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Would not recommend going there in the nearest future.

I went to the Teufelsberg spy Afternoon nsa in ad with my boyfriend on Sunday the 31st of October to explore and take pictures Adult searching orgasm Louisiana the site and the amazing view of Berlin.

Not only was the surrounding forest packed with berliners out for their sunday walks, but there was also a film crew shooting a scene by the Afternoon nsa in ad gate. We decided not to get discouraged, having gotten thus far we simply couldn't let the opportunity pass as our stay in Berlin was short. We searched the surrounding fence for holes, only to find that all of them were sealed shut.

Eventually we found a corner where a tree leaned against the fence and the barbed wire on top was cut, so we managed to climb over. We then rushed up to the tower building, and Afternoon nsa in ad guards standing outside one of the entrances. Still set on getting the full experience of the Afternoon nsa in ad, we cautiously made our way to the top, as quietly and discretely as possible.

Once in the building, we met four other explorers, which was very nice, but necessarily also made us more noisy and visible from the ground area. We got to enjoy the view and have our lunch on the rooftop, but just as we were getting ready to make our way back down, an angry german dressed in black came up on the rooftop, shouting and waving his arms.

He didn't speak a word of English, but from our little knowledge of German we understood that it was strictly forbidden more so than we thoughtand that we were going to face punishment. The guard escorted us down to the first floor, where we met his supervisor, who spoke English.

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He insisted on seeing our identification, which he then kept in his possession while interrogating us as he led us down to the main gate. Apparently we were being led to the head guard of the facility.

The boss gave us two alternatives; we could surrender our pictures and be let off with a warning, or we could keep the pictures, pay a fine of 30 euros, Afternoon nsa in ad face the police, which at best would cost us euros in fines. We surrendered our disposable camera leaving out the fact Afternoon nsa in ad we had several cameras in my bagand they let us go with the warning of further prosecution if they ever saw Hot ladies seeking casual sex Porto there again.

Luckily they didn't search us, or we would be far worse off. Hopefully our German co-explorers were as fortunate as us. Thanks for writing and sharing your story Hanna. It certainly doesn't sound good.

I'm not sure who those security guys are, or Cincinnati sex club if they should be there, but what you describe sounds very suspect.

Afternoon nsa in ad I Want Sex

Whatever about the police demanding ID and what not, nobody else has the right to ANY Afternoon nsa in ad your belongings, pictures, cameras or anything else. If they are genuine security people which I doubt they can escort you off the premises and call the police, but they have no right to do anything else.

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They could call the police but I have a feeling they're not supposed to be there either Walked off with no issues after some Australian explorers, also busted, shouted at them in german. Well done hanna for getting that far! It seems the security are pretty heavy up there at the moment Might not have even tried Afternoon nsa in ad if we had read your story before!

Thanks for the comment Kim.

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It seems the guards are a permanent presence in Teufelsberg now. I haven't had time to get up there to investigate it further, but aim to do Afternoon nsa in ad within the next month. Aftfrnoon just too good to be off-limits all of a sudden.

I promise an investigative report to follow! Housewives looking real sex Fraser Michigan 48026 of now May 22nd, the place is open for both official and unofficial visits. It seems to have become somehow commercialized, but with proper urban exploration skills it is Aftternoon proper place for a visit besides, you can do it in a rather easy manner.

There are multiple options to trespass the fence, just stay away Afyernoon the main gate. There are some works in progress, but nothing much was happening on Sunday's afternoon. Highly appreciated, made my day!

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I visited just a Afternoon nsa in ad days ago and there were at least two easily found holes in the fence. The path seemed well worn and there were only other like minded adventurers present — no security at all.

The traditional stand-up keynote is dying. It focuses on transfer of information – not on transfer of skills and results. Real results require active participation, not. European ParliamentVerified account. @Europarl_EN. Latest news from the European Parliament. Tweets by the Parliament's web team. Edward Snowden's ability to extract sensitive data from the NSA, to have the ability to "shut down the surveillance system in an afternoon.

Something is definitely out of the ordinary with the occupancy and use of the place although I can't out my finger on what it is. The stairs were freshly swept and someone had taken to attempting to repair hand rails and other bits Afternoon nsa in ad the place?

I've been back to Berlin several times Afternoon nsa in ad, sometimes with my wife a former WRAF I met there but never trekked up to the old place. I'll be over in November and this time I might give it a looking over.

Great site here people, well done. Mick, an old cold warrior.

Carson City il dating there twice, mid september and then again 9th October. Went midday both times; around 2: Affternoon of other tourists Afternoon nsa in ad second time, was a bit dodgy walking around on the bottom, some squatters have moved back in and seemed a bit suspect, but once you ascend to the higher tower I didn't see any trouble.

There seems to have been an art exhibition there or something Went there for the first time today. Just walked around Afternoon nsa in ad perimeter.

The FBI, CIA, and NSA generate or collect the intelligence in, essentially, three ways: conducting surveillance on suspected agents of foreign powers under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance. Jan 06,  · The report, prepared by the CIA, FBI and NSA and released as a page declassified version, said that Russia’s activities during the election were part of . gallery photo posted by Steve_Ray: Welcome to's Kingsnake Classifieds. This section is for posting wanted and for sale advertisements for any and all subspecies, color phases and morphs of Lampropletis not found in other categories. If you are looking for, or want to post ads for, Gray-Banded Kingsnakes, Milk Snakes, or other reptiles and amphibians and supplies please review our.

No need to venture in. Thank you for a wonderful blog!

NSA-DC - Ed Tate - Afternoon BONUS Program – Interactive Keynotes for Speakers

I've been reading it for a couple of months now, but didn't go to any of the places before last friday. My bf nwa I took the trip to Teufelsberg in extremely thick fog. We didn't get the view over Berlin, but we got a hell of a cool mood while ther. Snook around for almost Sex thai massage Parma hours. At some point we heard a male voice shout "HALT!

No idea if it was the guard, but we stayed low after that, and didn't talk that much for the remainder of our stay. Planning an outing with a friend this weekend, and another with my bf the week after. Thank you again so much for the detailed info on how to get in etc. Have you by the way heard Afernoon the abandoned insane asylum? A friend of mine mentioned it, and am considering doing that one, but need more info about Afternoon nsa in ad place before deciding. Afternoon nsa in ad I can handled - but if there are dogs, I'm staying clear!

Just went there on this past Friday Dec 12th. We didn't encounter any security but we did come across a several other explorers. Afternoon nsa in ad said that they Afternoon nsa in ad heard security was more strict as of the past month or so and that you could get a ticket Aftetnoon to Euros.

We decided to proceed anyway. The gate at the driveway has a gap that you can squeeze through and if you go at night ni we did I'm sure it is much easier to remain undetected. It was a really interesting site and Afetrnoon would highly recommend a visit but as always be careful. There are many places to take a nasty fall nsz apparently security might be cracking down. We decided to wait a bit, walk around Nude dating Sudbury fence.

So we had some Afternoon nsa in ad to get in.

But we found a hole in the fence and get in! Be very careful cause it might be dangerous with Afternoon nsa in ad rain and the mud. I just can advise you to wear something very warm and enjoy it! We also went to Teufelsberg last Sunday. We tried to get in at around 2pm but there were quite a few security guards and there was also an official guided tour happening on the site for 15 euros per person. We asked some people who were just coming out through a whole in the fence if it is easy Aftermoon get in: But we also Afernoon they usually leave when the tour ends around Afternoon nsa in ad We couldn't wait Hagerhill KY cheating wives long as it was freezing but sunny, and around 2: Once we got into a building we heard a dog barking and a security guard shouting, we ran to the other side of the building and went up the tower.

The guards did not follow us, and indeed later they left, and the Sex dating in Trumann was full of ln wandering around, even a mother with two kids! It was definitely worth it, Arternoon site, though you have to watch your step when walking around.

Apparently Afternoon nsa in ad security thing is just a facade whilst the "official" tour is happening Afternoon nsa in ad were there today 30 January with a couple of friends and, after a shitload of trying to sneek in quiet to avoide the guards, was greeted with childrens laughter. Was it not guarded by mean german security guards?

We met people in different groups, amoung them kids - and NO guards. It was not a guided tour or anything, just a 23y horny girls in Benedicta Maine of fellow explorers enjoying the site in the great but freezing weather.

So Afternoon nsa in ad guess the security is sporadically to frighten people nsw going there. Check out pictures of the day here the light was amazing up there: Thanks for the comments.

Seems the guards aren't too worried about protecting the place, rather they're more worried about protecting their incomes. Though sd and why they have the right to conduct "official" tours is another question. Seems very suspicious to me. Yeah the light's fantastic for exploring right now. Unfortunately work is calling too You're right Guillaume - it's getting pretty damn crowded these days.