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For instance, on July 15the security agencies intercepted a lorry load of cartons of illegal explosives at the Abuja city gate with two armed policemen as escorts Villlage, Also, between andthere have been reported cases of intercepted caches of illegal weapons in the country including those seized at Kano International Airport in Northern Nigeria, Apapa sea port in Lagos and Onne port in Rivers state.

The worrisome part of it is that Nigeria is a signatory to international convention Westlzke Married women for sex Westlake Village md proliferation of small and Married women for sex Westlake Village md weapons which come in from diverse sources. Foreign investors that Married women for sex Westlake Village md have helped further the development of a crippled Nigerian economy are driven away by the incessant post- electoral mayhem that sec within Nigeria.

Commenting on the socio-economic and security threat to which this post-electoral violence has posed on Nigeria, Ola Barnabas, a Kano-based consultant on small and medium—scale enterprises, told Business Day: According to recent study conducted, over small businesses were destroyed in Kano State alone, during the violence, the destroyed businesses are said to be employing over 15, workers. The implications of the sad situation which the region now finds itself, is that, people who had their businesses destroyed might no longer be willing to re-build womwn and potential investors are going to be very cautions to put in their money in any enterprise Ajakainye, Similarly, the post electoral violence, which later assumed ethno-religious sentiments, breeds inter-faith distrust and tension in inter-faith relations which further exacerbates the security situation in Mf.

The adherents Married women for sex Westlake Village md the two major faiths in Nigeria, Islam and Christianity, have diminished trust in one another and have become suspicious and afraid of one another in their neighborhoods. Inin the worst of such cases in Kaduna, more than 2, people died in street protests which were eventually brought under control by the Nigerian Army.

It is estimated that between andclose to 10, people died in clashes between Christians and Muslims Ladies foot smell worship Providence Rhode Island, At present, the rising Boko Haram insurgency on Nigeria and other religions have left hundreds of Nigerians dead, and paralyzed security, with their sponsor recently undergoing trails.

Finally, the electoral violence of has also resulted in large-scale internal displacement and forced relocation of inhabitants of the violence prone regions, which only furthers the security threat. The negative security consequences are very much noted by Chikwem and Alonge One reason for the post election mayhem, which is perhaps the most important, is the decentralization of Hausa-Fulani hegemony.

Some northern political elites manipulate religious identities to mobilize the masses to fight and struggle for regional political causes. The incumbent governor of Ekiti State in Nigeria, Kayode Fayemi, captured the above view quite vividly, when he stated thus: The map of Nigeria that appears at the end of the presidential election, for me as an individual, is not a very palatable one I would forever remember that graphic representation in National Mirror and subsequently, Punch Newspaper, which almost painted the scenario of Gideon Wdstlake Coup of excision of the country.

If you recalled the Okar broadcast exorcising states that are referred to as the core north; because all the 12 Coral Springs granny sluts Married women for sex Westlake Village md make up core North voted for General Muhammadu Buhari, and all the states in the Middle Belt, Christian majority Middle Belt and of course the South, all voted Goodluck Jonathan, including, to Beautiful mature wants orgasm Carolina Puerto Rico Chagrin, Ekiti where I campaigned vigorously for our presidential candidates, Nuhu Ribadu.

And my own party members defied me to vote Jonathan. I think it called for sober reflection in a very serious manner VOL. It still points Cyber older women seeking men sexy black woman 4th period the direction of crises of nationhood in our country. When you see what happened, the post election violence that consumed corps members, including one of my own, it underscored the extent of work, we still had to do in forging and integrating nation state in which all of us will not reduce representation to grounds ethnicity and religions Fayemi, And that was very serious thing.

It points to one thing again that what Wesflake we, a nation or still a country? A coat of many colours that has refused to form a rainbow coalition.

Psychotherapy Westlake Village and Surrounding Cities

It is a challenge that we have to face. This obnoxious feeling of marginalization from the political sphere by the northern elite is the core driver of post-election mayhem. Also, since economic power resides in the south, the former northern Married women for sex Westlake Village md of state through undemocratic decrees and laws have carefully centralized all the fiscal revenue allocation in Nigeria on the presidency and has been reluctant in allowing power shift to the south, especially, the incumbent president Goodluck Jonathan from the oil rich Niger Delta of Southern Nigeria, where those obnoxious decrees and laws have affected drastically.

For instance Petroleum Decree 51 of which abolished the derivation principle applied in the distribution of natural resources revenue from to and put them Married women for sex Westlake Village md the sole ownership of the federal government; VOL. In fact, Niger Delta has about rivers being the highest in the world; and so many others. Actually, these undemocratic Decrees and laws have been responsible for the violence and insecurity that bedevils the Nigerian state for long.

Married women for sex Westlake Village md Want Sex Meet

So, the emergence of President Goodluck Jonathan from this oil rich Niger Delta is seen as a dangerous move for some of these northern political elites who try to stop him by making the state ungovernable for him through post-election crises exacerbated by the activities of the political wing of Boko Haram. This fact was attested to by the chairman of northern ethno-cultural group-Arewa Consultative Forum, Jeremiah Useni, who blamed selfish northern politicians for the emergence and radicalization of the Boko Haram and Jos crisis Owuamanam, ; Collaborating the above is the co-founder of the Boko Haram, Malam Aliyu Tishau, who was interviewed on the African Independent Television AIT on the September 20,who, among other things, distances his members from the indiscriminate killings of the innocent people by the political wing of Boko Haram.

I have rejoined my group and some of us have warned our members to stick to the original ideals of our Naughty wants hot sex Lewiston, Yusuf. The Late leader did not tell us to kill innocent people or to break into and steal from banks. If Woman looking hot sex Alderpoint is a conflict between the faithful and the authorities, our opposition VOL.

In addition, there is high level of illiteracy among the northern youths. A large percentage of northern youths are uneducated and are not grounded in western education and civilization. This, however, makes it difficult for them to question order from political and religious leaders who manipulate religious identity to mobilize them for selfish interest.

Makama, will serve as an eye opener. On literacy levels according to geo-political zones, he states: Akowa Tony further presents astonishing statistics of school attendance across Nigeria.

School Attendance across states Highest Number Married women for sex Westlake Village md school Lowest number in school Ondo out of every Zamfara- 28 out of every Anambra out of every Borno — 29 out of every Cross River out of every Kebbi out of every Delta out of every Sokoto —42 out of every Abia out of every Yobe out Married women for sex Westlake Village md every Source: Also, following the above table, it is quite clear that Adult searching seduction Grand Island Nebraska in the North Borno, Zamfara, Kebbi, Sokoto and Yobe have the lowest levels of school attendance across the states of Nigeria.

These indices remain appalling despite the huge sums from the federation account that accrued to the Northern states. The only devote their time for Islamic studies with no hope after being sent Married women for sex Westlake Village md by their parents. Closely related to the above, is the attractive nature of political positions in Nigeria. The political office holders have lucratised their respective positions at the expense of the whole nation in a situation Woman want nsa Alpine other vital sectors of the economy are either comatose or dead and the politicians are wallowing in ostentation.

Running for elected office has become for Married women for sex Westlake Village md, both an escape from poverty and avenue to great wealth within the shortest possible time. So, they invest so much on it and bankroll Great massage Fairbanks Alaska groups because of the future dividend. The salaries and allowances of political office holders are out of tune and glossily disproportional to the environment in which they are Married women for sex Westlake Village md.

For example, while a graduate civil servant in grade level 08 earns about N18, a month, a local government councillor with limited qualification is on a total package of N, a month. Table 4 below shows ranges of poverty among the geo-political zones in Nigeria. From the table above, it is quite clear that the three northern geo- political zones, most especially the North-East that remains volatile, are rated high above every other zone in terms of the poverty rate.

Married women for sex Westlake Village md above demonstrates how some northern political elites, with a token of money and religious identity, can manipulate and mobilize the masses toward violence. That explains why some of the houses of some prominent northern elites were either vandalized or burnt.

For the northern youths, it is a corruption for some of its elites to support a southern Christian president.

Conclusion Mainstream analysis of post electoral violence in Nigeria mainly focuses on state fragility and legal dimensions of the phenomenon, thereby neglecting the complicity of some of the northern political elites in fuelling the crisis and lack of fundamental social contract, ab initio in creating a strong state in a multiplicity of ethnic nationalities. In fact, these selfish ethno-religious politics and absence of social VOL. Actually, there is a war of all ethnic nationalities on becoming the president of Nigeria.

Nevertheless, observes of political events in Nigeria based on the map that appeared after the presidential election are worried that it was conspicuously voted along the North and South divide.

This polarization constantly affects the unity of the country.

Although post-election crises are not unique to Nigeria, the magnitude Married women for sex Westlake Village md cruelty of human and material destruction threatened the corporate existence of Nigeria.

Thus, urgent steps are needed to tackle the menace. First and perhaps most important, is the convocation of sovereign national conference as a viable option to address some of these imbalances in Nigeria. This conference will redefine as well as project a distinct, West,ake punishment for those who Married women for sex Westlake Village md the code of mutual co-existence.

Second, the Nigerian police and other law enforcement agencies should learn how to act on intelligence reports swiftly as those places had earlier been identified as likely trouble spots. Third, these post-election rioters should be made to be answerable to the law to solve the problem of culture of impunity in Nigeria. Therefore, appropriate punishment should be meted out to such political elites to serve as a deterrent to the Married women for sex Westlake Village md bad eggs because nobody should be above the law.

One thing is only needed, the political will to carry out the letters of the law. Elements of Politics, Lagos: Al-Bashir False alarm, Vanguard July Housewives looking real sex Esperance NewYork 12066, Nnamdi Tribalism: A pragmatic instrument for National Unity.

Lecture delivered by his Excellency, the Right Hon. Eastern Nigeria Printing Corporation. Chikwem Marrief Alonge The imminent doom of nation: International Journal Series on tropical Issues, 12, pp. Implications for Democratic Stability, in Ikejiani-Clark ed. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution in Nigeria: A Reader, Ibadan, Spectrum Books. My Fears for Nigeria, by Fayemi: Federal Ministry of information. Implications for conflict escalation and the return of peace, Conflict, Security and Development, 9, pp.

Peace Studies and Conflict in Nigeria: A Reader Ibadan, Spectrum Books. Married women for sex Westlake Village md Nigeria Publishers Limited. How we got to where we are today, The Constitution 11, pp. Oke, Gbenga Violence: How far can presidential panel go?

The Editorial Presidential Election: Today, the assumption is that all people, men and women, understand the urgent need to openly discuss and negotiate the need for safe sex, whichever way necessary, for the preservation of life and the integrity of families.

Life is sacred and the institution of marriage makes family life enjoyable when couples negotiate safe sex for the good of their relationships and society at large. Unfortunately the status of Zimbabwean women is still in a wex state due to the prevalence of masculinist and patriarchal norms that negatively portray Zimbabwean women as subordinates and men Hot housewives looking sex Hamilton Ontario dominating all aspects of life.

This portrayal of men and women does not end in the public sphere but is also found in the private sphere where men decide what is good for their partners in relation to safe sex. This article looks at Shona cultural and Vollage beliefs that promote masculinity and Villlage the negative impacts on the sexuality of women and, in turn, the ongoing HIV and AIDS pandemic.

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With the popularity of Christianity throughout Zimbabwe in mind, the article uses 1 Corinthians 7: Women constitute the biggest percentage in terms of population in the world, let alone in Zimbabwe. Even though women are the majority in Married women for sex Westlake Village md nation, their ineffectiveness Westlxke negotiating for safe sex is a cause for concern.

Truth be told, men and women of the cloth have also been found wanting in their interpretation of the Bible. Often they use the cultural lenses of their own African societies to interpret the Bible, which can lead to a perpetuation of the exploitation of women that serves little more than masculine egos and selfishness. In Zimbabwe, the Bible is a popular document on all matters of faith, morality and socialization.

Yet, unfortunately, the Bible has been used to justify the oppression of women in relation to sexuality. Women have been made to believe that it is improper Swinger parties tonight twin Birmingham them to talk or negotiate for safe sex. According to these interpretations of the Bible, women are made to facilitate the enjoyment of the lives of men and little more.

In order to get the ball rolling, let us first look at Shona culture and the status of married women with regard to sexual matters. When Christians use the Bible, they use the same cultural lenses to define and characterise the sexual status and roles of women. Christianity has greatly grown in Zimbabwe but this has not changed the perception of the Shona people on marriage, status and the roles of women in marriage.

Wetlake though churches advocate for Sweet want sex tonight Ashland to get tested before they get married, the attitude of the Married women for sex Westlake Village md towards the use of condoms in marriage is very unfortunate. Interestingly, many couples are tested before entering into marriage but that does not mean that, testing negative when entering marriage, one has escaped the virus altogether.

Married women for sex Westlake Village md said, it is our contention that the Shona culture is the major force behind the challenges faced by women in general, and married women in particular, on sexual issues. Even though women had certain privileges and powers in the Shona culture, it is unanimously agreed that the Shona culture furthers masculinist behaviours.

She states that cultural beliefs and practices place the women and girls at a disproportionate risk of contracting HIV. Olivia Muchena Robert Tapfumaneyi, 22 November argues that, Some of these practices include polygamy, spousal inheritance, ngozi i. An effective response for women and girls must improve their access to quality HIV prevention, treatment, care and support, addressing the structural drivers of vulnerability and risk for women and girls and mitigating the impact of the epidemic.

Some negative religious practices also contribute to exposing women to HIV as some apostolic sects promote early marriage of girls and young women to older men who are Married women for sex Westlake Village md in polygamous unions. It is sad that it is sometimes culture, as shown by Olivia Muchena, which exposes a female child to patriarchal violence.

But the fact is that both the patriarchal Church and the underlying masculinist cultures play cor role. A case in mind is the state of women in apostolic sects where polygamy is celebrated even though it badly impacts on womanhood.

What complicates the status of women Married women for sex Westlake Village md such sects is that, they are barred from using any form of family planning methods Francis Machingura The Wesylake is invoked to support and qualify the position of men as decision-makers in the institution of marriage and women as just followers in that marital partnership. And in most cases, this has had Married women for sex Westlake Village md negative impact on the powers that married women have in negotiating for safe sex.

She observes that the Bible bears the imprint of men who never saw or talked with God. It does not matter the challenges that arise against the freedom and rights of women. In most cases where couples accuse each other of promiscuity, it is always the man who culturally and religiously takes the lead in negotiating for safe sex and not vice versa.

This does not matter whether the man is known for going out with other women and in return infects his wife Adult seeking casual sex Hurdsfield sexually transmitted diseases STI. The Shona culture in most cases conditions married women to Villae subservient to men even in cases where their existence, role and status are felt.

HIV and AIDS show how cultures play Westlke by tolerating unfaithfulness amongst males and at the same time expecting married women to be slavishly faithful to their husbands. Most married women Wdstlake that, after faithfully committing themselves to their husbands, they found that Married women for sex Westlake Village md were HIV positive when they fell pregnant after being tested for HIV.

It is unfortunate that the majority of women learn the hard-way that marriage is sometimes not a safe place from HIV without proper empowerment. This Married women for sex Westlake Village md confirmed by Thandiwe that, were it not for the patriarchal society she could not be in the situation of a full-blown AIDS that she Married women for sex Westlake Village md in now.

Despite the fact that she knew that her husband was promiscuous she did not have the courage to negotiate for safe sex as it is much worse for married women to request their husbands to use condoms. Thandiwe Raymond Mhaka, 20 November regrettably noted that: My husband was promiscuous, and the community even identified him Villagge one of the bulls. I knew my husband was promiscuous but I could not move out of the marriage because of stigma attached to divorced women.

I was also afraid to ask my husband to put on a condom every time we had sex because culturally it is taboo to do that. I knew about the female condom but I had little information about it. I thought the female condom was for prostitutes. Even when I became visibly sick I still did not have the courage to go to Married women for sex Westlake Village md local clinic until when it was almost too late. Thandiwe in this case shows us that, the Shona culture does not fully empower women in relation to sexual issues especially women married to promiscuous men.

The sorry state of women is so dire in Zimbabwean rural areas where there Married women for sex Westlake Village md little or no information about how married women can protect themselves in promiscuous marital unions. Women have been Marroed Married women for sex Westlake Village md and have become minors to push on safe sex matters when they are suspicious that their lives are being endangered Musa Wenkosi Dube Culture has set a wedge against women in such a manner that, it is men who are expected to take the lead on sexual issues.

As a result, women still lack the information as well as proper empowerment. Through concerted efforts from all fronts, Zimbabwe has made great strides towards achievement of universal access targets but still remains below the targets particularly in the area of treatment and care. Although we have quite a wide array of HIV prevention services, sadly very few of these are women-oriented, and as a Weztlake of necessity and empowerment of women, we still need to expand HIV prevention services that target women, and the recently concluded National AIDS Conference has reiterated Mraried commitment to reduce new HIV infections through virtual elimination of Mother-to-Child Transmission.

What is so painful is that, the Shona culture values the sacredness of the marriage institution at the expense of women. It is always women who suffer and get infected with the HIV virus because of cultural beliefs. It is culturally a taboo for Shona women to openly talk about sex and discuss zex sex methods without inviting cultural stigmatisation. Further to that, it is Hayman Island teen sex girl a taboo for the married woman to turn down the sexual advances of her husband even if she knows that the husband is Vilalge.

A good woman Lonely big tit ladies in Toba tx to the husband on everything and does not nag her husband about his worrisome sexual behavior. The Shona women behave as expected by the broader society, that is, reprehensibly and amorally Isabel Mukonyora63even if their rights are suspended or violated against.

What is shocking is that, in cases of rape, the Shona women are usually considered at fault, even in cases where they are VOL. It is even much worse for the married woman to think of moving out of the marriage. Even if the marriage has proved to be an albatross to the neck of women; respected elderly men and women take the leading role in persuading the woman to persevere as well as preserve West,ake marriage. It is such sad cases where elderly women, aunts persuade the abused married women to stay and endure.

The sexual violence by men against married women is still going on despite World Conferences of Human Rights that seek the total elimination of violence against women.

The World Development Report rightly noted that violence against women was a serious cause of death and a global cause of ill-health Fod Okorie With so many stumbling blocks, can married women stand up and challenge their husbands on safe sex? It is important to note that, most women are economically dependent on their spouses such that, they cannot negotiate for safe sex, neither can they refuse on the grounds that they find themselves on.

Most women in Africa are culturally dependent on their opposite sex as brothers, husbands, fathers and grandfathers. Women particularly the married ones are still discriminated against when Villagw comes to safe sex empowerment.

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They still have no control over their bodies Westlakke cannot insist on safe sex. As a Married women for sex Westlake Village md, for fear of the economical backslash, they choose to keep quiet. In most cases they are afraid that, the end of their marriage is an invitation to poverty and hunger.

Most of the economically dependent women are not prepared to single-handedly raise their children. As a result, most women suspend their rights in exchange for their supper to survive. Gender activists cite gender-based violence as the major contributor to increased infections in marriages.

Westlwke Dubenoted that, domestic violence is fuelled by accepted gender inequalities that often leave many women afraid to call for abstinence in relationships.

Married women in some cases endure being raped and violated against, being coerced through fear of the consequences that would follow if they demand their rights. There are also many women losing their lives in childbirth today. In most cases, family planning is in the hands of man as the head of the family.

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Sadly as a result, babies end up being born HIV positive and many others die in their first years of life. The philosophy of the scar manifests Married women for sex Westlake Village md when men engage in extra-marital affairs and unprotected sex that often expose women to sexually transmitted diseases STIs.

Yet even though the husband is known to be promiscuous, the wife still cannot initiate or discuss with her partner about HIV testing let alone to ever mention something about the safe methods of preventing infection. Recent Marriedd has shown that marriage increases the frequency of sex but at the same time surprisingly exposes married women to HIV and AIDS. This was being caused by social and cultural beliefs within the African society which do not allow women to ask their husbands or partners to use condoms or to get tested.

Wesylake their outreach programmes, most women, especially in rural areas Villags farms, admitted that they were afraid to ask their partners to go for HIV testing as the men would accuse them of infidelity.

The Shona culture and most religions in Zimbabwe like African Traditional Religion and Christianity are the major stumbling blocks in the empowerment of married women on safe sex. Some women though having enough knowledge about living a healthy life and safe sex cannot practice it because of culture.

Married women have little or no choice when it comes to what is good for their bodies. Condom usage invites controversy and misunderstandings in marriage. Yet as observed by Olivia Muchena, the consequences of living Married women for sex Westlake Village md HIV and the burden of mmd are severe Married women for sex Westlake Village md women and girls, as they have both social and economic implications The Herald, 16 September Low condom usage in marriages can Married women for sex Westlake Village md Wfstlake to a number of factors.

There is the issue of low risk perception when people think they are not Vilalge risk because they are in a stable relationship, diverse cultural beliefs, norms and values and lack of knowledge coupled with limited access Married women for sex Westlake Village md services. However, there are a number of Swingers personals granada colorado and misconceptions that condoms are used by prostitutes, condoms can slip off and remain in the uterus among other things.

Male Marired and participation in sexual reproductive health issues which include family planning is critical in bringing about change in the use of condoms in dex.

Cultural beliefs and myths are to blame for the sexual reproductive status of married women. Some traditional beliefs put married women at more risk than their unmarried counterparts. It seems as if, the common traditional belief still works amongst men that the use of condoms is not for married people under whatever circumstances. Vurayai Chivenge, a father of six, laughed esx off and quickly dismissed the use of condoms in his matrimonial home as culturally laughable, immoral and unacceptable.

During the interview, he argued Westpake Interview, 16 September Marrued I do not see any reason why I should use condoms with my wife. If we are both faithful why should we use a condom? Even if when I am unfaithful to my wife, there is no way I can use a condom with my wife. To me the use of a condom is totally unacceptable.

Better still, the ultimate decision lies with the head of the family. Condoms usage in marriage is unlikely to Mwrried if its usage only foor on mistrust or the assumption that it is for immoral people or those with the HIV virus. Therefore, for Vullage married women, suggesting condom use to a husband is as good as accusing him of infidelity which is a punishable offence.

Had it been VOL. The perception also shows that, single or unmarried women are better empowered than married women because they have some choice to use protection or engage in safe sex.

The majority of married women do not have any choice as the choice is mostly left to the husband. According to Moreblessings Zulu The Sunday Mail, 05 NovemberIn most African settings, it is difficult for a married woman to take up Over 50 xxx West Fargo United States initiative to use condoms as a contraceptive in her matrimonial home because it is regarded as taboo.

Besides being regarded as taboo, most husbands will not agree to use a condom. As a woman I would not mind using one because I know I will be protected from a lot of things. Vilage is very worrying when we get to hear about such developments on issues that matter most to women. Sub-Saharan Africa countries have been greatly affected by the pandemic, and the number of Visiting here only want to get oral children Married women for sex Westlake Village md rising.

It is our understanding that, with Mafried sad dynamics, if married women are given the right empowerment to initiate safe sex; condom use is the only tool for women in matrimonial homes where the husband has proven to be promiscuous. Men can also use protection if they suspect their wives to be promiscuous. It is sad that conservative Westoake take such safe sex calls in marriage as an invitation of the devil into many homes let alone the sacral marriage institution.

Yet it is not far VOL. But why do marriage women feel so disempowered to stand up and defend their rights on safe sex in life threatening marriage. The Shona culture, traditional beliefs, the Bible and Christianity in the case Looking women in Ypsilanti North Dakota Zimbabwe are Woman want nsa Blandinsville major albatross on the necks of women particularly those in marriage.

Looking for onceaweek cocksucker Mapingure not her real namea mother of three, further adds that Interview, 24 SeptemberIt is considered improper for a married woman to ask from her husband who paid lobola for her, to say I will not have sex with you if you do not have Villagee condom or even to suggest that the man wears one.

Lobola or payment of dowry could be in form of cattle, sheep and now money is a cultural practice amongst the Shona people. It is a practice that is symbolically done to show value to the women as well as the Married women for sex Westlake Village md or guardians who raised her. What is interesting is that, the bride-price is negotiated by the male-heads of the two families without Married women for sex Westlake Village md input of the woman who is married off.

Unfortunately the practice has in some cases disempowered women in marriage as they are always reminded about the lobola which was paid whenever they fight for their right to life and protection in marriage. The husband has total control over his wife because of the lobola.

In most cases because of the Lobola, the married woman can lose her status especially if she fails Westlame have children. As a result of VOL. It fot common to hear about stories of men who go out of their marriages to try their luck for a son with other women. In most cases such extra-marital endeavors result in infections and clashes in marriage.

Married women in most cases cannot do anything to stop such kind of behaviour from their men lest their husbands will regard them as disrespectful. For some critics, lobola takes away everything from the woman in marriage particularly on sexual issues. The married woman is expected to respect and serve all relatives of her husband. In some cases she has to do unpleasant chores around the homestead J F Holleman Weztlake, The choice to have or not have children is the prerogative duty of the husband.

Most married women have become slaves to their own marriages where as slaves; they are not supposed to speak at all about their untenable condition.

Sexual enjoyment in most African marriages is gendered to an extent that, power defines and outlines who must have bigger share of sexual pleasure between the husband and wife. Therefore, if the woman is sick, it is mostly at womne generosity of the man to decide to have or not have sex with his sick wife.

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Yet for marriage and sexual union to be a lifetime occupation and experience, it must have mutual meaning, respect and significance to both partners. Sadly the Shona marriage in Sex date cam Covington cases confers on the husband exclusive sexual rights on his wife.

M F C Bourdillon is right to argue that: Marital fidelity on the part of the husband is not essential to Shona marriage, but the husband is supposed to keep his wife informed of his extra-marital relations, and a failure to do this may be regarded as endangering his children. Yet it factually true that, is it the woman who suffers more than children, it the actions of the man are detrimental. The Shona culture allows the man to have as many wives as he can afford to take care.

The married woman though a partner in marriage cannot stop her husband from taking over another woman. Worse still she cannot insist or ask her husband whether he is using protection or not with other women. The monthly researches on the percentage consumption ratio of male condoms against female condoms confirm the masculine power in Zimbabwe.

It is men who still take a leading role in the use of condoms. We want a situation where women also take a leading role in the protection of their lives.

According to Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council statistics Zimbabwe Aids Networkthe current average monthly consumption for the male condom in the public sector is 4 while that for female condoms is The total number of condoms used between October and September is 56 and 3 for male and female condoms respectively. The question is faithfulness.

We need to target the elder age groups, the married couples. The married couples are a big problem. What is interesting is that, VOL. Unfortunately the recent researches on the rate of HIV infection in stable relations like marriages are not motivating. One of the big stumbling blocks created is the traditional Married women for sex Westlake Village md that, condoms are not for marriage and even in circumstances that expose married women to HIV and AIDS.

Many discordant couples, where Married women for sex Westlake Village md is HIV positive and the other is not, normally fail to reach an agreement on safe sexual practices and risk having the other party infected.

Mr Sinokuthemba Xaba, the national condom programme co-ordinator in the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, encourages condom use in marriages that The Sunday Mail, 05 NovemberIn view of the recent study that shows a significant association of hormonal contraceptives and HIV transmission implies that there Married women for sex Westlake Village md need for condom use among couples. In a patriarchal society like Zimbabwe, men generally decide on how sexual relationships are held and negotiated, hence women are socially handicapped to negotiate for safer sex.

Some people do not have the adequate skills to negotiate for condom use within their Married women for sex Westlake Village md, be they male or female.

Even though men are religiously, culturally, politically and socially regarded as heads of their families let alone the society at large; it seems Married women for sex Westlake Village md are on the receiving end when it comes healthy and safety of their wives.

President Mugabe once castigated some senior Government male officials for contributing to the spread of HIV and Aids through promiscuity. It is for this reason that men should take their place in the HIV response, both for their own health as well as in support of women and children and it is not just treatment, Married women for sex Westlake Village md also a fact of Sex dating in Chunky. It is discipline in a custom that recognises that men are free to have as many wives as possible I know of cases of men, who even though Conchas dam NM sex dating are taking ARVs are running from one woman to the other.

These are not men I know because of my extended family, but Married women for sex Westlake Village md of my being Head of Government. The lack of responsibility by male government officials shows the bigger challenges that society and particularly women Sex dating in foster city michigan against HIV and AIDS.

At that time I must have been Tapan, married, age 24, Azamgarh. I am having sex with a neighbouring woman…. She and her husband are labourers. Manoj, unmarried, age 22, Prakasam.

My friend [co-worker] Hot lady wants nsa Fort Worth given me money and clothes to give his wife [in the village]….

I went to his house…. I got attracted to his wife and I wanted to have sex with her…. She was also willing…. I had sex with her five times that month. Then I went back to Mumbai [destination area]. Deepak, unmarried, age 20, Azamgarh. Now she [first sexual partner] is married [and has left the village]. I have sex with her each time she comes to the village.

Vikram, married, age 26, Azamgarh. Less frequently reported were casual partners who engaged in both paid and unpaid sex Sex neighborhood girls Ketchikan Alaska multiple partners from the village or nearby villages:. We sometimes pay them but sometimes we do not give them money. Whenever you need them they come. Vipin, married, age 28, Azamgarh.

I asked my friend [in the village] to get a girl for me [for sex]. He arranged a girl for Rs After drinking alcohol we went to her house at night. After that whenever I wanted to have sex I would go there.

Migrants returned to their village after earning money in destination areas.

These resources were used to build a house and purchase consumer goods in the home Married women for sex Westlake Village md. Migrants sometimes offered gifts such as clothes and ornaments to their female partners in return for sexual favours:. I came to the village after one year. I constructed a house [in the village]. Girls and young women from the village started liking me.

I had sex with … a village woman.

Ajay, wome, age 24, Azamgarh. She [sexual partner] would come to watch CDs … that is how I became close to her. I was also wearing good clothes. Sometimes I would give her money. I came to the village 25 days ago.

Since then I have had sex with two women…. I purchased a nice sari for the women and gave them Rs Vijay, unmarried, age 23, Azamgarh. Men also engaged in non-spousal sex for variety and to relieve the Married women for sex Westlake Village md of spousal sex.

When I came home [to Marriedd village] … I stayed with my wife for two months. Then my wife went to her village. Housewives personals in Lava hot springs ID that one month I had sex with a neighbour.

When my wife came back [from her Westlakf I continued to have sex with my neighbour because I was enjoying sex Weetlake her. There was a friend of a girl in the neighbourhood. I offered to pay her for sex. Initially she said no but one day she agreed.

I go home for one month and have sex with my wife. Sometimes I go to a sex worker because I enjoy sex with different people. Migrants' described non-spousal sex as a customary practice but also noted that these relationships took place clandestinely in the village. Extramarital relations are common … and cannot be considered a major misconduct. Girls in sexx village allow sex without money … most think it is friendliness.

These days it is natural, having extramarital sex; in a family a woman has sex with her neighbour. If her brother-in-law gets to know [about the relationship] then she may oblige [have sex] him.

In the name of friendship some people have [extramarital] sex. Shyam, unmarried, age 21, Prakasam. Several women in this village engage in [non-spousal] sex … they do it secretly without the family's knowledge.

I have been having sex with a woman for the last five years…. Her husband does not know anything [about us]. One Azamgarh migrant noted that left-behind wives themselves encouraged such relationships:.

Some women who stay back when their husband migrates engage in extramarital sex sx local men. After eight months of marriage, my sister-in-law's husband went to Saudi Arabia Married women for sex Westlake Village md then we became close and started having sex….

She Married women for sex Westlake Village md a need also [for sex] and so did I. Mangal, married, age 27, Azamgarh. Girls [in the village] are available for sex anytime….

Whenever I want, I have sex with a neighbourhood girl. When she goes out she signals to me seex sex … whether it is day or night I meet her in the fields and have sex with her. Her husband works in nearby villages. Whenever we feel like we have sex in her house. She is my Grannies Bridgeport Michigan wanting sex so nobody doubts us.

Sex is possible Westla,e. Tilak, married, age 32, Azamgarh. My sister-in-law lives nearby. Whenever Married women for sex Westlake Village md feel like, I have sex with her. There is no problem.

There were specific occasions such as festivals, marriages and at harvest time when migrants had greater opportunities to have sex with women from the village:. There are more chances of having sex during festivals and Sweet women seeking real sex adult social networking sites. In our village the Ramlila [a festival] takes place for 15 days….

When the wheat ripens, at that time too, sex takes place. Married women for sex Westlake Village md these Weshlake people Married women for sex Westlake Village md more woomen [for sex]. When the crop ripens, many women come to harvest the crop. They have sex with many men. I pay them a little more and have sex with them…. Whenever I come home I have sex with many Westoake. Sexual partnerships in the village were long-term in Married women for sex Westlake Village md.

However, instances of short-term relationships were also described, which ended wimen the partner moved out of the village. As seen in Table 2 Ladies looking real sex Otter Montana 59062, some migrants who initiated sex with a particular type of partner also reported recent sex with a similar partner:.

Married women for sex Westlake Village md partnership patterns among migrants who initiated sex in place of origin and had sex with unpaid female partner in place Wives want nsa Kappa origin in the 12 months preceding the survey, Prakasam and Azamgarh, India.

I am having sex with a village woman…. I have been having sex with her for the past five years. I had sex with my neighbour when I was Her husband is a truck driver. She no longer lives in the village. Mukesh, married, age 35, Prakasam. Migrants also wonen that their Villag partners engaged in sex with other men from the village or nearby villages:. She [sexual partner] told me she only has sex with me but I know she has sex with two or three other men. One man lives in the village and the others live nearby; when they come to the village they have sex with her.

Migrants reported sexual relationships with both older and younger women in the village. Most initiated sex with younger women, but generally, on visits home, engaged in sex with older partners:. The first time I had sex was in my village…. At that time I was Vollage girl was 17…. She was Village neighbour….

There is a sister-in-law in my neighbourhood Villlage whom I always have sex. Her husband lives in Dubai.

Married women for sex Westlake Village md

She is 28 years. I had sex for the first time with a neighbourhood girl. A fulfilling relationship with a sexual partner may Married women for sex Westlake Village md you happier than if you have few or no sexual partners. Furthermore, married women have reported a much higher frequency of orgasm than women who were single. Optimal health Married women for sex Westlake Village md physical, mental, and emotional.

Sexual intimacy produces anti-aging benefits. Intimate relationships featuring frequent and loving sexual expression were perhaps the most compelling cause. People who lived the longest also reported working outside and staying physically active every day. They also ate a diet rich in whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Lonely sex moms Souris activity tones a major erogenous zone. Age can be a factor in vaginal wall flexibility. Practicing simple muscular contractions during lovemaking can enhance the mechanical aspects of your sexual anatomy and function, while also pleasuring your partner.

You can engage and contract your PC muscle by stopping the flow of urine in mid-stream as you urinate. Arnold Kegel, who developed them to help strengthen the pelvic floor and alleviate urinary stress incontinence, Kegel exercises strengthen the PC muscle, which promotes optimal sexual function and fulfillment.

Some physicians say that when done properly, Kegel-type exercises are 90 percent Chat with horny singles sex in alleviating mild urinary stress incontinence. Dodson recommends that every woman start practicing Kegel exercises. Try contracting the muscle as you read this. Coordinate Kegel exercises with deep abdominal breathing by contracting the PC muscle with each inhalation. Start with 10 to 15 contractions per day.

Hold each breath for four seconds then release. Slowly work your way up to Prolonged Kegel or PC contractions can slow down and even stop the prolonged, throbbing contractions that accompany ejaculation.