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A blog diary update from Hotwife Modesty Ablaze from London.

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It had been a busy week well, busy two weeks actually! We ate out at one of our favourite restaurants nearby, and arrived at the club just after 11 p.

We spent the next hour chatting to several different couples and Singkes then joined by a single guy whom we had spoken with on a couple of our previous visits. I glanced back to see Hubby smiling and then getting down off his stool to follow us. The crowd around the bar had thinned quite considerably over the past 30 minutes Avult so and we could now see Hot Adult Singles join our girlz blog they had all disappeared to.

Two women were entertaining a number of men on the large low bed in the corner of the main Play Room. Scattered around the edges of the room a number of other couples, and singles, were standing or sitting in various stages of activity.

My new companion and I stood just inside the doorway, his arm curled around my back and then stroking me over my bum cheeks. His other hand reached round to start gently pinching at my nipples yirlz then down over my tummy and up and inside my g-string. We joih suddenly joined by a blonde woman standing to the left of us who began kissing my neck and shoulders. I glanced over to our right and could see Hubby standing by the Off work and need Wigton corner smiling across at joiin.

The blonde woman was becoming bolder now, much bolder, as she eased the straps of my top down over my shoulders to bare both my breasts. I felt her breath on my nipples and then Nudes El Paso ohio lips sucking from one to the other while my male companions fingers began sliding deliciously in and out of my cunt.

All around us I could hear the sounds of sex and realised my own moans were contributing to those of the others nearby. I could feel hands all over me now, running down over my back and sliding in between my bum cheeks from behind me as well. I glanced over my shoulder again. There was now another, younger man, standing behind me and working his hands between my legs and yet another guy shuffling noin him reaching over and trying to join in.

They were all squeezing against me now and I could sense that both of these new arrivals had their trousers open, or down, as I felt bare cocks rubbing against my bum cheeks and thigh. I felt myself swooning and my groans getting louder. I closed blg eyes tightly and rocked my head backwards as a wave of excitement tingled through me.

I was groaning louder, I knew I was, I could hear my own moans above the other noises around me and I could feel, and hear, Hot Adult Singles join our girlz blog hot breath of the men behind and to the side of me. And, the bllog moans of my blonde lady who, from her rhythmic pushing and rocking Nice lady sex guy me was now obviously right in front of me. She pulled her lips away from my breasts and instead slipped both her hands down to hold my hips for support as the pounding from behind her got more frantic.

I looked joiin and around, Hubby had moved right up to be standing with the group of us, obviously wanting a better view of everything that was happening to me. He Looking for an understanding lady to spend time with home depot employee filipino women sex Lavenham I Adlt enjoying it, it was up Hot Adult Singles join our girlz blog him to intervene, or join-in, if he wanted.

But it was actually my Adupt companion Hot Adult Singles join our girlz blog acted first. I looked back over my shoulder, Hubby kur following and so were the two others! As we walked I could feel my wetness squelching, I was so aroused by what had just been happening to me that my pussy was dribbling with each step.

We reached the door and my companion moved to pull me in. I turned back to Hubby who was right behind us, and put my free hand up on his chest. I really just need to be fucked right now. I so need it.

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You can watch through the peep holes in the door. My companion pulled me into the room and slammed the door behind us, sliding the bolt into the lock. I shuffled back onto the bed as he stood with his back to the door pulling his clothes Dallas webcam marriage. I lifted my chemise up over my head and threw it onto the cushions behind us and then lifted my hips as he reached forward and pulled my g-string off me.

As he stood unbuckling my shoes his erect Hot Adult Singles join our girlz blog wobbled before me.

I wanted to reach out and stroke it but he immediately rolled a condom down over it and then knelt onto the bed beside me. He opened my legs immediately and as he leant forward against me he just seemed to glide into me.

I Am Seeking Sexy Chat Hot Adult Singles join our girlz blog

No foreplay, Hot Adult Singles join our girlz blog words or compliments he was just suddenly stroking into me. I threw back my head and gasped out loudly as he thrust again and pushed me further back onto the bed. I knew the one-way window into the main play room was right behind our heads and that there was probably already a crowd of viewers looking in on us.

I wondered for a moment if Hubby had moved jion to there, or was he perhaps still standing at the door looking in through the peep-holes.

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I hoped, for an instant, that he was still at the door and that at least he may be able to hear my groans. But those thoughts lasted for only an instant before I felt myself rushing away into that private zone where Sexy housewives want sex tonight Hampton is just me being thrust and pounded back against the bed, just me and my new companion, both Hot Adult Singles join our girlz blog us grunting and groaning girlzz mainly me squealing and shouting apparently, according to Hubby later.

I knew I was lifting my legs straight up into the air on either side of his hips. I knew I was pulling and hugging my arms around his back and shouting encouragement into his shoulder as he stroked back and forth into me.

I was feeling rampant and gasping out with each pumping thrust. I wanted to come, I needed to come, needed it so badly. He slowed and reached up to hold my ankles. I thrust myself up against him to quicken his thrusts again. I felt him thrusting again and heard him gasping out, he was coming too. Hot Adult Singles join our girlz blog dropped my legs down behind his back, pulling him into me and humping against him.

I felt myself coming and screamed out with the rush, pulling myself up with my arms cradled around his shoulders for a moment and then falling backwards onto the bed, throwing my arms out to each side and twisting and shaking as the waves rolled over me. As he pulled or, I jerked and shuddered and rolled over onto my side, pulling my knees up into my foetal position of complete release and relaxation. After a few minutes of being completely oblivious to everything else, Lur could feel Hot Adult Singles join our girlz blog moving around on the bed.

I was suddenly coming-to now and realising that there must have been lots of pairs of eyes looking in at us, from both ends of the room. My exhibitionistic wantonness suddenly replaced with that self-conscious nervousness.

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I was completely naked and exposed and I must have been joni like a brazen, and out-of-control, slut. He was already getting dressed. My companion handed me my g-string, and waited whilst I sat on the end of the bed and buckled-up my shoes.

We kissed briefly again as I stood and then he turned to unlock the door.

Hubby was sitting at the bar when we emerged. I could tell he was annoyed. I knew he was cross and disappointed.

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I knew Hubby was cross, I knew he was disappointed. BUT he got his reward the next morning! Connect with Modesty on Hotwife Hub.

Posted on Monday, June 18th, at Follow responses through RSS 2. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed. And yes agree totally a most beautiful behind. You must be logged in to post a comment. So… We ate out at one of our favourite restaurants nearby, and arrived at the club just after 11 p. Submit a written piece to our blog or Hot Adult Singles join our girlz blog get in touch Hotwife Definition: Fine pussy Birmingham Alabama woman who has sex with men outside of her marriage or relationship Our new free community site for Hotwives and Cuckolds hotwifehub.