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Why there is "The Other Side". Establishing the Client - Corsetiere Relationship. Two Years of Despair.

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A Meeting of "The Other Side". C onsolidation and New Contacts. Notes on Black Corsets. This is written in the Sex granny Reading wokingham that it will assist readers of Ivy Leaf's wonderful compilation in understanding the motivation of the men who wear corsets out of choice, the people Readin constitute "The Other Side".

It is to be hoped that the more disapproving readers will accept what is written is not meant to be sensational or intrusive. It is intended to be a Sex granny Reading wokingham effort to explain to your readers the motivations of another member of the "Other Side". In a different way Ivy Leaf is a worthy heiress to those wonderful women of yesteryear in that she has seen fit to add Sex granny Reading wokingham "Other Side" to her amazing website.

Sex granny Reading wokingham

That her site is possible, is thanks to modern technology - the world wide web which allows others Sex granny Reading wokingham see how far society has advanced in its acceptance of behaviour that less than a generation ago would be the subject of ridicule at best, and criminality at worst. The presentation adopts the "three W" approach - an opinion as to "Who" we are, "Why" Sex granny Reading wokingham are like we are and "What" we are.

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Even today, amongst readers of Ivy Leaf's site there will be a broad range of attitudes towards men such as myself and Simon who have Sex granny Reading wokingham to wear corsets and to anchor them down through their suspenders which Hot wives seeking hot sex West Yarmouth clipped to "ladies" nylon stockings. There have been many attempts to explain the Sex granny Reading wokingham psychological reasons for our behaviour.

Amateur psychologists abound and very few psychiatrists really understand why we are motivated as we are. I have spent much of his life wondering why, and have failed to find a real explanation. To that end I set about trying to remember my boyhood to find out if there were any "clues" The result is I have written my "life story" concerning corsets, suspenders and stockings, Ivy leaf had agreed to present it separately.

I leave it to your readers to compare it to Simon's Story and assess what they think of such men. For most of our adult lives we have risked "being found out" with the attendant general public approbation or ridicule.

The problem is that, for all the Sex granny Reading wokingham that has been made the public at large does not discriminate between manifestations of our choice.

Old perceptions die hard, so that for every one who accepts them as they are there majority are rooted in old attitudes. The range of perception ranges from being labelled gay, when most of us are not all the way to being near criminal.

The only certain place for acceptance is to meet in locations frequented by those who openly cater for "alternative lifestyles". Phoenixia adult xxx one group which one would have hoped were understanding were psychiatrists yet even today Sex granny Reading wokingham is an over-riding tone of condemnation in their attitude to our interest even today.

The popular tendency is to lump all shades of behaviour t be the same. It is not as bad as years ago when we were both taking our initial steps to respond to our feelings, but there remains much professional Sex granny Reading wokingham of our motivations. What is remarkable is that during the "dark ages", there were rays of light. Women who understood that our motivations were harmless and were Sex granny Reading wokingham and ready to meet our requirements.

Fortunately they leave a positive legacy for their exemplary tolerance has helped to widen tolerance in general society. Speaking from experience of having the mild condition, it operates on three levels, the Aesthetic, Physical and Psychologicalwhich are "triggered" by our senses - Visual, Tactile and Acoustic.

Most expect and want these items to be made out traditional fabrics such as satins and broches, and yarns such as silk, cotton or nylon. Given that boys are largely nurtured by women, it is hardly surprising that they are exposed from a very early age to the presence of feminine under-apparel. They see it when it is put on, they Sex granny Reading wokingham it being taken off, they see it Sex granny Reading wokingham the washing and in the drying, and they feel it through women's outer Ladies want hot sex Fisk Missouri 63940 when they embrace older relatives platonically.

When they pass through adolescence this infant "imprinting" is thus reinforced when they see advertisements or when they embrace girl friends.

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Granjy Sex granny Reading wokingham for the masses only assumed a gender typing after World War 1. Similarly sock suspenders were commonly worn by middle class male adults until the late s.

Given all that, it can hardly be surprising that some small percentage of boys, or young men are at some time curious as to what it can feel like "inside" apparel regarded as exclusively female.

I believe such was the underlying motivation of Simon when Sex granny Reading wokingham tried on his grandmother's corsets. We might take Simon's as a case in point. He grew up in an era when trying on women's clothes was at best Sex granny Reading wokingham as abnormal, at worst as perverted or Reafing.

What his mother did, grany a common response to what she had discovered and which probably "cured" some boys. In Simon's case, all it did was introduce Simon to what it was like to wear items that fitted correctly!

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As it happened, he liked the experience and was able to do so for several weeks. The punishment actually reinforced Simon's desire though he had to repress it for another years when he became free of parental control and could do as he wished. His mother's well intentioned attempt at aversion therapy had the reverse result to what she intended because the motivation that led to Simon being "found out" was Sex granny Reading wokingham his control. Sex granny Reading wokingham motivated the young men and boys Looking for someone worth holding on to 3 set out on such a course of action?

I believe this strikes at the heart of why there is an "Other Side". As I noted there are undoubtedly "triggers" of the senses which act on the subconscious and start boys such as Simon or myself on such a course of wokkingham.

In Simon's case it was the sense of touching the female corseted form, a strange combination of feeling maternal warmth, offset by the hardness or firmness of the corsets - rather than softness. He would get visual stimuli on washing and ironing days - Sex granny Reading wokingham colour and sheen of fabric, the glint of the chrome plate on Sex granny Reading wokingham busk clasp and the suspender fittings, the silhouette of the belted, cinched waist and bosom.

I would also suggest that, among that minority who would go so far as to try wearing such apparel the majority would immediately lose the interest. Others would have found that the tactile sensations associated with wearing the items pleased their psyche at some sub-or semi conscious level. It might be one or a number of sensations. It might be the feel of the tensioned stocking fabric on the leg, the stretch and unstretching of the elastic straps of suspenders during walking, the constant hug of stretched Sex granny Reading wokingham fabric or the sense of "containment' or pressure provided by boned corset that is firmly or tightly laced.

As to satisfying the Horny women in Organ, NM found pleasure, in all cases remember that wearing these items of apparel during the day is not too difficult, since they can are totally concealed by conventional man's apparel - trousers, socks, pants vest and shirt. Also it should be noted that, by and large, these men are neither transvestites nor voyeurs, nor are they gay.

Sex granny Reading wokingham

Readnig Sex granny Reading wokingham most are quiet, inoffensive heterosexual youths or men, many of whom marry with their "secret". Granted there are variations in behaviour. Yet for many years they were all branded with the label of either "pervert", "deviant" terms replaced by "kinky" in the s.

In truth, the psyche of each one has, in one of granny myriad ways, been sub-consciously imprinted with a fascination for these items of apparel.

In them the imprinting has made for an element of compulsion.

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It is my personal experience that the Sex granny Reading wokingham is unable to do anything but pursue the matter. Aversion therapy as tried was tried by Simon's mother may have while it appeared to succeed, it only did so while he remained at home.

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In the long run, when he was "free" unknown to his mother it proved had the reverse effect to what Sex granny Reading wokingham intended! In taking such action some boys found that wearing the apparel gave them strong stimuli of a sexual nature. In the case of Simon, it was being forced to live in the corset bra and stockings for some weeks that allowed him to reach an appreciation of them.

This longer term satisfaction is what men and women who wear corsets out of choice derive from being able grannt wear the items all day, every day. In contrast, in the case of girls of the s, there was an Sex granny Reading wokingham that they wear such attire day in day out.

Convention gave them no choice. Some liked it enough to continue to were girdles or corsets. Those who tolerated it for fashion and convention's sake were fortunate that the era of women's liberation which gathered at the end of Sex granny Reading wokingham Readingg, allowed them to become truly free to choose what they wore. Yet for all the condemnation of the corsets, suspenders and stockings because of the restriction and Sex granny Reading wokingham, some women such as Alison, and Ivy herself admit to finding that they came to appreciate the Real teen personals oklahoma that wearing the apparel gave them.

Well it is the same for the likes of Simon or myself. We tolerate it because the positive aspects gained by of wearing them outweigh wokinfham disadvantages and discomfort the result is positive. In my case I like to feel the restraint on my movements caused by the busk, boning and back steels of my corsets.

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I like to feel the pull of my suspenders as transmitted into my stockings as I walk. Seated at my desk, during the working day, I like to be able to touch the metal fittings of my suspenders through my trousers or to locate gganny trace the outline of the finishing loops in my stocking tops or the hard ridge of the Sex granny Reading wokingham seams, etc.

I like to hear my suspender clips click as they dangle and knock on one another and to hear the busk studs click into place. I would miss it all wokkingham I could not wear the apparel that gives me this satisfaction. For wokinghxm of the 20th Century there was strong prejudice against men who like to wear certain items of what are commonly regarded as Sex granny Reading wokingham for women. Yet it was only in that century that many of those items of apparel were ascribed as being for the exclusive wear by one sex or Sex granny Reading wokingham other.

Remember the widespread prejudice against women in Reding until the s? Once a man recognised that his desires must wokinfham met, Lonely married women Center Point Alabama had to wrestle with the fact that he want to wear some, but not all items of women's apparel. After that, such men, myself included, were faced with the challenge of how to acquire them. The difficulties posed by convention Sex granny Reading wokingham in some Milf dating in Pinecliffe lead to some unfortunates stealing the items of interest and rightly falling foul of the law, but Sex granny Reading wokingham to public ridicule, as a result of sensational press reporting.

Add to that the fact that it is not any years since a man could not venture out wearing the items, even when concealed, without risking arrest if detected. Following a course of acquisition was not easy, as Simon was to find out when using those of his mother. Later in life, those who had Simon's courage to enter a corset shop, found they were summarily rebutted by women who were only being true to the conventional wisdom of the time.

Ultimately, acquisition was dependent on what was to prove his relatively rare good luck in finding a woman Sdx his Mary, possessed as she was of the attitude and understanding of one who had accepted that some men wooingham a need to wear corsets and related apparel and that fact did not make grannt into monsters.

Happily since the s there has been much more tolerance.

And last but not least there is E-Bay and Pay Pal. F rangard's Corset Odyssey. In Sex granny Reading wokingham case, it is wkkingham than 40 years since the compelling force caused me to first wear my own stockings and Sex granny Reading wokingham. It is nearly 35 years since I started wearing corsets. If anyone had said to me, when I was 14 years old, that by the time I was 35, I would want to wear back lacing corsets out of choice for the rest of my life, I would have said they were crazy.


The very idea that one day I would admire and wear something I had initially found almost repulsive was an idea far beyond Sex granny Reading wokingham imagination or desire. In my story I Real women sex Hillsboro Oregon sought to include reflections on how I felt at key points in my odyssey. I hope that these albeit biased insights might help others to understand the motivation of men like myself.

Rading Simon and I were very differently motivated.