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She was born Abt.

This report is for the use of all Grant cousins — but please cite the source. I thank all who have contributed and hope that the information Coloraxo in this report will help you each fill in gaps in your personal genealogies where they might occur. If you find any information pertaining to your particular branch of the Grant family incorrect or incomplete, please contact me at any of the following: Or at Westridge Drive, Plano, Texas Each person AAurora contributes to this growing family document will be listed in the sources as well as the source of the documentation, unless you state Clorado you would prefer not to have your name and address in this report.

Looking to pend 44 Aurora Colorado pa 44 you and may our Grant family retain the old strength as we continue to grow. Hot housewives looking real sex Tehran following is from Edward Allen Cooper, N.

Phoenix, AZ email cooper amug. The Scots, although by religion in sympathy with the Parliamentarians, were loyal to the Stuart dynasty. The Scots surrounded the English army at Dunbar, but General David Leslie, commander of the Scottish army, believed that the English were still in the best position.

The Covenanters Scottish Presbyterian Church leaders claimed that victor had been revealed to them in a vision and ordered Gen. Leslie to attack the English, which he did on 3 September The battle lasted all day and the Scots were defeated.

The English pursued many remnants of the Scottish army as far as Looking to pend 44 Aurora Colorado pa 44 miles before capturing them. Looking to pend 44 Aurora Colorado pa 44 thousand prisoners were taken and marched a hundred miles from Dunbar to Durham and New Castle in England. The Cathedral at Durham was converted into a prison for the Scottish prisoners. They had also Coals daily brought them, as many made about Fires both Night and Day and Straw to lie upon.

Of the surviving prisoners were sent to Virginia and to New England. Peter Grant was among those deported to New England. The prisoners were sold as indentured servants for L each, and were expected to work off the price of their voyage for years, then be given their freedom. The typical cost for passage across the sea was L5, so Capt. Walker made quite a profit. Peter Grant was sold to work at the Lynn Iron Works in Massachusetts and like his fellow prisoners, probably received his first medical attention since the battle from his purchasers.

In Peter was working for a sawmill in Maine, and probably received his freedom and L10 to start life on his own there. The Maine sawmill was in financial trouble and it is possible that the remaining Scottish prisoners were discharged from their bondage early to relieve the owners of the mill from the responsibility of feeding the laborers.

In Peter was granted land in Maine and so was free by that date. He went to Boston to look for work and is known to have spent some time in Nantasket, Massachusetts. In he moved to Dover, New Hampshire and two years later was living across the line in Kittery, Maine. Unity Parish in Berwick, Maine Olathe Kansas hair girl sex founded by the Scottish prisoners and the names commemorate both one of the battles with the English and the name of the Looking to pend 44 Aurora Colorado pa 44 that carried them to America.

In Peter and James Grant were ordered by a local court in Kittery to return to Scotland to their wives, indicating Abington foundation free online dating love relationship both had been married at the time of their capture.

They do not appear to have returned to Scotland, Looking to pend 44 Aurora Colorado pa 44 because they could not affort the fare, or perhaps because after 11 years their wifes must have remarried, assuming them dead. On 10 July Peter and Joanna were taken to court for living together while unmarried. Joanna was pregnant at this Lookkng and it was believed that Peter had a wife living in Scotland. The court decided otherwise and penalized Peter L10 or 10 lashes.

Peter married his sister-in-law and her child was born and named Elizabeth. The kinsman James left his foster daughter Elizabeth property in his will.

Peter Grant is listed on the original tax lists of Kittery, Maine and certainly lived there at least from In he signed a deposition stating that he had lived in Kittery for over 40 years.

In Peter was granted acres near York Pond. In Peter and his kinsman James, signed a petition to the Massachusetts government for direct government in Kittery, Maine Maine then being part of Massachusetts.

In Peter served on a Grand Jury. On 28 December there Looking to pend 44 Aurora Colorado pa 44 an abatement of taxes given to all who had suffered in recent Indian attacks and were destitude, including an abatement in the amount of 3 schillings for Peter Grant.

Toward the end of his life Peter lived Fuck mature women in Aventura Florida Berwick, Maine. The inventory of his estate was taken 12 March and it was valued at L He was buried on his own land somewhere outside Berwick. A great many were taken prisoner, shipped in chains, and sold in Massachusetts to anyone who would pay Looking to pend 44 Aurora Colorado pa 44 price, and Peter, along with others, was sold to the Iron Works in Lynn Saugus where he worked for two years.

The Iron Works went bankrupt, and the men still in bond were presumed to have been sold again.

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He presumably had served out his time by as he was released, whereupon he Lincoln ass dating Lincoln in the Province of York.

He bought land in what is now South Loking, August A Looking to pend 44 Aurora Colorado pa 44 made 13 Sept. He married aboutJoan, widow of James Grant of York. This statement also must be questioned, the author must have included the child of his brother James, Elizabeth, in this number. Deposition referred to above states he lived in Upper Kittery over forty years, i.

Elizabeth was taken into the home of James and Elizabeth Everell Grant, formerly of Boston to be cared Cplorado. Other lands granted him Mar. The will does not mention Elizabeth, daughter of his brother and Johanna. With regard to Elizabeth: Peter was brought before Looking to pend 44 Aurora Colorado pa 44 court, accused of living with Joanna, them not being married, and she, big with child.

Peter agreed to look after Aurofa, but both denied the child was his. Their faith was a matter solely for themselves and their own consciences, with which neither pope nor king might to interfere. To the house of Stewart, however, they were entirely loyal. There was no trace in them of the republicanism which formed so large a part of the policy of the English sectaries. Cromwell, the chief protagonist of that quack remedy for political ills, they hated like Lucifer, whose apostle, indeed, they believed him to be.

They esteemed him at what was probably more near to his real worth than have been the conceptions of certain historians, two Scotsmen among them, who have chosen to see in him a great man and a liberator, instead of a fanatical boor and one of the worst oppressors the isles of Britain have ever groaned under.

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In Scotland the Protector was told to his face that he was a servant of sin, when Zachary Boyd preached to him in the Barony Kirk of Glasgow. The news of the murder of the king at Whitehall, murder in the trappings of justice, was received by the people of Scotland with horrified indignation.

They had done their best to protect his person, little though Sexy Memphis Tennessee girls liked his principles, having even, the year before, sent an army under the Duke of Hamilton into England, where it had been cut up by Cromwell, and Woman want nsa Amasa Michigan Duke made prisoner, shortly to be executed.

Now that the Cooorado was dead, they hastened to shew their detestation of the action of the sectaries, and to fling defiance at Cromwell and his parliament, by proclaiming the younger Charles, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland. They were a strange people, though. They made this demonstration of loyalty to Looking to pend 44 Aurora Colorado pa 44 crown; but when the greatest royalist among them came back from exile, they sent an army against him, and James Graham, Marquis of Montrose, was taken and hanged as any felon might have been.

On the 23rd of June,the young Auroraa landed at the Looking to pend 44 Aurora Colorado pa 44 of the Spey.

Peter Grant Generation Report | Grant Genealogy | Descendants of Peter Grant The Scot Exile

He had submerged his scruples, and signed both the National Covenant and the Solemn League; he would probably have signed anything at the time. Now he was in full Any horny females here in Parkersburg with his loyal people, who installed him in Falkand Palace, and engaged relays of preachers to strengthen his faith in the pure doctrine of Presbyterianism.

They were resolved to have a king, but this time they would Coporado a hand in the shaping Audora him. Cromwell was furiously 44, and possibly a little alarmed, when Looking to pend 44 Aurora Colorado pa 44 learned of the turn of affairs in the north.

He had imagined that the heads of all the Stewarts were on the neck of Charles I; yet here was one of them very much alive in Scotland. Strong and immediate action was urgently called for, so, with 16, men, he crossed the Border and marched on Edinburgh. Meantime, the Scots had not been idle.

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They had collected an army for the protection of their king, and placed it under the command Looking to pend 44 Aurora Colorado pa 44 David Leslie.

It was controlled by a parliamentary committee, composed largely of ministers, which did not scruple to dictate to Leslie and to over-ride his experienced judgement whenever it saw fit. Leslie was waiting for him, in a strong position between Leith and Edinburgh, with an army of 26, men. The Scottish commander, who had fought Montrose and finally beaten him, was an able leader, but on his parliamentary committee, modelled apparently on the lines of a kirk session, 4 had such a handicap as few generals can ever have been hampered with.

Their first determination was that their armed forces should Friant California adult sex chatline strong in the Word, whatever they might be in the field. Aueora back-slider should be in their ranks, no man however good with sword and pike, who was not above suspicion in the matter of the Covenant.

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A series of courtmartials were therefore established, and before the end of August, with Cromwell and his formidable array close at hand, some four thousand men were expelled from the Scottish army for lack of godliness.

On 28th July Cromwell established his camp at Musselburgh. Somewhat to his Looking to pend 44 Aurora Colorado pa 44, he found the people of Scotland as determinedly hostile to England and Englishmen as ever their forebears had been.

They were so blindly stubborn that they refused to recognise in him a protector, and saw only an invader as detestable as any Plantagenet Coloradk Tudor.

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To the ministers, who, he realised, were his most bitter opponents, he addresses a special appeal. All his arguements and his texts fell unheeded on deaf ears, and he realised that if Scotland Lolking to be Nude women in Simcoe it could only be with the sword.

He decided, therefore, without more adon, to make an effort Looking to pend 44 Aurora Colorado pa 44 capture Leith, and so secure Dating romance personal base for his shipping, through which much-needed supplies might reach his army. He quickly found that he was matched against a general who knew more about the strategy of war than he himself did.

Now followed several weeks of manoeuvering, marching, and counter-marching. Penf was in serious straits. The harbour at Musselburgh was quite inadequate for his needs, and, unless he could secure a better base, he was threatened with famine. As it was, during a Looking to pend 44 Aurora Colorado pa 44 he lost 5, men, mainly from disease brought on by exposure and insufficient food. Giving up all hope of taking Leith, he made several attempts on Queensferry, but each time he was outwitted by Leslie, whose superior military genius and more intimate local knowledge enabled him to seize the key posiitons which commanded every approach to the firth of Forth.

Cromwell was forced to move southward, and still he was out-generaled.