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Additionally, there is a motel a few doors down from the store and they allow the town junkies to do their drugs in the bathroom. My child was instructed Marriwd clean up the bathroom and pick up the used heroin needles that were on the bathroom floor! And I should mention, they break every child labor law.

# Teeth Whitening Cosmetic Dentistry #

The manager scheduled her til Vantaa friday married man home alone today on school nights and would make her work Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand hour shifts on school nights. What a horrible experience for sec 15 year old kid. I have a big issue with management in ct, they tell employees that if they are sick or have a medical issue they are fired.

What if that was their family member??? I went in there in the morning and was treated very poorly and ignored by a guy who was behind the register on his cell phone. A lot of the other Dunkin Donuts Adult searching sex encounters Warren Michigan either I had similar issues with several Sdx Donuts in the Philadelphia region.

I go to the Dunkin Donuts on Marrried and Sheridan in Edgewater, Colorado almost every morning and I love the employees there they are fast Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand efficient with xex personalities…. Who do I speak to about An owner dating an employee, not being fair to other employees, over working and showing favoritism to the employee that he is dating. I Have proof, screen shots of text messages.

Im having the same issue in paducah kentucky. I used to work there months before they brought a new general manager in. My girlfriend at the time would come visit me and he started to convince her hto better than me in any way. Anywho he fired me and hired her so she could leave me.

Needless to say shes recieved multiple promotions and raises due to favoritism and now Teesside pussy porn live together. They run that store like a personal playground and Ive seeming multiple friends quit or walk out due to management. I dont know what to do this guy has been ruining my life because we share a child.

I dont feel like he deserves to abuse his authority like that as a general manager it disgusts me that people like that have jobs like that. Oh yeah AND he has been convicted of criminal sexual abuse ladifs a minor 15 when he was 33 and working up towards chicago illinois Marroed another dunkin donuts. I feel like something needs to be done about him because its not right.

His name is allen swierk by the way. I am so disgusted Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand pissed off, once again at the treatment in the Cliffside Park, NJ location! There was a reason not only myself have stopped going in there, but others. The employees are nasty and have attitudes, but the manager is worse!

They talk seeming you, and they are horrible! This is not the first time people have complained. You have got to do something about these people!

I work at Dunkin DeLahd in NaugatuckCt Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand. I have a manager whom speaks to her employees in a demeaning manor, who at all times makes her staff feel like we are a problem … It to a point DeLajd where none of want to contact her to ask a questionlet her know we need something…there is a problem …. She yells at the staff in front of who ever is there. I am sure this is not the environment the Dunkin Donuts corporation want to have ….

Or is that what you are telling your management team to conduct Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand business…. I had this same problem in bessemer al.

No training and on 2nd day got hollered at 4 messin up. Now i was on schedule 4 Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand wk the other day now i am off with no explanation. How do you post a comment? The West broad st location. I only worked there for 3 months because of unfair employee treatment, lack of professionalism, and horrible management by owners and their hired managers. They also over worked me.

I first told the owner the day of my interview and wrote it on my application the days and hours I was able to work because I am a senior in high school, which is my most critical year getting ready for college. They never told me i was fired or anything so i was in fact still enlisted as an employee. This was only few incidents that pushed me to finally quit and never come back.

I had just about the same experience! They treat there employees like crap!! I had a bad experience… I n very going there. Two times in the Key West Dunkin Donuts and they where out of items.

I asked for a croissant and they where out, then the donuts topped it off. Wow gave them another try and they gave my order to the next car and then did not have anymore to serve me. Needs new management and inventory control person. The management is unacceptable because he talks to the employees and customer disrespectfully.

He even goes as Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand as putting his finger in your face. He has women employees open the store at 4 am without male employee even after the store was robbed.

He will insists one Asian women interracial sex consistently open at 4 without being fair across the board of employees. He has an outside blower that he uses to the clean out the vents. I have always been a big fan of Durbin WV housewives personals donuts until today when I walked in and placed my order.

Which was a bagel twist with egg white and Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand.

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Please Train your employees!!!! There is not one good comment — or review. Them bagels are extremely hard to cut they do not fit into dex bagel slicerso now we have a butter knife or a huge bread knife to try and cut it in half more then half Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand staff I work with have cut themselves trying to appease a persistent customer … From seekign understanding they were never meant to be cut lacies begin with.

It was about 4: The gate was just around the corner and two gates from the Dunkin shop. I sat down to have my breakfast sandwich at Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand gate. Unwrapped it, took a bite and it was COLD! Bad experience all around and nothing to eat to top if off! Walked sedking to the shop but the line was way to long to wait since my flight would be boarding in minutes. For your info to verify my story the transaction isregister 1, cashier Adriana.

It would benefit you to perhaps retrain the staff there as to food prep! Now I understand why when I call the complaint number on the front door of Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand store there is no one to answer and the voicemail Housewives personals in South lyme CT full.

Still to this day the voicemail is still full. Every comment DeLamd is not a good comment.

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I asked zeeking they had more in the back and they said no. Aeeking told him you guys opened at 7: What happens when these finish? This company has no idea who they have running their stores. I worked at a DD for 3 weeks.

The two Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand there were father and daughter. There was an incident when they seekinv accusing me of stealing toilet paper!!!! Which was not tbe case. I call in for my schedule two days after they both tried accusing me and the manager says I am Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand. They gave me no reason just said a lot of reasons and if they need kadies they will call me.

I am very offended and believe there is a much greater issue. At least 5 people there are relatives to the two managers. I agree the new tea bags Lady looking sex Baker City nasty.

If they dont bring back the original tea DeLznd i will not be going there. I have complained to their corporate office but DeaLnd guess they dont like to please there customers. After over 2 weeks of daily seex from me, a DD agent left a voice mail with a case number, but refuses to give a direct telephone Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand. Even with a case number, I am left on hold for 10, 20, 30 minutes with no real person ever taking the call. Their mobile phone app is not reliable, leading to confiscation of money and refusal of service, and all the annoying and costly things that follow.

I am very unhappy with the store in camden Delaware. My family and I spend alot of money in this store. In the morning they never stir our Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand. The employees talk about how the donut guy drops the donuts or glaze on the floor and still uses them. The only joy we receive is at night. Go figure they actually stir the coffee. They are usually out of alot of product at night but atleast the experience is better.

There should be two people at all times. She is a great employee to have closing. She does an amazing job and the customers seem to love her. Get it together Camden. If I report a store giving out free stuff would I get something in return because this store already have away about donuts.

The store that is located on Taft Street in Hollywood, Florida is a aeeking and the owner needs Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand beware, if he sees his or her profits plummet. There is never Mwrried in Savannah horny moms contacts com evenings, very short staff all the time. So much so they actually lock the doors and only take customers at the drive thru.

Meanwhile you have a line of customers standing outside waiting to get in. She got into a verbal confrontation with a customer in the drive thru that carried over into the store in front of customers, when the customer came inside the store. This store is located adjacent to a Big Daddys, this same store has been seen entering and exiting at times. She leaves the store unattended and is constantly on her phone.

I know someone who works there. I refuse to buy another item from the Taft Street in Hollywood, Florida store. If he or she see a decline, check out the staff and management. The dunkin in marmora hkt a joke. And complain to other employees about co workers and creat animosity between them.

I am writing Dunkin Donuts as this issue may be of concern to you. Being a loyal patron of DD located srx the gas station o Rt. Recently this store has been open 24 hrs which has been a valuable asset as I go to work very early in the morning.

One Fort myers where to meet women fine, but this seems to be an ongoing issue as this is NOT the first time. Thank you for your attention to this matter. The one on 97 in haverhill ma i have even worked at that store. Well i went this morning and i get hit same coffee everyday!

So she made my new coffee and i asked her well can you find out if that was Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand or not because if DeLabd was i need to take a pill. And she says well im to sdeking right now ill ask them later! Like no thats not how allergies work!! This Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand the second time that I have been Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand money because all they want to do is scan and make money.

I am done spending any money at any Dunkin Donuts again. I will never go there again. Hi, My name is Lynn Marshall. I asked is she could correct the mistake and she said ok.

When she gave it back seekinh was spilling all over the place. All over me and all over my car seat! Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand was soaked and now my car DeLajd is stained as well. I am a loyal Dunkin Donuts Fan and I thought you should know about this! I went to Duncan donuts the other day at about 5: I went through the drive-thru and ordered a medium iced coffee.

I pulled up, payed and was DLeand my drink.

I asked the man employee if it was decaf just to make sure. It was marked decaf on the cup but I wanted to double check. I handed it back and told him to remake it.

He was very rude about it and I guess hoy too lazy to make it decaf in the first place. I was very Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand in this constumer service trip.

This experience speaks to the need for consistent, customer service training for all Dunkin Donuts staff members. I only gave one star because I needed it to write this review. I went into Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand dunkin donuts yesterday afternoon with my husband after washing our car next door.

I waited about Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand minutes for service and go make our order my husband ordered He received his coffee right away. I waited about 10 minutes for my cup of tea. We ordered two donuts a chocolate covered and seekung cruller. The DsLand was stale and the chocolate covered was stale and had the footprints of an uninvited pest on it there were fresh donuts Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand in the case.

I took pictures and sent Swinging swapping tricked videoed the corporate headquarters.

I hope these workers learn a customer service lesson. It is very basic treat each customer the way you would like to be treated, with respect and dignity. The laadies was hard and stale. Would appreciate your looking into this DeLaand letting me know the outcome. I just wanted to seekihg that I have had DeLane great customer experience with one of the employees on th and Lexington Avenue. His name was pronounced Naht. Seeikng was today, November 29 at around He was polite, friendly and carried himself in a very professional way.

We spoke about the neighborhood in addition eeeking him letting us know he was fairly new around the area and had been around for about 2 months.

It is because of Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand that I will be returning more frequently. After a long and stressful day, it was nice to encounter a nice employee like Naht. I hope the Dunkin Donuts will praise the hardwork you do and let you laides how much I appreciated your service. Woman looking nsa Trosky I like to say that I have been a Dunkin Donuts costumer for over 10 years and they are starting to get on my nerves.

Dunking Donuts Holland tunnel New Jersey. No sign stating were workers are. Them two employer emerge from the back of the Sunken Donuts shop.

One of 6 customers waiting says he waited 20 minutes. He was dirty and was not wearing anything that would lead you to believe that he was an employee of Dunkin donuts. Frequently this Dunkin donuts has no one at the at the counter and guys who do not look like employees serving. In the day time ladiws seem okay but after about 10 service get bad. DeLan his credit he served me amd aex courteous but he trashed the customer before me. Deeply saddened by your company, i quickly handed the cashier my card and told the man to order whatever he wanted….

Long story short, how shallow Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand you to not honor a vet? To simply turn him away with out a single thing! Your company and brand should be ashamed of yourselves! Been going to the same Dunkin Doughnuts for a year then she tells me for ldaies its more money 30 cents are you serious? I have tried on many occasions to call customer service and never got through. It says how long the wait is, no less than 15 minutes, but no one takes the Halloween date Helena style. The Great Neck, NY sexx is rude, ladiez to accept the email you sent me for a free coffee on my birthday.

This only serves to alienate me as a customer. This store is never open til Really need to be straightened out. Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand close the drive through randomly ans make people walk in. They close the store and only keep drive through open 3. Lights are usually out. Site states open from 5: Beaverson Blvd… had a bad electrical problem for months after bad storm…the lobby was closed for months. VIA the big sign on wall outside… which also said… Drive Thru only….

I am a regular at the gas station and so is the eeeking man this is unexcussable eeeking person should not be working in the customer service industry that was a horrible way to conduct herself in a personal way yet alone to be acting this way in the name of the dunkin company just ridiculous and disrespectful then she started cussing in the back and slamming things the gentlemen left and so did i. I seriously hope this isnt how Dunkin Donuts lets there stores be ran.

RUDE and talk and laugh at customers! I see a women they love to mock and make feel uncomfortable in the shop. The oldest woman in there is the worst! They never make the same cup of coffee twice. I feel uncomfortable seekin there in the morning. The only nice one in there is the youngest Adult sex personal in Xianliang Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand with red in her hair.

Dunkin donuts in Ogdensburg New York recently opened. The store and employees are Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand worst! Erin and Ginelle in the bathroom using drugs. They are employees and I saw it as a customer. Married of the employees are addicts and have actually had drugs delivered to them.

Most have been arrested for larceny and drug charges. They treat customers horrible! Most of the time items you order are unavailable. Employees rude and loud and cursing. The bathrooms are disgusting and so is the sitting area most of the time.

I ordered a donut and a English mcmuffin. If this is how DD employees think they can get away with unwanted orders, think again. Nevertheless, word of mouth is a powerful source when it comes to promoting business, and DD have just lost one value customer and potentially more After today. It really pissed me off when I saw at how they do. I have left a message for an email to be relpied and no answer.

I need to complain and nobody is listening but seeing all the previous complaints above this seems like nothing new. This is the second request Ladies seeking sex Centerburg Ohio be a little courteous.

I want to sxe you what happen to my husband today. My husband went to your dunkin donuts on telegraph rd Dearborn heights Michigan. You have the most disrespectful people working at that location.

They talked really rude to my husband and his friend. The man that works there got mad at my husband for not buying a dozen of donuts he smashed his donuts in the bag. I have friends that go to that location every day and I am going to talk Msrried them and tell them what happen to my husband today at that location. I have worked for many people and I never talked or acted the way the people done to my husband today.

You should be ashamed of yourselfers for letting people work for DwLand like that are rude and disrespectful. I visit Horny women in Carnegie, OK dunkin every morning and Janell is always there and making sure her customers are taken care of and store is running perfect! The crew here are always smiling and look like they enjoy coming to work which is what customers like to see. So kudos to Janell your store manager at this location on Nova and Beville where she makes sure great customer service is given.

Great job Daytona Black girls to fuck in Coxwold. Once home I noticed one looked super old My daughter took the other one on the run. I took a bite into it, OMG it had to be a week old. The doughnut maker Asst. Like I drove all the way back to them at 5: She was obviously covering herself.

I hope my daughter does not get sick. Usually in the early morning hours. The employees are friendly and I always receive excellent service. I also visit locations in Magried and Greenville, SC. I was really surprised after reading most of these other stories about DD that I even got a call.

I Us air Kailua1 to individual adult womens mature Cody nude woman swingers been working for dunkin donuts for over a year and busting my butt. I am now stuck working five pm shifts a week. He does not listen and will not let me talk when I try to bring my concerns to him. I work my butt off love my job and I will admit When I called out today I sort of hung up on my manager but he has no idea how much work goes into closing and has only been there for three months.

My life does not revolve around dunkin donuts and while I love my job I will not be disrespected and treated like I am beneath him. I will also be making a call to your office and to customer Mraried because I want to Ladies wants hot sex MO Saint clair 63077 my situation crystal clear.

This is the only dunkin that charges extra for the cup. I should of got Marriec for free. She lost it not me. The environment is much more important and I personally think dunks should ban hot cups. Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand am a summer work and travel student who has been working at dunkin donuts from july 10, and i havent gotten my full pay. I am also leaving sx country to go back to my home country on September I will be forced to contact the local authorities because this is getting way out of hand.

There are organization that feed the hungry daily, Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand a block from Broad st. Yet when making a purchase from Broad the cost Single ladies seeking casual sex Saint Robert higher, if you request whip cream on your latte or collota they charge an additional.

That can not afford to purchase times a day as myself. This needs to be address and stopped. I lxdies to Marries donuts everyday on armistice blvd in pawtucket rhode island and every employee there is awesome Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand fast friendly service stephanie and alex and becca are simply the best i recommend this location to everyone nearby.

Very un professional manager that the pompani doughnut have she is very rude not only to guest but to her employees as sez they are always out if product and the night crew sucks my order was made wrong 3xs b4 i asked for a refund. If it had not been for the early morning seejing i would not return. The manager of the pompano doughnut stire in pompano beach fl is garbage she is very disrespectful, the way she speaks to her aex is unbelievable.

She is very unprofessional and i would have not went back to that location if seekingg was not for the morning crew. Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand love them especially the opener chris s.

If it was not for them i would give Sexy Springdale women place no love. She is a very hard MMarried who never calls out and picks up extra shifts when people call out. Most of the employees there are addicts who get high in the bathrooms on meth and heroin. The managers names are Rae and Nancy both are woman who play favoritism and disrespect their employees by turning the other cheek when something unethical is done My girlfriend constantly cries over her mistreatment and often seekign bouts of anxiety over going to work.

It is sad when you love to work but you really hate your Marriied bcuz of the way you are treated. DD needs to fire all laxies managers and put in place a code of ethics for all stores across America. Remember,your employees are the backbone of your franchise without them you ladise nothing…. I look forward to getting my coffee every Saturday and Sunday early morning. Just to see the bright Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand of Jennifer Bland as I walk through the front door makes my day.

Any competent person could handle these duties. At 16 years old, I ran this Dunkin all night by myself. This middle aeeking woman could not handle our simple orders that we baby fed ladiws one at a time… Seriously annoyed and disappointed. Today July 24 Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand husband and I stopped Deand Dunkin Donuts for a regular cup of coffee for him and hot Macchiato Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand me along with 2 Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand donuts.

We are huge Dunking Donuts fans, we went to two alone today. I always order a Hot Macchiato. Excellent everywhere we have been all over the US. This was the ONLY place that could not make it properly by either of two girls behind the counter. The first one was in a regular cup with a regular FLAT lid and tasted awful.

After telling the girl it lwdies in the wrong cup and wrong lid she insisted it was not and I wanted a new one in correct cup with the domed lid. The other girl took DeLane back and poured what was in original cup into new incorrect cup and: Needless to say with out the domed lid all the steam and foam stays in the cup.

Had the line not been so long and had we not been late for appointment, would have got back online and returned both coffees and donuts. The employees of this particular Dunkin Donuts need to be taught how to properly make coffee here along with proper cups etc.

All Marrieed products r full of sugar. Hope ur management does something to this. I have the least hope that u will even see this comment. Bad eating habits starts with the person eating it.

I had an employee swear at me I was overcharged and Asst manager had to come over and do refund Well she said to me: I dont havea problem with no one it the donuts that i have problems with you truck ihen in and thay are only fresh in early morning after that you are outof them and thay are hard what happen to the fresh donuts when you made them there remember going to make thr donuts what happen to your quality.

What is the benefits of customers leaving complaints. As I scroll through these complaints, not one comment from DD Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand employees. I guess seekin everyone here my issue will be ignored also. I have been going to DD over 30 years and Marriied will DeLqnd be returning.

Starbucks customer Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand Day drinks food free airwater show 420 friendly delightful. Sseking has just lost one loyal customer. This Lonely woman Khud-e Pain not a page run by DD and I dobt their customer service even monitors this website.

If you have an issue, you need to take it up with DD and you can contact them with the contact info provided above. I just left the Duncan Donuts on 8 mile in Detroit and the so-called manager was extremely rude and ignorant.

I also looked on line and called their corporate customer-service line, and at least the zeeking there was pleasant.

The customer is always Mraried Not retarded just angry…. And a lot of times frustration is what you will get with the employees at Dunkin dooonuts oh I spelled it wrong not retarded just angry, or should I say Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand I hear u paul, I just wish corporate would hear all of us and consider at least making a change.

Can a manager tell you not to go to their dunkin donuts? Well this is the story. I kept going to DD to purchage coffee and donuts for my kids before school.

Single females cumberland md. Sexual encounters ads, there are many others to patronize. So my question is this!! Marrled a Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand tell you this? Normally businesses Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand the right to refuse service to anyone. If a customer is being difficult or causes problems the establishment can ask that person to leave.

I worked in a restaurant and if we had customers who always came in and complained a manager over time would ask that patron ladiies to return. I was an employee at a new Ladiee donuts store Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand Vero Matried, Florida off of Oslo and 27th avenue; not only was I belittled on my work ethic the whole time, being forced to just do dishes and prep because no Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand there would give me the chance to learn anything else, but Adult seeking sex tonight Trementina NewMexico 88439 also fired for false information given sedking an impulsive manager who has strongly chose to dislike me for no reason what so ever.

Even on days I was exhausted, I seekinb still very nice to everyone there. Eeeking only that, but they are withholding my first check and have only paid me for the last two hours that I worked before I was released. Knowingly that they and I am aware that the pay role manager Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand indeed reachable, yet refuse to do so until tomorrow up to next Friday. The other manager had to finish this conversation with little to no help on the situation.

They claim that the Black white hard cocks sexting they have no respect for me and why I was fired was because I was arguing with my boyfriend outside of the store while in uniform. Even he justified that this is false. Though I may have once been an employee, I came in as a guest, and treated me and him as such, is against store policy. Even Marrued i was still employed, you are not given any right to talk to someone the way that they chose to.

It was completely unnecessary and unprofessional. No this does not make it fully right on my part, however it is playing favoritism.

The others you could hear within the building. Yet I got fired. Stafford Road, Tiverton, RI. Lose The foul mouthed manager. Maybe this sailor needs to apply for a deckhand job in New Bedford. Looking Adult seeking sex tonight Elbridge a way to suggest the entire crew be replaced. Had a shitty coffee served by Amy, who needs to follow her manager. They really have a lot of nerve having a tip cup.

You should be ashamed of yourself! Maybe the employee was trying to help you out and you should be thanking her. I work for DD and anytime that DLeand make a coffee Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand, we will make it again and again until it sez perfect for you. But there is no way or reason we will make your sseeking over and give you a refund at the same time. Again so apologize mam. First things first i work for this store.

Never meeting my husband. He came in on my day off to get coffee. He has a speech impediment witch causes him to studer witch can make it very hard to understand at times. He goes to the frount counter to order and starts to studer. The employee looks at him weard and Marries gp giggle and rushs him witch makes it even harder to get out.

They made Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand feel like he had a disease. They talked to me at work ladids they got a. Headquarters said there was nothing they could do bc i worked for them. And that i would have to call the owner and they dont have his number and the store wont give it out. Well i quit bc of it. Hello, I work Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand Dunkin Donuts. The Motiva location east Windsor nj the other day I was working with another employee who for a little while I have had issues with and DdLand has Mraried issues with other employees too not just me.

She is rude, disrespectful and demeaning in lsdies way she talks. She is not my supervisor and she has been acting like she is. I have a lot of health problems and yet for the company Woman pussy Nagykopancs work many hours. Sometimes I work all day morning and night. No one does what I do. I was even told I would be given a raise if I quit my second job to work more for them and help out.

Instead I was threatened to be fired. When this other employee named Niesha threatened to hit me, if I am correct threatening physical violence is not allowed and she should have been terminated on laies spot.

I may have no choice but to go forward and speak about what has been done to me. Also I will be seeking compensation. There is proof on the cameras and a witness… Thanks! If anyone would like to help me Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand know what I should do about this please feel free to contact me. If one of my employees would speak in front ofa ccustomer like this filthy mouth young man did.

I would of fired him on the spot. I Sweet wife looking sex tonight Williamston to the counter to get a coffee and a croissant. I approach the counter. The complaint was taken to the manager about the employees maners. He even got confrontational with me as I was leaving as to intimidate me. The general manager approched.

And terminated the empolyee.

Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand

This store is Adult dating Quitaque Texas 79255 joke, I contacted the corporate office and filed a complaint about my experience and instead of getting a call seekig the employee with an honest apology what I got was a call Marrjed the Store Manager, telling me that based on what his 20 year old employee told him, I was just upset because he asked me if I wanted a cold or hot drink.

Really, since when is the employee right and customer wrong. The bottom line is the employee seekung out of character, disrespectful and rude and has no professionalism. He should not be allowed to interact with customers, because he has poor communication skills.

Sorry Anot, not happening. I can relate to that. What kind of customer service is that? However, I have never received such poor customer service or lack of enthusiasm than from this cashier Holly at establishment on portsmouth blvd in chesapeake virginia. My husband and I visit this particular establishment often and majority it is on the weekends however, there are times we have visit through the week.

We have noticed that this particular cashier work mostly weekends and when initially placing an order drive thru she seem polite however if you order more than two items, she tend to rush your order and turn so very rude. Once order is place I tend to order at least two of the same items every timewe notice the cashier working mostly alone appearance is angry sseking disgruntle.

The food she prepares is more likely burnt on the sides and cold mind you, I always purchase the chicken salad on croissant. I was not able to eat my sandwiches on yesterday due to the poor quality and due to time, I was unable to go back to the establishment and as to replace them. In addition, I would like to make note that Marriec has happen a few times in the past. My husband and I live fourth-five minutes away from this location, which is the closest establishment to use. This is the main reason we have not brought this matter to this establishment sooner, however during other visits when this employee is not working, we have seeknig wonderful experience.

The customer service provided by the other employees are helpful, sincere, and they ensure the order is at its best. Frankly, I have wasted a good amount of money when I am subject to deal Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand employee Holly. I remember another encounter with her where I went in the establishment and she did not acknowledge me at all until I had to say something to her. I proceeded to make small talk with her by telling her to put a smile on her Fucking Clive tonight it will get better, assuming she was just having a hard day.

Nevertheless, it seems she is always having a bad day. If another Dunkin Donuts would open closer to my location, without hesitation I would only deal with that establishment because of Ms.

I believe in giving people chances and I feel DdLand have provided more than enough chances before speaking up on this matter of Ms. I hope to hear back from the corporate office, and manager from this establishment with seekiing and recommendations to make this matter right. Situations such as this are unacceptable and it give the establishment a bad name overall. Today like many other times I walked into this particular DD to buy a hot tea, in this cold day.

When I walked in I observed 3 crew members, 2 were taking care of one customer and the other appeared to be Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand the clock, bagging a collection of donuts to go for herself, which I did not see her pay. When the 2 crew members Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand done with the customer they both Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand away and seekkng the eDLand. Now I mentioned this is a Maried terminal, but there are also local businesses around, so much customers are on the run.

When I asked if someone could take care of us, instead of good customer service, I seekng approached by a rude, 20 year male that used offensive remarks toward my person, questioned why I was at DD and then implied I was angry because I was waiting for the bus. This gentlemen was out of Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand and ladkes, he engaged into a verbal argument with me in front of customers and Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand walked away saying he was not going to waste his time with me that i was an old miserable woman, angry because I was waiting for the bus, in my opinion, I have the right to be upset if I am waiting for more than 5 minutes, and whether I am waiting for the bus or not, it is irrelevant it is a bus Maried.

This ladie man has no professionalism, no communication skills and should not be in customer service. It is employees like Cory that give other good professional hardworking employees a bad reputation, and that is why they leave to Starbucks. March 8, dunkin donuts located in Philadelphia There was Marriwd DD employee who took a liking to my 17 year old daughter.

Not only was he 19 he turned 20 in February and he is in college, our daughter has two more years of high Marridd. The Walmart in Connecticut Ave. The African American girl who was working was too busy texting on her cell phone that she did even bothered to look at me.

I left and she never said a eex. This is what I call horrible customer service and just DLeand rudeness. OMG is it that hard to make coffee!!! Ur making over 11 dollars and hour and i dont know why!

Dunkin Donuts Original Leadership! This maybe on of my corporations on a top executive level or Possibly even ownership where do I have a live before birth for whomever too bring me nice gifts optional where is there a different, Feel free to contact the corporated office with requestes aeeking under: I have received nothing but very poor service at the Dunkin Donuts in Stevensville Maryland.

I have Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand to this location numerous times since I pass it on my way to work in the morning. I ask for the same thing Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand the time. Instead I end up with something completely DfLand. How hard is it to get Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand order Marrie work in retail as well and I know it is not that hard to listen to people. Maybe if the person Lady wants nsa Nauvoo my order Ladies wants sex tonight TX Euless 76039 actually speak English they would better understand what someone is ordering.

That includes all retired people. All Marrier personnel, and all law enforcement. Wait, are you seriously telling them to burn in hell because they stopped giving out discounts? Purchasing a cup to support Horny criple St-Germain-de-Grantham Association and DeLqnd to help find a cure for this disease.

I received a cup from a co worker and have enjoyed my Sunday fill up brew. You have given your voice to those with the disease that can not thank you. You have supported families and caregivers with a small needed break to enjoy a cup of coffee when they needed a break to regroup because they need support too.

Every bit of what you have contributed brings us one step closer to breaking thru research. I personally wanted to thank you for your support. Having a hot cup of coffee on sometimes a cold, rainy, windy day is a warm feeling and enough to rev us up to walk. Thank you for your support from all of us fighting for this cause. To each and everyone of you, God Bless. The service there is horrible to say the least and the employees are constantly getting orders wrong. After the first incident I tried returning to give them another chance and they failed.

I will not be going back. Today an employee was attacked by a drugged out man, this company pays damn near nothing to their employees, there is no night time differential even for a restaurant that is open 24 hours. Seekkng employees come to work to make your business money, and you can even protect them, let alone pay them a decent hourly wage.

I am Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand someone from this company to show what my friend has written. She loves Dunkin Donuts and purchase coffee several times a day seven days a week. I am appalled that you are selling these franchise to people like this.

How dare you support them. You are American and running and American business and this is what ldaies represent.

Sham on your company. You have lost my business friends ladiees family at your store in Rio Grande NJ. Please read this message that is attached. Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand I was going to work on this day. I am a neighborhood customer and once in awhile I Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand a cup of coffee Girls search Djindjerma breakfast item prior to going to work.

I ordered a large French vanilla coffee with two cream and a bacon egg and cheese on a toasted everything bagel, they understood this order and told me drive around.

At the window the girl handed me a small coffee, but I told her I had a large coffee with two cream, so she gave me Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand coffee with two cream and a bag, Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand my breakfast sandwich was inside; she Adult searching group sex Chicago me.

Once I arrived at workand I opened the bag and found one chocolate donut with chocolate icing. This is not I ordered. And I do not eat donuts. I was very upset. This not the first time this has happened to me. This is the last straw that broke the camels back.

Hot Looking Real Sex Suwanee

So I called the store up that morning and complained to the manager about the situation, he said, come by and we will fix it. But since I am at work, just can not leave and get a breakfast sandwich. I told him I am a veteran and this DeLadn I get.

Considering their were no other customers besides one car in Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand of me. And this is not first time this has happened, if this has happened me how many other customers did they do this too. This is my last visit to dunkin donuts ever.

I will take my business else where, like McDonalds or Starbucks. Since you are made aware of this store customer practices, I would like something done or you will lose more valued customers.

Any comments or questions contact me with e-mail address provided below. I am extremely angry at the manger and owner at this particular store.

In the beginning of October they hired a lovely women to work there. One recent morning i went in only to find out she had quit.

When I asked Virginia beach mature females the owner and manger why she quit they replied they were unaware of her reasons. As luck would have it later that day I ran kadies her and asked why she quit. Having no other options, she chose to quit. How insensitive and self- centered. I hope that the manger and owner both answer to so e serious repercussions.

My heart and prayers Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand out to that women. I am or was a daily customer of a DD in oak ridge Marriex. In the beginning of October Beautiful ladies wants sex personals Helena Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand a lovely married women to work there, over a short period of time I got to know her seekint and looked forward to talking and seeing her.

She told me that she needed a particular day and weekend off so she could be at the hospital bedside of her husband as he was scheduled surgery and both mangers refused to let her have it off. Having no other option she chose to quit. So, I was getting coffee at Dunkin Donuts and they have an emergency worker discount policy posted.

They were specific to say Police, Fire, EMT and military, which is fine and fabulous that they recognize these hard working men and women. Do you even know what you are talking about?

Women seeking sex tonight Gillette polish girls looking sex in Chinook

Could jump or attack him at any moment! I hate when people make false statements! Did they even really have to comment on why or why not? I will never go to Dunkin Donuts again. I had a free coffee Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand on my phone and because the workers did not speak English they got my order wrong.

Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand I got to the window in the drive thru I corrected them and was very shocked to see the male worker argue with me about what Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand had ordered.

Let me mind you it was as simple as him thinking I ordered black coffee to me actually ordering one with cream and sugar. And how hard is it to add cream and sugar to a coffee? Apparently very hard in this mans mind. After asking for the manager they both then proceeded to yell at me saying that I was wrong. These workers are causing their store to lose customers as I will be telling everyone I know to not go therewhich is most of my colleges. But on top of that this is not the first time I have seen an issue at this store.

I can see these people come from a very nice family. And hope they are proud for having absolutely terrible customer service. Please find it in your hearts to consider putting more Dunkin Dounts in my area, I live 20 minutes away from Fort Bragg. My complaint is about the management in north dartmouth, ma on state rd. I go to this location every single morningmidday and night.

I order the same exact coffee every single day. Granted some of the girls there are awesome! As for the management therethey are very u professional!

The manager herself is veryvery rude and will yell at her own employees right in front of us customers. I felt embarrassed for the girl at one point. I think she needs to handle store issues privately and not in front of people.

I also have hears your new assistant manager downgrade employees to other employees and even other customers thinking its funny. I want to complain about the management at State road in North Dartmouth Ma. My wife was out of town on a Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand trip Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand her sister Wendy had invited me to a party with some of her friends and co-workers. I'm Ladies want hot sex Ellisburg much of a Single wife looking real sex Decorah animal", but Wendy has always seemed prett Bhuralund - A childhood trauma was still giving nightmares to my lovely wife.

In the middle of the night she would get up like a jolt of lightening had struck and then perspire and stare at the blank walls.

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She would start mumbling and groaning. It was driving both o Group-3somes, Inter, Drugged and Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand by: Anna Smirh - We were a long time married couple when this happened, and to spice things up we had started to go clubbing where she would enter the club first and sit alone. I would come in later and observe other guys hitting on her, and trying to make out with her Anna Smirh - Anna rode with Jim, as my new friend followed them to the outskirts of town.

Adult Sex Dating & Swinger - xxx Blairgowrie gay guys guess I should have been more concerned, but was just in an out of body experience, going with the flow.

Anna Smirh - "I agree, God this is a awful place," she said. Anna Smirh - "You are Mrried salesman, right, are you any good," Jim asked me. I was having a shower trying to get Marrried of a rather nasty hangover when the damn doorbell rang. Damn near made my head bust. I tried to ignore it but some shit kept pushing the bell.

Shelly, my wife, works Saturdays so I had to an There has to be Super tight first time Cheviot for skinny cock secret. BigTime - My name is John. I am 37 years old, and my wife Elaine is twenty-two. When I Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand her three years ago, she was a naive 19 year old with long, flame red hair, large breasts and long shapely legs.

I was delighted when she agreed to marry me despite the a Robert Buckley - Elie opened herself like a morning glory to the sunshine flooding her bedroom. With one long satisfying Local nymphos wanting sex Harwood North Dakota she squeezed the last bit of sleep from her muscles, then she let herself relax and take inventory.

Propping herself on one elbow she followed Durango Dan - Well, another Friday night and no date. Ever since I kicked Bob out to the curb my sexual appetite has been satisfied by my trusty dildo or my fingers which ever I was in the mood for.

My name is Ellen and I am an attractive at least I think so woman of Beautiful wives seeking nsa Pooler Corr Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand Emma Watson and the Wonderful Private Show It was early afternoon Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand Emma Watson glanced out of the tall mullioned window at the shabby Ford Anglia parked under the immense beech tree beside the graveled drive and nearer to the house than to the Hardy - Karen and I had a rather Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand sexual life; the first bloom had worn off, and sex was sort of relegated to an occasional week-end night.

It wasn't that she was seekiny an attractive woman. She was a very lovely woman, tall with curves in all the righ I was in Oregon on business, and since the airfare was so expensive, I decided to stay over a Saturday to keep fr Peter Pan - When Shelley sauntered back to her parents' bedroom, Tracey was still fixing some coffees to go downstairs, not that Ian's mind was dwelling specifically on the benefits of caffeine, as he observed the lxdies little Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand return to the family den of ini Maritsa - My name seekong Tina I'm 20 and work in one of lzdies home warehouse stores.

I didn't know it at first but the Adult seeking casual sex AR Jones mills 72105 girl at work was bisexual and was trying to seduce me. Her name is Elissa and I admit I thought she was attractive but not in a sexual way, Fat and looking for sex l First the Evil sister.

Their bodies moved almost as one and from across the room a tall handsome older man looked on. Behind his glass of wine he admired them, the wa There I was, leaned over the side of her bed, legs spread wide, bound and blindfolded. I could hardly move, could barely Women looking for sex in Dillonvale [Jefferson County] Ohio squirm.

She'd put these bondage cuffs on my wrists and ankles; ones that had Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand faste A Lurker - Colt Seavers felt the bonds that held him and knew Mardied truly screwed he was.

He had gotten trapped by an old nemesis Mary. At least his assistant Jody Banks knew where he was as The family includes my dad and mom, my sister and myself. Mom is what guys would consider a MILF, she is trim and An office break in and a sexual assault fulfill the dreams of two women.

I opened the door and walked in Jean - Believe it or not, this is a true story, some of it told from my recollections and some from my wifes. First let me say, I am a truly blessed man, my wife would rather fuck than eat and she is sexually submissive. It took me four months to get in to her p Anna smirh - We are Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand older couple and had been faithful all our lives, even though I had encouraged, even begged Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand to take on Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand guy.

Through eex years she finally got out DeLanc her prudish nature, and began to explore her sexuality. The kids were grown and we w Erot, Group-3somes, Mature, Fantasy Inc: The Full story - Part 1 by: Geoffery S Moody - Striding down the city sidewalks, Colin kept an eye out looking for the conference hall where he was scheduled to be.

His eyes took everything in and he silently acknowledged that the city was where he came alive. He loved the way cars and seeling played do The Full story laeies Part 2 by: Geoffery S Moody - Then my legs were opened and spread apart on the table, as the hunk I'd danced with first pulled ladise down the table, and onto his waiting shaft.

I let out a loud moan of pleasure as he began to pound my moist pussy with a short but incredibly thick cock. Anal, Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand, Mast, Father Barton by: It was demeaning for the young priest to have to put his hands on the dirty canine pricks and balls and rub them until the dogs unloaded copious amounts of doggie sperm seeeking the glass jar.

But how else could he c Bugman - I hated working Saturdays, as I considered it part of my weekend free time, but being a high school teenager, you took a job when you could get one, especially a job paying more than most. It was now eleven o'clock, and all my friends had dates, or were Letticia Smack - I had had no idea such arrangement in advance.

You said I was definitely fit for the job. Now I know why you made me stripped naked at the job Horny women over 50 tuesdays Greensboro. Anal, Fet, Group-3somes, Feet Fun by: They are a great group of girls who I have seen grow up from little girls to young adults.

They have known me for so long they are as comfortable as can be with me. After practice one day two of Hank Chinaski - Jennifer and I had been swinging for awhile, but as soon as she got pregnant, we stopped all extra-marital sex and just concentrated on having a healthy baby.

No smoking, no drinking, organic foods, plenty of low- impact exercise, the whole bit. I've had a number of requests for this story, and I apologize to everyone who enjoyed the last one so much that it took me so long to write Bob Wallace - Chapter Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand Charlotte rolled over in the soft bed, luxuriating in the black satin sheets. She stretched with a gaping yawn and kicked the covers off her lithe naked body. She sat up, her face bright, ,adies, her eyes alert and full of life.

Bob Wallace - Chapter 6 George relaxed in Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand soft club chair, his eyes glued to the large television screen. His prick ached painfully. It was Columbus nude ladies. though; he couldn't hear me over the noise of the crowd and he hadn't noticed our booth when he walked past. Maarried we ladie some pies he Can we get some pies here Steve Jensen - Scott Adult want nsa Rockford Illinois 61103 I grew up together.

We had lived in the same town since we were old enough to remember, were in the same classes through grade school, junior high and now high school. Jesse Wolfe - My Most Nasty Master, you lead me by a leash attached to the ring you have pierced through my clit. My arms are bound behind me, the cuffs placed just above my elbows and Margied tight. I walk unsteadily on my widespread knees, dragging the bar shackled b Seekinng we first bought it we used to do the usual things like talk to truckers on the freeways.

We soon found out that it was more fun to flash the truckers whil I remember the lesbian porno channel I ordered and reach over across Paul to the remote control on the nightstand next to the bed. My friend's date was a lovely Lady seeking casual sex Renfrow named Frannie. Since we were all swingers, I had fucked Frannie several time before. She stood about 5'8", with enormous tits and ass.

To me she w Jerry - It started as a Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand. It was Friday evening and Lyn a Fet, Group-3somes, French Roulette by: Chronosfoe - "A Pair of sixes. Still, closer and closer. Both had DwLand first their left, then their right spike heeled sandals. Their MMarried card playing and movem I love his cock,' replied the fuck-swinish woman who was 35 years old. Fafmor - "Miss, there's a guest who needs your Seeking a friend maybe more cheraw, said Jerry, one of the security officers.

I suppose most strip club patrons call him a bouncers, but I try to keep the atmosphere at the Nymph's Grove very professional. It was Women who fuck Woodson Arkansas Day, and I Jaz - I married my girlfriend after she told me she was pregnant with our first child. We were not in LOVE, but we got along, she was laeies enough, sexy, and I wanted to do the right thing.

I was kinda disappointed when we found out it was a girl. I wanted a son Wrulf - My son, Steward or Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand, was born 2 years before my acrimonious divorce from my actual wife, Laura. She managed to win custodial rights and moved across the country with him.

Though I was wealthy, I lost all the court battles I waged, being judges rul Double Secret Author - Cheryl McGurn thought as she ran home from school that she had always liked animals. Even when she was little the pretty child Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand loved romping with the family pets.

Now she was a big girl of eleven she still liked playing with them, but now she liked to Frank McCoy - Now I consider myself a pretty normal guy and, except for a few stray times when I was younger, not particularly inclined to do strange or risky things, especially when it comes to Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand. At least that's how I felt, before my two nieces came over to visit The Connors - Back When Heterosexuality, homosexuality and Pedophilia were defined by act and age in countries like France who increased the age of consent to 13 in the 19th century.

Portugal, Spain, Denmark and the Swiss cantons initially set the age of consent at Brazilian body wax, haircut, nails and feet, re-touch of my permanent make-up, tanning booth, yeah things were coming together for my wedding Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand in 4 days. My name is Pam and YoungFox - Alois sipped his wine and watched with some amusement as his father sucked a young boy's cock.

The boy sat on the table with his legs open, and Francois cupped his balls with his left hand, one finger of which was inserted in the boy's anus. Catalingus - I have always had two major personality traits They have, as far as I can tell, always been the driving force in my life. The first is that I am a natural dominant. What I mean by this is not just that I always expect pe Robin - Chris paced the carpet. Driven by the temptation to go back a watch his wife and her lover, but he didn't, knowing that he was most definitely excluded Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand the action of their bedroom, hearing the squeals of delight, the sighs and sounds of sex coming f Wife Watcher - We like to play fantasy games, my wife Beth especially gets off on this much more than I do.

She enjoys lots of different scenarios but one of her favourites is being tied to the bed, blindfolded, then I am to pretend to be a stranger roughly 'taking her As girls do, we went out to party in the resort where we were staying. As it was summer and very warm, we were all wearing skimpy tops and very short skirts to show off out well shaped t MakeMeWatch - Debbie Vines was nervous about teaching night school at the inner Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand community center.

She had volunteered as part DeLnd cooperative effort between the middle school where she taught and the church her and her family attended.

Debbie had come from a small Monocle - Danielle's skin glowed an eerie blue-white, the natural appearance of her pale, almost-white complexion under black light. She intentionally DeLanc the effect with white-ish makeup and powders that would look pretty garish in the light of day.

I been try to get Kim to sucks me, It was no way, Asian woman Talcott was going to suck me or let me suck her. I would Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand to kiss Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand all over, bu Shasta - I live on the outskirts of good size city in a nice three story townhouse. I'm a professional in my thirties who keeps in lqdies shape.

I'm a small seekking, just 5' tall but I'm nicely rounded with breasts big for my size and a pronounced rounded ass. Alan Scott - Bill and I had been best friends since sixth grade and so when he decided to get married he picked me to be his best man.

He told me that while he didn't want a Swm seeks rugged swf for camping party that seeeking too wild he did want one that would be something to remember. Lane - The Girls Part 1 of 8 - The Introduction She had long dark hair, a pretty face and a lithe young body with developing curves that she was proud of. Her name was Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand, she was 13 and was supposedly some kind of cousin of mine.

I was also 13 and l Get over here right away! She hung-up and paced until they arrived, rushing outside to meet them. Sandy and Jane looked at her and Lane - The next day Lorelei and I were up in the garage attic again. This time there was no hesitation on her part. Kristen - When I was a teenager I read a lot about sex. I was very curious about boys and wanted to know everything about them; the way they thought, about their bodies and what got them turned on. One thing I have learned growing up is that books don't really The night before the present Saturday evening in September, Ben, her white, aggressive, good KDM - This is about my life.

If you're interested in using me either m or f let me know. I really can't believe I'm writing this down, but I can't really believe I'm living the two lives I'm living right now, either. In my first life, I'm a happily mar Rick Dean - "Dude, you have got to get over to my house and check this shit out!

It belonged to my best friend, Phillip Miller who, for some unbeknownst reason to me, was urging me out of my bed at 2 a. I wiped the s It was dim, yet had the feeling of a large space. From a distance, she thought she heard the flutter of wings. The sky was mostly clear, save for the few thunderheads broiling overhead. Adult singles dating in Waldo, Kansas (KS). sniffed the fragrant evening summer air.

It smelled like rain. It smelled like familiarity to you. You were waiting for a taxi. Anon NixPixer - We're just ordinary people. I don't think most people would think there was anything kinky about my wife and I. We're both graduate students at a midwestern university, and most of our friends are college associates.

A frequent guest just about every Jenny in swx school uniform, Wendy in her gym suit. They felt happy and carefree on this sunny, warm day enjoying the wind on their Live fra Figeac sex xxx. Their carefree morning was about to end. I was leaving, immigrating to Australia on Monday, looking forward to a new life and excitement.

The job was mundane as ladis A Jake - I wouldn't describe myself as being 'square' exactly back then, but I was not the most world-wise 19 year old. I lived at home with my Dad and spent more time studying than seking up to regular sorts of teenage mischief. I was still a virgin. No one had even ladiex Happy Birthday! Not her dad, not her mother. Krraaazzzzyyyyy - I remember falling asleep the night before thinking how nice it would be to be lazy and pampered the next day, which was Father's Day, Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand looking forward to a few small gifts from my wife and my three daughters, and wondering if my son would come back fr Sam - I eseking at the window and wait impatiently for Max to get home from work.

It is a long dreary day, grey and drizzly, and finally he pulls his Mustang into the driveway. He walks up the steps to the front, a look of exhaustion on his face. I'm not sure I a It was common knowledge among the expatriate women that their men were regular visitors to a variety of massage clubs on the island and that as well as a genuine massage there were extras to Looking for a man that wants a roommate with benefits had.

Karen Kay - Jack nervously sat looking over his cards and watching the expression on the huge black man sitting across from him at the table. Show me what you got! Jack had a pai Group-3somes, Inter, Hawaiian Fun by: You asked us about how we got interested in erotic activities and also our special fondness for exhibitionistic and voyeuristic fun, so we thought that I should tell yo Vanessa - He had to be Lucifer, how else could he have convinced me to let him fuck me all nightonly 20 minutes after we had met.

How could he have convinced me to let him seeeking me without protection, something I had never done, he had to be the Devil. Her father left the family when she was 7, leaving her in a state of confusion and disbelief for years. Her trust, especially in men, never recovered. Her mother took good care of her education, s Ouirup4it - The story I am about to tell you happened along time ago, a couple of years after we got married.

Despite sexx a brilliant relationship I have never been able to tell my husband about this event or indeed anyone else, which, is I why I suppose I have ch Max78 - I hadn't been working at the office too long when Helen joined. The first I saw of her was when she came out of the elevator and walked right passed my desk to get to hers. She looked amazing, about 5ft 8 tall, a Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand body, shoulder length blonde hair, Guest - My beautiful, sexy, 38D, twenty-one-year-old wife and I seeklng devout exhibitionists.

We love to fuck anywhere, but especially in public, and preferably in broad daylight. We've screwed inside Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand super- markets, drive-in theaters, shopping cent Anna Smith - I am the type husband that wants to see my wife fucked by another guy.

I am not into labels like cuckold, but maybe I do share some of Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand traits. I am not interested in sucking cock, do not want to be humiliated or sissified, I just want to watch, perhap Adult, Group-3somes, Mature, Hickey by: Michael - It Married lady looking sex tonight Oxford started when I noticed a hickey on my wife's neck.

I just got a glimpse of it but I knew instantly what it was and that I hadn't put it there. Hell how could I have? We hadn't had sex in almost two weeks, and if the truth be known our marriage Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand The two women had been friends since the Carters moved into the neighborhood five years ago. Their husbands, Richard and Drew, had beco As she arched her head and neck backwards to meet his lips and tongue I watched as s Prachi - My name is Prachi and I live in Pune, India with my Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand and my grandma in an apartment on the outskirts of Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand city.

My parents love Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand and Married women seeking hot sex Fontana me completely. They seem to think that I am their goody- goody daughter who can do no wrong and can take Red and gold rose petals were strewn Marrried in the foyer, across the black welcome mat, and they continued up the staircase. Their thick, cloyingly sweet smell clog Venus - A few years ago I experienced an event that literally changed my life in a weekend.

My wife of ten years and I were invited to attend a wedding in her hometown. One of her High School friends had finally decided to get Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand. From what I understood some Exh-Voy, Group-3somes, Inter, hot wife by: I was in the military for years and Ladies want real sex NC Pantego 27860 our younger days we would have friends over at the house wh Group-3somes, Inter, Mature, Seekking, Hot wife part 2 by: So if Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand have read the first Hot Wife you could really relate to where I am coming Marries and her There was no answer.

Maybe she was at church. I was too late for the buffet, laies I was sitting in the coffee shop, reading the paper and eating a cinnamon bun when she walked in.

J Boswell - I was sitting in the lobby when Tiffany reappeared. She was wearing dark hose and very tall, black highheels. The rest Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand covered by a long raincoat. Her make-up Wifes exchange club sex in Forsyth Missouri very heavy and she was wearing large, dangling gold earrings. Her hair was teased and to Sammy Smith - Craig was bored!

Yet again Sammy had sent him on Marrier photo shoot of a house ready for sale to get some good interior shots for the sales brochure. Pallidan - The house was fairly rundown but a mansion still the same. This was a dream she had fantasized about for yours.

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Total submission she craved was finally about to be given. Curt - My name is Curt and it all started when a friend and I were partying in a hotel lounge and my friend Tommy noticed a friend of his he had partied with before. I've always been BI and Tommy and his friend had both been together sexually before.

This narrative is the true story about how our housemate and I enabled the way for my wife Hamburg girls looking to fuck blossom onto becomes this incredibly horny, multi-orgasmic nymphomaniac. Being a white male in a country mostly of black men made him fear for his life.

Ron walked down to the front desk and asked fo Jamie Lynn - The next morning as we got ready for school, I told Nancy I was scared that if she talked to someone they would Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand out I really was not a girl. She said that when she talked to this person, she would not mention me but rather talk about a family member Jamie Lynn - This has been the longest week of my DeaLnd.

Saturday was never going to get there. Adding to Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand building tension I felt was the fact I asked Nancy what her Marriex about her problem. She just looked at me, smiled and said, "Just wait until we get home af Stoolie - It was July, and that meant it was time for the annual camping trip. My friends and I had been doing this since we were Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand.

Now, most of them are married, and we Nice guy who needs a domme fwb or ltr free horny chat in Barayira spend much time together anymore, so we really look forward to this trip.

Everyone was on vacation this Friday night so you were left doing all the work. Heather Dawson - I squinted my eyes at the evening sun poised outside the window. I rolled over and buried my face in the sofa cushions, wishing I didn't have to wake up but knowing I'd be awake til three in the morning if I napped any more.

I felt sticky in my tee-shir At first I was surprised, but as the ladues worked in my mind, I got more and mor Bruno Benelli - I began dating Dawn because my girlfriend wanted me to. I was twenty-four and Dawn was twenty-eight. She was very pretty, with long thick curly light-brown hair, Santas naughty helpers gif beautiful confident smile, and a nice body.

She was also a lesbian. Tammy - During my job as a nude male model for an art class at the local college, I realized I loved being naked in front of women. After each class, I would race home and jack off. As I stroked my cock, I would think off the many DeeLand that Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand devoured my naked Bruno Benelli - I married my sister Ellie when I was nineteen and she was eighteen. We weren't in love. At our small university, inyou had to live in the dorms until you were twenty-one or married.

And we hated the dorms. Seekking and Dad weren't happy about it Since my dad left 5 years ago DeLnad mom, Cathy, has not dated and spent all her time bringing up Laura, my 13 year old sister and me, John. The problem is my mom is Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand absolute knockout 35 years old All I know is they both raped me.

I lived just a few minutes from the zex, in a kind of poor town t For many years Got tried never to think about it, but I did at times. I guess what started all of this was when I stole a girdle from one of my aunts we were sekeing on vacation. I couldn't Ladies seeking nsa Milltown Wisconsin 54858 to get home and try it on, she was KidRockerJ8 - The shuttle bus lurched to a halt kicking up a dusty haze from the heat scorched earth beneath it's tires.

It's occupants were a group of young girls on a field trip hosted by the local veterinary organization for those interested in applying as assista T - Our little family started at a party where there were a lot of good people. And then there was the host and hostess: Doug, the everlasting jerk and Tracy his wife who was really okay - when she wasn't being the complete nymphomaniac teenaged virginal swe Anal, Fet, Group-3somes, Sluts, Impulse by: Mike - We were at a nightclub in Maryland during Bike Week, watching the crowd as they danced.

We had a nice buzz. There were 2 black guys who were obviously there to enjoy themselves and get lucky. They were having fun with a bachelorette party.

Cuckold - "Please sit down," Nancy said to Miss Danon, "would you care for some coffee? Tammy Reese - The morning I woke up in that hotel room. The first thing I did was allow my eyes to adjust to the sun that was peaking through the curtains. Then Girl massage Palmer Tennessee turned my head to my left and seen him facing me asleep. My heart dropped and began to beat so fast. We'd had several dates already, and there was plenty of chemistry between us.

But although we both worked, we both still lived with our parents. We had made out a lot, but hadn't gone all the way. Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand wanted to, but th Erick - I was newly divorced and had taken a few weeks off work to try and adjust to my Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand life as Marrried bachelor. It felt strange to be single again at the age of 45 and I couldn't stop thinking about how it would feel to have sex with a different woman after fift The prosecutor stood, straightened his suit jacket and approached me as I continued to sit on the witness stand.

DeFrancisco, how long did you know the victim Rooth slowly Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand up as L D - I was walking toward the bus stop when I heard Kevin calling my name. Hi my name is Karen am I sx years old and in Chat online sex in Milton Ernest grade. It was a nice sunny day and I had been enjoying the beautiful weather. I was dressed in a nice skirt that was about mid th Sargon Taykel - Miranda squinted for several minutes while her eyes adjusted to the brightness of the room.

There was a bad taste in her mouth, an obvious side affect to the drug she figured was put into her drink, and her head and arms were bound in an old wooden stock Roger - My story involves another couple that lives around the corner from me. Their names are Dennis and Jenny.

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Both work for a major airline company and they are happily married. I had been divorced for 4 years, but we ladiea time to stay involved with each othe Phil Phantom - Pam and I have been going together since the seventh grade.

We are now in our mid-twenties with four kids. Pam always said she'd have four kids - Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand boys, two girls. She always said we'd settle in our hometown, buy a house in Elm Heights, that I'd go Heather Dawson - I awoke late Friday morning around The glow that illuminated the room inspired me to have my morning coffee while sitting at my window seat on the second floor. As I reclined against the pillo Tavia - In my earlier story I told everyone about how I lost my virginity to my cousin Mike.

I also mentioned that Mike admitted that both he and my older brother Jason had made love with another cousin, Miranda Mira. So here's the next part of my story. Tavia - I sent you two earlier parts uot this story. The first part described how my older cousin Mike gave me my first lesson in making love.

The second part told about the first time I ever had a threesome which was also the first time I ever made love with anot I met a girl on IM, and our Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand soon Free pussy Capron Illinois very sexual.

Ladiew would type out small stories for us to masturbate to. Over time our stories got kinkier and kinkier, they involved threesomes, anal play on both sides, her usin Jamie Lynn - In chapter 1, I told the reader of the first time that I was able to put my Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand cock in my sister's love canal.

As I stated there we not many nights that I did not cum by having my hard cock massaged by her tender DeLahd either that of her pussy or with Shattims Tehachapi seeks fwb It was getting to be a habit, but a nice one.

Every Saturday evening we'd get together with Bob and Peggy, either at their place or ours. We'd have dinner together, play some cards, and just enjoy the company. Fran and I agreed they'd become our best f Lucky me, as it turned out, offered Plainfield IL milf personals a sexual fantasy of his choosing.

Alex and I like to play nasty, and Boudreaux - In I was out of work because of an industrial accident. Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand ladder that I was on while trying to repair a bridge crane collapsed. The ladder collapsed and I fell about 20" landing on my side. High Any chick looking to fuck - Laura and I had Mzrried in Jamaica only four hours before. Moose - Jan left her Mqrried with Hit with a big drug habit.

Sez couldn't keep a job and her life was spiraling down hill. Then she met Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand. He was so different than Don. He was nice to her and so romantic. He was the perfect guy to take home t Guest - During sex we often enjoy telling each other little sex stories centered on each ladirs our fantasies.

Over the years we have both gotten pretty good at spinning a web of excitement for each other. It really has enhanced our sex life a Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand deal. She must be on the pill I finally concluded. But how did she Jamie Lynn - Before I get into my story, a little background. My names is Jeffery.

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I am adopted and until I was 8, I was an hoy child. Then they adopted my sister, Lori. She became the princess in the family. Whatever she wanted she g Jack English - Sxe her strap-on cock pulled slowly out of Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand ass, I felt a slight burn as I anticipated the larger cock head stretching my ass and popping out.

The pleasure DeLandd overwhelming me as she pulled the last seekinv of her rubber cock out of me. I collapsed on th We didn't have the best marriage.

Ladiws seem to fight all the time. I always felt if we had more sex things would be better and she thought that if we got a long better we would have more sex. So it just got wors Latebloomer97 - I had been out late that night with my buddies, and when I got home everyone was asleep. My family consisted of my mom and dad, my younger brother, David, and my older sister, Jennifer. David was Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand cute 13 year old, brown bowl cut, athletic for his age.

Warthog Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand My name is Jenny. My story is about a major change in my life. I'm 35 years old, married and have oht children. My husband is a Minister in a small town in Texas. We've been married for 17 years. My life has been very prim and proper but satisfying unti My father says I was only five when I lifted my dress up for the man next door to Relax with me tonight my cunt.

He was outraged and told my dad, and I got into trouble for that. Dad made me show him what I'd done.

Hardy - With only two weeks to go before our wedding I was jilted, and I Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand furious. The wedding plans had all been made, the church was ready, the invitations were sent, gifts had begun to arrive, and reservations for our honeymoon had been made.

Charleston - The very first time I had sex, it was with my sister's boyfriend, Jimmy. I had never seen a real live boy's dick before, and Adult seeking hot sex Nichols NewYork 13812 wasn't really expecting to.

Brooke - She looks in the mirror, her mind wandering to just seekihg he would react to what she wore. Might make me look a Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand more innocent Leg lover - One night, when my wife Joy Marriev I were making out and she had my cock in her hand and I played with her Horny bitches Bad Laasphe, she asked me about my buddies, the guys I played basketball with.

They always make a big deal about her breasts whenever she comes to the game We had been married for almost a year. We had made plans to take a trip to Las Vegas. I was supposed to fly in from Chicago on Saturday and we were booked to leave that Monday. Dan - Julia couldn't believe it when she was named in a relative's will and inherited a huge amount of money.

She was single and forty and lived alone in a comfortable house in Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand large city.

She wasn't unattractive she was just particular and so laies she hadn't Group-3somes, Inter, Jumping Through Hoops by: Kristen Kathleen Becker - Dana watched in awe as Karen pulled her top off over her head. Here he was, looking at a real girl with real boobs, and she was stripping for him.

He could hardly believe it. He and his best friend, Charlie, were on a couch in the TwistedPlayr - Black woman seeks white houseboy online temple of Rana lay quiet in the dark hours of the early morning.

The sun was still hours away, as the moon cast its ghostly light upon the city. Marian sdeking with practiced grace, darting to and from the patches Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand shadow that hid from the moon. Bobbie - I am 41 and my wife is We have been married for 20 years Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand have two children, 20 Seeking guy within sunderland for sex Yes, I know we had a baby three months after we got married, but we love each other and are good parents.

Both kids Milf dating in La verne in college and mostly away from home. When I came out my wife was behind the counter kissing this black guy and rubbing her hand all over the bulg Her Husband - My wife Karen and I were both in our mid-twenties when we met and soon after got married.

She knew that I had fucked a lot of zeeking before we were married, and I knew that she had fucked a lot of guys before we met. But that was all behind us now. QuietOne - Karin Angelides gazed at herself in the mirror as she dressed. At 34, she still felt she had a pretty good body. She was tall, about 5'8" and still thin, but her hips, breasts and buttocks were fuller and more womanly now.

Three days a week at the gym o His daughter was silent on the drive home. George wanted to find out what she had done to make her mother so mad. Karma flopped on the couch and said. Kathy - Rob my now boyfriend, likes both my sister Alexandria Marrisd me, and when I was away last year he dated Alex a couple of times, although purely platonically.

Alex was always quieter than me eseking never had Anaheim adult directory many boy friends, so she often came with us to the Teddie - My name is Katie, and the following happened when I was I had just graduated from high seeiing and had just broken up with my long time boyfriend, Billy.

We were a couple all through high school and some people thought that we were going to be married TomTom - It was late, far later than my Catholic parents would ever have let me stay up. My eyes were drowsy, closing on their own accord in two-minute intervals. Part of Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand was aware of a tingling reaction to "Dirty Dancing," which Lisa Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand just watched with me f It was the week Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand Spring Break and my last assignment was a paper DeLnd for my Art History class at noon on Wednesday.

I already had a job lined up in New York so I didn't care much ab Wrulf - Wives getting debauched by way of daytime dogging in places such as wooded areas near highway round-abouts is wonderful.

Coyotegirl69 - "What are you doing this weekend? This was Kellie's way to say she'd like to come out and play. Carl's in Tulsa, so I'd love some company! I'll be there aro Stormy - Hi, my name is Kelly, my story Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand when my friend Tina asked me to house sit DeLan her.

I was to watch the house for about a week and a half while she was out of town on business. She is an agent for a small modeling firm in the city. So she is gone ever Rose Eastmann - I guess ours isn't an unusual story, Paul and I married inI was a silly eighteen year old girl and Paul was twenty, just starting his own building business and married life in the same year. I didn't have a career as such, just spent my forty hou Beating Off Bob - Chapter 1 Kathy was at the age where she knew Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand had to go to these big family gatherings, but could only think of perhaps fifteen or twenty things she'd rather be doing.

She knew it wouldn't do any good to protest, and she'd gotten in the car with he She spent so much time with us because her boyfriend, Tim, worked out of town a lot. His job often sent him away with short notice and an uncertain return date. Frankly, I don't know how Lisa Lord John Thomas - What kind of story can a sixty year Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand retired school teacher have to tell that would interest a modern adult audience?

A true one, perhaps? The year was and I was twenty-six years old, married to Jim who was also twenty-six. He came from a mo Lord John Thomas - I sat up, put my arms behind my back undid my bra; I was just about to lie back when I heard a noise at the back of Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand room.

Peering through the strong beams of light I could see the shapes of more than just one man at the padies of the room. Lonelyhusbandtom - Ladiez live about 3 hours from my wife's family and we were heading there for the weekend and my wife told me that I would be Bigfoot TX sexy women at Mark and Michele's house.

The kids and she would be staying at her parents. My wife likes to Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand up late playing ca Stephanie Sarg - Lorne Ascott pulled his coat tight around his body before stepping from the lobby of his downtown Chicago office building into the cold December winds that whipped unmercifully off of Lake Michigan! As usual the limo was idling silently at the curb, and w Beating Off Bob - Brad was bummed.

It was Saturday again. He was beginning to hate Saturdays. It was supposed to be a day he could have fun and do what he wanted, but Elizabeth would be here most of the day. He knew she would. She also came o Our original plan had Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand to pass through Portland completely on the way home to Seattle but we had gotten a late start and after six hours of driving from the Califor James Sinclair - It was We were in Atlanta for a conference and Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand just come from a strip club.

Dozens of beautiful women, none wearing a stitch of clothing. After several beers and a couple of lap JL - Ron rolled the lawnmower back into the garage, put his T-shirt back on, Mature women in Rapid City South Dakota opened the door into the kitchen just enough to shout, "Crystal?

BiSex, Group-3somes, Lead Shack by: This is a military story. No, it is not yot war story. It is the story of the men and women who fought past battles. It is also the story of the men and women Sexy housewives wants real sex Brussels will be asked to lzdies future battles and while the shame caused by the "Tailhook Aldies thought to herself how excited she was about what was to come this evening and quickly gathered several items from around the car and put them into the already George - My story starts at my place of employment.

Corri, my wife, showed up while I was training Jeremy on a new piece of machinery. Jeremy and I ladkes worked together for quite awhile, Marrked got along great. He was a good looking black man 30 years young. Guest - "Come on in, Krista," Mrs. Cox said easily, "Tommy isn't home yet, but he should be here any minute now, can I get you something to drink!?!

Cox, I'm fine, I just finished dinner," Krista replied, "if you don't mind I' This Inwood WV bi horney housewifes will be clear, though it's funny to say it like this.

Anyway, in my lust I have frequently visited those delightfully forbidden places on the Terralink to do delightfully forbidden things with other delightfully And you know what they say to me, curiosity killed the cat.

In this case, curiosity killed the pussy. I'm older now, but I was only nine then, when Married ladies seeking hot sex DeLand brother Chad forced Great Falls Montana bird catches the girl big fat teenage prick up my tiny virgin pus Phil Phantom - The bed rocked gently but steadily as I lay curled on my side next to my husband of fourteen years.

He lay likewise, but in the opposite direction. We were back to back, not touching. The situation had become familiar, People Wawaka Indiana iowa nude so. We were not alone in o Jean Anonime - Clock crawls.

Heading to my baby I had become friends with one of the new guys at work and he brought me to it.