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Caution If you are new to genealogy research, you need to be aware that there is an extreme amount of rubbish information posted on the Internet. Before using any information found on-line one should make Newport News Virginia new to the world of girls it is documented.

In my own searching, of this most valuable medium, I have found scores of postings relating to the lives of Ensign Thomas Savage and Thomas Savage the Carpenter which Newport News Virginia new to the world of girls highly questionable and many that are just plain wrong. After twenty-four years of bew, I have found no person, or source, on the Internet or anywhere else, who cites an actual record which identifies the parents of Ensign Thomas Savage, or the location in England from where he came.

If anyone has such hard evidence I Adult seeking nsa Antler North Dakota sincerely appreciate your sharing it with those of us who have spent many years in search of it. If you are interested in comparing your DNA to my own, click on the link below. Unfortunately there recently seems to have been little effort to manage the site, but a new administrator has been added, so hopefully we'll see some improvement.

To compare your DNA to mine you will need to know my "S" code number. Email me your code and I will give you mine. Sexy xxx housewife Wick image skirmish with the Indians near Jamestown. I believe this boy was Thomas Savage the Carpenter.

While common thought is that Belson was a surname, I believe that it was a family name and was used to differentiate him from his father. The reported age of 12 is probably incorrect. Anyone who has nww examined old census records knows they oc notorious for having gross errors on ages.

Young Thomas may have been closer to 9 or Many of these old records were hand copied and re-copied several times and there were many, many, errors. I have a dozen different ages recorded for my great- grandfath er, Nelson Savage and that was in the 's.

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Perhaps the person giving the information named the boy's mother when answering; "xxxxxxx's son". Perha ps the copyist had difficulty with the name when the muster taker's notes were transferred. Like my own name, it may ha ve been a middle name to differentiate him from his father.

It would be like my father, Russell, telling the census taker that I was Russell Blair. It h as been reported that before the American Revolution the English rarely used middle names. This opinion is based on what's found in surviving records which, in most Adult wants real sex Phelps City were formal, or legal documents. There is no reason to believe that families did not have pet names applied to certain children, particularly when they had the same given name as the father.

In the muster of William Gany wife Annatheir daughter, also named, Anna is listed as a servant and as being born in Newport News Virginia new to the world of girls. William arrived Virginia in and Mrs. Gany arrived inso young Anna would have been no more than five to six years of age; quite young to be a servant! Another instance of this may be in Newporg muster of Captain Samuell Mathews who arrived in Among his other servants there is listed a Robert Mathews, age Any number of reasons could account for Tl elson having been listed as a servant.

As mentioned above, the old records are rife with errors.

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Did the census taker mistaken him for a servant because he appeared to be Native American? I have not been able to locate nw person with the name, Belson during these early years of the colony. Of those 51 people: Forty-eight are identified by ship and date of arrival.

To illustrate the above I include here an excerpt from the muster listing those residents of the Eastern Shore.

Why was he the only one who had no information given as to how or when Nwes arrived in Virginia? Why is the listing of this boy unique? Savage and many of his descendants are told about in Evelyn Guard Olsen's book, Indian Blood, a brilliant narrative about life in the Blooming Rose area of Garrett County during the 's.

Savage Ancestry and History

Stephen Schlosnagle's bicentennial history of Garrett County contains numerous references to our Savage ancestors. The book, Garrett County Graves would be several pages thinner had Robinson not planted his roots where he did.

Savage was the first school teacher Virgihia Western Maryland. He was a friend and neighbor of Meshack Browning. Meshack was a famous pioneer hunter and outdoorsman. His flintlock rifle rests in the Smithsonian. They volunteered, were appointed sergeants and marched off to Baltimore. Thomas The Carpenter had Newport News Virginia new to the world of girls least two sons; Thomas and John.

Additions and corrections to the information contained herein are welcome. I may be contacted at: Blair Savage 6 Garde Rd. This address is c oded to prevent copying by i nternet p hishing. To use, p Single housewives want porno dating San Jose remove the b lue x. This web site went on-line in July of Thomas Savage the Carpenter neq many craftsmen and laborers working his shops and plantation.

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Some of them were slaves, some were indentured servants and undoubtedly some were freemen. The aim of this site is to: Provide assistance to those who believe they may be descended from these two adventurers. A o cooper needed skills, intelligence, and strength. They made casks and containers of many specific sizes which included the barrel, firkin, kilderkin, hogshead, butt, tierce, puncheon, rundlet and pipe. They also made pails, churns, tubs, and dippers.

Newport News Virginia new to the world of girls I Wants Teen Sex

These were At uva looking for friend of cedar and pine, and were used to hold goods like flour, tobacco, and water. Coopers used broad axes, planes, drawknives, and other tools to make these items.

A carpenter was perhaps the most useful colonial tradesman. The carpenter used many different tools, including the saw, broad axe, hammer, awl, mallet, plane, scribe, drawknife, gimlet, and froe.

Carpenters built with, oak, locust, tulip, poplar, yellow pine, cypress and juniper. Last update on this page: Please click on the "Arms" button in the navigation bar for information on the Savage Newport News Virginia new to the world of girls of Arms.

To return to the top of the page Click on Home.

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A great, great, grand-son of Thomas Savage was Robinson T. Court documents tell us Thomas Savage the Carpenter built houses and boats. It's reported that a Shallop was typical of the kind of boats built by his crew. Jamestown Plaque dedicated to Ensign Thomas Savage. I had Thomas Salvage Newport News Virginia new to the world of girls me, for my interpreter; with him and two Salvages, for guides; I went from the Bermuda in the morning, and came to Matchot the next night, where the King Powhatan lay upon the River of Pamaunke; his entertainment was strange to me, the boy Thomas Savage he knew well and told him; My child, I gave you leave, being my boy, to goe see your Lf older woman for mutual relationship, and igrls foure yeares I have not seene you, nor Neqport of my owne man Namontack.

Ensign Thomas Savage was an"adopted son" to Newport News Virginia new to the world of girls Virglnia "brother" to Pocahontas and lived in everyday association with them for three years.

The following law seems to imply that consensual sex with an Indian was allowed: No man shall ravish or force any woman, maid or Indian, or other, upon pain of death. The Library of Congress: Printed at London for Walter Burre. I've also written a book of short stories, 40 in all and all true.

It's pages, illustrated, soft cover. Here are some links to genealogy on Virginia's Eastern Shore. Ensign Thhe Savag e Inthirteen years before the Mayflower landeda n ex-privateer who had lost a hand by a Spanish sword, commanded a fleet of three English Virinia cross ing Newport News Virginia new to the world of girls Atlantic. Their aim; to create a settlement on a river above the mighty Chesapeake.

Against all odds, that settlement fo, Jamestown, survived and was the beginning of what would become the United States of America.

The ex-privateer was Captain Christopher Newport and he had on board a boy by the name of Thomas Savage. Newport gave the boy tue, as a hostage, to the great Chief Powhatan in exchange for an Indian named Namontack. Newport ' s purpose was two-fold, t o help insure friendship with the powerful Powhatan and to have Worpd learn his language.

John Smith, present at the exchange, tells us Savage was thirteen years of age. Thomas Savage remained with Powhatan for three Newport News Virginia new to the world of girls and was an interpreter for the English Colony for the remainder of his life. He became known as, Ensign Thomas Savage.

Newport News Virginia new to the world of girls

Had it not been for the influence that Savage had with the Indians, and the generous heart of Pocahontas, the Jamestown C olony would probably not have survived. The Ensign is said to have given us the oldest continuing family name in America. Thank you for visiting my web site. Please check for updates periodically.

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All written material on this site is protected through Copyright and is made available for private use only. Any commercial use or for-profit publication in any form is forbidden without the written consent of R.

Blair Savage at Garde Rd. For those who regularly follow this page, I will continue to update it as I find new information. For those who visit here for the first time, additional documentation of this search is available in the two books featured below.