Clementine Wants to Know...

In our new app, Clementine finds out she is having a baby brother and embarks on a journey to learn where babies come from. Along the way, Clementine explores love, birth, and finds out what it’s like to be a big sister.

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Narrative Interaction

Puddle Tap helps families use mobile technology like tablets to make storytime enchanting and educational.

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Bible Stories Come to Life

This beautifully-illustrated eBook is inspired by vintage pop-up books, giving kids lots of opportunities to interact.

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What Makes A Children’s App Awesome?

The Wonder of Great Books

There’s nothing like a great story told well to spark a child’s imagination!

The Appeal of Television

Every app should have the production values of the best animated series.

The Fun of a Game

Interactive and immersive, our apps draw kids in and get them thinking.

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Spend more playtime with Clementine and her friends by downloading these super awesome activities that you can do at home. Best of all they’re FREE!!!

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…your books should be apps and we know exactly how to make it happen!



See your children’s books become amazing apps and offer them to millions of mobile users around the world.

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There's a New Girl In Town

Clementine Wants to Know™ is a new series of interactive children’s storybook apps for kids ages 3 to 10. Each app uses the touch-based technology of tablets and other mobile devices to engage children in a uniquely entertaining learning experience that offers deep and meaningful understanding of different phenomena in their world.

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