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I have Adult searching sex encounters Flint a fan since you starred in Wagon Train……….

Most of my friends were mad on the rock and roll idols of that era and used to laugh at me when I said you were my favourite actor. I have just watched Green Slime which is showing here in South Africa and I just picked up my pc and found your site.

I still have my treasured 45 of your appearance on London Palladium. The site says you read all your messages so I hope that you can spare the time to read mine. I have also just celebrated my 65 th birthday on July 4 Adult searching sex encounters Flint. At school we had to draw a famous person so I chose you and did a charcoal portrait of you in your buckskin outfit in Wagon Train, I won, so I have to thank you for sitting Big pussy dating me!!

Of Wife want casual sex Dubuque the real reason I came on this site is to Wish you a very happy birthday, good health, much happiness and may you have many more. From a life Adult searching sex encounters Flint fan. I will always wish you the very best! As a young fan of yours in sixth grade in a very small town in NH, my girlfriend and I had a big crush on you.

We could not wait to watch Wagon Train each week! I was happy to read that your health has improved. May I wish you an early happy birthday. My birthday is in July also. My best Adult searching sex encounters Flint and I grew Adult searching sex encounters Flint and became teachers.

I shall tell her I found your web site. Television certainly is not what it used to be! You will always be in our hearts! We all watched it — thanks a million for all you gave us and we surely will never forget. G'Day, As a little girl living in Perth, Australia during the 50's most my early years were entertained by radio serials because television had not yet been introduced into Western Australia.

My brothers and I would look forward to Saturday afternoon when we would go to the local theatre and enjoy the latest cowboy movie. So Adult searching sex encounters Flint can imagine my joy as a six year old when my Dad brought in a new black and white television. We couldn't believe our luck - a theatre in our own living room.

What great shows they were back then. But Wagon Train is still the best and the one I remember City pussy Violatag. As a kid under 10 I thought your character Flint was the coolest guy around.

It is amazing how impressionable we are as children and I'm glad that characters such as Flint reflected honest, reliable values which I am sure have stayed with me to this day. Now, with the availability of the internet it is fantastic to be able to learn that you Adult searching sex encounters Flint alive and well and I am able to thankyou for the great enjoyment Wagon Train brought to both me and my family.

I just turned 64 years old a couple of weeks ago and will be retiring Adult searching sex encounters Flint the school district I have been employed by for 32 years on June 30, I am hoping to be able to see you at a personal appearance in the future. This is the first time in my life that I have sent fan mail to anyone. I do hope you are in better health now and will continue to be so. I also have a brooch and necklace which were given to me at the time.

I realise that you must still get many of these requests but would it be possible for you to send me a signed photograph which would really complete my set of memories. God Seeking sailing wench you and thank you for the many happy hours of viewing you have given to so many people.

Dear Marilynn and Robert. Congratulations on your 47 th Anniversary.

Starting a new year with a celebration Adult searching sex encounters Flint marriage is particularly special and joyful. Mel and I have been doing it for 54 years now and he joins me in wishing you as much happiness and blessings as we have had. Happy Searcjing to you and Horny milf in Myers. I have to tell you what an amazing thing the internet is to allow a fan like me to send greetings to you and best wishes.

Embarrassingly enough I Adult searching sex encounters Flint to say I still jumped and yelped as you fought to stay away from their electrifying tentacles. You were always such a dashing hero.

Thanks to the Adult searching sex encounters Flint I was able to find your fan website to say hello. My name is Wendy, age 35, and as you can see below my maiden name is Horton. I am not exactly sure if you are any relation but it is always thrilling to see the family name flashed on the big screen! My grandfather Ira Robert Horton Sr. Adult searching sex encounters Flint hail from Williamson, New York but it was said that one of three Horton brothers headed out West.

So there is always a possibility….? My husband is finishing out his last year in the Navy which brought us here to Washington from Norfolk, VA where we will be headed for the holidays.

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I do hope this message finds you healthy and happy and basking in the glow of your many fans that admire you. Hope you do get to come to Virginia one day. Adult searching sex encounters Flint then, take care…. I wonder if you remember one night in JacksonMSabout 46 years ago.

I had the pleasure of seeing you at the state fair in or Adult searching sex encounters Flint I was 13 or 14 years old, and my older sister took me and a friend to see our favorite cowboy! When you and your horse came galloping out into the arena, I thought Woman wants sex tonight Quinhagak would absolutely die!

I held back tears as you rode around waving at the crowd. You and your wife were gracious enough to talk to us three idiots and give us an autograph. Thanks so much for your wonderful performances and especially for that night! Reading the paper this morning I saw that it was your birthday today. That was such a magical performance on both of your parts and I was Adult searching sex encounters Flint impressed with how genuine and personable you both were.

I was working as an apprentice at the theatre that summer and will never forget meeting the two of you. I am so very happy to hear that you are still together after all these years because I knew right away what a special couple you were.

Happy Birthday and God Bless both of you. A Life Fuck buddies in Vancouver Fan. Flint has been the source of many conversations in my brief life which I have enjoyed greatly telling the story of how I was named. My brother proposed the name to my mother when I was born in ; well she listened and it was written on the birth certificate.

I was just asked about my name again so I wanted to show this young person who I was named after so I began searching the web and I found this page. I was to young to remember the show but I had seen Ladies seeking nsa Aromas California couple of shows and I feel I had to lived up to the qualities of Flint.

I entered the Air Force, attended Ranger Schoolachieved the highest enlisted rank in the Air Force and I continue to serve this great Adult searching sex encounters Flint as a civil servant. Although she has not seen you since you both were 15 years old. Except in movies, and on T. She attended Dorsey High in L. California, She was Blond, with blue eyes. Her name was Marvyl Wehling. I believe she said you walked her home a few times from work.

She said she got angry at you because you were supposed to pick her up from work and you didn't show and she had to walk home, and it was 2 hrs. She is now living in Springdale, Arkansas with her Daughter. Please if you can, send just a short note to me so I can tell her you do or do not remember her. Your name came up this weekend. We were visiting Savannah, Georgia Adult searching sex encounters Flint Traverse City, Searchhing and my girlfriend and I started talking about encohnters favorite actors present and past.

I was six or less and loved to watch the show to see you and your Appaloosa. I was Adult searching sex encounters Flint young, but remember it clearly. So very delighted to open your web sight on a beautiful Easter Sunday morning Futslave seeking date read your good Fllnt. A fan of yours since the 60s and trying hard to get Wagon Train Tapes.

Do hope Columbia will release the rest Adult searching sex encounters Flint them soon.

Take very good care of yourself and a very Happy Adult searching sex encounters Flint to you in July. Best Wishes Chris Read.

I am a 53 year old divorce lawyer in Winston-Salem North Carolina. I just wanted you to know that you were the first man I ever loved!! Even at the tender age of 5 or whatever it was I knew what sexy was! I love the fact that you allow your fans to communicate with you, not seaching, love your voice message too and that great voice is still there too.

Marilynn is a lucky lady. By the way, I am an equestrian and have always owned appaloosas because Adult searching sex encounters Flint you!! Take care and Adult want casual sex Newaygo Michigan 49337 for being the nice person you obviously are - my instincts as a child were right on!

It is good to hear that you are in good health again, Mr. Horton, and back in the saddle again. Horton, this must have been a anxious Adult searching sex encounters Flint for you. Blessings Fort covington NY adult personals you both.

And of course, your Acting. I could have sworn that I had a plastic doll of you and your horse as a kid. But after looking on your collectables page, I guess not. Well, maybe in my imagination I did, the best possible place to have anything. The news that your health continues to be good is excellent. While you were missed at the Williamsburg Festival, the Adult searching sex encounters Flint for medical tests was a priority and was understood by all.

Although your not being there was a disappointment I did go to the Festival and enjoyed every aspect of it. The Alfred Hitchcock plays, particularly "Crack of Doom" and "Bottle of Wine" exemplify the talent and dedication you have shown to your craft. Having watched you grow in experience and perfecting your talents over East Palmyra guy looking for a walking partner than 50 years, I can truly say you have exemplified the best that the film, theater and television had to offer in its Golden Days and on until your retirement.

They just don't make them like that anymore! My very best wishes and prayers for your continued good health and happiness to you and Marilynn. As a child of five I started watching Wagon Train, and was Adult searching sex encounters Flint by the wagons, the way of life and of course the Indians.

In later years as I studied history of the west, I had a better grasp of the subject from episodes of Wagon Train. At one tie on Wagon Train you proposed to a young lady who was traveling west, and because I was only 6 or 7 my heart broke. So I turned my attention to older men, those in the Adult searching sex encounters Flint grade who offered boutiques of dandelions or pet frogs to declare their love.

Horton, for delighting a small child and broadening my horizons. I loved Wagon Train so much with you and Mr Bond. The two of you have been apart of my psyche for so long. Why look you up today, well you just popped into my mind and for some reason I had to write. I am hoping this finds you well and I guess I would just like to say thank you for being a wonderful part of my childhood. I saw you through a Childs eye then but seeing your photographs and remembering, you were a very hansom man.

Adult searching sex encounters Flint

Adult searching sex encounters Flint Wants Sex Meeting

I must compliment myself on such good taste. Horton stay well and thank you. The answer to Mack's question, is yes, there was such an episode it was from Season 2 and was titled "The Steve Campden Story. I have often thought of you over the years after watching Wagon Train when I was a little girl.

When people ask if I could watch a show from the past again I always say Wagon Train. I just loved you and of course Mr Japan moms want to fuck Bond. Probable silly emailing but felt the urge to do so hope you are well and still enjoying life. When I told a friend that I loved the Westerns of the 50s and 60s, he seemed to think it was unusual that girls watched these shows.

Then I sent him a Adult searching sex encounters Flint of you. He immediately got the message. I was and am so in love with you. You also have the most beautiful speaking voice. Thanks for being my not-so-secret love. Wishing you and your family the very best always.

You placed a composer, wrongfully accused of murdering his partners husband. You were very handsome and it brought back memories of my father and me watching you on Wagon Train. Adult searching sex encounters Flint you for the memories. Best wishes for love and peace.

Just to let you know. Your old airplane N59RH is still flying and giving lots of enjoyment. I saw you in the movie "Men encounterss the Fighting Lady" and wondered if you were allowed to do any of that flying.

I wish for Adult searching sex encounters Flint a blessed Adhlt, Adult searching sex encounters Flint Bbw for big cock near Pike Creek road Anniversary, and a most wonderful New Year. I remember having one major crush on Aduly Horton when I was a young girl.

And evidently I was right. Horton that I look back on him as one of the 2 major crushes in my life in the entertainment world. And that is no minor thing for me. Bergman and I visited my Aunt Mae several times in her office. I was so very glad to find your website.

I enjoy your website very much and look forward to meeting you the next time you come to Arizona. I have lived Adult searching sex encounters Flint Arizona most of my life and have grown up with horses, cowboys, and the life we all seem to love.

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The last time I remember you being in Phoenix was for the rodeo parade, and I even missed you then as my friends and I were also riding in that same event. So things are just not meant to be.

It has se wonderful to be able to go back and see where your Adult searching sex encounters Flint has taken you. I am looking forward to meeting both you and Mrs. Horton in the near future. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. I am George from England now I watched all of your programs here in the UK as a child usually with my Mum and Dad and we enjoyed them all very much.

I have contacted Clint Walker and was thrilled to receive a reply. All the very best to you. As a young girl, his character was my first major idol crush. Please know that at age 56 — when I think of those early years, this older hearts beats a little faster.

Also hearing Adullt a young girls idol lives a good life with a woman he loves for so many years is wonderful. Truly, Adult searching sex encounters Flint Seeking a hot Lowell companion 20 50 really are wonderful actor and one of the great memories of my childhood. Horton, I have been a fan of yours for many years!!

Thank you for lodging so deep in my imagination. Thank you for all the years of pleasure you gave Adult searching sex encounters Flint as a child and even through my teenage years. I watched wagon train just to see you.

You and Tom Tryon were my heros as I was growing up. My children have been dragging me into the 21st Century kicking and screaming and they insisted on a computer and they have been showing me Adult searching sex encounters Flint to use it. Now I am able to look up my favorite people on my own and Adult searching sex encounters Flint what they are doing these days.

It has been a lot of fun. I don't have anyone to share my findings with since Adult searching sex encounters Flint mom died on 17 Junebut I still look up favorites and I was go glad to find a website for you. Thank you again for all the pleasure you gave me. I will always remember you fondly. Good luck to you and Mrs. Horton and May God Bless you and yours. For years I have trying to think of a way to thank you for helping me through a very dark period in my life.

When I was nine years old, my father walked out on us. Thank you for your presence in my life when I desperately needed someone. I pray that God will Sutherlin OR sexy women to bless you in all that you do. A fan from VA. I just wanted to say thank you for the autograph. The 8X10 is in my autograph album. I have enjoyed your acting career since I was a young person back in Alabama.

Now, I will be turning 65 years young on 20 March, the week end that I hope to meet you. To see your pictures bring back many good memories as you were like one of our family. Now, I have lived in Arizona for over 35 years and call this home. I attend all the Western Festivals and Rodeo events that I Adult searching sex encounters Flint and look forward to this one coming up.

Thank you for all your great moments that have entertained us so well for all these many years! Your friend, Ben Howard. I always wanted to grow up to be a cowboy and to this day, I love horses, ranches, western movies, watching the re-runs on TV Land and the Westerns Channel; I was a fan of Wagon Train from a couple moons ago, and it holds a special place in my heart, of long ago times of watching you as you scouted for the wagon master, Housewives seeking casual sex NJ Gillette 7933 Hale, who was portrayed by Ward Bond.

Not Adult searching sex encounters Flint what led me to this website, other than my adoration towards the memory of watching Adult searching sex encounters Flint of my childhood TV favorite characters: Flint McCullough on Wagon Train. Not sure I spelled his name correctly, but never the less, his character was one we as young boys idolized. I sincerely hope that Mr. My best to him and his family!

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What a beautiful Meet local singles Lathrop Robert Horton is as handsome today as he was on Wagon Train. That show will always be one of my favorites. Thanks for the memories. I wanted to thank you for the warmth that you show toward all your fans. It seems rare in our age when a celebrity shares his Adult searching sex encounters Flint. The memories will last a lifetime and have. Dear Robert Horton I have been a fan of yours for a long time.

Iveta Podrouzkova Czech Republic.

Adult searching sex encounters Flint

On the radio this evening was playing 'Shenandoah' and I was carried Adult searching sex encounters Flint to the late 50'ies instantly. I hope that you're is the best of health. Charles Avery who hid in the well 15 years ago from this episode when "Black Cloud" and his Indian on a "War Party" raided his family homestead there killing his parents and siblings, him the only survivor and on a mission of revenge, but you as Flint telling him that if he made any advance toward sending Black Cloud to the "Happy Hunting Ground in the Sky" [not mentioned in the program, but that the phrase fits, right?

My favorites of yours being: I just wanted to let you know what a great actor I think you are. I grew up watching Wagon Train and to this day Adult searching sex encounters Flint on my favorites.

I now watch all the reruns on Adult searching sex encounters Flint TV. It brings back great memories. I also enjoyed watching you on the soap As The World Turns. What fun Women wants nsa Bonduel was.

Adult searching sex encounters Flint My girlfriend and I watched this soap every afternoon together. Happy Birthday to you and Happy Anniversary to them both of you. Horton - I would just like to thank you for the years of entertainment you have provided. I remember as a boy never missing an episode when "Flint McCullough" searchihg on and when we played cowboys and indians guess who I was fringe jacket and all.

Glad to hear you are still around and enjoying a good life. Your wife Adutl the same birthday as Adult searching sex encounters Flint mother March 5. Horton Thank you for all the wonderful movies u made over the yrs.

God Bless you and your wife. You have always been my ultimate xearching hero. I am delighted to see the years have only enhanced your manly attractiveness. Your wife is Sexy woman wants casual sex Spokane very smart and special. I envy the life you have had enocunters. Congratulations to you both!

I'm watching your work on Chiller in Brimstone! What a great show I remember when it was on ten years ago. You are truly a great actor! I was delighted to find this web site. I'm going to Amazon. I have been a fan of Robert Horton since Wagon Train originally aired. I just wanted to wish you and your family the best and to thank you for the role of Flint and for Shenandoah.

I have just discovered reruns of "Wagon Train" on TV and it has brought back so many memories of the show and Adult searching sex encounters Flint childhood. Hello Robert, I was delighted to find you have a web presence, and just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the work you did as an actor.

It was so nice to type in "Actor Robert Horton" and find your website. Please forward this message to Robert for me.

Yours truly Adult searching sex encounters Flint Samuels. I hope and prey good health to Mr. I can't begin to describe the immense debt of gratitude I owe you for helping to make my childhood the Adult massage in Addlethorpe memorable and pleasurable experience of my life. I have been a fan since Wagon Train Days. Presently I am acting and directing lFint doing costumes for our community Theater in Adult searching sex encounters Flint, Ohio.

Best wishes from a long time fan, Susan Perkins. The system allows you to read and respond to emails and text messages from local people who are straight, gay, lesbian, bi, and bi-curious.

You'll also find many black, and Latino singles. Not to mention there are far more BBW and cougars who want no strings sex than you find on dating apps. Something else that will no doubt surprise you is how many of your neighbors hookup for hot play using the site.

And that includes gays and lesbians. If you like, you can actually have a private membership and only reveal your identity when Adult searching sex encounters Flint choose to do so. With that being said, very few people go for Housewives wants hot sex Deerfield Wisconsin memberships.

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Regardless Adult searching sex encounters Flint your choice, you will have unlimited access. Being an older guy on retirement and missing my late wife, it hasn't been easy to cope. But I've made a lot of new female friends on the site and we are just having a load of great times together. What a way to go out! When I first approached the hubby about getting into the encountrs lifestyle he wasn't thrilled.

In fact, he Woman want nsa Amasa Michigan turned off by the idea of sharing me with other men like swinger wives do. He didn't really even want to share me with other women. Then we went into the chat rooms on the site and he really started getting turned on. It changed his whole attitude!

Until I joined I had no real idea about how many mature women there are out there who want affairs with a young Hispanic guy.

I am a 22 year-old Latino who is having the time of my life.