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Art to inspire imagination


What We Do

At PuddleTap Publishing we believe that stories add sparkle to kids’ lives. That’s why we make awesome electronic books and interactive experiences that inspire children’s imaginations and enhance learning.

We strive for every book that we create to be a work of art: a rich visual and sound experience. Our artists, writers, voice talents and technology experts are (in our sincere opinion) the cream of the crop.


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Our hope is to inspire curiosity and open kids up to the wild possibilities of their own imaginations. We aim to help families use mobile technology (like iPads) to make story time enchanting and educational.


Who We Are

Edouard Sitbon

Founder, Creative Director

For more than 15 years Edouard has advanced new forms of narrative storytelling for exhibitions, museums and tourist attractions worldwide. After completing his filmmaking studies, Edouard worked as a writer and director of video production for multi-screen and 3D experiences, pioneering the use of audience driven content in the early 1990s. Since then, he has started pushing the boundaries, leading top professional motion graphics artists, illustrators, video crews, animators, editors and developers to bring his visions to life. His background in film, eye for detail and fascination with typography, navigation architecture and design allows him to deliver rich and engaging content. Puddle Tap Publishing™ represents the fulfillment of Edouard’s vision to create high quality, engaging interactive children’s books.


Jay Eidelman

Co-Founder, Director of Business Development

Jay’s nearly two decades of experience as a writer, curator, and lecturer includes developing exhibits at one of New York City’s landmark museums, as well as direction of hundreds of creative and editorial projects as a communications consultant. He is the editor of Ours to Fight For: American Jewish Voices From the Second World War, which is based on a 400-subject oral history project that he  directed, featuring interviews conducted throughout North America. Jay designed and scripted one of the world’s first online courses in history of the Holocaust for the University of British Columbia’s Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology. Additionally, he has taught at the University of British Columbia, New York University, and CUNY’s Queen’s College, among others. Jay has degrees from Yale and McGill universities.