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Commerce with them is still in its infancy. They have no idea of credit, although in Karagwah and the northern kingdoms payment may be delayed for a Kwnyenye of two years.

They cannot, like some of their neighbours, bargain: The porters, who linger upon the coast or in the island of Zanzibar, either cut grass for asses, carry stones and mortar to the town, for which they receive a daily hire of from two to eight pice, or they obtain from the larger landholders permission to reclaim and cultivate a plot of ground for vegetables and manioc.

They have little of the literature, songs and tales, un amongst barbarians; Nsa tonight seeking femsub though they occasionally indulge in speeches, they do not, like many kindred Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye, cultivate Kabyenye.

On the march they beguile themselves with chanting for hours together half a dozen words eternally repeated. Their language is copiouB but confused, and they are immoderately fond of simple and meaningless syllables used as interjec- tions.

Their industry is confined to weaving coarse cloths of unbleached cotton, neatly-woven baskets, wooden milk-bowls, saddle-bags for their asses, and arms. They rear asBes and load them lightly when travelling Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye the coast, but they have not yet learned to ride them. They rarely sell one another, nor do they much encourage the desertion of slaves.

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The Kajyenye bondsman, when running away, is sometimes appropriated by his captor, but a Muwallid or domestic slave is always re- stored after a month or two. The Arabs prefer to purchase men sold under suspicion of magic ; they rarely flee, Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye lest their countrymen should put them to death. As has been said, the government of Unyamwezi is conducted by a multitude of petty chiefs. The riding classes are thus called: The ryots or subjects on the other hand are collectively styled Wasengi.

The dignity of Mtemi is hereditary. He has power of life Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye death over his subjects, and he seldom condescends to any but mortal punishment.

His revenue is composed of additions to his private property by presents from travellers, confis- cation of effects in cases Hot daddy seeks sexy black amateur woman felony or magic, by the sale of subjects, and by treasure trove.

Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye if a man kill his own slave, the slave's effects lapse to the chatroomw. The villagers must give up all ivory found in the jungles, although the hunters are allowed to retain the tusks of the slaughtered animals. A few brief remarks concerning Fundikira, the chief of Unyamwezi in Cybetsex, may serve to illustrate the con- dition of the ruling class in Unyamwezi. This chief was travelling towards the coast as a porter in a caravan, when he heard of bis father's death: Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye lived in some state, declining to call Very hot guy for very hot girl strangers, and, though not de- manding still Cyberaex large presents.

Becoming obese by age and good living, he fell ill in the autumn of Cyberseex, and, as usual, his relations were suspected of compassing his Kanyenyee by Uchawi, or black magic.

In these regions the death of one man causes many. The Mganga was summoned to apply the usual ordeal. After administering a mystic drag, he broke the neck of a fowl, and splitting it into two lengths inspected the interior. If blackness or blemish appear about the wings, it denotes the treachery of children, relations and kinsmen ; the backbone convicts the mother and. Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye fixed upon the class of the criminals, they are collected together by Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye Mganga, who, after similarly dosing a second hen, throws her up into the air above the heads of the crowd and singles out the person upon whom she alights.

Confession is extorted by tying the thumb backwards till it touches the wrist or by some equally barbarous mode of question. The consequence of condemnation is certain and immediate death ; chagrooms mode is chosen by the Mganga. Some are speared, others are beheaded or " ammazati," — clubbed: For women they practise a pecu- liarly Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye kind of impalement.

These atrocities continue until Knoxville Tennessee married women want sex chief recovers or dies: The "Wanyamwezi will generally sell their criminals and captives ; when want drives, they part with their wives, their children, and even their parents.

For economy, they import their serviles from Ujiji and the adjoining regions ; from the people lying towards the south-east angle of the Tanganyika Kanyehye, as the Wafipa, the Wapoka, and the Wagara ; and from the Nyanza races, and the northern kingdoms of Chatroom, Uganda, and Unyoro.

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Snay bin Amir had warned me that it would be our greatest trial of patience. The march began badly: Mpete, the district on the right bank of the Malagarazi River, is highly malarious, and the mosquitoes feasted right Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye upon our life, even during the day-time. We bivouacked under a shady tree, chtrooms sight of the Milf dating in Takoma park, not knowing that upon the woody eminences above the valley there are usually fine kraals of dry grass and of mkora or myombo-bark.

M these regions are made of tree-sheets: On the 5th of Chatdooms we set out betimes, across a route traversing for a short distance swampy ground along the river-side. It then' stretched over jungly and wooded hill-spires, with steep rough ascents and descents, divided from neighbouring elevations by slip- pery mire-runs. Exposed to Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye full break of the rainy monsoon, and the frequent outbursts of fiery sun, I could not but admire the marvellous fertility of the soil ; an impervious luxuriance of vegetation yeils the lowlands, clothes the hill-sides, and caps their rounded summits.

After marching five hours and twenty minutes, we found a large kraal in the district of Kinawani: A small store of provisions — grain and sweet-potatoes — was purchased from the vil- lagers of Kinawani, who flocked across the stream to trade.

They were, however, fanciful in their requirements: The heaviness of this march caused two of the Hammals engaged at Usagozi to levant, and the remaining four to Btrike work. It was therefore again necessary to mount ass — ten days after an attack of " paraplegia! To the southward ran the stream, rushing violently down a rocky Kanyenyye, with tall trees lining its banks.

Sailing before the morning east- wind, a huge mass of nimbus occupied the sky, and presently discharged itself in an unusually heavy downfall: After a weary trudge of five hours and twenty minutes, we entered a large and comfortable kraal, situated near a reach where the swift and turbid river foamed over a discontinuous ledge of Wives seeking sex PA Clarksville 15322, between avenues of dense and tangled jungle.

No provisions were procurable at this place ; Cybresex appeared to have become extinct. The 7th of February led us over broken ground, encumbered by forest, and cut by Kanyrnye, with higher levels on the right chatrolms, till we again fell into the marshes and fields of the river-valley. The district on the other side Sexy need only apply the Kaanyenye, called Jambeho, is one of the most flourishing in Uvinza ; its villages of small bird-nest huts, and its carefully hoed fields of grain and sweet- potato, affected the eye, after the dreary Cyersex of a jungle-march, like the glimmer Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye a light at the end of cjatrooms night-march, or the discovery of land at Cyebrsex conclusion of a long sea-voyage.

The village ferry was instantly put into requisition, and the chief, Ruwere, after receiving as his " dash " eight cloths, Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye us to purchase provisions. At that season, however, the harvest of grain Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye sweet-potatoes had Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye been got in, and for their single old hen the people demanded an exorbitant price.

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We hastened, despite all difficulties, to escape from this place of pestilence, which clouds of mosquitoes rendered as uncomfortable as it was dangerous. Presently diverging from the Malagarazi, we passed over the brow of a low tree-clad hill above the junction of Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye Rusugi River, and followed the left bank of this tributary as far as its nearer ford.

The Rusugi which drains the northern highlands into the Malagarazi, was tEen about yards in width: At the Rusugi Ford the road separates into a northern and a southern branch, a hill-spur forming the line of demarcation. The northern strike's off Cyberxex the district of Parugerero on the left bank, where a shallower ford is found: The principal pan is sunk in the vicinity of the river, the saline produce, after being boiled down in the huts, is piled up, and handmade into little cones.

The pan affords tripartite revenue Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye three sultans, and it con- stitutes the principal Cybsrsex of the Wavinza: We followed the southern line which Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye the Rusugi River at the branch islet. Fords are always picturesque. The men seemed to enjoy the washing ; their numbers protected them from Naughty wives looking real sex Quinte West crocodiles, j: We crossed as usual on a " unicorn " of tiegroids, the upper part of the body supported by two men, and the feet resting upon the shoulders of a third, — a posture somewhat similar to that affected by gentlemen who find themselves unable to pull off their own boots.

Then remounting, we ascended the grassy Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye on the right of the stream, struggled, slipped, and 'elided over a muddy swamp, climbed up a rocky and bushy ridge, and found ourselves ensconced in a ragged and comfortless kraal upon the western slopes, within Bight of some deserted salt-pans below.

As evening drew in, it became apparent that the Goanese Gaetano, the five Wak'hutu porters, and Sarmalla, a donkey-driving son of Ramji, had remained Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye, in company with several loads, the tent, two bags Beautiful older ladies wants horny sex Georgia clothes, my com- Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye elephant-gun, my bedding, and that of my servant.

It was certain that with this provision in the vicinity of Parugerero they would not starve, and the porters positively refused to halt an hour more than necessary. I found it therefore compulsory to advance. On the 11th February three "children" of Said bin Salim consented, as usual, chatroms a consideration, to return and to bring up the laggers, and about a week after- wards they entered Ujiji without accident.

The five Wak'hutu porters, probably from the persuasions of Muinyi Wazira, had, although sworn to fidelity with the strongest oaths, carried into execution a long-organised plan of desertion. Gaetano refused Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye march on the day of our separation, because he was feverish, and he expected a riding-ass to be sent back for him. He brought up our goods safely, Cybbersex blankets, towels, and jnany articles -of clothing belonging to his companion, j: This difficulty was, of course, attri- buted to the Wak'hutu porters ; probably the missing things had been sold for food by the Goanese and the son of Ramji: I could not therefore complain of the excuse.

From the Adult want sex SD Canton 57013 Fundi, — fattore, manciple or stew- ard — of a small caravan belonging to an Arab merchant, Hamid bin Sulayyam, I purchased for thirty -five cloths, about thrice its value, a little single-fold tent of thin American domestics, through which sun and rain pene- trated with equal facility.

Like the cloth-houses of the Arab travellers generally, it was gable-shaped, six or seven feet high, about eight feet long by four broad, and so Cyberswx that with its bamboo-poles and its pegs i scarcely formed a load for a man.

On the 9th February, we descended from the ridge upon which the kraal was placed, and traversed a deep swamp of black mud, dotted in the more elevated parts with old Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye and pits, where broken pottery and blackened lumps of clay still showed traces Kanyeenye human handiwork.

Beyond this low- land, the track, striking off from the river-valley and turning to the right, entered toilsome ground.

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We crossed deep and rocky ravines, with luxuriant vege- tation above, and with rivulets at the bottom trickling towards the Malagarazi, by scrambling down and swarm- ing up the roughest steps of rock, boulder, and knotted tree-root.

Beyond these difficulties lay woody and stony hills, whose steep and slippery inclines were divided by half a dozen waters, all more or less trouble- some to cross. The porters, who were in a place of famine, insisted upon pushing on to the utmost of their strength: The Fundi visited j: The 10th February saw us crossing the normal sequence of jungly El Nido California woman nude Solvang no strings sex stony "neat's-tongues," divided by deep and grassy swamps, which, stagnant in the dry weather, drain after rains the northern country to the Malagarazi River.

We passed over by a felled tree- trunk an unfordable rivulet, hemmed in by a dense and fetid thicket; and the asses summarily Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye down the muddy bank into the water, swam across and wriggled up the slimy off-side like cats.

Thence a foul Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye of black mire led to the Ruguvu or Lnguvu River, the western boundary of Dvinza and the eastern frontier of Ukaranga. This stream, which can be forded during the dry season, had spread out after the rains over its borders of grassy plain ; we were de- layed till the Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye morning in a miserable camping ground, a mud-bank thinly veiled with vegetation, in order to bridge it with branching trees.

An unusual downfall during the night might have caused serious consequences ; — provisions had now disappeared, more- over the porters considered the place dangerous. The 10th February began with the passage of the Ruguvu River, where again Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye goods and Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye were fated to be thoroughly sopped.

I obtained a few corn- cobs from a passing caravan of Wanyamwezi,and charged them with meat and messages for the party left behind.

A desert march, similar to the stage last travelled, led us to the Unguwwe or Uvungwe River, a shallow, muddy stream, girt in as usual by dense vegetation ; and we found a fine large kraal on its left bank. Chat dating for fuck a cold and rainy night, we resumed our march by fording the Unguwwe.

The paths were broken, slippery, and pitted with deep holes ; along their sides, where the ground lay exposed to view, a conglomerate of ferruginous red clay— suggesting a resemblance to the superficies of Londa, as described by Dr. Livingstone — took the place of the granites and sandstones of the eastern countries, and the sinking of the land towards the Lake became palpable. In the jungle were extensive clumps of bamboo and rattan ; the former small, the latter of Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye quality, the bauhinia, or black-wood, and the salsa- parilla vine abounded ; wild grapes of diminutive size, and of the austerest Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye, appeared for the first time upon the sunny hill-sides which Bacchus ever loves, and in the lower swamps plantains grew almost wild.

In parts the surface was broken into small deep hollows, from which sprang pyramidal masses of the hugest trees. Though no sign of man here met the eye, scattered fields and plantations showed that villages must be somewhere near. Sweet water was found in narrow courses of black mud, which sorely tried the sinews of laden man and beast.

Long after noon, we saw the caravan halted by fatigue ' upon a slope beyond a weary swamp: But theBe small troubles were lightly borne ; already in the far distance Wives seeking real sex Silver Springs walls of sky-blue cliff with gilded summits, which were as a beacon to the distressed mariner.

After about an hour's march, as we entered a small savannah, I saw the Fundi before al- luded to running forward and changing the direction of the caravan. Without supposing that he had taken upon himself this responsibility, I followed him.

Pre- sently he breasted a steep and stony hill, sparsely clad with thorny trees: Arrived with toil, — for our fagged beasts now refused to proceed, — we halted for a few minutes upon the summit.

Somewhat prematurely I began to lament my folly in having risked life and lost health for so poor a prize, to curse Arab exaggeration, and to propose an immediate return, with the Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye of exploring the Nyanza, or Northern Lake.

Advancing, however, a few yards, the whole scene suddenly burst upon my view, tilling me with admiration, wonder, and delight. It gave local habitation to the poet's fancy: Below and beyond- a short foreground of rugged and precipitous hill-fold, down which the foot-path zigzags painfully, a narrow strip of emerald green, never sere and marvellously fertile, shelves towards a ribbon of glistening yellow sand, here bordered by sedgy rushes, there cleanly and clearly cut by the breaking wavelets.

Further in front stretch the waters, an expanse of the lightest and softest blue, in breadth varying from thirty to thirty-five' miles, and sprinkled by the crisp east- wind with tiny crescents of snowy foam. The back- ground in front is a high and broken wall of steel- coloured mountain, here flecked and capped with pearly mist, there standing sharply pencilled against the azure air; its yawning chasms, marked by a deeper plum- colour, fall towards dwarf hills of mound-like propor- tions, which apparently dip their feet in the wave.

To the south, and opposite the long low point, behind which the Malagarazi River discharges the red loam suspended in its violent stream, lie the bluff headlands and capes of Uguhha, and, as the eye dilates, it falls upon Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye cluster of outlying islets, speckling a sea-horizon. The riant shores of this vast crevasse ap- j: Truly it was a revel for soul and sight! Forgetting toils, dangers, and the doubtfulness of return, I felt willing to endure double what I Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye endured ; and all the party seemed to join with me in joy.

My purblind companion found nothing to grumble at except the "mist and glare before Mb eyes. Arrived at Ukaranga I was disappointed to find there a few miserable grass-huts — used as a temporary shelter by caravans passing to and from the islets fringing the opposite coast — that clustered round a single Tembe, then occupied by its proprietor, Hamid bin Sulayyam, an Arab trader.

Presently the motive of the rascally Fundi, in misleading the caravan, which, by the advice of Snay bin Amir, I had directed to march upon the Kawele district in Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye, leaked out. The roadstead of Ukaranga is separated from part of Kawele by the line of the Ruche River, which empties itself into a deep hollow bay, whose chord, extending from N. The strip of shelving plain between.

Converted by the passage of a hundred drains from the highlands, into a sheet of sloppy and slippery mire, breast deep in select places, it supports with difficulty a few hundred inhabitants: The Fundi, therefore, wisely de- termined that I should spend beads for rations and lodgings amongst his companions, and be heavily mulcted for a boat by them. Moreover, he instantly sent word to Mnya Mtaza, the principal headman of Ukaranga, who, as usual with the Lakist chiefs, lives in the hills at some distance from the water, to come instanter for his Uonga Mililani hot girls naked Swinging blackmail, as, no fresh fish being procurable, the Wazungu were about to depart.

The latter manoeuvre, however, Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye frustrated by my securing a conveyance for the morrow. It was an open solid-built Arab craft, capable of containing thirty to thirty-five men; it' belonged to an absent merchant, Said bin Usman-; it was in point of size the second on the Tanganyika, and being too large for paddling, its crew rowed instead of scooping up the Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye like the natives.

The slaves, who had named four khete of coral beads as the price of a bit of sun-dried "baccala," and five as the hire of a foul hovel for one night, demanded four cloths — at Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye the price of the boat — for conveying the party to Kawele, a three hours' trip.

I gave them ten cloths and two coil-bracelets, or somewhat more than the market value of Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye whole equipage, — a fact which I effectually used as an argumentum ad verecundiam.

The view was exceedingly beautiful: Yet, more and more, as we approached our destination; I wondered at the absence of all those features which prelude a popular settlement. Passing the low, muddy, and grass-grown mouth of the Ruche River, I could descry on the banks nothing but a few scattered hovels of miserable construction, surrounded by fields of sor- ghum and sugar-cane, and shaded by dense groves of the dwarf, bright-green plantain, and the tall, sombre elseis or Guinea-palm.

By the Arabs I had been taught to expect a town, a ghaut, a port. Such was the ghaut or disembarkation quay of the great Ujiji. Around the ghaut a few scattered huts, in the humblest bee-hive shape, represented the port-town. Advancing some hundred yards through a din of shouts and screams, tom-toms and trumpets, which defies de- scription, and mobbed by a swarm of black beings, whose eyes seemed about to start from their heads with sur- prise, I passed a relic of Arab civilisation, the " Bazar.

The articles exposed for sale are sometimes goats, sheep, and poultry, generally fish, vegetables, and a few fruits, plantains, and melons ; palm-wine is a staple commodity; and occasionally an ivory or a slave is hawked about: I was led to a ruinous Tembe, built by an Arab merchant, Hamid bin Salim, who had allowed it to be tenanted by ticks and slaves. Situated, however, half a mile from, and backed by, the little village of Kawele, whose mushroom- huts barely protruded their summits above the Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye vegetation, and placed at a similar distance from the water in front, it had the double advantage of proxi- mity to provisions, and of a view which at first was highly enjoyable.

The Tanganyika ia ever seen to ad- vantage from its shores: And now, lodged with comparative comfort, in the cool Tembe, I will indulge in a few geographical and ethnological reminiscences of the country lately tra- versed. Highlands of Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye and Urundi, the western pro- longation of the chain which has obtained, probably from African tradition, the name of " Lunar Mountains.

Its breadth, from S. Native caravans pass from the Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye to Ujiji in eight days, usually without halting till arrived within a stone's throw of their destination. To Cheating wives in Highland CA region of such various elevations it would be difficult to assign an average of altitude; the heights observed by ther- mometer never exceeded feet. This country contains in due order, from east to west, the lands of Uvinza, Ubuha, and Ujiji: The general features are those of the alluvial valleys of the Kingani and the Mgeta Rivers.

The soil in the vicinity of the Malagarazi is a rich brown or black loam, rank with vegetable decay. This strip along the stream varies in breadth from one to five miles ; on the right bank it is mostly desert, but not sterile, on the left it is an expanse of luxuriant cultiva- tion. The northern boundary is a jagged line of hill- spurs of primitive formation, rough Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye stones and yawning with ravines: The sides of these hills, composed of hornblende and gneissic rock, quartzite, quartz-grit, and ferruginous gritstone, are steep, rugged, and thick- ly wooded, and one slope generally reflects the other, — if muddy, muddy ; and if stony, stony.

Each " hanger," or wave of ground, is divided from its neighbour by a soft sedgy valley, bisected by a network of stag- nant pools. Here and there are nullahs, with high stiff earthbanks for the passage of rain torrents.

The grass stands in lofty screens, and the path leads over a matted mass of laid stalks which cover so closely the thickmud that loaded asses do not sink; this vegetation is burned down during the hot season, and a few showers bring up Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye emerald crop of young blades, sprouting phoenix-like from the ashes of the dead.

The southern boundary of the valley is more regular ; in the eastern parts is an Housewives seeking sex tonight MN Lafayette 56054 tabular wall of rock, covered even to the crest with shrub and tree. The main drain receives from the Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye ern hill-spurs a multitude of tributaries, which convey their surplus moisture into the great central reservoir.

Under the influence of the two great productive powers in nature — heat and moisture — the wondrous fertility of the soil, which puts forth where uncleared a rank Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye of nauseous odour, readers Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye climate dan- gerouB.

The rains divide the year into two unequal portions of eight and four months, namely, the wet monsoon, which commences with violence in September and ends in May, and the dry hot weather which rounds off the year. The showers fall, as Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye Zanzibar, uncon- VOL. Lightning from the north, 1 especially at night, is con- sidered a sign of approaching foul weather.

It would be vain to seek in these regions of Central Africa the kaskazi Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye kosi, or regular north-east Whores of Illinois south-west monsoons, those local modifications of the trade-winds which may be traced in regular progress from the centre of Equatorial Tmbg 119 guy with Thailand seeking cephalophore to the Himalayas.

The atmo- spheric currents deflected from the Atlantic Ocean by the coast- radiation and the arid and barren regions of Southern Africa are changed in hydrometric condition, and are compelled by the chilly and tree-clad heights of the Tanganyika Lake, and the low, cold, and river-bearing plains.

When the land has become super-saturated, the cold, wet, wind, driving cold masses, Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye with electricity, sets continually eastward, to restore the equilibrium in lands still Swingers Personals in Belgrade with the torrid blaze, and where the atmosphere has been rarified by from four to six months Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye burning suns.

At Msene, in Western Unyamwezi, the rains break about October ; thence the wet monsoon, resuming its eastward course, crosses the Land of the Moon, and, travelling by slow Btages, arrives at the coast in early April. Following the northing Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye, and Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye to Searching for a friendship in the fall north-east by the rarified atmosphere from the hot, dry surface of the Eastern Horn of Africa, the rains reach Western India in June, and exhaust themselves in frequent and copious down- falls upon the southern versant of the Himalayas.

About the Tanganyika, how- Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye, all is variable. The large body of water in the central reservoir, preserves its equability of tempe- rature, while the alternations of chilly cold and potent heat, in the high and broken lands around it, Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye extreme irregularity in the direction of the currents.

During the rains of the prevalent winds were constantly changing: The most violent storms came up from the south-east and the south-west, and as often against as with the gale. Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye long and rigorous wet monsoon, broken only by a few scattered days of heat, renders the climate exceedingly damp, and it is succeeded by a burst of sunshine which dries the grass to stubble in a few days.

Despite these extremes, the climate of Ujiji has Uk dating romance reputation of being com- paratively healthy; it owes this probably to the refreshing coolness of the nights and mornings.

The mukunguru, or seasoning-fever of this region, is not feared by strangers so much as that of Unyanyembe, yet no one expects to escape it.

It is a low bilious and aguish type, lasting from three to four days: From the Malagarazi Ferry many lines traverse the desert on the right or northern bank of the river, which is preferred to the southern, whence the Wavinza exclude travellers. Before entering this region caravans generally Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye, so as to present a formidable front to possible foes. The district of Ukaranga extends from the Ruguvu or the Unguwwe River to the waters of the lake ; on the south it is bounded by the region of Ut'hongwe, and on the north by the Ruche River.

This small and sluggish stream, when near the mouth, is about forty yards in breadth, and, being unfordable at all seasons, two or three ferry-boats always ply upon its waters. The rauque bellow of the hippopotamus is heard on its banks, and the adjacent lowlands are infested by mos- quitoes in clouds. The villages of Ukaranga are scattered in clumps over the plain — wretched hamlets, where a few households live surrounded by rare cul- tivation in the drier parts of the swamps.

The " port of Ukaranga" is an open roadstead, which seldom shows even a single canoe. Merchants who possess boats and can send for provisions to the islands across the lake sometimes prefer, for economy, Ukaranga to Kawele ; it is also made a halting-place by those en route to Uguhha, who would lose time by visiting Ujiji. The land, however, affords no supplies; a bazar is un- known ; and the apathetic tribe, who cultivate scarcely sufficient grain for themselves, will not' even take the trouble to cast a net.

Ukaranga sends bamboos, rafters for building, and fire-wood, cut in the back- ground of highlands, to Kawele and other parts of Ujiji, at which places, however, workmen must be hired.

Ukaranga signifies, etymologically, the " Land of Groundnuts. Either, then, the confusion of the Tanganyika and the Nyassa Lakes by the old geo- graphers, caused them to extend the "Mocarangas" up to the northern water — and the grammatical error in the word " Mucaranga " justifies some sus- picion as to their accuracy — or in the space of three centuries the tribe has declined from its former power and consequence, or the Wakaranga of the Tanganyika are a remnant of the mighty southern nation, which, like the Watuta tribe, has of late years been pressed Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye adverse circumstances to the north.

Though Senhor Botclho, in his 'Memoria Estatisca,' denominates the "Monomoezi country" "Western Mucaranga," it is certain that no Mnyamwezi in the present day owns to connection with a race speaking a different dialect, and distant about miles from his frontier. The land of Ujiji is bounded on the north by the heights of Urundi, and on the south by the Ukaranga country: On its north-east lies the land of Uhha, now reduced by the Mature women wanting sex Ban Khok Si "Watuta to a luxuriant desert.

The head-quarter village of Ujiji was in Kawele. To the westward of this settlement was the district of Gungu, Sweet housewives want sex tonight Rocky Hill the islet rock Bangwe.

This place was deserted by travellers on account of the plundering propensities of its former chief. His son "Lurinda," however, labours to recover lost ground by courtesy and attention to strangers. South-eastwards of Kawele is the district of Ugoyye, frequented by the Arabs, who find the Sultans Habeyya and Marabu somewhat j: It is a sandy Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye, clear of white ants, but shut out by villages and cultivation from the lovely view of the lake.

To one standing at Eawele all these districts and villages are Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye two or three I need an actor to be my date on saturday, and a distant glance discloses the possessions of half-a-dozen independent tribes. Caravans entering Ujiji from the land side usually encamp in the outlying villages on the right or left bank of the Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye, at considerable inconvenience, for some days.

The origin of this custom appears to date from olden Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye. In East Africa, as a rule, every stranger is held to be hostile before he has proved friendly in- tentions, and many tribes do not admit him into their villages without a special invitation.

Thus, even in the present day, the visitor in the countries of the Somal and Galla, the Wamasai and Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye Wakwafi, must sit under some tree outside the settlement till a depu- tation of elders, after formally ascertaining his purpose, escort him to their homes. The modern reason for the custom, whjch prevails upon Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye coast, as well as on the banks of the Tanganyika, is rather commercial than political.

The caravan halts upon neutral ground, and the sultans or chiefs of the different villages send select messengers carrying various presents: Sweet words Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye fair promises win the day ; the Mtongi, or head of the caravan, after a week of earnest deliberation with all his followers, chooses his host, temporary lodgings are provided for the guests, and the value of the retaining fees is afterwards recovered in Honga and Kircmbd — blackmail and customs.

This custom was known in Southern Africa by the name of "marts;" j: S5 that is, a "connection with a person belonging to another nation, so that they reside at each other's houses when visiting the place, and make mutual presents. The traveller has now accomplished, a total number of 85 long, or short stages, which, with necessary rests, but excluding detentions and long halts, occupy days.

The direct longitudinal distance from the coast is geo. The number of days expended by the Expedition in actual marching wasof hourswhich gives a rate of miles per hour. The total time was seven and Lady seeking sex AL Joppa 35087 months, - from the 27th June,to the 18th February, ; thus the number of the halts exceeded by one-third the number of the marches. In practice Arab caravans seldom arrive at the Tanganyika, for reasons before alluded to, under a total period of six months.

Those lightly laden may make Unyanyembe in between two and a-half and three months, and from Unyanyembe Ujiji in twenty-five stages, which would reduce their journey to four months.

Dapper ' Beschryving van Afrika,' Amst. Africa, when asked re- specting the distance of the lake, say that it is at least a sixty days' journey, going constantly east- wards. When Da Coutoquoting the information procured by Francisco Barreto, during his expedition infrom some Moors Arabs or Wasawatiili Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye Patta and elsewhere, sayB that "from Eilwa or Atondo that is to say, the country of the Watondwe the other sea of Angola might be reached with a journey of fifteen or twenty or ?

Cooley gives one itinerary, by Mohammed bin Nasur, an old Arab merchant, enumerating seventy-one marches from Buromaji Mbuamaji to Oha Uhhaand-a total of eighty-three from the coast to the lake ; and a Becond by a native of Monomoezi, Lief bin Said a misprint for Khalaf bin Said?

In another page - he remarks that "from Buromaji, near Point Puna, to Oha in Monomoezi is a journey of seventy-nine, or, in round numbers, eighty days, the shores of the lake being still six or eight days distant. Macqueen, from the itinerary of Lief bin Said, estimates the lake, from the mouth of the river Pangani, at miles, and seventy- one days of total march. It is evident, from the pre- ceding pages, that African authorities have hitherto confounded the Nyanza, the Lady looking sex College Place, and the Nyassa Lakes.

Still, in the Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye of the distance between the coast and Ujiji there is a remarkable and a most deceptive coherence. It waa first visited by the Arabs about ; ten years after that they had penetrated to Unyamwezi ; they found it conveniently situated as a mart upon the Tanganyika Lake, and a central Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye where their depots might be established, and whence their factors and slaves could navigate the waters, and collect slaves and Wife looking casual sex Placitas from the tribes upon its banks.

But the climate proved unhealthy, the people dangerous, and the coasting- voyages frequently ended in disaster; Ujiji, therefore, never rose to the rank of Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye or Msene.

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At present it is visited during the fair season, from May to September, by flying caravans, who return Kanyfnye Unyan- yembe as soon as they have loaded their porters. Abundant humidity and a fertile soil, evidenced by the large forest trees and the abundance of ferns, render Ujiji the most productive Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye in this section of Africa: Rice of excellent quality was formerly raised by the Arabs upon the shores of the Tanganyika ; it grew chatrpoms, attaining, it is said, the height of eight or nine feet.

The inhabitants, however, preferring sorghum, and wearied out by the depredations of the Cyberxex, the elephant, and the hippopotamus, have allowed the more civilised cereal to degenerate. The principal grains are the holcus and the Indian nagli or nanchni Eleusine coracano ; there is no bajri panicum or millet in these regions ; the pulses are phaseoli and the voandzeia, groundnuts, beans, and haricots of several different species.

Chwtrooms manioc, egg-plant, and sweet-potato, the yam, the cucumber, an edible white fungus growing Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye, and the Indian variety Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye the Jeru- salem artichoke, represent the Cyhersex Sugar-cane, tobacco, Adult want nsa Munhall Pennsylvania 15120 cotton are always purchasable in the bazar.

The mdizi or plantain-tree is apparently an aborigen of these latitudes: It is found in the island and on the coast of Zanzibar, at E'hutu in the head Cybersex chatrooms in Kanyenye the alluvial valley, and, though rarely, in the mountains of TTsagara.

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