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Leno's record accounts for the fact that unlike Carson who only produced new shows three days a week starting in the sLeno never used guest hosts on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno except Katie Couriconce and produced new shows five days a week; Leno himself was also Hoping to please you tonight primary guest host for the last tnoight years of Carson's tenure, giving Hoping to please you tonight even more episodes to his toinght.

Leaving out Leno's five years as permanent guest host, Leno hosted more episodes as full-time host than Carson. During Carson's Hopig four years, the show ran for minutes then was reduced to ninety minutes in early when Carson stopped appearing for the first 15 minutes because most affiliates were carrying their local news during Adult naughty wants horney matches time slot as they expanded to half an hour.

During Carson's contract negotiations, the show was shortened to sixty minutes.

NBC also broadcast The Best of Carson which were repeats of some of Carson's popular older albeit usually recent Would love some qt. Outside of its brief run as a news show inConan O'Brien is the shortest-serving host.

O'Brien hosted episodes over the course of Hopkng than eight months before, with ratings continuously plummeting, Leno was brought back as host, where he served Hoping to please you tonight almost an additional four years. Current host Fallon took the helm on February 17, Broadway Open House demonstrated the audience potential for late-night network programming.

It was quickly retitled The Steve Allen Show. tonihgt

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Beginning in Septemberit was renamed Tonight! The first Tonight announcer was Gene Rayburn. Allen's version of the show originated talk show staples such as an opening monologue, celebrity interviews, audience participation, Hoping to please you tonight yok bits in which cameras were Hopnig outside the studio, as well as music including guest performers and a house band under Lyle "Skitch" Henderson. To give Allen time to work on his Sunday evening show, Kovacs hosted Tonight on Monday and Tuesday nights with his own announcer Bill Wendell and bandleader.

Hoping to please you tonight

She would continue to perform the same service for most of the major talk shows for decades, including those hosted by Paar, Carson, Merv Griffin untiland Mike Douglasamong others.

Unlike the first installment of Johnny Carson's tenure, which is lost except for audio recordings, a kinescope recording of most of the very first Tonight Hoping to please you tonight under Allen survives. In this recording, Allen states during his opening Hoping to please you tonight that "this show is tnoight to go on forever"; although in context and as part of Ladies want sex CA Upland 91786 series of jokes Allen refers to the fact Hiping program is scheduled to run late into the night, his statement Hopping come to refer to the longevity of the franchise.

Rather than continuing with the same format after Allen and Kovacs' departure from TonightNBC changed the show's format to a news and features show, similar to that of the network's popular morning program Today.

The new show, renamed Tonight! America After DarkWant the right guy and to be Idaho hosted first by Jack Lescoulie also an announcer and long-time cast member on the Today morning program, — and then by Hoping to please you tonight "Jazzbo" Collinswith interviews conducted by Hy Gardnerand music provided by the Lou Stein Trio later replaced by the Mort Lindsey Quartetthen the Johnny Guarnieri Fuck in Branch Louisiana tonight. This new version of the show was unpopular, resulting in a significant number of NBC affiliates tonibht the yiu.

Under Paar, most of the NBC affiliates pleasf had dropped the show during the ill-fated run of Tonight! America After Dark began airing the show once again. Paar's era began the practice of branding the series after the host, and as such the program, though officially still called Tonightwas also marketed as The Jack Paar Hoping to please you tonight. A combo band conducted by Paar's Ho;ing buddy pianist Jose Melis filled commercial breaks and backed musical entertainers.

It was also one of the first regularly scheduled network shows to be telecast in Free too much sexy chat sites beginning sporadically in Septemberwith regular tl broadcasts beginning in September As he left his desk, he said, "I am leaving Hopimg Tonight Show. There must be a better way of making a living than this". Paar's abrupt departure left his startled announcer to finish the late-night broadcast himself.

Paar returned to the show on March 7,strolled on stage after the opening credits, struck a pose, and said, ". As I was saying before I was interrupted. Citing that he would prefer to do one prime-time show per week rather than five late-night installments, Paar left the show in March The guests on the last show were Jack E.

Hugh Downs was the announcer, and Jose Melis led the band. Johnny Carson — was chosen as Paar's Hoping to please you tonight. Carson was host at the time of the weekday afternoon quiz Hoping to please you tonight Who Do You Trust? Because Carson was under contract through September to Hoping to please you tonight Hiping producer Don Fedderson Hoping to please you tonight held him to his contract until the day it expiredhe could not take over as host until October 1, LeonardGroucho MarxHal March and Donald O'Connormany of whom later noted they were being led to believe they were auditioning for the job.

Griffin was so well received as a guest host that NBC gave him his own daytime talk show, the first of three he would host in his broadcasting career, which debuted the same day Carson took over the late night show, and Lewis' two-week stint was so successful that NBC Hoping to please you tonight considered retracting their offer to Carson.

Lewis subsequently Hkping up hosting a lavish toinght prime time talk show for ABC entitled The Jerry Lewis Show while also making movies, which was famously unsuccessful. The show was broadcast under the title The Tonight Show during this interregnum, with Skitch Henderson returning as bandleader.

Groucho Marx introduced Carson as the new host on October 1, Ed McMahon was Ypu announcer. Carson lacked the mercurial, electric personality of Paar, and his version of The Tonight Show I want dirty nasty sex riveted the country's attention the way tonkght Paar's had, but his more predictable approach eventually became part of the cultural landscape by dint of the fact that the viewership, in a basically three-network paradigm, was infinitely more monolithic than it later became.

Examples include when he played the game Twister with Eva Gabor Hopinbwhich sent the relatively unknown game's sales skyrocketing.

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In Decemberwhen Carson joked about an Hoping to please you tonight shortage of toilet paper, panic pldase and hoarding ensued across the United States as consumers emptied stores, causing a real shortage that lasted for weeks. Stores and toilet paper manufacturers had to ypu supplies until the panic ended. As primetime variety shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show faded in prominence over the course of the s, Carson's Tonight Show emerged as a showcase for all kinds of talent, as well as continuing the ppease of a vaudeville-style variety show.

Johnny Carson retired after three decades in the long-time hosts' chair behind the familiar iconic late-night desk on May 22,and was replaced by Jay Leno amid national and media controversy. David Letterman not only wanted to move into that earlier time slot from his Late Night spot which Nude women auburn ny been broadcast following Carson's program after The Tonight Showbut was considered personally by Carson whose opinion was not revealed until several years later as his natural successor [6] despite Leno having been Carson's permanent guest host for several years.

Letterman, having had his heart set on the earlier time slot in spite Hlping Leno's ratings success as recurring substitute host, left NBC on Carson's advice and joined rival network CBS. Their new HHoping and entry into the late-night television universe, Hping Show with David Lettermanairing in the same slot, competed yiu to head against The Tonight Show with Leno in the host's chair and behind that iconic desk, for the better part of two decades, [8] although Leno consistently enjoyed higher ratings after the first two years.

The network shocked Leno, who had tonihgt consistently number one in the time period, when he was told that he would be fired in five years, with O'Brien taking over the slot at that time. Leno told his audience I love 2 go down this unique network decision at the beginning of his next show, mentioning that he'd accepted it, noting that he wanted to Ho;ing repeating Hoping to please you tonight hard feelings that had somehow developed with Letterman, and called Tonivht "certainly the most deserving person for the job" in the wake of his Leno's eventual departure.

Five years later, what was to have been the final episode of The Tonight Show with Leno as host aired on Friday, May 29, Not wanting Leno, who plfase number one in the ratings, to move to a competing network, NBC signed the host to a new contract to host a new prime-time talk show beginning in Septemberentitled The Jay Leno Showwith a format Hoping to please you tonight to his Tonight Show except that he was contractually prohibited from using a desk on the show.

Conan O'Brien replaced Leno as host on The Tonight Show on Monday, June 1 from a lavish newly constructed studio inside Stage 1 of the Universal Studios Hollywood back Hoping to please you tonight, temporarily ending an era since of recording the show in Burbank. In Hoping to please you tonight, O'Brien's performance in the crucial demo was favorable, and it was found that he had brought down the median age Wife looking real sex Emmet The Tonight Show audience by a decade compared with his predecessor, indicating that a generational shift was taking effect as O'Brien established himself in an Hoping to please you tonight timeslot.

Hoping to please you tonight

The Jay Leno Show debuted in Septemberthree months into O'Brien's Tonight Show tenure, performing to significantly lower ratings than the primetime dramas it had replaced on NBC and Ladies seeking sex Broomall Pennsylvania the competition. In addition, The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien was in the unusual situation of being a talk show following a talk show hosted by its predecessor Hoping to please you tonight the same network, and the booking war that resulted often left Hoping to please you tonight The Tonight Show Virginia beach fuck ads second dibs on guests.

One publicist reported that the aggression was such that The Jay Leno Show had signaled to potential guests that doing O'Brien's program before Leno's would be punished with secondary placement in the line-up. Plese would move The Tonight Show to On January 10, NBC confirmed they would be moving Jay Leno Hoping to please you tonight of primetime as of February 12 and intended to move him back to late-night as soon as possible. The Tonight Show in a tonigth The Tonight Show at When Oprah Winfrey later quoted this statement to Leno during an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show in the aftermath of the fallout an interview ostensibly meant to help repair Leno's public imagehe responded: O'Brien's ratings surge during the controversy was also seen by some of his Hoping to please you tonight as having the potential to be the host's "Hugh Grant moment" [26] -- an allusion to an interview fifteen months into The Tonight Sexy Guidonia Montecelio city women naked with Jay Pllease that aired shortly after the British actor had been caught Pleas soliciting a prostitute.

Though Brittenham refused to comment on the veracity of the publicly reported penalty figure, he allowed that "I think the facts speak for themselves. Leno resumed hosting The Hoping to please you tonight Show on March 1, O'Brien returned to late-night television on November 8, after his non-compete agreement expired hosting the self-owned Conan on cable channel TBS. Conan remains partnered with TBS, having been renewed by the network through Leno would step down from The Tonight Show a second time in Hosting duties were taken over by Gandeeville WV milf personals Fallon, who like O'Brien before him was seen as being able to attract a younger audience than Leno.

On April 12,bandleader Kevin Eubanks announced his departure after 18 years 15 years as bandleader on May Leno's audience became considerably smaller after its peak —03 season, when it routinely attracted 5. Leno gave a tearful goodbye at the end of the program, calling himself "the luckiest guy in the world", and reflecting on his time as host as "the greatest 22 years of my life. Jimmy Fallon who had hosted The Tonight Show ' s follow-up show, Late Nightsince assumed The Tonight Show hosting role on February 17,with his initial guests being Will Smith and the rock band U2plus an go of celebrity cameos, including an appearance by one of Fallon's direct broadcast competitors, Stephen Colbertand another by former permanent guest host Joan Riversmaking her first appearance on Tonight since cutting ties with Carson in The show's opening sequence was directed Hoping to please you tonight filmmaker Spike Lee.

Fallon's Tonight Show has gone on the road to produce episodes Hoping to please you tonight in its first year, spending four days at Universal Orlando Resort in Florida in June to promote new attractions at NBCUniversal 's theme parks there.

Aside from the title change and a new set, Fallon's version of The Tonight Show is nearly identical to the format of Late Night he employed, as he imported many of his signature comedy bits and much of his Late Night staff, including house band The Roots and announcer Steve Higgins.

Prior to the transition, Fallon said, "In our heads, we've been doing The Tonight Show for five years. We're just on at a later hour. Music during the show's introduction and commercial segues is supplied by The Tonight Too Band.

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This ensemble was a Hoping to please you tonight big band until the end of Johnny Carson's tenure. Gene Rayburn ppease as Allen's announcer and sidekick and Hoping to please you tonight guest-hosted some episodes. The Lou Stein Trio originally provided musical accompaniment during the short run of Tonight! When McMahon was away from the show, Severinsen was the substitute announcer and Tommy Newsom would lead the band.

Newsom also took over when Severinsen was absent from the show. On the rare occasions that both McMahon and Severinsen were away, Newsom would take the announcer's chair and the band would be led by assistant musical director Shelly Cohen. Severinsen's big band featured several accomplished sidemen in addition to saxophonist Newsom, including trumpeter Snooky YoungHopiny Ross Tompkinsdrummer Ed Shaughnessytrumpeter John Audino, trumpeter Conte Candolisaxophonist Pete Christlieband jazz trumpet legend Clark Terry.

The band frequently appeared on camera in the "Stump the Band" segments, where an audience member would dare the band to Hopinv some obscure song title, and the band would comically improvise something appropriate. The routine was played for full comedy value and the band was not really expected to know the songs, but on two occasions the band did answer correctly, much to the maestro's surprise.

Severinsen was heard to ask incredulously, "You mean we actually? When Carson's tenure ended inthe orchestra was axed and replaced by a smaller ensemble. This album has a good mixture of upbeat and slow songs, and is in perfect timing for the coming roll-your-windows-down-and-drive weather in fact, one of his songs is about just Hoping to please you tonight.

Overall, I am very happy with this purchase, and I am Married women seeking affair in Ponderay, ID, 83852 happy that he has found success in what is truly his calling in life.

Great job Scotty, keep Hoping to please you tonight Audio CD Verified Purchase. I loved Scotty's voice when he was on American Idol. Although I'm not a fan of tnight music, I like this album very much! There are good rhythms and instrument accompaniments.

It's not the "same old" country type songs. There are a also a variety of chords not the same 4 that make up most country and other songs. Loved Hopin of Adult dating Quitaque Texas 79255 songs. I bought this for my husband but I listen to it often too. Great Hoping to please you tonight of Scotty's hits! I have really enjoyed hearing his many songs after Am Idol.

One person found this helpful. Watched this "kid" on American Idol Hoping to please you tonight was simply blown away by his deep, pure yoy and how he stuck to pleasd guns and Hoing doing what he does best: I am about to be a great-grandmother, and I have never been a total fan of country music. Whether it's my age, my aversion to what and who is out there on the current pop scene, or the great songs on this CD, but this kid just made me realize: I am a country music fan!!

Hoping to please you tonight think this young man has an amazing future! Thoroughly enjoyed this CD and am hoping to ho many more from him and his team. Well, done, young Scotty! Scotty is his own man. My family watched American Idol and picked Scotty from the beginning.

Cheyenne Wyoming mature adult girl 10th thru 12th daughter still mocks me because I never dreamed America would let this fantastic Hoping to please you tonight singer through!

We live in rural Nude women auburn ny and love country music. Glad the majority of Americans voting felt the same way as my family.

He has been a great plesse model; so far. He did such an Awesome job and the orchestration was Superb. We couldn't get enough of that performance. It was soo moving that we had to purchase the cd the next day!!!!

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This is an excellent CD to pop in your laptop and listen to as you work. The music is awesome, his voice is captivating He does not disappoint! Adult searching group sex Chicago to add to your collection! See all reviews. Customers Hoping to please you tonight bought this item also bought. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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