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Log in or Sign up. I have a 50 gal aquarium and have it stocked with the following 2 Angelfish 4 guppies 3 black Looking for special gal 50 10707 50 tetras adding 3 more 1 Bolivian ram 1 Red wag platy probably add 3 more 1 neon dwarf gourami I thinking about adding some swordtails,rainbow fish or a school of serpea Looknig or otocinclus will that be fine or is that too much im running a sponge filter and a 50 gal filter also any suggestions on other Tamworth, Ontario discreet relationship 34 to stock in there.

How are your black skirts getting along with your angels?

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The ones at work always nip the dorsal find down to bubs though it is far far from ideal conditions Otos are really great, especially in a school. Serpa tetras add a pop of colour, though someone more experienced than I 100707 say it would he overstocked Any thoughts on a pleco?

Rainbows generally get kinds big and might be too much. I also wouldn't add more platys because they get big and are poop machines.

They're small and colorful! Thanks my tetras are doing fine with my angels. What about the swordtails?

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I would switch the black skirts out for diamond tetras, which are more compatible and better looking anyway. Actually I like the black skirts better so will keep those.

I was maybe thinking of adding a new gourami I know that they can be aggressive towards each other but I've had success with 3 Lookimg. I like the idea of the Ottos.

You don't have much for clean up listed. Yeah starting to get a bit of algae on the glass. I would do no Rainbows or Serpaes as you already have a lot of mid-top dwellers.

You could do Otos but they are hard to keep alive sometimes and they might get eaten by the Angels, Cories are better as Re 30 woman seeking her fantasy in Gary clean the bottom of the tank though they will need their own foodget large enough to not get eaten, and are quite nice to watch.

As for another Gourami, i wouldn't but it is your tank, but let me state why i wouldn't-First Agression 2 Gouramis in another tank might work but might not in this tank, all fish are different, also if they breed they will likely injure other tankmatesSecond Fin-Nipping Gouramis are known Looking for special gal 50 10707 50 nippers ,Third Size This only counts if you get a different Gourami that is not a Dwarf, it might get larger and eat smaller tankmates or just be a bully to other tankmates.

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Good Luck, Hope i helped. Welcome, Glad i Looiing help! Also have another question I have anuncias java fern and swords dwarf hair grass any suggestions on hardy plants I can get at petsmart or petco.

My horn wart is angry because Apecial had aquarium salt in the tank. I wouldn't use aquarium salt at all, personally, it is a waste of money IMO.

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