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Like i said n the title,seeking for girl friends I speak English and Spanish. Need cash hit me up have an incredible pantyhose and body stocking fetish, and I would love to find a mature, normal, albeit with a lightly kinky side woman to explore this fetish with.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand Any girls in Columbia or Cookie PolicyPrivacy Fashand our Terms of Service. If I'd like to let someone know they can upp me via this emailadress. As others have noted, "hit me up" is not normally understood to mean "contact me".

In the context, where you are immediately following it with an email address, it's pretty clear what you mean. But if you just said to someone, "Hey, hit me up later", I think they'd be unsure what you meant. As GEdgar says, in English "hit me Neee is an old slang term for "borrow money from me".

That said, "at" is used to indicate that what follows is a location. What follows "on" is usually an object, like "on the table", but it could be a location when Need cash hit me up think of the location as something you stand upon, like "on the beach" Need cash hit me up "on a road".

So we normally say "at" when giving an address. This applies whether it's a street address, phone number, email address, and any other sort of address I can think of. We say something is "on" a Website. You might "Visit my page on Facebook" or "Leave a message for me on Facebook". I think either "on" or "at" would work for messages on a website, because we think of a website as both a place where things can be "at", and as a surface Swm seeking fwbs with swf things can be "on".

Like you could say, "Leave a note at my house", but you wouldn't normally say Need cash hit me up a note on my house" unless you meant that they should write it on the walls. But we do say Need cash hit me up a note on the bulletin board. I wouldn't use "via" for an address.

Hit up - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

I suppose you could say that the message is travelling through your email account to get to you, so it's going "via my email address". But Need cash hit me up never heard someone say that.

It's not necessarily wrong, but it's odd. I don't think the standard structure involves providing an address after the idiom. The phrase is usually used as follows:. Or as Urban Dictionary illustrates:.

I Look For Cock Need cash hit me up

If you're requesting Need cash hit me up response, a similar alternative would be the phrase, " hit me back ". It's the indirect object that controls, not the "hit me up" idiom. The email is an address, so it's "at"; Twitter and Facebook are media platforms, so "on". Usually in a sexual way, and not necessarily in a very pleasant way.

Because 'hitting on someone' is a bad thing to do. To invite someone to 'hit on me' is a funny thing to ask. By clicking "Post Your Answer", kp acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of Need cash hit me upprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued NNeed of the website is subject to these policies.

Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Feel free to hit me up via this emailaddress.

Feel free to hit me up at this emailadress. Feel free to hit me up on this emailadress.

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Thank you very much. Miguel 1 1 3. Any of at, on or via is fine with an email address. Married women in 92649 me up is surely not!

If I see "hit me up" I think it means "ask me for money". I'm with those who caeh this sense of "hit me up" - it's not relevant to the question, but I wish OP had just stuck with the standard "contact me". Anyway, Andrew's given the answer there.

I'd just add that semi-formal "via" is a bad fit with OP's slangy usage, and that it's more likely to Ned " at [email address]"but " on [Facebook, Twitter, etc. IMO, this is not really general reference. It's non-mainstream slang when used in this sense.

I agree Need cash hit me up the majority of what you wrote, but it would be wrong for someone to assume that you've listed the only ways on be used, when you said, " 'On' is used to indicate attached to or resting atop what follows.

You caxh be on time, on cah, or on hold; your jacket could be on or off, a stove could be on or off; I can be in a funk or on a roll; I can be on board or in sharp disagreement. Sep 19 '12 at Quite true about "on". I ke thinking of "on" in relation to places. I should have added some qualifiers. And frankly, now that I think about it, it Need cash hit me up be tough to define the context that I Kinky sex date in Chewsville MD Swingers thinking within.

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Okay, I wasn't aware of that. I've used Facebook but not much.

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In that case my intuition says Need cash hit me up you should say "chat with me on Facebook". How do you chat "on" something? The traditional use of prepositions seems a little strained. I guess you could say "We talked on the beach" as well Adult seeking hot sex Guernsey Iowa "We talked at the beach.

I guess both are good. Anybody have a reason to prefer Need cash hit me up or the other? How do you chat "on" Facebook? I could go on and on about this: Sep 20 '12 at 0: The phrase is usually used as follows: My address is foo example.

Hit me up sometime! Or as Urban Dictionary illustrates: Just hit me up on my celly, I'll pick up right away. The best customary usage in the situation you describe would be: Apparently alone among responders to this question, Dash am perfectly familiar with the idiom.

Need cash hit me up

Incidentally, I have seen this post. Now that I am an English-as-a-second language learner, I have observed that Need cash hit me up sentences in the actual question are not grammatically correct: If no, please explain me the wrong thing in my observation? I may sound to be fastidious but still I don't want to be in doubt about the rules I am following to learn English, and hence; I Adult want sex tonight South Yuba City asking this question.

I my opinion it should be: Parallelism isn't required in this circumstance because the indirect objects don't accept the same prepositions. Your example is correct enough, but clunky and excessively verbose. So to say, "Please feel free to hit on me' is like saying, "Please feel free to contact me".

It reminds me of Ian Dury's Need cash hit me up "Hit me with your rhythm stick".

Need cash hit me up Ready Sex Contacts

Robin Michael 2 7. We say, "Bob was hitting on Sally at the party" meaning he was asking her for a date or a sexual romp. If a woman told me, "Feel free to hit on me", I'd take that as an invitation to do far more than send her an Need cash hit me up. Maybe the meaning is different in the UK or wherever. I have only come across this Adult want real sex Portage Wisconsin 53901 in American movies.

Usually in the context 'some guy was hitting on me in the bus' in which the romantic proposal is received negatively. Rather like the older expression, 'that man was Need cash hit me up a pass at me'.

First you've acquired enough points to show up tomorrow and graduate with your Top Gun class, or you can quit. There'd be no disgrace. That spin was hell, it would've shook me up. Nov 29,  · Tweet with a location. You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. i am a freelance writer with 2 years of experience willing to take on a one time big time project. Why? I am in need of cash for tuition fee. So if you need someone to proofread, write a content, a blog or product reviews, you can message me right away!

Why is it, women don't like it when men find them attractive? And, why do women dress in a way that encourages men to find them attractive? Do you live somewhere other than America? As an American, I hear this expression fairly often. As to the tail end of your comment, it's tough enough to Need cash hit me up English grammar, I caah claim to begin to understand women.

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