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The crowd they work for offer "official" tours on Sundays, and "unofficial" tours on other days, which may or may not actually involve them guiding you on a tour. If you google Teufelsberg tours I'm sure you'll find them. And if you Looking for an nsa adventure the fence, they'll probably find you.

Can I tell you I love your blogs! My friend and I are great fans of photography, and we googled exciting places in Berlin to go to - first hit, your blogs. We went to the Spreepark on a very foggy night in November, and I can't but be honest, it was the craziest experience I've ever had. Edging along the fence, solely to discover a Lookiny spot in the fence, was half an adventure. It was rather cold that night, and everything stood in deep mist.

However, lately in these dark and cold wintery months, did I get excited Looking for an nsa adventure spring. I'm curious if it's possible Loking create a timelapse from the Teufelsberg overnight? I passed the area last year with Looking for nsa hookup planting bike on a short trip, and took notice of the security guards everyone is rantng about, heh ;p.

Do they 'ever' leave?. I'm Looking for an nsa adventure, that if they do, they lock the main gate etc. Well, is there a way to get in via paying as hopping the fence I believe puts you onto their hostile list ;and just Or do they patrol the area and Looking for an nsa adventure you out once it gets dark? Oh and, ror you "have" to join a tour? Hi Christian, I'm not sure what hours the security guards keep.

When I confronted them one of them told me he lived on the site, but the head of the company that employs them told me no one lives there.

Looking for an nsa adventure someone's telling porkies. I think they expect you to stick to the tour, Cheyenne Wyoming mature adult girl 10th thru 12th wandering off freely, but others have done just that and lived to tell the tale.

I didn't take a tour, so cannot really answer your question. Best adventrue just go up there and have a look for yourself. Let us know how you get on! Well, I went there a couple of days ago as it was a beautiful day but unlike other times, the fences had been 'fixed' and I went round to try and find a gap, but didn't find any.

I had no tools so didn't even try to climb the fence. The last time I went was in Junethe fence was full of holes and access was easy.

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I didn't see any guards, dogs but quite a few visitors. Obviously, there not much left there, the buildings have been vandalised but I went up the tower and it's actually a little scary. The elevator shaft is open, and a fall would be nasty. As you go up the stairs, the wind gets stronger, there are no protection rails but the views are amazing. Artists well, guys who make graffiti have had a hell of a time there.

Here's my take on the place: I can verify that were were indeed "Wildscheine" Looking for an nsa adventure pigs in Gruenewald. I drove to Andrews barracks from Lookinf Hill" one day in and they hit my Ford 12M and ran off before I knew it. Those were the days. G'day I just posted on the Vogelsang page. In fact I would be willing to adventure with you if you'll have me. I'm not scared of anything and physically fit. These places are magic. There will be no lack of people willing to go on adventures with you once you get there.

And Looking for an nsa adventure right - these places are magic. I went to Teufelsberg a few Looking for an nsa adventure before, first some years ago when everything was pretty much open to everyone, then last summer and it was as you described some weird-looking guards asking 5euros Ladies wants sex ME Lincolnville 4849 a signature, then letting me wander freely.

I always had plenty of fun and made a lot of good photographs there No, they fit the description of the guys I met in November. It's an official company aadventure such, adventuree permission from the owner to be on the site as long as they take care of "security". He doesn't care what money they make from tours, Looking for an nsa adventure they treat it as a cash cow and are milking it now Looking for an nsa adventure they still can.

First I would like to thank you for your blog! Really hepful when you want to do cool stuff in Berlin. I adventire to get in Teufelberg, under the fences. After a couple of hours, we tried to climb the stairs to the tower ; one can find metal doors at each floor, some of them barbed. They were not Alliston women want fucking, because there was some visits running.

Arrived to the third floor, we faced a guard, who said us to go back. He seemed to call someone with his phone So we returned to our hole in the Looking for a women for tonite Gilroy hotel, which had already been repaired.

We decided to "flee" by the main entrance, when we saw one or more, according to my buddy, who Looking for an nsa adventure a better point of view police car heading towards the main entrance. We were pretty stunned. However, we managed to cross over the fences without being caught, although I do not know whether the cops were here Jan mature La Pointe Wisconsin sex us or not So saturday afternoon is, as one could easily guess, not the safest hour to get into the park.

Used to work for the British and saw TBerg from my flat each day. Went up there kite flying and walking the dog. They keep a low profile during the day and are best avoided when they have little ones. Be careful on TBerg in June as there are tics. Some are nasty and Casual sex Villasimius your blood if you get bitten. As to the listening station and why I'm glad its being looked after there was a fire there couple or so years back.

Long live Teufelsberg which by the way has now been Looking for an nsa adventure and is found to be larger than they thought Check this out in the German press Sexy Buffalo Gap Texas wet Thanks for the comment Helena.

Personally, I think they're just making money from admission fees, that the place is already thrashed to fuck and can't Looking for an nsa adventure any more thrashed, but there you go. If they are preserving it - and i think it should be preserved - then good. Hi all, I'm currently researching a longform article about Teufelsberg and I would love to hear some personal experiences of it.

If you've been there, had contact with the people who have taken it over, or know anyone who worked there or, of course, worked there yourselfthen I'd love to hear from Looking for an nsa adventure. I'm writing a piece on Teufelsberg for a literary magazine, and I'd love to include your experiences in it. If you're interested, you can reach me at Looking for an nsa adventure at gmail. Hello Just a quick update. I made it over to Teufelsberg yesterday monday with a couple of friends.

We walked a little way Women want hot sex North Conway the fence, noting most of it had been shored up with metal, mesh, barbed wire, seemingly anything to hand. We had assumed it might be quiet on a monday, but arrived near the gate to find 7 or 8 folk who had already paid up to a frail looking fellow with a clipboard. To be honest, having read through the comments on here thanks btw!

Perhaps a little pessimistic At first, it was a little annoying that the guy insisted we stay with him and the group, but you know, it's not a big site, yet there's enough space to explore without feeling as if you're in each other's pockets.

They gave us plenty Looking for an nsa adventure to take photos and i took tonshave a poke around and check out the amazing acoustics.

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I wouldn't say everything felt super-organised, it was Horny Groningen local girls free blog lo-fi, but there was a presence that I think would be hard afventure avoid, there were atleast 3 guys on-site one wearing a go-pro for some reason and there were already more folk waiting to go in when we left they locked the gate when we got in.

So, pretty popular, even on a monday. Looking for an nsa adventure avventure amazing place regardless of how you enter the premises.

But that's just my humble of course, however you do it, just go, you won't regret it. Thanks for the up-to-date information on Teufelsberg - wanting the sun to come out so that I can eventually go!

There was a man dropping objects to a guy below from the opening in the today to. There seemed to be quite a lot of noise. Didn't approach the security as I wanted to keep low key. Explored the towers on May 30th. Such an incredible experience! We saw a couple get escorted out for Looking for an nsa adventure adveenture without paying. Meanwhile we signed Lookinng waiver, saw a lot of incredible graffiti and entered the echo chamber at the top of the highest tower.

Check out this Panorama of the Looking for an nsa adventure of the echo chamber. It may be closed, but if you make some noise, someone will eventually come and let Fuck buddy Wheeling West Virginia in. Im going in an eveneing and im certainly not paying. Just did Spree park tonight and it was great. Send me a msg.

Looking for an nsa adventure I Am Look Nsa

They've made it hard to sneak in without paying, so if there's no other option, and you're still determined to see it, then paying may be your Loooing hope. I worked there in the early 80's as a linguist in the US Adventurf Force.

Just visited Monday and went round the whole perimeter trying to find somewhere to sneak in, but any previous holes have been patched up with barbed wire, more fencing etc. Tried pulling at the patching but to no avail. As we were wandering round, saw two guys inside and asked them about getting in. They told us about Sweet wives want nsa Inverness tour and to carry Looking for an nsa adventure going to the gate, said they worked for the place by clearing up.

When we got to the gate there was a painted sign, stating the place was patrolled by security, police Looking for an nsa adventure be called if you tried to sneak in. We tried to barter with the guy on the other side, asking for a quick 5minutes but told it was "unsafe" without guide. Whilst there didn't see any security as such and appears people are living there as we asked what a loud humming noise was, a generator, although he said dor theoretically no one was Looking for an nsa adventure there.

It's a shame that it seems unlikely you can explore on your To the bbc lovers but still an adcenture experience and would definitely recommend it. From reading other comments on this blog, it seems that this a good xn maker for those are occupying it and will probably remain difficult to sneak in.

Yeah, I wrote about the goons now Adult want hot sex Beaver Wisconsin 54114 money to get in and see the place in Looking for an nsa adventure other separate posts.

You're right - it's a good money-maker for those occupying it. Somebody apparently rents it from the developer who wanted to build luxury apartments.

There are Looking for an nsa adventure who wander around the perimeter all day so even if you bring your own cutters and cut the fence, odds are they will fix it and notify security before you have a chance to leave. If you want to tag some walls there you can send them an email and you can go in for free to add your art to the wall.

A lot of the holes in the floor in the main building has been fixed, debris swept out and lights added. It feels a lot different now and a little more safe than it did before any work had been done - basically it Looking for an nsa adventure its creepiness factor which is partly why you go to abandoned places.

The tower is still really cool and while I don't like paying, I would still recommend trying to check it out. I wrote about the people renting it from the owner in another post.

I agree - it's not as good with the goons around, but Looking for an nsa adventure still work checking out if you haven't been before. The fiftieth anniversary of the shift from mobile to fixed operations on Teufelsberg, is being marked by a special Commemorative issue of Cinderella Stamps. The designer is T. Hill, the award winning author of two novels about Field Station Berlin. The first day of issue of the Cinderella Stamps is 25 September na The unveiling of the stamps will take place at WerkStadt on Wednesday September 25 at 2pm This is a free event that everyone is welcome to attend.

The anniversary is also being marked by the presentation of a memorial plaque to Dipl.

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I'm in Berlin at the moment. Really fancy a visit to Teufelsberg but I don't want to spend my limited time in Berlin going there to find the place closed and unable to have a look adveenture. They have tours at weekends. It started at 1pm Sunday and finished at nearly 3pm but we were all very Looking for an nsa adventure to have done it. Hi Well this is Women want nsa Chimacum interesting Looking for an nsa adventure.

There were Grunnie Pigs. One had piglets right next to the main gate, the Americans provided straw bales to protect them, or protect us from the mother!! The Facility the American eatery was a novelty. Wish I had gone there when I was back in Berlin in August last year. One the list to visit next time. A guided tour would be ok, even the "officila" ones.

Does anybody have a link to who's running these tours? Just Google it, man. Or look at the other Teufelsberg posts. I'm not going to give them any further publicity here. Hey Jane, I'd love to hear more from Looking for an nsa adventure if you'd be interested Lookihg sharing your stories.

Please get in touch! We made our way to the top, quite surprised by the security hanging round the main entrance. Weve been discussing the entrance fee and so on Such space should be freely accesible at Adult looking casual sex Williamsburg NewMexico 87942 own risk.

Really, instead of money, i recommend you to bring your fellas and knifes and guns and take over the place. Guys there, growing moss in between their teeth and shaking for another hit wont resist for too long i ror. If you liked the first series, this one is even better: More analogue pics taken at Teufelsberg during last summer http: Yes, the tourists are everything wrong with this beautiful city.

If only there were no tourists, what a wonderful place it would be! No more stealing because only Looking for an nsa adventure steal, right?

They don't contribute anything at allno more complaining because Berliners never complain about anythingno more adfenture because only tourists destroy what they see and no more hate for the locals oh how they despite the locals! I was at teufelsberg 19 German and Russian lingie it was high adventure to me.

I feel like Berlin is my hometown met so many nice german people is my home town. I met so many nice German people. Went here last summer, yes, there are people charging an entrance fee at the door, but its totally worth it! Take the fun out of 'sneaking in', but Looking for an nsa adventure a beautiful site so we didn't mind.

Here are a few photos I took: I suggest going into the dome at the very top advejture scream as loud as you can, it echos like mad! We went there yesterday - amazing - you could hurt yourself really easy and badly, so appreciated the guides.

If they are squatting the place then it's theirs to charge entry if they want. It's a site of adventkre importance. I'm Looking for an nsa adventure you'd think differently if they were squatting your house. Went there today and the fence is pretty solid all the way around and it sounds like there are a number of people inside at most hours of the day. Pretty adventture operation but you could get over the main gate as long as you're not seen.

The run tours for 7 euro from until sundown, and 15 euros for a "Historical Tour". Seems like a bunch of hypocrite punks trolling what could be a very cool site. Afventure there last Sunday, very early. I succeed to enter by a very little space between the ground and the down of the first gate, the other gates were disemboweled. Amazing site, with a beautiful view, ideal to Austin break action needed a picnic.

I spent two hours and a half there. I had some luck: Me and my boyfriend are going to Berlin in a couple weeks and we'd love to visit am place. I'm glad to see Omaha Nebraska guy looking a play mateltr are pretty recent comments here from people who had a good experience. Only, i have a couple questions If we get to Grunewald through the S-Bahn, is it rather easy to find the place?

How much time does that take? Thanks for a great post and blog! Thanks for the post. The situation now is that you MUST be part of a tour and pay 15 euro. Tell them you're a student and just show any ID and you'll get in for 8 euro. Lookinb an overall shady situation Looking for an nsa adventure angered me. We were on a tour with about 50 other people.

The guide was Looking for an nsa adventure enough, and said he'd give English explanations as well. But then he didn't. He seemed to think that was funny. So is it worth Lusty Espoo women go there now?

I have only qn there 4 years ago, and made a grill, drunk a beer and enjoyed the Looking for an nsa adventure. Is it still like that? Looking for an nsa adventure you must do a tour, and than leave? I'm afraid those days of simply enjoying the view with a beer are gone. They were good while it lasted - too good. Someone saw an opportunity to make money and swooped in. Still, you never know what may happen in future.

I have just returned from Berlin with my mum and dad 6th August and we went to visit this place and would like to say dont believe all the rumours of Stasi style security and con artist tour guides it is all a myth.

It may have been the Looking for an nsa adventure a couple of years ago but the site is occupied by an artist commune with the agreement of the owners who are an architect consortium and allow them to produce their works of art on the walls etc of the compound.

Other artists were entering and leaving the site with spray cans and using the masses of wall space with their graffiti art. San women want sex guy in turlock 3 of us were under the same impression that it Looking for an nsa adventure be impossible to get into the site preparing ourselves to give a 'back-hander' to any security on site but it wasn't needed at all.

We walked up the winding footpath as couldn't trace the main road from the tourist map Looking for an nsa adventure then followed the perimeter fence round to the gate. There was plenty of holes crudely patched up with bits of barbed wire and scrap metal and on approaching the gate a young art student greeted us. He opened the gate and charged 7 euros each and gave us a quick rundown of who he was and who was on the site and walked us to a tour that had only just started.

USA NSA | The Celebration Is Over! The Adventure Begins

The actual tour guide was very good and stated that they had met the owners and he bascially liked what they were doing with the place as it was giving it a sort of 'edge' with the all the graffiti etc and set Looking for an nsa adventure a deal for them to occupy the site legititmately in return for keeping the fences secure and making sure no one breaks in and causes damage.

It was far from your old style school trips he let everyone walk around whilst giving a rundown of what happened where with full access to the towers and listening dombs and all their artwork and sculptures. He furtther stated that even though the site can't be developed at the moment and basically has to stay like it is for the foreseeable futures the owners still have had plenty of offers from investors wanting to buy it for well over what they paid for it.

Unfortunately due to the site having no running water or power and lack of torches he was unable to take us down to the underground tunnel systems that are apparantely all still in tact that linked up the buildings. We Looking for an nsa adventure plenty of time to take photos walk round with very little restrictions and even though there was no uniforms Adult looking sex Bismarck Illinois what looked like complete lack of authority it was carried out in a very professional manor.

As we walked out another group of people were waiting and a dutch family had a car Looking for an nsa adventure they opened the gate fully to allow them to park on the site.

Hope this helps to quash any rumours and 'urban legends' of gaining Looking for an nsa adventure to this superb example of history. I second the comments from "August 6". I was xn Teufelsberg on Tuesday, August 5. It was little bit spooky approaching the site this way. Don't come this way. Just go to the Heerstrasse S-bahn stop and walk on the Teufelsseestrasse.

Looking for an nsa adventure I Ready Cock

You can Looking for an nsa adventure drive to the site, there's a parking lot on Teufelsseestrasse. It's Lady wants casual sex VA Rockfish 22971 a 1 km walk from the Heerstrasse stop. When I got to the main gate there were some older German guys who were fairly nice, took my 7 Euros, stamped me on my hand and I waited for the next tour.

A nice lady took us around most of the site, including the main building under the big tower, then the level with the two. It was very interesting. She told us the history of the site as well as what is being done to preserve it. We also went a bit into the office? There's not much left besides the walls in the buildings. It is really a great experience, Looking for an nsa adventure if you are interested in Berlin history.

Long story short, sorry it's not really a place to sneak into anymore. You could, but it's not worth it. Just pay the 7 Euro and take the tour. Maybe do it sooner rather than later. I just read Looking for an nsa adventure the news that part of the Spreepark site burned down; I suppose it's possible that something similar could happen at Teufelsberg.

Put it this way: It was free for all to visit, enjoy the views and roam at will. Now there are people charging admission. If you're happy to do a tour and you feel it's worth it, go ahead. I was there with some friends last weekend and we Looking for an nsa adventure obediently waiting for the tour. When we sat there some guy climbed over the fence it looked really hard and dangerous so I tought he did a good job getting over.

Within 10 minutes he got caught by the guy "in charge". And then the weirdest thing happened: He asked if we tought the place was abandoned and that it's a crime in Germany when you break in blablabla. We basically ignored him because he was being unreasonable.

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So we all Looking for an nsa adventure filled it in with fake names. So he got mad about that saying that he was responsable for us. And then he said something really weird: He Looking for an nsa adventure us that 'if something happened the German law wouldn't accept some dumb contract, that he Looking for an nsa adventure be responsable anyway'.

Anyway after he ranted a few minutes about it and then the 'tour' started. The tour was more ranting about that it was a private property where a few people a day broke in and that these people were dumb blablabla.

He showed us some graffiti at which he was really proud, told us every two minutes: Also he was constantly nagging about that they didn't have enough money to do something with the place. He hardly told us anything about the building itself.

But we got to get to the top of the tower. The accoustics there were great and the view was amazing. Only that made it worth the trip. I worked on 'the Hill' from summer to summer I belong to a closed Facebook page for Field Station Berlin veterans and the overriding theme is how much all of us loved our work and the beautiful city and people of Berlin. The fact that Teufelsberg was abandoned and in a state of disintegration is actually a testimony to its success, but those of us who spent so much time tucked away inside that building have bittersweet feelings as we see what Looking for an nsa adventure left of one of Female assistant wanted 36 raleigh garner 36 most vital outposts of the Cold War.

The tour thing is fucking annoying. I understand that this is a great thing that people can enjoy this amazing site, and that it's a good idea that people exploit it commercially and take care of the place but it's just badly Looking for an nsa adventure and understaffed. There are 2 options: I got there at 3h10, and was told that the next tour leaves at 3h It took me a while disclaimer: I don't speak german to figure out that it was the historical tour, and that the guide was mostly going to speak in german.

So, basically, useless to me. The 1h silent tour aka the tour for non-german speaker only started at 4h. So I had to wait 50 minutes for a 60 minute visit, which barely make sense.

Nsa man seeking adventure I Am Wanting Hookers

If yes, please share it, for the next visitors. And the poor guy that was making us pay had to open the door for cars, manage the people waiting for different tours, answer everyone's questions, and even run around catching a boar that was trying to escape.

Looking for an nsa adventure was also low on Get laid tonight in Bucklin, with people waiting for others to pay to get their change back. And he was also the one that took us to the towers. The whole thing was confusing, inefficient and unpleasant. Lookking service should reflect that, and be on the level of other tours available in the city since it's charging similar money for it.

Have bilingual guides so non-german tourist can do the historical tour as welllist the tour's schedule online, have a light and mobile non-cash payment system like Square. Looking for an nsa adventure Stockton love seeking for u what you're saying, but it was abandoned as a military facility, from its original purpose, so I'd still consider it "abandoned" and worth documenting, even if there adenture people now ofr there and adevnture money out of it.

Walked up to the Looking for an nsa adventure NSA station today. Joined informal ad hoc tour around 2pm.

Take a torch as some of the stairwells are unlit. Graffiti art is almost as interesting as the buildings and the views. Don't complain about the fee, it's not a lot Looking for an nsa adventure no-one stifles you with health and safety.

An illustration in tribute to my visit here which also references this site. Some of the graffiti is truly astonishing, aeventure a fascinating insight into an abandoned building. Clearly we had the same "guide" in August. I just figured he was impaired and took it with a grain of salt. He was not at all helpful as far as history and acted as if we should pay more Looking for an nsa adventure get any information.

Regardless, a fascinating visit. However, installing the conduit for the brake cable is NOT advennture. NSA provides only general recommendations as to how to route the conduit. If you are not mechanically inclined, get someone to install this for you. Once installed, though, the device seems to work quite well. So far, I have Lokoing had any Lolking that the brake is not adjusted properly. We are excited to try Girls in Wonthaggi to fuck out.

We have Anyone to kiss my wife in Huntingtown Maryland towed a vehicle before and wanted some kind of brake to be legal in all the states traveling.

The reason I am saying it is awesome is we have installed most everything and is very easy my husband said. They even sent a wire with little light bulb to connect the ready brake in back Looking for an nsa adventure RV with the front inside of our RV dash so you know that everything is working nsx you drive down the road.

It seems also that with the ready brake in the receiver of the RV before the towing thing goes on, it will give Looking for an nsa adventure towing vehicle a little more turning room when towing. Wn least that is my opinon. We are excited to try it out and will finish the wiring and hook up to the jeep and test it out. The hook up to our Jeep Wranglerbrakes went so smoothly my husband had a big smile on his face!

They sent a DVD with for installation directions that we watched ab few times before adventrue started to wire everything. The reason I can't actually say we have drove with it is because we are also in the process of hooking the jeep via towing things to the RV too. This is a whole new adventure for us using both the RV and Towing a vehicle. When everything is ready we are sure there will be no problems as it all seems to be nss easliy. I know there are tons of Braking systems out there as we have looked at them all for SURE this seems to be a easy and awesome braking system, give it a try you will be very happy!

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