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Circle are just as amazing and confounding as ever, and really need to visit North America. Flying Microtonal Banana was 15th after Papernut Cambridge.

I like the band a lot and am impressed by their ambition. Not only did they put out five good albums, they also toured the world. I just look forward to them just focusing on making a single kick-ass album at some point.

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And what colorful personas to match the striking album art. Their latest was recorded in a log cabin, but just as Housewives looking sex tonight Orting Washington 98360 could have been on Saturn.

Also from Denmark, Papir are more elusive in that they are not obviously space rock, as their sound includes some prog and even post-rock. Cardinal Fuzz has two great releases that have quickly grown on Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma and have creeped up my lists like mutant kudzu vines.

Zong are from Australia Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma take a global approach to their space madness, incorporating Eastern melodies, perhaps some ancient folk from the dank bogs, and some proto-doom. Wordless vocalizations and gorgeous atmospheres give it a spiritual feel, but can at times turn terrifying. Just like life at the brink of death. The mighty Jess And The Ancient Ones came in at 7 on the overall list, so moving on casuap Avatarium causal, already on their third album.

In a saner world, these Swedes would be rocking stadiums, as this is really quite accessible, catchy rock music. Arguably the best is Sekelwhich was officially released just today. Am I a just a sucker for that hybrid, or are they simply awesome?

Head on over to their Bandcamp page and judge for yourself.

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On their third album, they have progressed as expected into a supernatural force, a must-hear for fans of heavy, witchy psych, and just fun rock and roll. The new album is their most prickly, dark and at times difficult work yet, but definitely worth the effort to dig into.

I realize psych noir is not widely used, since I made it up. Quintet, Caravan started to evolve from psychedelic to progressive rock, a fascinating transition that more and more bands are realizing deserves to be explored more fully.

This time they present more accessible chunks of 5 to 10 minutes, a great entry point to this wonderful, eccentric band. I can admire the technical Swingers fat Volga West Virginia girls free, but feel nothing.

Also from Norway, Wobbler have specialized in a more symphonic style rooted in the 70s. Krokofant, yet another Norwegian band, specializes in jazz fusion. Swedish old-timers Kaipa have been around since Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma Wilsonperhaps the biggest prog star in the past two decades with Porcupine Treewent full on art pop with his latest, inspired by the likes of mid-to late 80s albums Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Tears For Fears and Talk Talk.

I think it can apply to a wide range of styles, all inspired by German artists from the 70s. I think it was a mistake for Moon Duo to issue the two volumes of Occult Architecture separately. A double album would have garnered them more attention, and it seems that not everyone who got the first one bothered with the second. I group them together because both are essential. While the last official album from Bitchin Bajas was fromthe Chicago group has been busy collaborating with a number of artists, including Bonnie Prince Billy, Olivia Wyatt and jazz group Natural Information Society.

The collaborations seem to have enriched their approach to their own music, resulting in their best album yet. A bit jagged and prickly at times, but fascinating. Garage rock is a pretty broad category for sure.

Basically think of bands that might qualify as entries for a modern Nuggets compilation. They also cite Wipers as an influence, how cool is that? I like this way better than any of the albums this Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma from their other band. Every year I throw in a goofy category for fun. Ball are the kings of that this year, a mysterious Swedish band with some alleged links to occult Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma.

The music is pure B-movie exploitation trash. What more does one need? My favorite by is Finnish band Brother Firetribewho a childhood friend that I reunited with earlier in the year recommended. Sunbound is their fourth album, with all the others worth checking out if you like this. Punk and its sub-genres feel like a natural reaction to the current horrific political environment. Does music make a difference? Wet Lips are fresh out of the Melbourne queer punk scene.

It helps that their raw, scruffy songs rock in a way that reminds me of Sleater-Kinney at their most ecstatic 20 years ago. Another Australian newcomer is RVG. These women give me hope. Protomartyr have been winning over fans and critics seemingly exponentially the Cute bi horney girls county looking for new friends couple years.

Interestingly, only a few other bands are getting much attention, mainly Priests and Idleswith Algiers slowly getting a bit more Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma in year-end lists this past week. Also while they Nude women Naut Aran not release an album, a shout-out to Mode Modernewho have been releasing a single every month since May.

Despite the stereotype, whether these bands do or do not indulge in recreational chemicals, they for the most part really hard working, producing recordings and touring at a more demanding, ambitious level than artists from many other genres. I love this music, and I prefer to experience their often ecstatic live shows over pretty much everything else. They have stretched out their fuzzy instrumental desert rock with gorgeous tones into space rock and even jazz fusion, and every release is gold.

Growing up it was an economically depressed post-industrial hellhole with nothing going on for music. This category could go Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma to over 60 entries, so if you want more, just use the search feature.

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There seems to be Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma disconnect between the charts Incubus, Linkin Park, Nickelback and critical respect, ignoring basically a diverse contingent of bands throughout the world well, at least Scandinavia, Germany and North America who are making great albums.

Earlier last Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma, Slough Feg announced they were recording an album, which already had the title, The New Organon.

I thought for sure it was coming out before the end of the year, but alas. My disappointment has been eased by a great new release from Arguswho started a bit doomier inbut has integrated other influences like prog via Iron Maiden to the point where they are just quintessential heavy metal. At Obese horny women having sex time, it sounded like his one-man side project was just a fun little lark for him.

Spirit Adriftmy 4 overall album, could easily fit in the heavy metal chart too, as musical DNA is quite diverse. Pallbearer have been doing quite nicely, growing their audience and getting a ton of positive critical attention. Dreadnought are more arty, with some avant garde bits mixed with their doom sludge, kind of similar to SubRosa.

The next two bands feature doom legends at the level of Wino. When Electric Wizard left the Rise Above roster with no small amount of drama and bad feelings, it seemed like Dorrian decided to just do what they do himself, using two former Electric Wizzers Tim Bagshaw, and Mark Lookjng, who has since left.

He pretty kady showed them, as the album is just a touch better than Wizard Bloody Wizard. Check Doom Charts later this month for much more doom! Somewhere I still have the tapes I recorded in of bands like Terrorizer, Napalm Death, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Godflesh and Deathinspired by friends who had a metal radio show after my post-punk slot. Speaking of Godfleshlasy who it is in the 2 slot!

While their comeback album The World Lit Only By Fire found Lonly Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma tad sluggish and rusty, Post Self, just their eighth full length, is gloriously ablaze Beautiful wives wants casual sex Wheatland a sea of toxic post-industrial sludge dub.

Lady wants hot sex Sonoma

Not a prolific band, they make their statements count. They just take their time Sono,a albums. I feel like Rock A Rolla Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma would have been all over these.

Electic prog metal band Locust Leaves Hot lady looking nsa North Bay broke up inwhich makes the huge potential of this belated debut bittersweet.

They cite the sweet twee of Sarah records, punky noise pop of Slumberland, and fuzzy gaze of Creation records as influences. It Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma be a surprisingly accomplished debut, but the band actually had put an EP out way back in before they migrated from Philadelphia to Portland. The Church should need no introduction. They started out playing psychedelic post-punk in and evolved toward jangly dream pop, which hit gold in the late 80s.

This is their 25th album, and sounds as iridescent as they did at their commercial peak. Here he explores his love of 80s synth pop and 90s dream pop. The xx might fit in this category, but at the very bottom. Why have they made so many 20 so far year-end lists, casuzl so many more deserving artists are ignored?

Sonima already wrote about The Feelies but I have to reiterate that people are crazy to ignore them. Having just released their Sexy girls in Baltimore Maryland album, I hoped for a tour, but instead they broke up in June!

Yet another great jangly band casuual for obscurity. I was a little disappointed because Rolling Blackouts C. While Haley Fohr has released seven albums Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma Circuit des Yeux sinceincluding a collaboration with Bill Orcutt and plus another under the rootsier persona, Jackie Lynn, her latest sees her hitting a career highlight by exploring her darkest emotional depths. Much more popular Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma St. Further down the list I do have Sinkane among others.

I have started my full-scale launch with their PR company to get my hands on that along with that more feral first version he did that he scrapped.

I love gardenia and wish I could grow the darn things. As far as scents I have got a few white florals but none of them are gardenia-centric shall we say. Lots of jasmine and tuberose and they hint at gardenia.

I did get a sample of Hothouse Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma this week and while I only tried it once I think I like that gardenia. There is a long line of sad, Women seeking casual sex Ah-Gwah-Ching Minnesota pots around my house that used to have a gardenia growing in it.

Plus that new Puredistance Opardu has me transfixed. What a great post!

Passion about your Llady passion? Well, yeah, big indolic florals with cheese and mushroom and green. It is room-clearingly great. But this Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma back memories.

When I was a kid, I saved up and bought my mother a bottle of Jungle Gardenia for her birthday because I thought it smelled so wonderful. I envy your gardenia bush. JG is perfection, it really is, in that over the top way that apologizes for nothing.

She ALSO necked with inappropriate boys so it all fits! I was the nerd who wrote for the school paper! Yikes, two large coffees, it was too long! It feels so powerful and good! OMG, I would have totally hung out with your sister.

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Oh, how I want to try Tuvache Jungle Gardenia. Goodness, I think I feel a little guilty! Every now and then I think of renaming the blog to Perfume Pied Pipers — Over the lxdy cliff one fragrance at a time.

And I agree with most of your classifications!!! On my plants I always have a gardenia, no matter in which part of the world I live! I always anticipate the moment when the emerald green buds become Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma with nuanced strokes of white: The only gardenia perfumes that smell like gardenia to me are the Tom Ford and the E. A caricature, the former, and a disguise, the latter.

Would love to try those that make the top Hot chicks in Harrisburg Pennsylvania your list! Good lord, woman, I missed the way your voice really comes Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma when you sit down and give us a whole post.

And the answer is, Not today. The Isabey was nice, but too — flat, or something. No narcotic tendrils pulling me in, which is what I think the essence of gardenia is. Funny, you know, I always loved big blowsy white florals, lookint as a teen in the 80s.

Funny Goodlooking Smart Interesting Ect

Inappropriate boys, not so much… well, not until college, and even then it was just nice boys with a naughty streak that appealed to me personally. You are so sweet! I have a Lyrical Poetry around here or not. Not so much for me. It has a lush sweetness, but it veers pretty sweet on me.

Big florals have always been my first love. I moved away from them for a time to experiment elsewhere, but I find myself drawn back.

I have to admit, until everyone started wearing it, I adored Giorgio! My closest to real gardenia is a tiny pot of gardenia butter I bought at Enflourage a few years ago. Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma know what you mean. Well, I feel obligated to say that if you really loved the old Tuvache, you may want to check out tuvache. Jeffrey Dame of Perfume of Life fame is still the owner, and he did own the formula.

I always buy a gardenia plant at the beginning of the season and hope to nurse it through the winter FAIL but often, right about November, I get one or two blossoms…….

I am a gardenia lover. My favorite, Velvet Gardenia. I would sure love a sniff of that Jar, tho. That went somewhere else.

What a fun rabbit hole!! I love Seeking a Mobile Alabama preferably a cougar my mind changed — thanks for the interesting post and the draw. You may really hate gardenia. But even f you do the experience f a really rank gardenia is so much fun. Now I want to try that Jungle Gardenia! Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma started out my perfumemania as a young teenager just 15!

I love the drama of their femininity — drag queen perfume indeed! It makes me sad that I have three teenage nieces, but they are all fragrance Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma.

Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma I Ready Sexual Partners

There is very little that can compare to a dramatic white floral. Meandered around in iris and incense Sonlma woods. You are a god perfume sun. Jo is a great plac to start.

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You dont even have to like florals to find something. She was Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma larger-than-life type, with hair so red it was a color not known in nature, and always smelled of a combo of Pall Malls, Sen Sen, and Jungle Gardenia. I bought some of the wonderful Lady Day by SIP when it first came out thanks Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma your review here, as a matter of fact.

It is incredibly special and will probably always loo,ing as my top dog gardenia. These days, when I want serious gardenia, I usually go for the AG. I admit to liking Kai, too, as a weekend shorts-or-sundress-casual kind of thing. I bet she did have a few inappropriate men in her life.

Port Manteaux Word Maker

Lady day is heartbreaking. I wish I casuall for sure why no go on making it. I assume price or the lack of materials did it in. I adore the scent of real gardenia. It was absolutely intoxicating and dense.

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A few girls found the fragrance too overwhelming after awhile, and had to remove it after awhile — not me, though! I was in love! Also, just tested Ineke Hothouse Flower over the weekend. It is near perfect, but in a very different way. Green, woody, a tad smoky, with a meltingly sweet and creamy gardenia underneath.

The earl grey note is awesome. Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma need a Reading phone and fuck bottle. I did that for the mom corsages at lopking of my weddings!!

They were clawing them off in abou 40 minutes. I Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma they were amazing. I need to put that on the list. Hothouse flower in first sniff seemed pretty great. Soboma need more time with it. Your post was fun to read.

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Thanks for the draw! In perfume I sometimes love and sometimes hate Just looking for a bff. The Gardenia Passion made me laugh and laugh, it smelled like appetizers. Would love to try some of the better ones! The octg is really good. How jg got it just right so long ago it just seems like we could get more floozy gardenias!

I like it on others a lady in my office wears the EL private Lonely old women com, and she smells beautifulbut I can not stand gardenia on my own skin. But that does not stop me from wanting Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma win your sample set. When you hate something bu you must smell it anyway. Perfumistas crack e up.

I actually said it just like that, like I was on Sesame Street explaining what the letter Q looked like. But you can only extract a tiny amount from a gardenia and it was too expensive so he had to stop making it. Did you know Cruel Gardenia is based on a Lebanese relative of the gardenia with more solar notes?

Like a reflection or close relative that reminds you of ardenia but not everything. Waiting impatiently Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma try Lutens Une Voix Noire at Palais Royal but terrible rain disturbing my plans all day…Jardenia is Need a bj badly barter the closest to a gardenia enfleurage I smelled a while back and its blue cheese skankiness so photorealistic gardenia ish is to be glorified.

I know my expectations ar too high as it is. Thanks for the entertaining roundup and draw. You know I forgot about that dolce being gardenia until Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma this post was done.

It might need an update. Thanks for the lovely and vivid reviews—and the draw! I used to take one or two of the blossoms that were tinged with brown, ready to drop off the plant, and put them in a hot bath. I have no idea what bleu cheese smells like but now Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma intensely curious. Bleu cheese, sharp, slight rotting note because,well, it has been aged! Ripe is a good word for it.

And I soooooo love gardenias that my wedding bouquet was all about white flowers and gardenia was the star!

I will join in Lnoely Lament for Lady Day. I Women want cock in Rothes I had sucked it up and bought a bottle back when.

Ah, Jungle Gardenia — that takes me back. It needs some alcohol with it, though, I think Champagne, but nothing expensive, the cheap stuff. I remember plunking down forty bucks for an ounce of the perfume Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma the late seventies, that was real scratch Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma ccasual To me, nothing smells as realistic; just like sticking your nose into a real gardenia blossom.

Many famous women wore it as their signature frag back in the day: I know, the list of poeple that loved it is long! With some links to the Vanity Fair article. It was great history1. Love the post and am bookmarking it for future reference. My daughter also wore them in her wedding. I need to get my hands on this! I love the scent of real gardenias. They were the only flower I wore at my wedding. Please,please, please let the rumors about a Tauer Gardenia be true.

That is one that I would really love to smell.

Lonely lady looking casual sex Sonoma

Patty, thanks for a really fun post and the draw. Yeah, Andy doing a gardenia would be amazing. Vero Kern doing a gardenia would be amazing! I find the Tiare version of scents tends to be closer to my tastes. I grew up in South Florida and miss growing real gardenias — I used to pick a flower and put it in my office, where it would perfume the entire suite for a good week. Thanks for the lists of scents to try.

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