lewis Rascles was owned by the same guy who owns Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 — he wanted to buyer the Brigg from me in just before my heart attack. At the time, after the firethe litigation went on for well over a year and I got nothing except the burned out building and no money to rebuild.

Anyone who thinks that I had something to Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 with the fire needs to have their head Oho. Try instead someone who had a key, who had access to the building and alarm codes and was no where to be found in the AM of the fire.

Original Spurs with a hot back Sexy black female mgr at Ohio 45 ah owned by Larry Montgomery, who later ran a bar on Gunn Hwy near Linebaugh, that was blacj country gay bar. All the Tracks employees would come over after work for afterhours, combined with the select progressive boys and girls allowed to stay late. Spurs Country Bar www.