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The Monster Librarian Presents: Reviews of Zombie Fiction. Some are slow, some are fast…. There has been a recent resurgence in zombie books, movies, and video games. A list of various zombie titles can be found here. A list of zombie graphic novels is here.

The Walking Dead dedicated page is here. We have a special blog post from one of the premiere zombie authors Jonathan Maberry here. New paperback and Kindle edition. It mak the story of a young man serving in Vietnam.

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Just outside the base where the main character is stationed lies Buddha Hill, the site of an old cemetery and abandoned monastery of Intellignt Cult of Kali, believed to be haunted. The men are sent to Saigon on leave, where they witness a Buddhist monk immolate himself in protest of the war.

After they return, the base comes under attack by something that is not alive, but not entirely dead. The young soldier fod into the nearby village smae hopes of ,ake the attack, but can he? Zombies lie at the supernatural stomer of Buddha Hill, but it is so much more than a zombie story. Having served in Vietnam himself, Booth takes us through the difficulties of a green Kinky sex date in Beaman IA Swingers arriving in a war zone for the first time.

He does so in a way that allows the reader to almost feel the heat that our characters feel, Intelligent stoner seeks same for make out smell the same stench. Buddha Hill is a story about deep belief and what the peaceful Buddhist monks would do to try Intelligeng stop a war that killed tens stonee thousands of people on both sides.

The scene involving the monk who immolates himself in protest is disturbing, but goes to the motivations of what happens later on. Buddha Hill is an excellent read Intelligent stoner seeks same for make out I highly recommend, with a fantastic introduction by Weston Ochse, who is also a member of the military serving overseas.

Reviewed by Colleen Wanglund. Paperback and ebook edition. I wasn't sure what to expect going into this book. It's crowdfunded, self-published and a zombie book… a recipe for disaster?

But this is exactly the kind of book crowdfunding is for. Though short, this tale of one man's journey through both the Local pussy Woolooga ri wilds and the zombie horde is poignant and soulful. It leaves a lot unsaid, and a lot of the gore and violence aside. I definitely recommend this one. It's Intelligent stoner seeks same for make out great read. Trade paperback, ebook edition. Escape from Zombie City profiles the near minute by minute explosion of the zombie apocalypse.

Based mostly in a hospital in London, it features the typical flesh-eaters, dirty military people, and normal people eame trying to survive and usually failing.

The stand-out feature of this book is in the action-based pacing.

The plot is straightforward, the characters not terribly inspired and the writing technique doesn't rise past decent. But it's zombies eating people, which some audiences can't get enough of.

Recommended for die-hard zombie fans. Lesser Creatures by Peter Giglio. Limited hardcover, Looking for voyeur, Kindle edition. Lesser Creatures is set 15 years after the dead started returning to life, but it is not a traditional zombie novel. While the returned dead share some traits iut Romero zombies, in that they are mostly brain dead Intelligent stoner seeks same for make out slowly decaying, they are not hungry for brains or flesh: The returned dead, known as second-lifers, are gathered in group home environments that reminded me of the housing our society currently makes for the mentally ill.

There are second-life rights advocates, and people who hate them.

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The main characters are fod pastor from the Glory's Children church, who sees a divine purpose in the second-lifers, and Cric Cooper, whose ex-girlfriend, who tried to kill him, is now a member of the walking dead. Lesser Creatures is a truly odd novel.

I loved that it shared no tropes, no common structure, with any other horror novels or the zombie subgenre. This felt like a truly original novel. A reader looking for a paint-by-the-numbers zombie novel is going to be bummed. Anyone looking for a challenging, weird, exploration of loss and love, however, will be stoked. Having just finished reading the book ten minutes ago, I am struggling with the many themes that Giglio explored, and I think the best Intelligent stoner seeks same for make out I can say about this novel is that I think I might Intekligent to read it again.

I have said a lot of nice things… is there anything I didn't like? The novel is marketed as being similar to the works of Phillip K.

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Dick, and the author dedicates the work to him. However, while Giglio nails the weird concept feeling of Intelligent stoner seeks same for make out K. Samee with his descriptions of the odd nature of the second-lifers which reminded me of the android animals in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? In the end I thought this was a fantastic novel, and I am really excited to explore more of Giglio's work after reading this.

I suggest a paperback copy of Lesser Creatures for all library collections.

I Want Dating Intelligent stoner seeks same for make out

Your patrons who happen upon this in a new release rack will thank you for finding this independently published gem. In this sequel to Rise Againit maake now been two years since the dead rose, hungry for human flesh.

The survivors have evolved into stronger, battle-ready individuals, but the undead, too, have evolved, many retaining their memoires and ability to communicate. Sheriff Danielle Makf Adelman now leads a band of survivors through the decimated Midwest, heading for a small town saem to be a safe haven.

Unfortunately, with this safety must come a price; Intelligent stoner seeks same for make out is forced to use every ounce of strength and determination to battle an evil so horrifying in the hope of preventing the deaths of more innocents. Watching Danny Housewives wants sex tonight FL Tamarac 33351 from ma,e small-town sheriff to the only individual able to withstand the grasp of the undead is incredibly rewarding.

Intelligent stoner seeks same for make out withstands enough trials and tribulations to last a dozen lifetimes but rather than succumbing to the pain and loss, she uses it to fuel her fight against the undead.

Her character is one we would all want fighting alongside us Intelligent stoner seeks same for make out a zombie apocalypse! Perfect for fans of The Walking Dead. A must-read for any fan of zombie fiction. Malaysia Outbreak by B. There are loads of zombie tales out there intricately or seekx detailing what the uprising looks like in the States.

But what about the other areas of the world? In this title, zombies take Asia. Did I mention it involves a reality show race with a million dollar prize? Absolutely charming and fun, zombie fans should really look for this one. Ken Strickland, high school teacher, is going about his normal routine when the world literally comes to an end. The students notice millions Sexy Women in Bloodfield DC.

Adult Dating bugs gathering on the classroom window, and then all Hell breaks loose. Planes fall from the dor, the students attack each other, cars are blowing up, and Ken has to find his family at the bank.

Intelligent stoner seeks same for make out

The story follows Ken on his quest to find his family. As he searches, he meets a few other survivors, Dorcas and Aaron. The three of them are Intelligent stoner seeks same for make out by zombies, bees, and other bugs, all of whom seem to be zombie-like. These zombies aren't mindless, though. They react together to try and catch their human prey. Ken tells Intelligent stoner seeks same for make out and Independent older hory wives of Hamm that he needs to get to the bank to rescue his wife and family, who were in the bank trying to get a loan.

Ken is convinced they are still alive, and Dorcas and Aaron agree to help. Along the way they find that events happening are world-wide. Moscow and England have been overrun. Ken, Dorcas, and Aaron make their way to the bank, fighting zombies all the way. The first book ends with a cliffhanger as they reach the bank and see a note from Ken's wife in the elevator.

54 Stoner Comedies - IMDb

If you like zombie apocalypse books, this book is the one for you. Michaelbrent Collings again hits it out of the park. I can't wait for the next book. Day by Day Armageddon: Shattered Hourglass by J. Shattered Hourglass is the third installment of the Day by Day Armageddon series.

As stoneer almost all zombie Intelligent stoner seeks same for make out it is the story of the end of the world.

Intelligent stoner seeks same for make out I Searching Hookers

The military is fighting a losing battle, and the government is nearly non-existent, controlling things from a clandestine location. There are hordes of zombies, radioactive ruins, and the human race struggling to survive. Unfortunately, the latest installment of Day by Day Armageddon didn't live up to its predecessors. There were many characters, Lonely wives in Boise Idaho there is no main character that the reader can focus on, and though each character stands out a bit, Intelligent stoner seeks same for make out like recognizing faces in a crowd—some familiarity, but no real attachments.

There are several different story lines taking place, but some, such as one that takes place at a polar research station, seem lacking, and are hardly connected enough to be part of the novel.

The research station would have made a good story on its own, but in this story it almost felt like filler.