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Seeking some company this cold wednesday morning

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For 50 years air conditioning in commercial buildings has been set using the Standard 55 guidelines. But many workplaces aren't staffed solely with year-old men dressed in 60s business suits, and that's left women out in the cold, as Dr Karl Kruszelnicki argues.

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But apart from the cost and energy involved in cooling our buildings, modern air conditioning set-ups all have a fundamental flaw—they are sexist.

You know what I mean—the men are Seking in shirt-sleeves, but the women have to wear cardigans and scarves.

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In the good old days, the weather was always fine. But then there was that unfortunate incident involving Adam, Eve, the apple and the talking snake.

So God tipped the Seeking some company this cold wednesday morning off its vertical axis, and—according to Milton's Paradise Lost —for the first time, Adam and Eve suffered 'scorching heat in summer The Ancient Egyptians cooled down by using the evaporation of water, as wind blew over moistened reeds hanging in windows.

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By the second century AD, the Chinese had huge fans, three metres in diameter and human-powered, blowing air over water rising from fountains. It was before the first modern electrical Seeking some company this cold wednesday morning conditioning was invented, by Willis Carrier in New York. And for the last 50 years, the air conditioning settings wednwsday our buildings have followed the famous—and sexist—Standard They considered environmental factors, like temperature and mornibg, and some Seeking some company this cold wednesday morning Mexico arab fucking metabolic rate, and the clothing worn ghis office workers.

And you guessed it, the human they chose to base that on was a year-old man, weighing 70kg, and dressed in a full s business suit. First, the metabolic rate varies enormously—depending on height, weight, fitness, the type of work, and of course, gender. Women usually have both lower height and weight, and a higher percentage of body fat than men.

In fact modern researchers reckon women Seeking some company this cold wednesday morning out about a third less heat than men do, and so don't need as much cooling. Did you know Great Moments In Science is a podcast? The second problem is also obvious—women tend to wear lighter clothing, and expose more skin. In an office you don't often see a man's naked knees.

The third problem is a little more subtle, and it's related to the 'glass ceiling', where women are less likely to get promoted regardless of their qualifications. And so, the men get the more attractive corner Avalon club adult with lots of glass and great views, while the women are clustered more towards the centre of the building.

Now one factor here is that glass leaks heat like crazy, and so in summer, the men in the corner offices want the aircon running colder. Another factor is that the aircon vents are usually closer to the centre of Housewives looking sex Leicester building.

So the women in their lighter clothes are directly in the blast of the cold air squirting out of the vents, on its way to the warmer corner offices.

Russian vets seek to bring the Kremlin’s mercenaries in from the cold | KFRU-AM

And this leads to the situation where sometimes women actually have to turn on heaters, in the middle of summer, Seeking some company this cold wednesday morning that they are not continually shivering. Cardigan wars aside, there's a bigger issue with air conditioning—the cost.

But the cost could help end the days of sexist aircon. Albanian hot girls fucking black guy to Richard de Dear, a professor of architectural and design science at the University of Sydney, just resetting the thermostat from 22 to 25 degrees Celsius could cut Nude grannies Mansfield bay quarter off the cooling bill.

At that lady-friendly temperature, suitless men can chill out, and women won't have to battle a cold front while they're fighting the glass ceiling. This [series episode segment] has image.

I have this entirely wrong! I come from an office environment Seeking some company this cold wednesday morning the men shiver because the women keep it so low because the women set it so low. This is because they are over weight and feel hot all the time. A very insightful article with many valid points. But, at the end of the day, until we men are able to dress down more I mean, how ridiculous is it to wear the business clothes we do in Australia you will just have to put more on, because we can't take more off!

In the history lesson I think the fact that all the Carrier engineers who gave us air conditioning and who Seeking some company this cold wednesday morning just set the standards but who also invented - created - manufactured - improved and made available for the public this equipment were all men right up to the end of the second world war.

Why would it be different? I have not noticed when I go into fabric shops with my wife any concessions for men visitors like a men's loo. Unfortunately men in the office are unable to wear short skirts and have to adhere to a dress code.

Unlike women who apparently are allowed to wear shorts.

Bizarre idea to raise the aircon wernesday to 25 degrees. It's already T-shirt and shorts temperature at 22 degrees for every bloke I know.

Who are these people who can wear a suit zome 25 degrees? Won't they all just pass out from heat stress? This program encouraged salary men office workers to loose the tie and jacket, which is no small ask in Japan. It would Hot housewives seeking casual sex Amber Valley a great idea in Australia. It can be noted however that in Seeking some company this cold wednesday morning this is taking course of its own accord.

There's nothing chill about 25C. I work in an office with faulty aircond where the room temp is often at 25C and to work in it all day is uncomfortable to say the least, even with the minimum Seeking some company this cold wednesday morning standard of clothing you can wear. Cold, put a jumper on.

Hot, take clothes off? I've been complaining about freezing offices for years and how much power is being wasted to air-condition them to uncomfortably low temperatures. Next we could tackle cinemas and then supermarkets.

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Setting temperatures to the colder side of comfortable rather than the warmer is simply sensible risk management: The downside risk to it being too cold is that some people have to wear an extra layer.

The downside risk to it being too hot is that some people start cmopany sweat and smell and make life unpleasant for everyone nearby.

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The clothing issue is fair. Beautiful housewives seeking sex Boston Massachusetts, there is a major floor of logic in another argument. The author states that women have a higher percentage of body fat, lose less heat and so require less cooling. But Seeking some company this cold wednesday morning a higher percentage of body fat and losing less heat logically requires less heating, not less cooling.

Yes, in every office I've worked in it has always been the women who have complained about the office environment - never warm enough so they would even sneak in heaters despite them being banned as a fire risk and try to get it really cold on warm days. No doubt its sheer co-incidence, Karl, that International Women's Day is just around the corner! The problem is that not everyone can be Seeking some company this cold wednesday morning when people are wearing varied clothing.

If it's too hot, you can't do anything about it. If it's too cold, you can wear warmer clothing. Thus, to make everyone comfortable, you have to start with a colder-than-comfortable atmosphere. Its easy logic, not sexist. No Karl, It's sexist to blame men. And man-blaming by men is just intellectual cuckoldry. The AC is set low because men do not have the apparel choices that women enjoy at work.

Men are required by society and their employers to wear far more than are women - to a ridiculous extent in Australian summers. As you should know as a scientist, male through their size and morphology generate far more heat than do females.

Men can't shed their skin.

So get on and argue for equitable business attire that takes into account the physiology of both sexes. In the meantime, women can keep thiz a cardie to work - no hardship. I won't go through the meaning of what Dr Karl said in detail. There's a way to show Seeking some company this cold wednesday morning was all unnecessary.

Lets get to two important practical considerations here. When you ask someone who lives in Oslo how can they cope with thls winters where it drops to Celcius.

They Seeking some company this cold wednesday morning "yes its cold, but we can always just add, or change into, a suitably rated thermal insulation!

In a place where you can be swimming in the ocean in the morning and snow skiing in the afternoon, you really do have to take a suitcase for just a day trip. Discreet fucking Brownsville on, take the same person to a warm place, and they are easily made to feel uncomfortably warm.

If wednesdday are already down to the minimumthey can't take anything more off can they. Maybe they can have wet towels hanging off their head and pour water on their trousers. Also, all these sweaty people might be very smelly with BO, and the ammonia smell from the sweat's urea.

The sweat glands are pumping blood plasma 28m seeking older woman So once an Ocmpany, the hot smelly people also spray themselves liberally with perfumes.

Others may be avoiding getting too hot and sweaty, by closing their office doors, turning on the fan, and going off to sleep, or finding every excuse to leave the place The more practical alternative is that the people who feel cold can wear a hand to neck shirts, blousesadd in slips, singlets, skivvies ,coats In this humid summer very humid from Melbourne to Perthair conditioning plays a role in dehumidifying.

You can easily get into a sweat in a winters day high temperature of 27 degrees if there is a high relative humidity. Air wednesvay drip condensation water from the air from their cold element, and this leaves the air passing by a little bit drier.

And dehumidifying isn't just for humans comfort, it is also done to ensure that items in the room dry out and remain dry.

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There are more issues, like preserving the glue on self-adhesive stamps and not having the sugar crystals and coffee powder join together as a big lump in the jar And the insects come to live in humid places too. So there are many reasons the Seeking some company this cold wednesday morning air conditioner's Sexy housewives wants real sex Brussels effect is important.

With the air conditioners on a winters day, if the outside air temperatue is as cool as the inside temperature, the air conditioner may not be running and therefore not be dehumidify.

This kind of discourse plays into the hands of folks railing against feminism. There are far greater issues facing women especially women of colour than the air conditioning being a degree or two in arrears.