Puddle Tap creates amazing book apps and interactive experiences for children. We share our love for storytelling and art to inspire, educate and entertain.

There’s a new girl in town, and she has A LOT of questions! Award winning illustrator John Skewes in collaboration with the Puddle Tap team have released the first truly interactive sexual education app for children ages 5-12. They can learn about conception by leading a group of sperms down the fallopian tube, visit the baby inside his mother’s womb and even help mom “push” the baby out and cut the umbilical chord. Download the app to try it out yourself!

We are excited to annouce the release of our Christmas Bible app on the App Store. This original vintage style popup version of the Nativity Story has already been identified by reviewers as a “gorgeous storybook” and a “great addition to your eBook collection”. Download it now for your iPhone or iPad.