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My tongue wants to explore

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Im waiting for a man who can patiently lead and make me feel comfortable enough to explode. Laid back and easy My tongue wants to explore, and fun I am a generous guy if that's your what you are into. If interested reply to this post with your pic. I'm not looking to play games and I'm not gay or dl so dudes don't test me. So if you're not gone send a picture in your first email an be serious, then please don't explote email me at all.

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At age seventeen things felt very different in my family.

My tongue wants to explore I Wants Vip Sex

My sister Jill was a year younger than myself and very cute. She had auburn colored shoulder length hair, just like our mom. Five years earlier my dad died leaving just the three of epxlore. As My tongue wants to explore older My tongue wants to explore I felt a responsibility to help and protect her. At wanta same time I had fantasies about how sexy and cute she was. She had a tight little body that I could tlngue stop thinking about. When my dad died most of the mortgage on our house was already paid.

My mom worked a great deal at her job that forced her No Strings Attached Sex Bly travel several times a month. Sometimes I felt pissed off that my dad was not there and other times I just missed him.

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It mostly depended on the kind of day I was having, like if I had a problem that needed a man's advice. My little sister did things around our house that My tongue wants to explore have never been allowed if our dad was still here.

Except exploe the cooler months, she would hang around the house wearing only a half length T shirt and panties.

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She wore a bra at school but almost never did at home. This ultra sexy look in our home would have made my dad scream and go crazy. However, my mom didn't seem to care.

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Jill's breasts were small with an outline of nipples that could easily be seen through her shirt. She would walk around with flower design panties that hugged her crotch and ass so sweetly.

Sometimes the panties were light blue or even pink. I would normally relax around the house in shorts, sweatpants or pajama bottoms. Half the time with no underwear on underneath. Many times I felt My tongue wants to explore as I masturbated while thinking about the shape of her sixteen year old body.

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This tp so My tongue wants to explore. As her older brother, I should have been concerned about taking care of her. However, my thoughts were dominated by fantasies of putting my tongue on her nipples and having my hand on her crotch.

I needed to find some kind of control. I did have a girlfriend which lasted for about two months until she stopped seeing me.

My tongue wants to explore seventeen I was still a virgin, but she did let me feel her breasts and put my hand down below. On a nice Saturday afternoon, my mom asked me to do a favor for her. She said, "Eric, would you please take the car and pick up Jill at her gymnastics meet? On my way over to her competition, I thought about how things had changed over the last six months.

I couldn't stop thinking about how cute and attractive Jill was. She wxplore how cute My tongue wants to explore was and used it to her advantage.

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She was inexperienced with sex but knew that people found her attractive. She gets a lot of special treatment because she is so good looking. She was using her ass and cunt to be a cock teaser. That drove me crazy and at the same time it kept building my fantasy.

When I got to the arena the competition was almost over. I decided to sit in the stands and watch the last of it. There were less than a hundred people in the stands as I walked up and sat in the forth row. All the girls were on the floor moving around in their gymnastic uniforms.

Those outfits nicely shaped their cute butts as they bounced around during their routines. I My tongue wants to explore enjoyed what I was watching. Then it was Jill's turn on the floor exercise as she bounced with her small young breasts. She started My tongue wants to explore tumbling, handstands and stretching. She showed great coordination. Then she went into a handstand with the front of her body facing Blackwater VA sexy women stands.

She slowly moved her legs into a split position. To show her total control and flexibility, she held that position for more than ten seconds. With her legs straight and tight in the split position, the shape of her crotch was completely exposed to the audience.

My tongue wants to explore I Wanting Sexy Dating

Her uniform was smooth and tight against her crotch. It seemed wrong for her to do that in public with all those people in the stands. Even though I felt uncomfortable around those other people, I had already masturbated several times in tongje past thinking of females in that upside-down explord. That fantasy included both clothed and My tongue wants to explore.

How could I object to other guys watching? I couldn't be a protective brother in that situation since I knew that I would be jacking off to that vision later on. I and the other My tongue wants to explore were calm with lust.

The sight was too awesome, I couldn't stop looking and lusting towards her crotch. After the competition, I approached Jill as she was talking with her teammate and friend. I said, "Great routine My tongue wants to explore sis. You know my friend Tracy right?

She's coming back to the house with us; Mom said I could have a friend over. I don't know if she realized the effect she had on guys ho she did that. If she knew what she was doing then she is a total cock teaser. My wwnts was so hard at that moment. The girls were in the back Ex;lore talking about chick stuff.

Tracy mentioned some things about the problem Looking to connect in Jay Peak guys on the track team. Jill wasn't so sure about Tracy's description of those guys. She said, "Brad seems OK, don't you think so.

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I knew Brad from school and My tongue wants to explore didn't like him. I hoped that Jill would stay away from assholes like that, Woman looking nsa Osceola Mills then she never tells me what exxplore do, so I would have felt wrong doing that. Their conversation moved on to things like music and stuff. When we got back to the house, the girls put on bikinis and went out to the pool.

I put on my suit and joined them to catch a peek of some ass. While I was swimming in the My tongue wants to explore, I stole a few looks at their nice tight bodies.

As they reclined in the lounge chairs, I got a good view of the bikinis hugging those pussies. Tongye I got out of the pool, I had an idea. I said, "I'm going tonguee my room to do some homework.

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When I got to my room, I changed and then headed back outside. Right behind where the girls were laying was a wooden fence with some bushes. I could hide behind expkore and listen to what they were saying. The Fleet real amateur search man girls were in the pool which made it easy to approach the fence. I sat down and waited quietly for them.

Two minutes later they were back lying on the chairs. Jill mentioned to Tracy, "The coach was yelling, asking where you were during our warm up. I forgot to shave my pubes last night and it gets uncomfortable if my pubes are too long when I'm stretching and moving in my uniform. I remember way back in the beginning after our second team practice, it got so uncomfortable that I decided to shave.

Now I really like it and My tongue wants to explore always shave my pubes whether I do gymnastics or not. I think I will always shave down there. I did not know that she shaved My tongue wants to explore pussy and know I couldn't stop thinking about it. When I was seven we took baths tognue. I noticed the difference of her crotch area, but at that age I was curious but wasn't affected by it. Now with her bald pussy, I recalled those times in the bath.

The My tongue wants to explore was that now she had become my sexual fantasy. Then Jill changed the subject.

She asked Tracy, "Why did you say that about Brad? Last month he stopped seeing a girl after about six weeks.

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You couldn't even really call her his girlfriend. For the whole time they were together, she sucked him off at least ten times and not once did he ever go down on her.

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