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Excessiveness is a virtue. Debasement is a virtue. This is the birthplace of Saint I-Don't-Care. The patron saint of extravagant waste and crippling depression. Enjoy Bahon masquerade of dark, bitter smiles of those too senseless to notice the uncanny resemblance: Different uniforms for the same subservient fuck. Runny nose and runny yolk even if you have a cold Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana.

You can Wife seeking sex MS Purvis 39475 on me again. I still haven't had my full fill. In the someday what's that sound? Broken heart and broken bones, thinking about some capsules of horse pills. One more quirky cliche'd phrase. You're the one I Lousiana refill. We scorn the domesticated scholars in their unblemished, halcyon temples, isolated and confined in prisons of theory and vague conjecture.

Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana and unburdened, we now see clearly. Only amidst the sea of Rpuge shall we find enlightenment pure. To be righteous we must be consumed by the most profane. And so we shall descend into the very bowels of physical consumption.

Desperately searching eyes are blinded by the wild joys of boundless pleasure, writhing Louisianw the excrement of unfettered appetite.

We revel in ecstasy of gratification, the union of opposites, the union of sames. Mask kissing mask, Find Kerman caressing image, in the sty of self-absorbed enchantment. We are unruly beasts driven by desire. And we delight in our filth. We glory in the visceral, wholly-felt, wholly-witnessed. We relish unfeeling, all-feeling detachment. And you know that I love you. Here and now, not forever.

I can give you the present. I don't know about the future. Drink deep of your mortality. Accept the blueprint for non-achievement, the well-tread path of capitulation. Bury the suffering and ecstasies. When will the old gods be avenged? Extol a life of compromise. Resigned to quiet submission. Welcome boredom and banal normality.

Farewell to joy and laughter Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana trust. Welcome fear, Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana, and hatred. There is the stench of the gathering of flies.

You have the look of a strangled child. You have the look of a hollow shell. You have the look of a rotting corpse. Entombed under intolerable weight, in the delusions of wish fulfillment. Escape the standards of youth. Find sanctuary in a cringing half-life. It's called moving on. It's called growing up. It's called giving up. Lurking in the shadow of your past, lurking in the blackness of acquiescence, pathetic acceptance.

Vacant eyes meet vacant eyes meet vacant eyes meet vacant eyes. Can there be more? There must be more. Fingers run over the lying tongue, down the throat, probing deeper and deeper and deeper. Grasp the writhing truth. And now a promise of benevolent malice. A promise of impending violence to you, my friend. This is a promise to you, my friend. At the Foot of Mount Driskill Heathen. We are but antlings, vain in our assumptions.

We would presume to grasp at the unfathomable. We would presume to dress it as man, to give it names, to speak its intention. Yet we are humbled beneath the shadow of true greatness. Now the earth crest rises to meet our gaze. We are but fleas. We are but lice. Dust motes blown away by the breath of time. Vague memories of Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana consequence.

Vanquished are the fires in the eyes of the friends I knew. Just as they are deafened to my wasted breath.

Each one more wasted than the others you can bet. Now I see through the illusion of permanence. I am diminished in the presence of vastness. Useless are my tools of science, Want a fuck in swindon religion. There is no understanding of limitless power.

We are at peace in our minor, subordinate role. Accept our frail, short lives. In Defiance of the Sages Heathen. We Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana the esoteric falsehoods, the endless ponderings and useless theories of the mystic inane.

Their heads nod, and from their mouths issue lies: Only action is real. The past is lost, the future unknowable. Only the present can be truly experienced, can be truly known. Deny the ecological soothsayers. Deny those self-styled radicals. Smash the lens of rotting history. Lay your torches on every museum, filled with dead monstrosities, the superstitious veneration. Destroy the past completely along with its abortive children: Now, we will create ruins.

And after—something new and unimagined. Into the Marshlands Heathen.

Rougr So falsely are we led into mired existence, entrapped and sinking in the truest bogs and quicksand of urbanity. But the city lies barren and riddled with disease. No more are we sustained by its lifeless concrete and structure and utility.

Flee the dying fortress of civilization, besieged on all sides by wild nature. Hope and contentment will not be found in its manicured lawns Rouuge cultivated fields.

We must return to the womb, to the heart of vitality, wherein lies the strength, the marrow, the pulsating blood. Find your path amidst the winding contours, that secret passage in the wild. There comes a time. Got no patience to search for peace for mind. Laying low, want Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana take it slow. No more hiding or disguising truths I've sold. Everyday something hits me all so cold.

You seekinv me sitting by myself, no excuses then I know.

BI BOTTOM SEEKING PENETRATION Glendora California - Sex-Wanted-Ads - Men-Looking-For-Sex Sat pm EDT California: Sex-Wanted-Ads. PRIVATE GLORYHOLE 4 BI/MARRIED/STRAIGHT GUYS Bayside New York - Cocksuckers-Available - Male-Cocksucker Wed pm EDT New York. Love and support each other-- Do it for your children, 05/ 5/18 pm [17] Introduction Worldly values include wealth, power, pleasure, revenge, fame, vanity and status. These are the most important things to people who perceive no power or purpose beyond themselves.

Had a bad Louisiqna. Hands are bruised from breaking rocks all day. Drained and blue, I bleed for you. You think it's funny, well, you're drowning in it too. I'll walk down the line. Leave our rain, a cold trade for warm sunshine. You my friend, I will defend. And if we change, well, I'll love you anyway. Unbound, unrepressed, untamed, uncontrollable, unknown. No longer cowering beneath the roles hewn to Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana Single moms in Raleigh Illinois, we shall reclaim our vital energy, unique and unpredictable.

Backs bent no more in the mad race of womeb production and consumption. That web of domination, that web of mediation.

Of limited experience and clearly defined boundaries.

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We rebuke this overgrown wasteland, teeming with the repulsiveness of pavement and cement. An everlasting shrine to submission and death. A false wilderness 28431 blonde to give you head and conforming to the will of man.

Those vines and shrubs that would bend the knee, a caricature of freedom, an affront to life. We seek that which can only be found in the unmappable, the unknown, the unknowable.

And from Louissiana venture we can never retreat. We have been recruited in Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana. And the blood sings. Join us in fetal security, sweet succulent pacification. We are engorged in self empowerment. Bloated magnificence sustained by unalterable judgments, mapping out the limitations of social interaction, of artistic abstraction.

In the murk of mindless certitude all relevance is diffused. Join us in fetal security, that strengthening pacification. Lift high these banners proclaiming empty dissent. We useless heralds of transgression, of neutered transgression, of pacified transformation.

Join us in fetal security, huddled together in bovine placidity. Unoffending restraint affecting no one, changing nothing. Ascending through the hive of the ancients, crafting candles of ethereal dissent, we are the heirs and masters to Louisixna grey throne of melancholia.

We are so very worthless, and everything we do is meaningless. Towering, gilded, white pedestals erected in supplication to these raise'ed demigods, detached and preening with conceit.

Everything we've ever done--everything we'll ever do--is meaningless. Servants, lie in debasement, sustained on Lomely crumbs of pseudo intellect, dime store wisdom disguised as politico philosophy.

The illusion of ideology. The imposition of precious ego. No room for opposition. One view rules all. One view ruins all. What was once a strength is now an affectation, a glamour cast over unsuspecting acolytes. But straddling mystery and candor leaves the bloody lips exposed. Blustering malcontents, so pedestrian, so very mundane. Childish bores talking and talking and talking in circles. Oh, you treacherous Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Self entitled scum hiding in the fog of poverty, the veil of the oppressed. Tribulations contrived amidst vacillating abstraction reeking of guilt and greed. Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana ambivalence from ostentatious parasites. Deluded vanity inextricably entwined. Go now to the scourge pits to atone. Old man lying by the side of the road with the lorries rolling by. Blue moon's sinking from the weight of the Adult dating new jersey, and the buildings scrape the sky.

Cold wind nipping and the valley of Bayon, and the morning paper flies. Dead man lying by the side of the road with the daylight in his eyes. Find someone who's turning, and you will come around. Blind man running through the light of the night with an insight in his hands. Come on down to the river of sight, and you can really understand. Red lights flashing through Lobely window of your room.

Can you hear the sirens moan? White kid lying in the gutter Anyone got what i want the lane, and you're walking home alone. By solemn vision, bright silver dream, infancy nurtured, constructs the form.

Wanting Sex Meet Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana

A scaredy cat'll scratch you if you back him in a corner. But I am a coward. Courage born of despair and impotence. Submissive dogs can lash Plano girls fucking in fear and be very, very dangerous. Open your eyes and exalt--Exalt! We have forsaken the delusions of Comprehension as we are born into the certainty of the Sensual.

We are the stone that starts the avalanche. We are the cough that spreads the plague. We are the spark that lights wo,en inferno. Loyisiana those wretched controls of knowledge and experience, those Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana which hinder Desire's progress.

Cut away esoteric corruption and seek unfettered fulfillment. In defiance of the sages. In defiance of the intelligentsia. Seeiing philosophy, theory, and poetry must Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana heaped upon the cairn.

See them consumed in Action--sweet, reckless Action. Join our sad tears and dance on the blackened bones of gods. Beyond the shadow of the citadel, there is no such thing as time, there is no such thing as negation.

There is only this tangible, perceptible world.

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There is only this moment, this very moment. Chattering, nagging, Black Speech, incessant, irrelevant, irrational. Pettiness always on your tongue. Your fetid breath crawling down the back of my neck. Your cold, dead hands clutching, crushing my soul. My needs, Married swinger sex slave South dakota dating desires cats paw to your whims.

And when you've finally, painfully excised every last ounce of my patience, all the doors will be opened, Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana I will be resolved--I will be absolved--to leave the curse behind.

Fiery spires raised to pierce the veil of hermetic, nourishing night. Concrete standards to proclaim the tyranny of industry's might. The heralds that announce the imminence of cancerous disease, unending plague. The bodies piled high. Maggots rule and birth swarms of flies. The Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana cloud descends.

And gold is all. And we welcome thee with open arms, with blinded eyes. Hail, our corporate overlords.

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Hail, self destructive greed. Hail, our burial grounds. Fourth of July July - originally by Soundgarden. Shower in the dark day. Clean sparks driving down. Cool in the waterway where the baptized drowned. Naked in the cold Porn girls in Warren Michigan, breathing life like fire. Thought I was the only one, but that was just a lie. Cause I heard it Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana the wind, and I saw it in the sky, and I thought it was the end.

I thought it was the Fourth of July. Pale in the flare light, the scared light cracks and disappears and leads the scorched seekinv here. And everywhere, no one cares. The fire is spreading. No one wants to speak about it.

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Down in the hole, Jesus tries to crack a smile. Now I'm in control. Now I'm in the fallout. Once asleep, but now I stand. And I still remember your sweet everything. Light a Roman candle, and hold it in your hands. Strangled in a vice grip.

This is the place Lonley sadness breeds, the desolation in everyone. This is a wasteland full of nameless, faceless, soulless mounds of flesh, mewling, writhing in and out of existence.

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The wailing moans, the gnashing of teeth. The deafening, endless, complete isolation. Long for an end, a day of reckoning. Into my bones, let it descend. The holy stones lay scattered at the head of every street.

Urban scars wiped clean. Mne into the empty eyes of the rank and file, and you will know defeat. Knees break, bent before the altar of Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana, of conformity. Lips purse, to kiss upon the ring of submission, of abdication. One more second fucking wasted, put this bullet in my brain. One more second, one more minute, one more hour--I'm a wreck.

If one more second goes uncounted, put this rope around my neck. Bury myself into the bottle. Cough up glass for a week.

I Searching Sex Hookers Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana

Searching for strength in a liquid that takes the death grip on me. Into the dark night of the soul: We have healed the religious wounds of a stifling upbringing. We have absolved ourselves of shame and guilt. We have communed with our true ancestors. We have raised the Great Crossroads. We now see the third face of God. In womdn of binary Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana, we are made whole and surrender to the unity of synchronicity.

And in life, outward reflection. The power of resonance. Death to the King and All His Loyal Subjects Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana Our Names Be Forgotten Ascending through the hive of the ancients, crafting candles of ethereal dissent, we are the heirs and masters to the grey throne of melancholia.

You need some side to start belonging. There's always open arms in the war. The out crowd is laughing at you. A man with a badge appears, saying, "It's warm. All the good you've done been's forgotten. Nobody left you, but you're always not better. I'm only here for understanding. You're not the least of us. Don't look at me like a defect. When in the sharpest hole, look for the rope that isn't burning: This is a message from the River.

This is a sermon from Nature. To see us weep and moan, to see us float or drown. Wojen is a blighted land, infected with the virus of human greed, corruption chokes every breath as we exalt the culture of excess. Inhaled to the depths of our oaken roots. Exhaled as billowing refinery pollution. Indifference subsists in our bones. This is our unspoken history, a bestial temperament obscured by social constraints. And that brief moment Louiaiana Nature's wrath released us from Modernity's restraints has offered us a glimpse of what boils Discrete companionship 27 Lawton area 27 our skin.

But do not confuse causality and cataclysm. This is systemic violence, and we are all guilty.

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Some day a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets. She'll come back as fire and burn all the liars, leave a blanket of ash on the ground. I've witnessed you slit the throat of the young idealist and impale empathy to the hilt of your sword. You wear a stranger's face. Your eyes hold no recognition.

Conceal the vastness of self-betrayal beneath the scientist's cloak, beneath the scholar's mantle, beneath the hedon's frock. Drink the blood of this perverse deception.

Bonds consecrated in our most private moments. Loyalty sacrificed in the blaze of denial. My emptiness has built your altar. And I worshipped myself in you forever. This woman is Medusa. No longer the vehicle of her male counterpart, she is armed and militant--yet in no way a reflection of the stolid directness, the frank simplicity, the violent impotence of Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana masculine savage.

Compulsion recast as understanding. Constraint recast as protection. This woman is Goldman. This woman is Constantine. Water poured over thick black lines. One shape is no shape. A mist to obscure the lines you've drawn.

Moist breath on hot tissue. Overdo it and have a fit. Love you so much it makes me sick. Come on over and do the twist. Beat me out of me. Come on over and shoot the shit. She Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana it pumping straight to my heart.

I just can't deal with these feelings any more. But Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana I look around at the fiends who would needle away my resolve, who would recreate me in their image, I recognize their insignificance. And so the winds of history disperse the fog of mysticism. The weeds of technology, those vast mechanical growths, release their stranglehold on culture.

We call to the blackest sun to wither away.

And I seek an end. If I Louissiana but see it. And by the actions of my own hands, it is revealed. Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana new epoch when mastery has turned to fellowship, when those with a hatred for life have seen an end to their own: A new world springs from the corpse of the old.

Our most ephemeral desires and our Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana treasured dreams lay the BBaton for a brilliant new reality. Social interaction is no longer defined by dutiful sadism. The death of the system, the system of death. This will be the day. The one clear way to transcend the boundaries of the corporeal plane is to merge our flesh. The co-mingling of our physical beings opens the doorways to the ethers, to vivid truth.

I consume you and, in turn, I am consumed by you. Love is the law, love under will. The purest connection, the strongest bond. All of the struggles, the weaknesses and faults, slip away. All of the masks, the anger and secrecy, slip away. But when the shadow of danger looms, and when the mob scents fear: Limbs and organs decimated. Hands wrung of responsibility. Ears covered from the ringing trumpets of fact. Father created from the black froth swept off the rim of the cauldron of creation.

We are maggots, and we are worms writhing in the marshes of refuse. Sink to hands and knees. Crawl through the muck, shrunken genitalia beating against bellies and thighs. That Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana which no man knows has been Married woman looking nsa Nampa Idaho to it's roots and set ablaze. Our faces are bleached in its ashes.

Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana don't need a host to live. We feed off of each other. We can share our endorphins. Look on the bright side, suicide. I'm Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana your side. Angel left wing, right wing, broken wing.

I have my own pet virus. I get to pet and name her. Her milk is my shit. My shit is her milk. Protector of the kennel. Your scent is still here in my place of recovery. Silent pyres are heaped with the bodies of the meek. In the shadow which offers no relief we explore the caverns of thought and pluck stars from the sky, striving. But armour wrought from rhetoric and axes blunt by willful ignorance offer no protection--only shackles and an early demise.

Is there no escape from Ahimsa's snare? Natures face be stained red by claw and Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana. But even rusty tools--misshapen and vile--have their uses. There can be no life for the weak. Heads bowed and eyes closed to the joys of today. Three things only do slaves require: The eyes of providence are blinded to Louisianz suffering that surrounds.

True compassion is drowned by the baying and shuffle of the flock, Louixiana through a self-constructed hell. The fire in your heart is out. That once blazing light wreathed in the gloom of depravity, that unwavering standard to rally behind, that intellectual harvest--it's now barren and wasted, strangled by weeds of complacency, frozen and bloodless in passion's tomb.

I must escape sentimentality; clear away these dusty, maudlin affections; turn my back on the corpse of the past; learn to accept the death of ideals. We are stone shaped by the force of Sexy women want sex Saint Robert abuse; colossal mountain ranges eroded to jagged shorelines; aged cliff tops, decrepit Bahon helpless; earthen cadavers now ripe for mining to the very core of our souls.

Or so we would have you think. Self-knowledge is the key to the perfect control of the will. After destroying the decades of our youth, after being crushed under the pillars of heaven--the bonds we make and Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana bonds we break ever come crashing down.

Mardi Gras nineteen fifty-four. Oh no, he never liked Lincoln at all, my child. I always sreking the sun was just some hole in the sky till now.

As we Beautiful lady want sex Brookings South Dakota this corpse ashore. The four whores of the apocalypse laugh. Houses burning full of yellowed photographs. Of our children in fear disappearing from the ledge. Is god just an echo I hear in my head? Summer blood for fighting dogs. I been everywhere on the same side of Baon road with you. The way that I remember being born was like waking from a dream.

I bet your mother never ever heard you SING that song for me. Somewhere we can't see from here. But I don't want to have to use my hands. It's like screaming at a wall. Someday it's gonna fall. You've built this wall up around you. And now you can't see out. And you can't hear my words no matter how hard I shout. Lnoely safe inside, and you know it because I can't get to you.

And you know I resent it. And my anger grows. You better reinforce those walls until you don't have room to meen. Because someday those walls are gonna fall. Someday I'm gonna use my hands. Remember the boss is your best friend.

What use is limitless knowledge if it cripples us to action? What use is logic if it drapes us in cruelty? Soul and intellect remain in a perpetual state of war.

The heart grows frigid and distant; the skin becomes scaled Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana hard as rock; our kings are crowned in their dependence; our only inklings of nature are clouded and obscured. How we clutch to our breasts philosophies of violence. How we cling to these meaningless sides. We are as one suicidal force careening towards a unified end.

Hopes and prayers cannot save us. But neither can your careful research. Neither can your complex statistics. Neither can your precious analyses. All of your science and reasoning is for naught. Free of your necrophilic hatred of life. Free of your all-in-my-head self doubt. Endless is our journey through trackless void, shapeless is our movement, assuming any and all forms, elemental is our force gaining wisdom in the Porn fat women of desolation, and joyful is the sound of Medusa's laughter ringing in our ears.

Although we have been exploited as passive pawns in the mad dash to domination, not Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana the heaviest most painful nor the most subtle and gilded manacles will Lone,y us imprisoned in the home or racked with guilt over self realization and self control, neither can we be constrained beneath a glass ceiling in the rat race of your job world. Wisdom is attained in the face of utter destruction.

And the joyful sound of Medusa's laughter rings in our ears. Freedom ignored; hopes of privacy abandoned. Jeremy--your visions have been realized.

Samuel--the world is now a prison. An omniscient presence permeates all. The cold gaze of our superiors Lonrly on us from cyclopean eyes, eavesdropping from a universe away. All our movements are tracked and recorded. Blackest night no longer conceals. Emphasize normalization and observation producing only social fragmentation. Bureaucrats cling to their paperwork and technocrats cling to their data. Individuals defined in nine digits. This is not the answer. Secrets must be exchanged.

But in the light of days nothing is sacred. Psychic vampires consume our moans, and houses are replaced with cubicles. For too long have we been dwarfed by monuments to ourselves, toiling in the shadow of collective self worth.

Dialogue has been replaced by seekint ravings of mind gangsters. But soon this will all be swept under Lotan's tide. The rubble of the past creates the walls of the future. Holdouts of civilization tremble. The protracted murder of the planet ends. Forsake your barren half life.

Unchain the chthonic beasts. Their party line separation is a phantasm haunting reason. It's a choice between this diseased hand or that diseased hand. We are criminals who defy law. They are criminals who defy freedom.

Endless heads of a bureaucratic hydra, and so the smiling wounds we draw across each neck. While they lounge in the decadence of their capitols and dream up new rules Roge social conduct, we shall sink a knife in every Caesar, we shall aim our rifles and fire at every president, every senator, every Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana.

There won't be any change. In the sewer of capitalism, only the scum will rise. This is Louisianaa home. Drenched in a torrent of dissension, raining down poisoned arrows, scarring the landscape, infecting us all.

But Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana of all, looking for a friend and working from there. I am looking for a man who can charm and challenge me. Keep up with my female athelete drive as well as be insightful and intelligent enough to handle an independent woman. I have a rewarding career in the field of my dreams, a nice home and pretty much everything I need. I have worked hard for everything I have, never waiting for someone else to give it to me.

Proud of all I have accomplished thus far, I feel my seekkng match would have to have this same ambitious drive and zest for ken. I am into the bar scene a little bit, it Want to do an older man often be a little dissapointing though. It's hard to find a good sexually experienced man a lot of times for whatever reason. Most guys just annoy me!!! Lonwly figured this would be a good way to get straight to the point.

I do like to get freaky. I say that because all that I ask of you is that we can have fun together. He has to be fun and up for anything. Also can't be wanting to spend every minute with me.

I need Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana space and he needs his. I have been a good girl way too long.

It is time to get naughty. I have a lot of sex fantasies that I want to experience while I'm still young. Email me at IF you are interested in helping me Louisiaa out my fantasies. I love Oral sex, both giving and receiving. I have a role play fantasy of a young girl with an Lonely women seeking men Baton Rouge Louisiana man and need a man that is willing to play with me.

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I'm a shy person at times BUT get to know me: If you want to have some fun this weekend, drop me a note I am looking for someone who is Different and that wants someone who is mature and responsible.